‘Green Lantern’ WonderCon Trailer and Panel

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green lantern movie reception Green Lantern WonderCon Trailer and Panel

The popular DC comics character, Green Lantern, will be featured for the first time in a live-action film this summer under the direction of Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the title character, is at WonderCon in San Francisco today with his co-star Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), and DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns for a panel discussion – followed by select press interviews.

We were there to attend the panel and speak with the stars, and have created a video breakdown with our friend Eric Eisenberg from Cinema Blend on all things Green Lantern.

But first — take a look at the abridged version of the WonderCon Green Lantern footage!

(Head over to Apple.com for uber-HD versions)

As you can see from the opening in this trailer, the CGI for Mark Strong’s Sinestro is phenomenal, it seamlessly blends actor and character; though, this rousing speech came at the end of the full sequence that we were shown. The full scene included the introduction to Parallax (mostly effective here as the embodiment of fear) and his defeat of Abin-Sur, Hal Jordan’s acceptance of the ring, his journey to Oa and the inception of his training with Tomar-Re (the first footage of Geoffrey Rush’s voice work), which is perfectly suited to the role.

As we discuss in the panel wrap-up below, the look of the footage is a vast improvement over the original trailer that was released. Warner Bros. has made the necessary adjustments, and the suit on Hal Jordan is one that most fans will likely be able to get behind (thought the mask still needs a bit of tweaking). The tone of the film, as seen thus far, is grounded yet inspirational as well as exhilarating, and entertaining – while maintaining a sense of the consequences and responsibility involved in becoming a member of the Corps. The focus here is on Jordan becoming a Lantern and beginning to learn who and what they represent. We look forward to seeing more footage of his time and relationships on Earth in the near future, and hope that it’s as exciting as what we see have seen here.

As to the panel itself, and a recap of the footage we were shown check out the video of our breakdown below:

Highlights from the event included:

- As mentioned, several minutes of footage establishing Hal Jordan’s introduction to, and relationship with, the Green Lantern Corps – including a preview of Geoffrey Rush voicing Tomar-Re (in short — it works). The tone of the footage was lighter than The Dark Knight certainly but not without some sense of the  situation’s weight. Warner Bros. brought footage geared towards the fans of Green Lantern and the crowd was enthusiastic about what they were shown. There was a deafening roar when Hal was able to make the oath (after a moment of stumbling with “I pledge allegiance to this lantern, that was given to me by a dying purple alien”) – and Sinestro’s speech to the Corps at the close of the clips inspired an equal amount of excitement.

- Reynolds responded to a fan making reference to Deadpool as a villain by saying “he’s not a villain, he’s just an a**hole.” He also elaborated on a potential Deadpool spin-off: “There are so many unknowns,” and though he had a lot of fun playing Deadpool, “there was a lot I would have done differently, and if I ever do get to do it, we are going to do it the right way. A hard R [rating].”

- Geoff Johns confirmed that a Justice League movie is in development (as we know), though Reynolds has not yet been approached to be a part of the film.

- When an audience member asked what Green Lantern had to offer in a field full of comic-book films, Reynolds responded: “Does it seem like this crowd is being bombarded by superhero movies? Do you think they’re waiting for ‘Black Swan 2?’”

- Reynolds also indicated that he feels Bradley Cooper would make a good Flash.

- Blake Lively mentioned that she would be exited to see Star Sapphire come to life – but would like to see her wear a “few more scraps of material.”

- Last, but certainly not least, a much improved CGI costume for Reynolds – sans a few lingering issues with the mask. When asked about his thoughts on the costume Reynolds replied that he had “argued for straight up fish-net, but the suit is pure energy, so CGI is the only option.” Warner Bros. recently apologized for the first Green Lantern trailer and have waited to release another official look at the film until they are happy with the effects – so expect next GL trailer to screen in front of Thor on May 6th.

Take a look at the newly released poster for the film below to get an early sense of what the costume adjustments look like.

NewGreenLanternPoster Green Lantern WonderCon Trailer and Panel

As we summarized at the close of the video, the general consensus is, it’s safe to get excited about Green Lantern again.

Green Lantern comes to theaters on June 17th, 2011.

The cast includes: Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern; Blake Lively as Carol Ferris; Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond; Mark Strong as Sinestro.

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  1. This movie is going to rock! Plain & simple! Not only will this capture superhero & comic book fans alike, it will also bring in major bucks as casual Si-Fi fans will go to see this movie.

    As for the mask, I’m glad to see that issue is behind us. I honestly think the people complaining had no idea of Lantern to begin with and thought he wore an actual cloth costume / mask. These where your usual simple people making simple complaints while not having all the facts nor know what they’re even talking about.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait for this movie & it’s going to be huge! Make no mistake about it!

    • Sorry, mask still an issue.

      • Get over it…it will be just fine just for you not to cry and whine about by the time the finished product is released June 17th. The new trailer gave me chills! Great stuff!

        • Get over what? If I was alone in my thinking that would be one thing but even Roth and many others still think it looks wrong. Quit being such a devoted fanboi and be a bit more objective.

          I also don’t get how, “Sorry, mask still an issue” is either crying or whining. It was a dispassionate statement of fact, nothing more.

  2. Really took away all my doubts from the 1st trailer and as big as a Cap fan I am, I ‘ll admit that GL and Thor could easily blow TFA out of the water….

    btw how would Hal know the Oath?

    • The Lantern was saying it through him, notice his eyes turn to white.

  3. It’s certainly an improvement compared to the first trailer.
    Suit in particular looks better, although i still chuckled at the mask.

  4. Knew it was gonna look alot better when they cleaned up the CGI.

  5. I spotted Stel and Salaak in the crowd of Lanterns. I may be hallucinating, but I swear I see Rot Lop Fan, the F-Sharp Bell on the right side of the screen at 3:05-3:06. Looks like him…..

    • Geoff Johns was meeting people after the panel discussion and he ask one fan if he could recognize all of the lanterns included in that one scene.

  6. I knew the second trailer would make doubters into believers…Green Lantern is gonna be epic!!!

  7. Holy Rusted Metal Batman!!!! This trailer just blew my face off.

  8. this looks good, i liked the original trailer anyway but this has got me excited =)

  9. I seriously doubt he will play deadpool..GL 2 script is in the works so they would get on it asap.

  10. I’m a huge marvel fan and after seeing this I’m afraid they’re going to have to kick it up a few notches


    We see that this film will be visually AMAZING at the very least. They are still not finished with the CGI effects either, so I can’t wait to see what they have in another month. That 4 minute version from Wonder Con gave me chills! This is now THE most anticipated film of the Summer bar none.

    June 17th can’t get here fast enough! I just hope the 3D conversion winds up being of good quality! Otherwise, this film looks awesome! A film that has been a long time in the making. Can’t wait. Let the marketing begin…..FINALLY!

    I wonder if that footage will be the shown as the next Trailer with Thor or will it be a shorter version. Glad they used the EPIC music this time instead of using unecessary rock music.

    Let the hating trolls continue to say stupid things. You have no credibility anyway.

  12. Seeing Hal create a construct of that Mini Gun was badass! AMAZING! I might have to see Thor just for the new 3D Green Lantern Trailer! LOL!

    Now I really can’t wait to see this Green Lantern film come June 17th!

  13. The footage showcases more of the same scenes from the first trailer revealing and re-emphasizing the apparent flaws. I’m not impressed. The CGI alien lanterns look quite ridiculous and laughable. The costume design albeit less specular is still inherently wrong. This is not a Green Lantern movie made by anyone who knows and loves the source material. With that said I will save my hard earned money on a far better crafted comic book film in the future.

    • I saw a lot of scenes that were not in the first trailer.

      • i agree iv watched it 3 times wanting to like it but i just really dont. i dont know why i just dont see reynolds as a fearless badass. and dont get me started about the cgi

        • You guys are nuts. And I’m sure they’ll do just fine without your “hard earned money”.

        • That is they point, he may be fearless to an extent as a PILOT. He has deep-seeded fear from seeing his father die, and being exiled from his family. The uncertainty of such a great power bestowed should be evident, which it appears to be.

    • You obviously don’t know what your talking about. Your in the MINORITY with your criticism of this new EPIC trailer.

      You lose!

    • It’s perfectly fine if you didn’t like the trailer and don’t wish to see the film, BUT I and many others DO know the mythology of Green Lantern quite well and DO want to see the film even more after this trailer.

  14. That was a great trailer. A vast improvement over the first. I am looking forward to this film.

  15. The Green Lantern is hitting to theatres in 2 months I cannot hardly wait to see that movie.

  16. Never doubted ;) I wish DocSam was here to comment on this :(

    • yea, where is he?

    • Nicolas, I still read everything on here. I knew this footage was going to hit the net today, spent all day waiting for it. Couldn’t be more pleased. Everything looks absolutely brilliant, but I said that from the first trailer it would be great. The effects are hugely improved. It kooks like a live action version of the comic and as a GL fan, I can’t ask for more than that.

      • Thank God you’re back! The trailer looks EPIC!

      • YES! :D

  17. i think this is way better than the last trailer. i still can’t help cringing every time i see ryan reynolds. i getting that ben affleck and brandon routh vibe. what could have been. ryan gosling would have been far superior or even bradly cooper.

    • I think RR will make a good Hal Jordan. They could always throw Gosling in for Kyle Rayner!

    • Dude…it’s over..the movie is wrapping up..Reynolds is the star…no Cooper or Gosling….if Reynolds bothers you that much then don’t watch anything released in the future with regards to GL..

  18. I’m thrilled to see the improvements! Glad they waited for the second trailer.

  19. So, I have a comic issue where Green Lantern got his butt kicked by one that the ring had no effect on. Any takers?

  20. OMG! Thor who? Captain what?

  21. It looks cartoonish. It looks cheap. Very bad work overall. This movie is supposed to have a claimed $150million budget.. and this is the best they could do? Geez.. many low budget movies feature way better CGI indeed.

  22. A few years ago I read a few GL books that my cousin had. Immeadiatley I was hooked. Especially Geoff Johns take (my favorite comic writer so far). So, as a fan, I am love the way they pulled this together. This look amazing and extremely bad-ass. The effects look better and the over-all appearance of the film just raised past my expectations for Cap and Thor.

  23. I have to say I was much more impressed by this extended trailer. This It was cut for a much more dramatic tone. I will temper my optimism however with a reminder that everything we saw in the first trailer is STILL going to be in the movie. (all that comedy people hated)

    The suit in general does look better. They muted the glowy effects more until he really powers up. I would say its tolerable now although I still don’t like the “skinless muscle” concept. Biology based or not, when was the last time you saw someone without their skin?

    But the mask……ah the hideous mask that we will see every time we see Reynolds face (well, not on Oa ;) ) The problem with it is its too damn shiny and too crisp. They have highlights going everywhere like its a piece of green chrome and it looks like it was cast from a piece of skull (seeing the orbital ridges so defined is just disturbing and wrong) They need to go with a more matte look and MUCH softer, less defined features.

    And while you could still easily see the CGI, it really didn’t bother me. I still felt as if the scenes had “consequence”. CGI FX are getting closer but we aren’t quite there yet. I can wait though. :)

  24. As someone who reads the GL comics that almost brought tears to my eyes :)

  25. Amazing, engrossing, dramatic, action packed, LOTS of characters I recognize from the books including those converted to the Sinestro and Red Lantern Corps..If you are a true fan of this then you won’t be disappointed in the least…I am very excited to see this film now..Parallax looks very good and very creepy…

    Dr Sam … all I can say is WOW !! I’ll be seeing this a few times for sure…

    • I will seeing this puppy multiple times as well. Just imagine how clean the CGI and SVX will look like in 3 more months when the final theatrical version is released? WOW!

      Plus the great James Newton Howard is doing the musical Score for this GL film. JNH is one of the best composers in the industry. Did you see that construct Hal created of the gatling gun? Freakin awesome!

      • Yeah I’m feeling it too…this movie will be one of the best superhero rides since Iron Man…Music will be great…I’ve been waiting for this movie since I first started reading GL in 1975…

  26. Wow! This new Green Lantern Trailer was impressive better than anything I have seen from Thor or Cap. Looks like I might actually see the Thor film just to see the new Green Lantern Trailer in 3D!

    That new Trailer was EPIC and it gave me goosebumps,especially since I have been reading the great Geoff Johns GL stories for the past year!

    Yeah, anyone who didn’t like this new GL trailer is just a troll hater or just doesn’t have a pulse!

  27. Ok. That was pretty awesome. I especially liked Tomar Re and Sinestro. This looks truly epic as it should.

    That pesky mask though. I’m not sure what it needs but it surely needs something. It needs to look more like a physical mask and less like face paint I guess. They might have done better using the Kyle Rayner mask shape. Oh well. A minor thing that is annoying but tolerable.

  28. So, the suit is “pure energy” and must look like skinless muscles…but the mask can look like “just a mask”?

    If the mask can look like clothing (plastic; rubber; leather; ect.) why can’t the suit also look like normal clothes?

  29. Looks epic! Never thought it looked that bad to begin with. Some people are going to whine no matter what.