‘Wonder Woman’ Set Photos Show Villain Takedown

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Still cringing at the sight of Adrianne Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume? Maybe these action shots from the set will help persuade you.

The new series of photos presumably come from Wonder Woman‘s Hollywood filming locale, at a mall or other indoor location. The photos show Wonder Woman leaning over and injecting a fallen enemy with a hypodermic needle. There’s very little context beyond that, though we do know that collapsed actor is Joseph Gatt, who will be playing John O’Quinn in the pilot.

There’s a few more revealing shots of Palicki’s costume, particularly the new-and improved boots, the back of the costume and the lasso. You can also see some of the detail work on Wonder Woman’s bucklers; note the stylized “W” running around the band.

The more controlled lighting of this location lets us see how Wonder Woman will look the majority of the time she’s in costume. The glare on the red top is reduced considerably, and you can get a better impression of the slinky material used for the blue pants.

Unfortunately, these new shots don’t inspire much confidence in the redesigned costume. While it’s certainly an improvement on the original, the overall feeling of cheesy, improvised work persists. Note the large seams on the back of Wonder Woman’s top, and the glittery texture of the lasso – it’s hard to imagine that snaking out to ensnare a villain or monster.

Check out the images below – click for a larger version:

There’s also a new snippet from the script. While low on dialog, it gives us a feel of what the writers intend the special effects to look like. We can also tell that Wonder Woman’s definitely a Los Angeles celebrity – she’s quickly swamped by locals and tourists after making the bust.

ww 570x377 Wonder Woman Set Photos Show Villain Takedown

To say that I’m apprehensive to see David E. Kelley’s interpretation of the classic femme heroine would be an understatement. While all bets are off until the NBC premiere, I can’t help but think that Wonder Woman will leave fans of the comic books and classic TV show underwhelmed. Maybe the recent news of a Wonder Woman movie will cheer them up.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. i hope there’s a dancing baby in one of the episodes and also some guest appearances from some of kelly’s dear old friends from all of his other tv shows. oh, did i mention i hope there’s a singing episode. yeah!

  2. this will not be as entertaining as smallville but ill still give it a chance

  3. “Denny Crane” BANG BANG both bullets glance off.
    “Where have you been all my life?” Denny asks
    “Please be the next former Mrs Crane” he pleads

  4. Hey! That’s not Adrianne Palicki!!

    • I agree. In that shot where we can see her face, it’s obvious that’s her stunt woman.

      • …who happens to be hotter anyway…

        • The more I see of the stuntwoman, the more I think that she should be Wonder Woman. She looks more like what I envision Wonder Woman looking like, and she’s taller as well. She looks like she’s in better shape, and likely has a smaller body fat percentage.

          What I’ve seen so far of Palicki is not impressing me.

  5. Hypodermic Needles? Wonder Woman doesn’t Need Hypodermic Needles, she can knock people out with her fists, she’s an AMAZON WARRIOR last I checked. We’re talking about someone that has gone up against ARES, God of War! So, yeah, I have two words for this show. Epic Fail.

    • Yeah, I raised my eyebrow at that line too. Not every Wonder Woman-esque.

    • Now, now. Not that I want to be caught defending the show, but who says it’s to incapacitate him? She has her lasso for that, after all. Maybe it’s … to counteract something that Veronica Cale gave him? I mean, as I understand it, she’s running some sort of illegal human experiments involving chemicals. I think.

      • You would think anyways. You do make a good point though, she may be giving him some sort of antidote.

  6. they are probably going to say that she is new to her powers blah blah blah no is not going to work as a teenager heroine like smallville

  7. This looks stupid. This won’t make it through the first season. Just like The Cape. Bad idea DC

    • This is only for the “Pilot.” The Powers That Be will decide whether more episodes will happen or not depending on how badly this does. If they listen to the people who want The Real Deal (and have the real costume instead of this), and a real Wonder Woman show, they’ll change everything about it as opposed to unleashing any more of this close-but-no-cigar, weak-kneed, watered down nonsense. Meager, half-way offerings like this do not make it, because people won’t watch what they don’t like. I have seen many mixed reactions– ranging from anger at “the very backwards way they are slopping this dish onto the plate” to force their version on us to absolute joy that no matter how they get her back up on tv, “it’s a version of Wonder Woman so be happy.”
      I don’t think many people who would, say, order a steak for dinner would sit there quietly if they were handed a tofu product that was smooshed into a version of a steak-like shape and color. That tofu moosh isn’t a steak anymore than this pilot is a decent portrayal Wonder Woman.
      We’re going to have to see what they shove at us. And I’m so grateful that I can turn off the tv or change the channel if I don’t care for what it will be.

  8. This just keeps getting worse and worse, my goodness. I’m lost for words…

  9. It all depends on the tone – will it be typical cheeseball dialog? If so, I’ll bail quickly. And the odds are it’ll be just that way.

    But, I’m willing to give it a shot.


  10. Yes, I agree, the stunt double looks more attractive. Boobs look real.

  11. You people in Hollywood crack me up! To use the word persuade cracks me up. Nobody had to persuade anyone that Wonder Woman was right when Lynda Carter played her. She was and is a Wonder Woman in every way. This crap is going to sink faster then Titanic. The woman looks like a clown in that stupid revised outfit. It’s not like Adrianne has to look as good as Lynda Carter but she should at least look like Wonder Woman and not a Wonder Fraud. Jobs should be lost for this piss poor joke on the fans and the character. Epic Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want the real Wonder Woman back in the costume that is rightfully hers and not this Kmart pajama set with slipper sock boots.

    • ABSOLUTELY SPOT-ON!!!! You are too, too right!Thank you Thank you Thank you for expressing the most glaring points of this whole schlocky mess in a more pleasant and succinct manner than I have in past, personal conversations. I’m smiling now, thanks to you!!

  12. 1. You’ve misspelled the headline. It’s VILLAIN, not villian!
    2. These new photos are NOT from an indoor shoot. If you search on the ‘net you will find footage taken at the same set and be able to see that these pics were taken at the theatre across the road from the El Capitan theatre. (I was visiting LA last July and did a guided walking tour in this street. I can’t recall whether this shot was taken at the Kodak Theatre, but it’s near there, certainly!) In the footage online you can see the stars in the pavement.
    3. The fabric used in the costume pants is almost certainly either cotton or matt nylon lycra (spandex). The top is probably wet-look lycra, but may be vinyl.
    4. The “large seams” in the back of the top are a) the centre back, which is probably a hidden zipper or more likely hooks and eyes or velcro. Any dance costumier knows that a zipper closure on a top is more than likely going to break at the most inopportune moment. This is why hooks and eyes are more commonly used – to help prevent wardrobe malfunctions; b) the other “seams” almost certainly have “boning” in them. Historically made of whalebone (hence the name) boning these days is usually made of plastic or steel springs. The “bones” are stitched into the seam allowances of the top, and these are what holds the top up, particularly when straps cannot be used for any reason (although sometimes straps are added to a boned top). The top may also have a rubbery sort of plastic (it feels similar to that stuff they use to stick attachments into magazines) sewn or glued around the top edge to help prevent the top from rolling down and revealing that which should not be revealed.
    This is probably more than any of you ever wanted to know about costume construction from someone who isn’t a professional in the business.

    • you don’t even live in LA and you could pick out the Hollywood sidewalk at Hollywood & Highland. good eye.

  13. I hope Circe is in this 😀

  14. I have to agree with people that I, too, see more of the stuntwoman and she does look better. Still, I will give the show a chance, but if the first two episodes are not good then I will bail. I have doubts that this show will be as epic or as beloved as smallville, it would really have a lot to live up too. Part of smallville’s success is because of people like me who were 14-ish when the show came out and grew up with “Clark” and the others. Idk if Wonder Woman will have that.

  15. This not only shows her taking down a villain but shows a great shot of her boobs. Nice. :)

  16. I agree with you on the costuming being not right. I have tried to ignore this disheartening version, but the news of it is everywhere. Seems like they’ve done everything to make her costume as unAmerican as possible, on top of unWonder Woman-like.
    I am so far disgusted with this whole take on Wonder Woman, and like the train wreck it is I will have to see it through to the finish. Maybe this should be called the Kathy Lee Crosby Reboot?

  17. First up you all have no idea what the script is about, all your negative comments should be save until you see the show! That’s her stunt double and his stunt double. The script is really good and DEK is amazing. Just wait…. You will be eating your words on what her look is. Hello 1970’s come pick up these losers. AP your a perfect WW!

  18. This will just be another show that NBC gets to cancel if it even makes it past the pilot. The last decent show NBC had was Trauma and the idiots canceled that too

  19. Well, to me the costume is an improvement. But I’m not convinced until I see the premiere. Whether that will be good or not depends on the outcome of the result and generally, word of mouth.

  20. Michael, Search Youtube and link to the 3 or 4 more shots of the Hollywood shoot of actual Palicki footage.

  21. Need legs (not pants)


  22. Calling Ali Larter.. calling Ali Larter. Come in Ali Larter!

  23. Wow that is a relly scary looking villian, its a good thing they had a super hero there to take him down since no one would have been able to stop him. /sarc

  24. Of course the whole “standing on people” seems pretty redundant too.

    WW is a superhero who could go toe to toe with Superman, what’s she doing taking down pudgy middle aged men? Perhaps this was her response to some sort of harassment?

    Of course if you’re going to dress like a stripper you have to expect some sort of unwanted interest.

  25. N B C
    Numerous Bad Choices , is this the second season of the cape.

  26. I feel this is all bad.

  27. Misandry is at epidemic levels in Hollywood. Why is she stepping on his chest? If the genders were reversed and a man was stepping on a girl’s chest when she is down, the feminists would be screaming and foaming at the mouth. If a man even strikes a girl criminal, the fembots would be foaming at the mouth and calling it abuse. Wonder Girl is just an excuse to promote more misandry.

  28. If David Kelly wants this show to take off and be a hit with the fans then he needs to have wonder woman’s foes the cheetah and Doctor psycho in this show

  29. Well now that NBC has turned down Mr. Kelly’s take on Wonder Woman they can’t sell it to anyone else. But what I can’t understand is the CW channel. Why,because they say they can’t afford the lease price. But the CW is supposed to be A partenership between CBS TV and Warner Brothers. If this is ture then who do they have to pay the lease money to. Doesn’t WB already have the rights to all DC comics. What’s realy funny is that for seven seasons they paid Charlie Sheen A million and A half dollars A week to play A drunken jackass. But they can’t afford Wonder Woman,can somebody explain this.