New ‘Wonder Woman’ Photos Reveal Improved Costume

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Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume New Wonder Woman Photos Reveal Improved Costume

To say the general reaction to the first official image of Adrianne Palicki in costume as the superheroine Wonder Woman was less that enthused is putting it mildly. Many a fan denounced the outfit as being far too loyal to its comic book inspiration – that is, much too shiny and brightly colorful to look anything but silly, even on someone as lovely as Palicki.

Now two new photos of Palicki as Diana Prince in action have been unveiled, and both feature a version of the costume that marks a significant improvement in design over the first image.

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show has not generated much in the way of excitement up to this point. While the casting of Palicki as Diana and Elizabeth Hurley as the villainous Veronica Cale seemed a move in the right direction, an early casting call and script review for the series’ pilot not only suggest the show’s portrayal of Wonder Woman won’t remain true to its source material… it simply does not sound all that promising, even on its own terms.

The unveiling of Palicki in costume as the Amazonian princess did nothing to abate concerns about the show – however, these new set photos (which were released by SFX) should help to actually generate some positive buzz.

Check them out below (note: that may be Palicki’s stunt double in the second image):

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman costume in action New Wonder Woman Photos Reveal Improved Costume

Wonder Woman costume TV show New Wonder Woman Photos Reveal Improved Costume

To get a better idea of the difference between Palicki’s costume in these photos versus the image released a few weeks back, check out the juxtaposition of those pictures below:

Adriane Palicki in the Wonder Woman costume New Wonder Woman Photos Reveal Improved Costume

New vs. Old.

Obvious differences include:

  • Muted costume colors, improved lighting, and an absence of lipstick combine to make Palicki’s complexion seem much less pallid
  • Boots that are (wisely) now red, not blue, and look more practical (no high heels)
  • Darker blue pants that are no longer made of shimmery latex, and highlight the golden stars better

For an early look at Palicki running around in her Wonder Woman outfit, check out the fan-shot video below:

While seeing a comic book costume in action often makes it look better (see: Thor), the Wonder Woman outfit has also been drastically altered and looks much improved (if still imperfect) overall for it. That may not be enough to convince fans to give this show a chance just yet, but at least it’s a move in the right direction.

Source: SFX (via Topless Robot)

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    • i really agree with you the the costume is all wrong and it should be an action movie . and should be anglena jolee

      • Pre-Mastectomy, of course. 😉 Oh wait, that’s not possible. Nevermind.

    • the best wonder woman in my opinion would be Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is beautiful, tall and can take care of herself. I believe she is the closest to Lynda Carter there is especially beauty. I wonder if anyone has approached her with this? she did so well in Zorro. I would love to see her in this part

      • You’re right. I could fairly easily accept her, even though she’s not Greek; she’s like 3/4 Welsh and 1/4 Irish. Also the age; she’s 44. To her credit, she has the talent, the presence, and the beauty. I just don’t know if 5’7″ is tall enough or if 44 is too old. What d’ya all think?

  1. They changed Superman’s costume with Superman Returns. But they change the heroe’s costumes in pretty much every sequel which i hate depending on the costume. But i know its for selling merchandise like toys, etc. So i guess they changed costumes on Batman, Superman, Green Lantern’s maybe might change in the sequel. I wouldn’t be surprised if WW show flops in WB’s face.

  2. I forgot, Christopher Reeve’s Superman is the only one who’s costume didn’t change in the films. Superman films 1-4 anyways.

  3. I don’t think she’s pretty at all. She’s harsh looking to me, no where near the beauty of Lynda Carter:(

  4. WOW! some really tough critics here…most of you have already made up your minds, based on a couple of pictures. How about waiting for the show to actually come out and then decide whether these changes in costume or casting choices work. every post i’ve read seems to have a real problem with change…. things change, get over it…

  5. I am an aspiring costume designer and one of my dream jobs would be to design the Wonder Woman costumes for the Live Film, and secretly I tell myself its being delayed until I get the job :) But this costume is worse than the over priced halloween costumes versions. I am a comic book fan and I know that in the comic book they also just changed her costume to a pant suit (which Im not happy about) and that is why they are doing it for this show. However they could have at least made it out of better materials, I mean really there is something called metalic crome rubber that they could have made the metal parts out of and its light and looks like metal !!!!! the crunching in the red top from the stress of it being too tight looks so bad. This also could have been avoided by using a material like designers used for the recent superman movie. I bet they hired a costume designer from one of those halloween costume chains. The actress may be a good actress but she doesnt look the part and the hair and makeup doesnt help.

  6. I thought this was supposed to be Wonder Woman, not Wonder Stick. WW had a woman’s body. This girl is wearing a push up bra and the reason they put slacks on her is because she has sticks for legs. Who dug her up and what happened to the real women of the world?

  7. well its apparent she isn’t “natural” and to that i say boo. WW is supposed to be a natural beauty. Also iam a bit confused is this going to be a series or a movie? could some one please clarify that for me thank you.

    • The pics above were based on the production of a direct-to-tv movie (aka telefilm), which as I understand it, was previewed to a small audience first, and had such a malodorously poor reception, so was summarily dumped in the toilet where things of that nature usually go.

    • To further clarify, this telefilm was meant as a possible pilot for a new series, but it was not meant to be.

      On a positive note, I recently read a post that suggested that WB/DC may be repositioning toward a theatrical development in prep for JL–but it’s way too early, so don’t quote me on that.

      The wait continues…

  8. I thought Wonder Woman was supposed to have muscles, wide shoulders, and hips. I don’t know who that actress is, but she’s not Wonder Woman. She could be a fine actress for all I know but she just looks ridiculous running down the street trying to look tough. I also didn’t know that the Amazons had petroleum products on their island or used them to make armor.

    • Great post; my sentiments to the tee. I think I will repost an earlier post that addresses some of those thoughts in greater detail. Enjoy!

    • [repost]:

      Hmm. Exciting notion that DC is finally doing something with their #1 Classic Heroine. But looking at these pictures… disappointing.

      I don’t know who this Adrianne Palicki is… maybe she’s a good actress, maybe not. I don’t know. As far as build, she seems ok, although if set references are any indication, she seems short for the part. And what is the deal with her facial expression? She looks like she’s passing a kidney stone. I hope it was just a poor frame-capture choice. I guess time will tell whether she can pull off the part.

      As far as the costume goes… it needs some work. Although I really like the top (well designed), and agree that the boots must be non high-heeled and stay red as a counterpoint to the rest of the outfit, I have a problem with the bottoms:

      The fact that the bottoms are a dark blue, better emphasizing the stars (as opposed to the previous lighter blue), is nice. However, I don’t like the baggy spandex bottoms of the new version; it looks like something I’d see on a Walmart patron (eew). The polished leather look of the previous version looks much better. If they could use the previous version, but just make it darker, it would be acceptable. And frankly, an Amazon isn’t going to wear spandex anyway. She will be wearing more natural materials like cotton, silk, and of course, leather (see Xena, Warrior Princess)…

      Which brings up a noteworthy point:

      I just finished reading the Wonder Woman Chronicles TPB, which collects the first year or so of the original series. It was interesting to realize that William Moulton Marston actually portrayed her wearing a skirt which upon closer examination (no jokes please) appeared to be a kind of skort/culotte type.

      Since Lynda Carter’s run, I’ve heard the arguments that the bikini is too sexist and revealing, and wouldn’t work with modern audiences, but that’s what they said in the 70′s and 80′s too, and it worked just fine. Now we’re apparently seeing the pendulum-swing to a prudish, non-feminine, cheap tramp rental costume. It seems ironic that the original source material was more balanced and more feasible than either presentation.

      For years, I had liked the bikini of course (season 2 & 3 version, NOT season 1), but also thought that the skirt was both a classic look, aesthetically speaking, as well as functionally viable. Some naysayers may be skeptical, but when we saw Xena, it made sense. Why not with WW? The only difference is that WW doesn’t have to be as armored as Xena. She’s nearly a goddess.

      Oh, and keep in mind that Alex Ross had her in a skirt in the Kingdom Come story, and it worked very well. Just like Marston intended. Feminine, yet strong. I think that’s the best way to go with it. But that’s just my opinion.

      However it ends up, hopefully they will treat her with the greatest respect she has earned, and represent her in the most realistic way, while staying as true to the classic image as possible.

  9. Why fix a thing if it isn’t broken? DC comics primarily display her wearing the blue-with stars briefs, displaying amazonian bare legs, and red boots. Wardrobe translation from comics to live action seems to be squeamish, i.e. X-Men, and the remake of Superman in which the Christopher Reeve costume was replaced with a reptilian scale blue suit, a microsized ‘S’ emblem, and a campy mini-‘S’ on the belt, was about as horrid as you can get. They should drop the blue PJs on Wonder Woman: bring back the blue undies. That will ensure both a female inspiration for women viewers, and a male devotion for male viewers.

    And secondly: the casting sucks. She looks like an ordinary woman, not one trained from birth to track & field events. The role requires a sculpted athletic woman who can act. From looking at those pictures, she looks like a regular thin everyday woman, with average muscles; and the shiny-shiny outfit doesn’t reveal much tone or definition either. Not every athletic woman is a putz when it comes to acting, you’d think.

    • Angelina Jolie should play a movie /action film of wonder woman cause she lookes more tough and all like a real amazon so yeah try to get her and it need to be a remaking film with more and better fights like marital arts and action

      • I THINK Angelina Jolie will be great as Wonder Woman she is a stronge woman and a good fighter as Wonder Woman, and i know there is loads a girls and boys would love to be her and she the best for Wonder Woman The role requires a sculpted athletic woman who can act and she is the one, and dont change the Wonder woman we all love please.

        • You kidding? She’s as skinny as a rail! Wonder Woman needs some weight in muscle, it’s like people forget she’s an AMAZON!

    • Finally someone that knows what they’re talking about. These characters are icons and for the sake of trying something new just cause you can……. Nah it’s just not cool. I liked the Supe costume but I follow you buddy…. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Angelina is a good choice however she’s too much of the obvious choice that’s exactly why I would cast an unknown or Lena Heady of 300. Look at her face in 300 an dyer attitude. It’s perfect for an alpha type female that maintains sexuality yet has an edge. She kind of looks like the wonder woman comic strip of the old anyway and she’s vivacious.

  10. it’s a jok…. your going to loose a lot of fans when reavling this movie…. You look at all the Superhero’s they all have there orignal costume. Superman has his oringal costume. So should Wonderwoman. She does not look serious enough…

    • i will wright a movie story and when i’m done with it i’ll send it i dont even care about the money i just dont like this production its all wrong

  11. It sucks. It lacks imagination and the costume is that of the Cathy lee Crosby wonder woman. Just do the movie. Lynda Carter is a tough act to follow. Lena Heady of 300 is a good start for casting for the movie, and someone like Ridley Scott needs to come on board for this one.

    • The wart is airbrushed out in the photos. But its on her face through the whole Pilot! Bobbing!

    • What are you talking about, Wendy? Linda Carter was 6ft tall! She wasn’t small! She towered over most of the men in the series! She was an AMAZON!

      • Read she had to wear the Flats heals for close ups with guys and only boots when running and The guys had to wear lifts. Linda Carter Realy is a Amazon. She only looks like a skinny thing Wendy because of Scale her Arms are thicker than most guys. She one of those people you think is small to you get close and look up and say OMG please do not kill me!

  12. Wonder woman was my favorite show growing up would love to see it on TV Lynda Carter was amazing, but I’m shure we could find somebody Katy Perry would be great she has beautiful eyes great body and is 5’7.

    • Katy Perry could work.