‘Wonder Woman’ TV Show Audition Scenes Detailed

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Warner Bros. and DC Comics have got a taste of success, and are making the most of it. Wonder Woman may have proven to be one of the most difficult-to-adapt comic properties, but now that The CW’s Arrow has been met with critical praise and the highest network ratings in years, both parties are taking their shot, and aiming high.

We now know that casting is underway for a small-screen Diana, although questions about the tone and supernatural elements the show will focus on still remain. Luckily, a few new details on the scenes being used to test potential women of wonder provide some hints.

While Arrow may have suddenly boosted confidence in getting Amazon off the ground, those developing the show have some work to do before any crossover plot lines can be written. First and foremost, casting a Diana and Colonel Steve Trevor. Thanks to a few new details on the auditions from WonderWomanTV, the exact scenes being used to screen actors and actresses have been revealed.

From these early signs, it looks like the supernatural or mystical elements of the fiction may not be as important to the show’s producers as the human element. And, of course, chemistry:

“In the first scene — which may or may not be part of the actual pilot, should it even be filmed… Steve Trevor has landed, and his hands and feet are cuffed by a chair as Diana tries to figure out his intentions. She notices he has a weapon, and accuses him of being a terrorist, or even a diversion or harbinger of an invasion of men.

“In another scene, Diana and Steve are at a diner, we assume in Man’s World, and are a lot more friendly. There, Diana has her first taste of ice cream, in a very cute sequence.”

For casual observers, it may be hard to believe that any TV show or movie built around Wonder Woman is a simple thing to get made, let alone be successful. The previous NBC pilot was a disaster, and even Joss Whedon’s plan for a feature film stalled before development. As important to the conversation as the world’s most famous super-woman may be, the record shows that making it work on film (considering the expectations for modern super power adaptations) is near impossible.

But as we have maintained since the beginning (and listeners to the Screen Rant Underground will remember us hotly debating the fact during our Justice League movie talk), those charged with the task are making things more difficult than necessary; all Warner Bros. need do is follow the lead of the Wonder Woman animated movie. And if these two scenes are a sign of the direction being taken, fans may be in luck.

Wonder Woman Animated Movie Screenshot Wonder Woman TV Show Audition Scenes Detailed

It’s unlikely that Amazon‘s pilot will be an adaptation of director Lauren Montgomery’s animated film (although…there‘s an idea), but the fact that the scenes in question seem right at home in the feature are promising. Whether this is simply a case of a pilot script not being completed, or inspiration taken from Gail Simone and Michael Jelenic’s story, we’re certainly more optimistic.

The chemistry between Steve and Diana, or ‘Pete’ and ‘Iris’ as they’re being codenamed for now, was one of the most enjoyable aspects of Montgomery’s film, aided greatly by vocal performances from Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell. A sign that the same fiery relationship will be playing a significant role in casting promises some potential sparks for viewers, offering something that Arrow has yet to establish (for now, any way).

We’ll keep you updated as more Amazon and Wonder Woman news arrives.

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Source: Wonder Woman TV (via CBM)

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    • CW, are you kidding?

  2. They could practically remake Gail Simone’s animated Wonder Woman shot for shot.

  3. Hopefully they spend some of their budget on an actual costume unlike the cheap Halloween outfit they had last time. Something similar to Thor’s costume in terms of material and texture would be great, I think. :)

  4. I hope they don’t screw up the costume trying to make a gritty realistic costume because let’s be honest.
    Does a show about a amazon princess have to be that realistic and gritty?

    • Yes. Absolutely, yes! There needs to be as many “realistic” ties to life as possible BECAUSE it’s a show about an Amazon princess straight out of Greek Mythology. If you’re going to feature Greek Gods, flying monsters, a magical rope, then it can’t ALL by high fantasy (and a metal plaited tube top that doesn’t fall off is as fantastical as it gets). I’m not saying they should overhaul the costume altogether, but the addition of a few straps, pants and other details on a costume that someone might wear into battle might come across as more believable. I think this can be done while staying true to the nature of the original costume without it being cheesy. With a functional costume in place, there will be one less thing to b**** about and people might actually enjoy watching the story unfold instead of wondering how her boobs don’t pop out.

  5. This is awesome news, like others have said I hope they dont make it “dark and gritty” thats more Batmans world, it doesnt have to carry on with all the charactors, if they do this properly It should smash “Arrow”, WW is a huge charactor, shes just been neglected a bit on the big screen lately, I like how DC want to make TV shows for their charactors, seeing them weekly is pretty cool, I hope they do more, A “Batman” series would be a dream, cant see them doing that though, not any time soon anyway, “Arrow” and “WonderWomen” is a nice start, I think you also become more attached to the charactor as well seeing them in a tv series, I would love to see Aquaman probably the most though, I know it would be expensive, maybe a quality animated film? I dont know but I hope DC has plans for Aquaman at some point, hes a badass in the new 52, this so called laughing stock has massive potential! But I think they will just wait and launch Aquaman in the Justice League film…at least they better!

  6. I just hope she has her powers in this. All of them.

    • Including flight?

    • Thanks, I’ve been looking for that.

  7. Didn’t this show get cancelled?

    • thats NBC version that was cancel

  8. i dont think i can support a Wonder Woman tv series. Wonder Woman needs to be a big budget live action movie. why WB spend their money doing the rubbish Clash of the Titans remake instead of doing Wonder Woman movie. the character deals with greek myths and the modern world.

    • It sounds like the TV show would explore the younger, coming-of-age years of Diana, a la ‘Arrow.’ If the tone in the show was that not everybody in the world knew who she was, it still makes it feasible for an older Diana to show up (or at least be hinted at) in ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Justice League’ or even build positive momentum into a big budget film launching off Justice League’s success.

  9. The animated movie was awesome. They need to work with the team that created that movie, and MAYBE I’ll consider watching it.

    • I agree oh so completely. unfortunately, I doubt they’ll be able to get Nathan Fillion.

  10. So no more Iris? The tweet posted on the updated Amazon story, regarding how names like Iris are used to avoid speculation is hilarious, it did the excite opposite.

  11. What is DC allowing a different on screen version of Wonder Woman to exist even a they go forward with Justice League?

    • Possibly, I mean it (arguably) worked with Smallville and Superman Returns.

  12. Lynn Collins = Wonder Woman …enough said !

    • I honestly cannot put into words what perfect casting that is, and have been on board since I first heard it. I sincerely hope she is in the running for JLA already.

      • Yes! I love Lynn Collins. That would put a big smile on my face.

    • Lyn Collins was Amazonian BADASS in ‘John Carter’!

    • Lol, when haywire came out, Gina Carano was Wonder women. Thor came out, Jamie Alexander was perfect for the role. Then John Carter released, and Lynn Collins was the one. Not saying all these women couldn’t do it. But I wonder if there’s an actress out there who hasn’t played warrior princess or action heroine who might be just as capable.

  13. I want this to happen. Yes, Wonder Woman is better suited to a big-budget film, but by hook or by crook, they need to get her moving somehow. *But* if they make it a disposable Xena-derrivative thing, I will be disappointed. Like Superman, Wonder Woman does need to be on a brighter, more optimistic canvas than Batman or Arrow, but to *really* work, this series needs to be, as the articles suggests it might, grounded in well-written character humanity, and yes it does need to be somewhat gritty. As far as the costume, you cannot seriously put her in the classic whatever-it-is with the high-heeled boots, and expect it to work. Give her something that makes more sense.

  14. Is WB/DC over thinking it? Linda Carter’s version worked well in the 70s and the animated was GREAT. Now they can’t figure it out. With movies like 300, Clash of the Titans, Immortals and Thor, Wonder Woman should be a shoe in.

  15. Using d TVseries might just be a good avenue to get us familiarized with some of the JL characters, before they launch the movie, WW is one step in that direction, at least there are some medieval boxoffice hits they could look up to, this is one opportunity they should utilize effectively, considering the fact they screwed up the last one.

  16. Seeing how this is a CW project where they cater to Twerds and teenybopers i can’t say I have much interest. It is a shame what DC has been reduced to.

  17. They should follow Thor’s lead.

  18. Frankly WW TV series is not the way to go, if you HAVE to Spartacus/GoT is the way to go… make it too cheesy and its Xena

    My pics for WW in a JLA movie are:
    Lynn Collins
    Alexandra Daddario
    Serinda Swan

    and the costume can be based on:
    Xena – Xena
    Sif – Thor
    Athena – Immortals [battle suit]

  19. Why oh why is it so hard to do a decent superhero series? Of course they can’t simply do it like in the comics. It will look too stupid on the screen or tv. But I also don’t like to get another half baked Smallville poodoo with Wonder Woman in it.

    David E. Kelley’s approach to the character was really good I think and some are going to wish for it’s return one day when this goes on the air.

    I already see Princess Di going to school to learn having problems with boy’s and girl’s and her teachers. And we’re also going to be tortured with poodoo pop music like in Vampire Diaries. I’m sure of that.

  20. DC would be smart to copy the Wonder Woman animated movie for a feature film or even for this series. The Wonder Woman animated movies is one of the best DC has made & they have made some good ones.

  21. I seem to recall the purists didn’t like the fact that Steve Trevor wasn’t the perfect honorable Steve Trevor in the animated version.

    That said I agree, remake it shot for shot and you have a great movie.

    Worried about how it all translates to the small screen – the Lynda Carter stuff was good for its time period, just update it, don’t make changes. Small screen Wonder Woman easy if you do that.

  22. Wonder Woman is greek so they should include greek mythology along with the story. I have seen the movie and it did, but i would like to see the typhon or the hyrda instead of Ares and Hades.
    Greek mythology should have a large role in this.

    Wonder Woman is beautiful, you can tell by her characteristics in the comics and i hope she is stunning in the upcoming series and movies.

    Another thing, i hope they actually allow the season to follow the title, “Amazon.” I would hate it if they called it Amazon and showed her for the majority of the episode in New York or something.

  23. Wonder Woman is greek so they should include greek mythology along with the story. I have seen the movie and it did, but i would like to see the typhon or the hyrda instead of Ares and Hades.
    Greek mythology should have a large role in this.

    Wonder Woman is beautiful, you can tell by her characteristics in the comics and i hope she is stunning in the upcoming series and movies.