Wonder Woman TV Series ‘Amazon’ Dead at CW – Surprised?

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Wonder Woman Show Amazon Canceled Wonder Woman TV Series Amazon Dead at CW   Surprised?

If CW’s decision to end development of their Wonder Woman series, Amazon, is any indication of the quality of the script, then network president Mark Pedowitz just prevented us all from wasting a lot of time – and them money.

Diana Themyscira has been laid off by Warner Bros. Television. Still, there’s a chance she might return for another go.

While speaking to the Hollywood Reporter at the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, CW’s head broke the news that the most recent take on the Amazonian from Young Avengers creator Allan Heinberg and Heroes producer Aron Eli Coleite will not be filming a pilot.

“We did not go forward with it.”

So Amazon is dead. With development having started at a time when DC was still figuring out its own version of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, as well as CW’s Arrow still coming into its own – which subsequently helped create a platform for the network to (potentially) launch Flash with Grant Gustin (Glee) – is anyone really surprised? After all, we already have a Princess Diana with Gal Gadot, who is set to appear with a Ben Affleck Batman in the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman.

Wonder Woman Injustice Trailer 570x294 Wonder Woman TV Series Amazon Dead at CW   Surprised?

However, Pedowitz still gives hope that Diana could appear on the small screen:

“It all depends on the script. We were very careful with ‘Arrow,’ and we’re being very careful with ‘Flash.’ These are iconic characters, so we’re going to be very careful with ‘Wonder Woman.’ You only get one shot before you get bit.”

As careful as they may be, it’s highly unlikely that anything live-action Wonder Woman – no matter what it’s named – will make it to the small screen before Batman vs. Superman in 2015, or Justice League whenever that comes out.  The overwhelming “warm” reception many fans gave Gal Gadot upon hearing she had been cast as the theatrical form likely didn’t help things, either.

As confident as Warner Bros., Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer may be with their pick, they’re not going to risk potentially impacting a billion-dollar DC universe for any television attempt. It could also be possible that, even if Heinberg and Coleite’s script was actually good, maybe a few phone calls from the top helped make the decision to “not go forward with it.” Again, because of the potential impact.

With the fall television season generally at a 65% cancellation rate for new shows, a live-action attempt at Wonder Woman on network TV doesn’t exactly instill confidence – especially since NBC’s attempt didn’t go quite as planned, and especially since she would be all alone, with no tether to Arrow’s established audience.

Statistics, reasoning and explanations aside: Is anyone really surprised?


Keep an eye on Screen Rant for any news regarding a potential Wonder Woman series – or movie (which will more than likely happen first).

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I knew that one was not going anywhere. Looks like they just saved themselves from wasting a whole lot of money on a crash and burn show. Better they concentrate on Arrow, Flash, and were they the ones doing Hourman? That, too…look forward to all three!

    • If this was HBO or Showtime canceling plans for a Wonder Woman show I would be disappointed but CW not so much, they still put out good material, I enjoy Arrow and I’m sure I will enjoy flash. Wonder Woman needs a franchise, a strong one, not many people know her origins so she needs a solid one to be told to the masses to bring her character out of just being “known” to being loved.

  2. I’m fine with it actually. With dozens of other shows in development such as the Flash, Gotham, Constantine and Hourman DC/WB need to focus on those and get them right while maintaining all the Wonder Woman focus on getting her right on film. And she’s already had a tv show, time to get guys like Hourman a shot. (Pun intended)

  3. I’m kind of glad, Wonder Woman deserves a solo movie not a tv show. The same for Flash. Im glad they didn’t waste our time with crap like the Agents of shield did.

    • Not surprised actually. Just focus Wonder Woman on the big screen, that is the one we need.

  4. It’s alright she is probably too skinny anyways *rolls eyes* plus too many characters it will be way to crowded, I am being sarcastic btw.

  5. Or DC/WB pressured them into dropping as the WW of CW was probably going to be better then the one we are getting in film….


  6. Lol.. Wonder Woman just sucks… It would be really hard to make a movie or tv show good with her… I hope they can do it though!

  7. Ww serie was a moronic idea. We re not in the 80′s anymore and it’s not like she has plenty to say. A live standalone movie might work. But keep series for rich characters. Comstantine deserves a tv show considering the very intricate character developpement he has experienced over the years. The mix of conman/detective/wizard makes for hundred of potential plot lines and with 30 years of material and very few bad stories they could run for years with a weekly show x files style.

  8. Not surprised in the slightest. Even though, I would like to see a Wonder Woman television series, I’d rather someone like Starz or HBO handle it. Arrow was a surprise. I too was baffled that they would use this 3rd tier character ( even though he is a member of the JL)but, Arrow won me over with the first episode; and that’s rare in television for me to be hooked right off the bat.

  9. I knew this wasn’t going to happen and to be fair the character is hard to handle if your not HBO or Starz.
    What could work is they did a show with the Martian Manhunter as lead I mean his 1st human form was that of a detective so you could have a cop/sci-fi show.
    And yes I know we have one right now in Almost Human but I am trying to say there are other characters in the DC universe that would make a TV show easier.

  10. I’m more than willing to bet with her appearance coming up in MoS2 and potentially other films, Warner/DC had more to do with this cancellation than CW.

  11. This could also mean there integrating the arrow/flash tv universe with the mos universe?

  12. Good. I know some people love the CW shows but IMO they are what holds DC back. They will never legitimize the lower roster of characters if they keep putting them in shows aimed at the tween/young adult audience.

  13. Where is that second picture from?

  14. I’m not really disappointed by this news. It seems they are being very cautious with Wonder Woman. I can’t think of any big time female superhero show/film that nailed its female superhero in a completely positive way. Wonder Woman’s very important in the comics, so they should take their time before portraying her.
    In my opinion, I think a good place to start would be to downplay popular stereotypes and tropes regarding hot women. What I’m getting at is that I hope Wonder Woman is attractive while her sex appeal isn’t overplayed or over-lingered upon; its just too damn distracting. A good (male) example would be Man of Steel: Supes was definitely attractive to women, yet it wasn’t overplayed the way it usually would be if he was a chick. We don’t need the narrative constantly reminding us that Wonder Woman’s a hotass! Treat her like a character!

  15. I’m not surprised at all, she’s always gotten the stepdaughter treatment from Warner Brothers. Maybe she’ll be the nanny or part time house keeper for the Hall Of Justice in MOS2

  16. Nice picture. Terry Dodson isn’t it? When he could actually draw women without making them all look like Greg Land swipes.

  17. Why is Wonder Woman such a difficult hat trick for tv. You make a costume that doesn’t look too cosplay-ish, you determine if you’re going to be bright or dark in tones (thematic and color schemes), whether you’re playing for your own universe or trying to tie into existing shows and/or movies, cast a reasonable if not great actress for the lead, don’t alter the personality too much or the mythos surrounding since that wouldn’t be the source character, and you take a leap of faith that you’re at least producing a well made and well intentioned property that could still fail because tv is fickle and not guaranteed on returns. So far, the people trying to produce these attempts are making it seem like the impossible mission, when we’ve had strong female lead shows from adventure/fantasy to scifi, and way before now.

  18. WW iS difficult to make when a bunch of fools think a thirteen year old boy is the best choice for the character

  19. ‘Overwhelmingly positive reaction to Gal Gadot’??? LOL!!! Where…on Bizarro World?? Ummm, NO, most people hated the choice.