More Details On Villains in ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 19th, 2013 at 12:55 pm,

Another one of DC Comics’ most recognizable characters is about to enter the mainstream through a new series on NBC. While her male Justice League counterparts are getting the Hollywood treatment, Wonder Woman is making her way to television with Adrianne Palicki starring as the Amazonian Princess.

In the Wonder Woman pilot, we already knew Elizabeth Hurley (pictured above) would be playing the main villain, courtesy of her own revealing tweets, but we now know she wont be alone in battling DC’s lead superheroine.

After Hurley spilled the beans of her involvement in the pilot, it was later confirmed that she’d be playing Veronica Cale, a character from the Wonder Woman comics whose jealousy and hatred of Princess Diana of Themyscira puts her at odds with our hero, who also will take the form of Palicki’s corporate version of the character (named Diana Prince).

As it turns out, Cale will have help in her conquest to take down Wonder Woman in the form of John O’Quinn. From what I’ve learned, O’Quinn works for Veronica Cale as a physical presence against Wonder Woman. Joseph Gatt, who is playing one of the Frost Giants in Thor, is guest starring as O’Quinn in the action-heavy bad guy role. Gatt is known for his motion capture work, playing Kratos, the star of the God of War video game franchise.

O’Quinn wasn’t one of the of previously listed characters of the Wonder Woman pilot, but this news does indicate that the series premiere wont just be a female villain vs. a female superhero, and that Palicki will be getting physical against her enemies.

While we expect Hurley will have a reoccurring role as Cale if the series is picked up for a full season, we don’t yet know to what extent the character of John O’Quinn will be involved in the potential longer term for Wonder Woman.

Can such a show work as an NBC primetime hit? Is a modern day Wonder Woman (costume and all) something mainstream audiences can buy into?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

If picked up, Wonder Woman will hit this fall on NBC.

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  1. You really should put “modern day” in quotes when talking about DEK’s Wonder Woman; ’cause, his idea of a modern woman seems much more like a woman of the 90’s. All I can hope is that the characters don’t devolve into incomprehensible shouting matches like in every other DEK franchise.

    Okay, you want a corporate foe for Wonder Woman who can still present a physical challenge? How about Ares Buchanan, the human alter ego of the God of War? Or Maxwell Lord? Or ANY of the Cheetahs? Nope; we get a Bond Henchman, instead. GAH!!! Is there ANY good news about this pilot?

    • Nope…no good news so far.

    • I totally agree with you here… I just came across this site and was like WTH??? of all the villians they could have gone with… I was like Who are these Bad Guys???? Since they seem to be going with a “Smallville” feel… Maxwell Lord would have been a great transition from the end of Smallville and would have captured the followers from that show easily. And, I’m still laughing about your “Modern Day” comment… that was my biggest complaint about Smallville… what year were we actually IN?????? Regardless it will be nice to see WW back on screen, I just hope they do it ‘Justice”.

  2. no sir there isnt, all the info spells, EPIC FAIL

  3. Every piece of news that breaks regarding this show breaks my heart more and more. I’m trying to remain optimistic but they’re making it awfully hard. My hopes on this being any good are fading fast.

    • That is the Wonder Woman who should be in the series, with Shield and Sword not Disco pants and a plastic lasso.

  4. R.I.P. Wonder Woman on NBC, We hardly knew ye. This show is sounding more and more like the H.M.S. Titanic. It’s going to hit an iceberg and sink fast. Just saying.

  5. I hope they can make this show last awhile for us to enjoy,
    only time will tell.

  6. This never had a chance, and putting her in the modern (hated) costume was a huge mistake.

  7. The will make this series unwatchable then blame the fans for not coming on board to make it a success, it is standard routine I have seen for the last 20 yers.

    I can see it now, all of the “villians” they send up against Diana will be women. As if women arent allowed to fight men on their own terms.

    • Yeah, I don’t think this is going to be the same Wonder Woman that ran Maxwell Lord through with a sword.

      • She snapped his neck, actually.

  8. I’m not worried if they don’t have her fighting any men at all, what worries me is if they don’t have any real villians from the comic books instead use made up & corney looking ones, if they do- the show will not do so well & cancel in the first seson then.

  9. The costume is the biggest mistake they’ve made. Ugh! Wonder Woman in pants. Des not work

    • I like the pants, just not so shinny.

  10. It better be picked up, I gave waited a long time for Wonder Woman to come back,and I want her to very well.

    • This is how I feel. Wonder Woman is dying. She has been reduced to a Halloween costume and no one really knows anything else about her. She NEEDS to be in a movie or TV show, and WB does not trust her drawing power enough to put her in a movie.

      Some of the rumors about this show, I don’t like, but TV series, like comic books, are constantly evolving. If they try stuff and it doesn’t work, they can change it as they go along. Did fans like every single Batman movie or TV show? Did they like every single Superman movie or TV show? No. But creators kept trying different stuff with those characters.

      That is what kept Batman and Superman vital and alive in the public mind. Creators keep experimenting with them, while Wonder Woman has been left on the sidelines. She is becoming like the Lone Ranger, a character people know about, but have no personal connection to. This could be the worst TV series ever, and I would still be grateful for it, because it will inspire better TV series down the road. They didn’t stop making Batman movies because of “Batman and Robin”, nor Superman movies because of “Superman IV”. They examined what went wrong and tried again.

      Bad TV shows and movies won’t be the death of Wonder Woman. Having NO TV shows and movies will be the death of Wonder Woman.

      • You are Absolutely right and that is the way I feel, even if it sucks major ballz, at least they are doing something with the franchise, it is no longer a stagnant representation of last century’s feminist movement.

        The Character needs to be in the spotlight again, and DC is doing the right thing by getting everyone riled up about her new costume and origin in the comic books and new TV show…At least the character is no longer being ignored and has been discussed in the media for the last year or so since DC decided to shoot some life into Diana.

        I hope the show does well but if it doesn’t it only means there will be a shot at a better TV show or Movie in the future.

        Go Wonder Woman Go!

  11. If you like David E Kelly’s work, you will watch this. DC is counting on it. If you are a long time fan of Wonder Woman I suggest you avoid it. Don’t get tied up in the hype. It is easy to do. This is Kelly’s version of WW. With all the crap that is on TV, this show fits the bill. So I see it doing well. I hope that NBC pulls the plug on it so the pilot never airs. Wonder Woman deserves so much better then an Ally Mcbeal formula show. I will not watch it.

    • I agree, if it is going to be stupid, dont do ti at all. It seems for twenty yrs of talk, and now it still is same, not listening to the fans remarks to help make it a successful event.

  12. Great Hera people! You are already hating on something you haven’t seen or heard yet. CHILLAX and give it a chance!

  13. They call her Wonder Woman for a reason. It doesn’t matter who wrote the pilot because Diana cannot be embarrased so easily. I believe that this show will bw great. Nobody thought a teenage superman would apawn a 10 year run, so who’s to say the shows first “supergirl” can’t be Wonder Woman.

  14. Wow, when heard the news, I was extremely excited, but when I saw the new wonder woman and costume, I became very disappointed! She looks like common stripper, or prostitute with a cheap outfit! No where near Linda Carter…What a disappointment!!!

  15. Okay, I need to ask…Perez’ version has been around since 1987. Do not these ‘writers’ read??? In that version, Diana was made an ambassador from Themyscira, she did NOT need the alter ego ‘Diana Prince’. She later adopted it when joining ‘SHIELD’ and let Donna Troy take on the mantle of Wonder Woman, but why, oh why, do we need to have her take on a secret identity for the screen, be it Big Screen or TV? I think the angle of her being an ambassador would be much more entertaining as we could see her clash between two cultures as she takes up learning about Patriarch’s world. Diana started out in that story line completely naive and even needing to learn English from her ancient Greek language. I so fear this is going to cheapen all that Diana stood for. It sounds more and more like they are making this into something that would belong in a Saturday morning cartoon, rather than a prime time TV show. Where, oh where is J. Whedon when you need him???

  16. Sorry but why they didn’t pick someone more amazonian looking to be wonder woman? i know we’ll never get another Linda carter but at least try. yes this actress is pretty but is not wonder woman looking. I would have cast xena or Bridget Regan great looking amazonian woman. in the picture of palicki’s running she is making a ugly doggy face. something i never saw linda do. i guess i am use to seen her stopping an airplane while tossing her hair backwards very lady like. they should have made the movie with angelina jolie as wonder woman. and they would have made lots o money. also as for the costume , please no pants most teenagers were mini skirts now on days ( not that i agreeed) but keep with the times. WM only used long pants as a swimming outfit. if they continued like this lets just make her blonde and called something else that way fans wont get offended. i am just saying. (dont get offended is just my oppinion)

  17. Wonder Woman owning her own corporation? That’s the same as Bruce Wayne owning Wayne Enterprises. This show is straying TOO FAR from the source material which in itself is GREAT.

    Hey Warner Bros. Why not just make…I dunno…a LIVE-ACTION MOVIE?!!!! It worked for Batman, it worked for Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, and Hellboy. So why not WW?

    Damn. It amazes me how a studio can have so much faith in their cherished characters such as Batman and Superman, but not enough for Wonder Woman.

  18. She is not as fine as Linda Carter, Wonder Woman with a flat rear (sigh)Im just sayin……

  19. Thats for sure, maybe they will put some padding back there for some enhancement including the bust area cause it needs to be at least
    2 cup sizes bigger,,,

  20. I’m sorry but this will not be good. They have changed everything about Wonder Woman and her mythos along with power level. And this costume needs to be back to the original version without those long pants. I could almost deal with it if she wasn’t in this horrid new Halloween outfit. Lynda Carter will always be the best.