Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

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wonder woman tv series Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

Warner Bros. and their newfound DC Entertainment division will be banking heavily on comic book properties going forward to represent their key summer tentpoles and other blockbuster franchises in the post-Harry Potter era. Batman 3 is on the way; the Green Lantern franchise is prepping for its launch and Superman is getting a reboot. Outside of The Flash, the other key DC character many have been waiting for is Wonder Woman. Where is she and what’s taking so long?

There’s certainly a lot of interest in bringing back Wonder Woman, and for years Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver had talent involved with early development of a feature film, but it simply was never able to get off the ground. Joss Whedon was attached a few years back but eventually parted ways. More recently, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner made it public that she was campaigning to produce the Wonder Woman movie, explaining that there is a lot of potential for the character. Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn even mentioned earlier this summer that he wanted to direct.

Despite all of that interest, a direct-to-video animated film last year, and the studio beginning to launch its DC Comics live-action film universe, Wonder Woman may not be taking part and instead, she will be getting her own new television series. According to a report today from The Hollywood Reporter, WB is planning a modernized reboot of Wonder Woman with David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) as the likely candidate to write and produce.

One long-standing issue regarding a new live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman was her costume which many hold as too extreme and impractical as a uniform to fight in – that and it’s a bit degrading. It simply looks too ridiculous for someone to wear in today’s modern and more reality-based comic book adaptations. Conveniently enough, this has been remedied with the new and drastically different Wonder Woman costume designed for the 600th issue of the comic book series.

Wonder Woman1 280x430 Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

Wonder Woman's new look

There is  no doubt that part (or all) of the reasoning behind this redesign came from those high up in the WB food chain with the idea of making the character more contemporary and ripe for expansion into other mediums. As it stands, that next medium seems to be live-action TV. Will such a series be truer to the comics, or will it be more along the lines of CW’s successful Smallville series?

If they ever want to do a Justice League movie down the road, isn’t Wonder Woman necessary on the movie side of things as well? Perhaps this will build up to that and help generate more interest and knowledge of the character.

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Source:  THR

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    • Thandrale,

      We’ll have an edit button for comments soon.


  2. This is outrageously ridiculous! A Wonder Woman TV Series instead of her own film?? This really upsets me. The most iconic female figure probably in all mythologies around the world and they can’t even give her the credit she deserves by giving her a solo flick? They don’t give a solo film to Wonder Woman, but they give a solo film to The Flash? No knock on the Flash, but WW is obviously a much more iconic character than he is.

    I honestly don’t see what the problem is. Everyone has already pointed out all the successful mythology based movies that were released, and even Marvel’s production of Thor…. WW would be and should be WB’s answer to Thor. WB is degrading her more by just giving her a measly TV show than by that excessive skin showing costume she wears.

    Dear WB/DC:
    Stop being p*$$**$ and make a d*mn WW movie already!!
    A Life Long Fan!

    As a female, I am all for woman power and equality… but, the excessive skin showing costume is a classic and shouldn’t be changed. Now obviously it would have to be somewhat tweaked so it would look right on screen, but all this hoopla about her costume is just ridiculous. The new costume is just disgusting. If I were WW I would wear that classic costume too if I would look that good in it all the time! And I am a borderline feminist. lol

    This can be an epic film. We need a WW film just like we need a Superman film, and a Batman film in order to complete the Big 3 and have them all in the Justice League film we all know is inevitable.

    A TV Series is just a stupid way out… She needs to have her own film. In over 70 years, the most iconic heroine in comics still hasn’t had a solo feature film. It would be a very sad day if they decide not to do this.


    • @ Julissa

      Amen. I agree with your statement. Even though i dont own any of the dvd boxsets of show, im still a fan of the character, mostly seeing her on Justice League/JLU and i can’t imagine DC/WB makin a Justice League film without her in the lineup. I know the basics and good villains she could face on the big screen, to think a WonderWoman film couldn’t be done and be popular is rubbish. Not to sound perverted or anything i prefer the classic costume that shows little skin. The new costume i swear looks more like a costume for Wondergirl. That’s one thing she never cared about, what she looked like in man’s world. She was a straight arrow as Superman would be, not to mention close to being as strong.

      • I actually know very little about Wonder Woman, and I am sure many non-comic book readers do as well just because of the screen time she gets on television. She never had her own show and when she does show up in animations it has little to do with her own back story. I still haven’t seen the animated film that came out last year though I heard it was good. I would like to see it though.

        Giving Wonder Woman her own movie will bring out the females that aren’t into the bulky superhero men out to watch a comic book movie. They would watch it mainly because they are being represented by her. And their boyfriends will obviously not mind watching it with them.

        The costume is the least of their worries. I actually like the one piece costume. It represents woman in all its glory. It might be a bit revealing, but thats why she’s WW. She can pull it off. She’s a powerful female, and that’s exactly what the costume represents. A woman can be strong but still be sexy at the same time (without he even trying) and also keeping her morals in check. As being the female Superman, there’s no way they can make this movie wrong. Cast the perfect girl as WW (that can actually fill out the costume-Yes, this is the only role where you can be sexist. They must cast a female with a pretty face, big b@@b$ and curves). I rest my case.

        Lets just hope Warner Brothers and DC make the right decision.

        • she has had her own show. it was on in the 70′s.

          • I know that, I’m talking about movies. She’s never had a solo live action film.

            • ah lol you show…..that automatically makes me think tv lol

              • Oh yeah, I see my mistake. I meant movie… lol… TYPO

  3. A friend and I were discussing this and he made the point that the comic book fans don’t seem to have a lot of females in it. Which is why very few women superheroes do well in their own books. So if the female audience is small and the male audience just can’t relate the book fails.

    I think this may hold true for the action adventure superhero audience for movies as well. The tv audience is different though. The guys will watch it if it’s free and private. I’m not sure if a lot of women would watch it but I’d think there’d just be enough to make it a hit.

    • I think the reason the female super hero movies don’t do well is because the movies just suck. They are cheesy and unbelievable. Of course they will bomb. If we are judging the potential success of Wonder Woman at the movies to gems like “Electra” and “Cat Woman”, then we aren’t giving it a fair chance. Those movies were just campy and awful. It has nothing to do with a lack of interest in the characters. We need a director who will bring the realism and believability to it, as they did with the new Batman movies, and with Iron Man. Make it plausible, but don’t stray to far from the origin of the character, and you’ll have a hit.

      • Thank you Bgonzo! You hit it right on the nose!

        You don’t have to be a comic book reader in order to know who Wonder Woman is. Any Joe Schmo in the street would know exactly who Wonder Woman is. If done right it can be as epic as any male leading film.

  4. The new costume is ridiculous. And honestly, are any of the costumes these super heros don respectable? Think about it… A red and blue “spider” suit? A blue unitard and a cape for Super man… I mean, his package is all exposed and out there. It looks like pajamas. And who in the hell runs around looking like a bat at contemporary social events. No one. So to change the costume she’s wearing to see more “realistic”, by the standards of the other recently resurected super heros’ attire, is unnecessary. Secondly, YES, we need a movie. YES, she can bring in the bucks. There are few women I know that were raised in the day and age of Lynda Carter’s rendition that aren’t at the very least closet fanatics of Wonder Woman. She’s beautiful, strong, exotic, and completely kick-as*. Every one loves her. And I guarantee it will be a box-office hit….as long as they don’t cheese it up or put some self promoting skank in the role. The actress they choose to play her should be someone of some substance, but who also doesn’t take herself too seriously to make it fun to watch. That’s my take any way.

    • And you are 100% right.

  5. Some people think WonderWoman would be cheesy because not only can she fly herself like Superman, but they ask why does she need a invisable jet? And they always use the Superfriends cartoon as a excuse because they expect WonderWoman will aquire the jet in the film or a sequel if successful. Id say WB/DC are too yellow belly to give her a solo film. Maybe because they remember Helen Slater’s Supergirl being a poor film & worry another female hero would be risky. Who knows, but i don’t see how WB/DC think they can’t get WonderWoman on film. Get Christopher Nolan to direct it if thats what takes.

  6. I vote for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, who currently plays Stephie Forrester on the daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. She has the figure, the face (especially the mouth), and the attitude. With a few weeks buffing out in the gym, she’d be great. DO NOT CHANGE the costume. Either make it like the traditional comic book character, or leave it alone and don’t bother! If people like Wonder Woman, they like her AS IS. Besides, that new costume above is just plain stupid.

  7. I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t make WW into a movie. WW is extremely popular and for WB to say otherwise is very confusing. There is some talk about changing WW costume. I personally hate the new look. If WB NEEDS to change WW costume they should consider a look similar to Zena the Warrior Princess, though the change should be minimal as possible. Personally, I figure the main reason for the delay is finding the RIGHT individual to play WW. Putting WW in the small screen is just an insult to the fan who are demanding to see WW on the big screen.

  8. I’ll be very disappointed if they don’t make WW into a movie. WW is extremely popular and for WB to say otherwise is very confusing. There is some talk about changing WW costume. I personally hate the new look. If WB needs to change WW costume they should consider a look similar to Zena the Warrior Princess, though the change should be minimal as possible. Personally, I figure the main reason for the delay is finding the RIGHT individual to play WW. Putting WW in the small screen is just an insult to the fans who are demanding to see WW on the big screen.

  9. Bridget Regan!!!!!!
    She would be an awesome Wonder Woman! She’s got the looks and the perfect body type, and we already know she can pull off an excellent fight scene (LotS). She’s perfect for this role!

  10. What’s wrong with these WB people?? “David E. Kelly (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal)”- WTF?? What has some David E. Kelly to do with Wonder Woman?
    And her costume was never “degrading” or not pratical or modern enough – she’s an amazon! She can wear what ever she wants. Thor is wearing his helmet, too, in his movie. And it was not degrading for the men in 300 to show of muscles everywhere. Where’s the problem. Now she get’s this stupid 80′s Wondergirl look. Sad!

  11. I think a movie and/or TV series is long over due! But drasticlly changing the look of WW would be a mistake. Look what happened to the new “the bionic woman” series and all those “changes” that show didn’t last long. People feel connected to iconic characters, a sense of ownership and if you change them you just upset everyone. Wonder Woman has always been, sexy, beautiful, and a crime fighter…esp in that original costume! keeping original elements is key or you will lose your audience! Like the “spin transformation” & her costume. Good luck,,everyone will be watching! lol

  12. The girl who played Lucy Lane looked like WonderWoman to me, if i remember right she had pretty good cheekbones. Id have to see her in the traditional WonderWoman costume. If only Catherine Zeta Jones was younger, she’d be perfect for the role. Id rather see Erica Durance portray Lois Lane w/ Tom Welling in the Superman reboot.

  13. Merciful Minerva! What in the WORLD are they thinking with this costume? Street-punk combined with Equestrianism (those ARE spurs she’s wearing, yes?)?

    Yeah, sorry, total flop. I can’t see her people, Amazonians, all dressed up like that. Argh. You’re killing my childhood memories!!!

  14. I am 42 years old and have been a fan of Wonder Woman ever since. Still have a bet with a friend who is going to be the first to meet Lynda Carter.

    All I can say is please, please do not go to this costume. The whole appeal of Wonder Woman is that she can be a sexy intelligent woman and still have more strength then Superman. That is what makes her so alluring and surprisingly underestimated. Villians feel something so beautiful cannot be that powerful. Do not hood her out and make her into street thug Wonder Woman, she is an Amazon. I understand that revised look may be apporpriate but many of her themes should stay intact.

    Thank you,

  15. I am so disappointed in this. First, WonderWoman deserves her own full feature high-tech movie!!! Second, a TV show is to blah! Seriously, if its anything like CW’s smallville, its going to be a cheesy adaptation. Third, that costume is rediculous…come on…seriously. That is not a modern Wonder Woman. Can they at least look at the costumes of the other like Spidy, Batman and superman. How would this costume fit into that collection…it would not.

  16. I think Karen Cliche who starred in FLASH GORDON can make an awesome character role playing Wonder Woman. I think she will be good at it.

  17. the perfect actress for Wonder Woman is Sophia M. Martinez (Sophia Martin)

  18. The new look is stupid. Keep her the same. As far as It being degrading. She is f*cking Wonder Woman. She is strong, powerful,and smart. She comes from an island of all women. Yeah, I am sure all the women are sitting around worrying about the fact that the way they dress is making them weaker. Just make the damn movie already.

  19. It crazy the costume change. please no one had a problem with Xena”s warrior princess’s costume Same as WW but with a skirt. And in 300 bare chested warriors. She lives on a tropical island and is an Amazon warrior princess. That new costume sucks. Someone need to get the stick outta their mud puddle.
    If it aint broke dont fix it. If anything the new costume takes away from her character, shes lasted this long with it and its a disservice to our princess to try mold her to what people think she should be. one thing is for sure. Diana wouldnt have it!!!!

  20. PLEASE NO!!! The new costum change is horrible. It completely changes everything about the character. I am a huge Superman fan but I must say the whole Smallville thing just doesn’t work for me because its not the same character we’ve grown to love. Too much change, not so good.

  21. Superman wears blue drawers on top of blue panty hose. Spiderman wears a body suit wit his junk saluting the world. This is the men’s original costumes. Let WW have hers!!!

  22. Why r they backing away from the movie, looking 2 reduce it 2 a TV series as if there is something sticky about it that they don’t want 2 deal wit??

  23. Please do not turn Wonder Woman into deception like other TV series. WW deserves a brilliant and magnificent movie like X-Men. Lynda Carter owned her TV series but there will never be some one like her or Show like she did, therefore you will need some one tall and as beautiful like Charlize Theron to portrait Wonder Woman and changing the costume like the one we wee above would be like an assassination of Wonder woman’s soul.

  24. There is only one person perfect to play WW on Either screen and has already worked for DC comics Serinda Swan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVUMB5J1PQ

  25. We have all been waiting for a WW movie its a cop out to go TV. WW is an icon and therefore do just to the lore. The Lore of the Amazons has been around for centuries so to change it for TV is a mistake. Use some imagination and open calls for talent… just get the MOVIE done.

  26. I was the biggest Wonder Woman fan when I was a child. I had the doll, at least two or more Halloween costumes, a lunchbox, and a life-size poseable door hanging. (Heaven only knows how many cereal tops my mother saved for me to give me the door hanging.) I have a daughter now. I would really like to take her to a Wonder Woman movie.

    • @ Laura

      Do you & your daughter watch Justice League/JLU together? Wonderwoman is great on those shows.

  27. Hands down the person that should play WW is BRIDGET REGAIN from legend of the seeker. She is tall, fit boby, big chest, she been in a action series she can play the role. she even looks likw WW.

  28. Hands down the person that should play WW is BRIDGET REGAIN from legend of the seeker. She is tall, fit boby, big chest, she been in a action series she can play the role. she even looks likw WW. just look at here for youself http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1152745984/nm2125623