Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

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wonder woman tv series Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

Warner Bros. and their newfound DC Entertainment division will be banking heavily on comic book properties going forward to represent their key summer tentpoles and other blockbuster franchises in the post-Harry Potter era. Batman 3 is on the way; the Green Lantern franchise is prepping for its launch and Superman is getting a reboot. Outside of The Flash, the other key DC character many have been waiting for is Wonder Woman. Where is she and what’s taking so long?

There’s certainly a lot of interest in bringing back Wonder Woman, and for years Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver had talent involved with early development of a feature film, but it simply was never able to get off the ground. Joss Whedon was attached a few years back but eventually parted ways. More recently, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner made it public that she was campaigning to produce the Wonder Woman movie, explaining that there is a lot of potential for the character. Bronson director Nicolas Winding Refn even mentioned earlier this summer that he wanted to direct.

Despite all of that interest, a direct-to-video animated film last year, and the studio beginning to launch its DC Comics live-action film universe, Wonder Woman may not be taking part and instead, she will be getting her own new television series. According to a report today from The Hollywood Reporter, WB is planning a modernized reboot of Wonder Woman with David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, Ally McBeal) as the likely candidate to write and produce.

One long-standing issue regarding a new live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman was her costume which many hold as too extreme and impractical as a uniform to fight in – that and it’s a bit degrading. It simply looks too ridiculous for someone to wear in today’s modern and more reality-based comic book adaptations. Conveniently enough, this has been remedied with the new and drastically different Wonder Woman costume designed for the 600th issue of the comic book series.

Wonder Woman1 280x430 Wonder Woman Movie To Be Replaced By TV Show

Wonder Woman's new look

There is  no doubt that part (or all) of the reasoning behind this redesign came from those high up in the WB food chain with the idea of making the character more contemporary and ripe for expansion into other mediums. As it stands, that next medium seems to be live-action TV. Will such a series be truer to the comics, or will it be more along the lines of CW’s successful Smallville series?

If they ever want to do a Justice League movie down the road, isn’t Wonder Woman necessary on the movie side of things as well? Perhaps this will build up to that and help generate more interest and knowledge of the character.

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Source:  THR

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  1. I just want to say, I HATE the “new look”. I had seen it before somewhere and almost gagged. That’s like taking Superman’s cape away; or painting the White House blue. Some things you just don’t change.

    (And before anyone argues the Smallville costume, let me say that that is PRE-Superman)

      • Not gonna lie, that picture is pretty sexy

        • I think it would translate well onscreen, too.

      • That would be an awesome movie costume. I agree.

    • Totally agree. Stupid idea. And in a few years it will be changed back anyway!

  2. Because the world has been waiting for the Ally McBeal version of Wonder Woman. :|

    • ROFL
      that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking, thanks for saying it.

      • :) He has a hangup about the proportions of his women. Look at Calista Flockhart & his own wife, Michelle Pfeiffer. Very skinny girls. Wonder Woman is not a toothpick.

  3. I want to see wonder woman made live action in some way. I think she’s a great character, iconic, and can be done. I know she has a backstory that may not work in a movie or but if superman could be made believable (ALIEN!!!) Then someone can definitely do this for her. If its kinda like smallville then yes let’s do it. And about her costume, I think the new one is fine. It doesn’t matter to me if she’s wearing the classic costume or the modern costume. Both are fine IMO

    • She’s definitely got the story worth telling. It could be majestic & otherworldly, if the right people were involved.

    • Shouldnt be hard to do since there making a Thor Movie.

      • It would be ten times harder to make a “Thor” film if the character wore an armored Speedo and carried a magic lasso.

        • I’d pay to see it.

          • Me too. Twice.

  4. I really can’t understand Warner Bros and their retarded, arrogant and prejudiced approach towards DC properties. Shouldn’t ‘Thor’ be enough evidence that a Wonder Woman movie could work? Percy Jackson and Clash of the Titans have shown that heroes based on Greek mythology with Gods and monsters can be a big hit, and that’s what Wonder Woman is largely about. It should be a turkey shoot: just get someone like Raimi or Whedon who know how to handle female heroes.

    But some semi-literate Warner suit like Jon Peters and his ilk feels, for no good reason, that female heroes won’t sell and doesn’t even try to get the franchise up in the air.

    The day DC becomes independently of Warner’s incompetent domineering is the day they’ll finally be able to get their act together.

    • It isn’t just Warner Bros. It’s Hollywood. Other than Bridget Jones, Underworld & Tomb Raider, I can’t think of too many franchises centered around a female lead character. (Which isn’t to say I disagree with you.) :)

        • Thanks, Ben!

          • ‘Alien’ for crying out loud :D

            • Elektra… PFFT :P

              • Do we really want to mention the E-word?

                • Haha. That was coated with insane amounts of sarcasm :P

            • Ok, I missed a few. But, overall, there are far more male-driven franchises than female-driven. Agree?

              • yeah

      • Red Sonja?


        • Good films. Not franchises. :) As I understand it, Salt was written for Tom Cruise. After he dropped out, they cast Angelina Jolie & the character was given a gender change. Reportedly.

  5. God that costume is so awful. I cringe just looking at it. The jacket is by far the worst part of that outfit. The rest of it would be tolerable though not great if the jacket were just gone. Wonder Woman has been watching to much MTV from the 80′s.

    • Any second, she’s going to start snapping her fingers and dancing through rain puddles in a dark alley.

      • Daniel F, this is one of the rare moments where I agree with you. haha

  6. Actually I can understand their reasoning. There haven’t been any successful super heroine movies. Even Supergirl, Catwoman, Elektra and Buffy couldn’t make a go of it. But in televison we have Buffy, Xena and Wonder Woman herself all successful. There just seems to be a slight difference between the movie audience and the tv audience.

    • There is a HUGE difference between the movie and TV versions of Buffy so as someone who has watched both several times I have to say that I see where you are coming from but it does depend on who they have attached to the project behind the scenes. Even Joss Whedon walked away from Buffy the movie and did Buffy the TV series. Look how much more awesome that was.

      Catwoman sucked because Halle Berry (although she is great) couldn’t make people forget about Michelle Pfiefer’s performance. I’m not saying that it can’t be done (look at Heath Leger’s Joker), I’m saying it wasn’t done. Elektra was almost there and the casting was a good choice but they still fell short. Personally, I thought there were a few great moments in that movie. And…it didn’t suck as much as other comic book adaptations. cough, cough, original Punisher, cough.

      So I’m not exactly disagreeing with you but I’m not 100% behind you either. :)

      • Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more. At this point I’ll be happy just seeing WW on a screen period. And I won’t have to pay ticket prices to see her. Hell, my tv looks better than a movie screen anyway. LOL
        And I agree with your comments about Elektra. It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it for what it was. Besides, Jennifer Garner kicks much a$$.

        • Key word in that was a$$.

          • I would love to see a WW movie, I think she has a big enough following. Now Catwoman and Elektra the story just sucked,they need better writers who can read a comic book and can follow the story line.

        • Well said, Jennifer.

          I agree with Joseph, Jennifer Garner was a good choice for Elektra.

          • Oh no doubt. It was just poor excecution… much like movie it followed. Haha

            • I enjoyed the director’s cut of Daredevil. I still think it could be done (rebooted) as a Marvel Knights property with an R-rating to give DD, Blade & The Punisher a proper arena.

      • Catwoman didn’t suck because of the previous Catwoman. Everything about that movie was crap. It was nothing like the books. The costume was horrible. The basketball game scene was on par with the Spider-dance from 3. And it was just a rip off of The Crow with cats.

  7. Get the makers of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on this one… They could do an early years of Wonder Woman, based in Themyscira, with her training and battling to guard her homeland…

    • OMG! I agree…

      • A cable-version series would definitely raise the bar.

  8. Hope this Wonder Woman series gets adapted

  9. Not that I like the look, or would be interested in a Smallvillesq Wonder Woman. However, I do think it would be VERY successful. Most puriest wouldn’t like it, but the Justin Beiber crowed would eat it up. When it comes down to dollar and cents…I can’t argue with it.

  10. all i can say is that JENNA FISCHER should be wonder woman! adn im not too thrilled with the idea of a show, but it did work out for superman, but i would rather see a wonder woman movie with Jenna Fischer in it!!

    • Good god, no. Wonder Woman is supposed to be super hot and Fischer is not. She’s cute, but she’s NOT a sex bomb. I’m not a fan of Megan Fox, but she looks more like WW than anyone I can think of.

  11. Dont like the new look but who could they get to actually play her though?

    • Definitely Sarah Lancaster from “Chuck”.

      • Another good choice.

        • Lois from Smallville should play the CW’s new WW. Episode Isis proved she could pull off the Amazon look. She has the fighting skills, but the new costume design has to go.

  12. Like everyone is stating, the new WW costume is horrible. Why does modern look equal leather jacket all the time? You know what is interesting? A costume that appears closer to the gladiators and gods fashion like everyone else is stating here. A television series is good news but they’re gonna use a ‘Heroes’ slash ‘Smallville’ concept (especially if the WB network is producing). There’s one problem though. WW didn’t grow up in “smallville” America like Superman and she isn’t an everyday person who grew powers one day like the Heroes. She’s a goddess from an Atlantean/Greek island who disguises herself in modern day America. The animated movie released in 2009 should be source material for shaping this series.

    • Heh. I remember when Marvel tried to modernize Thor… what was it… Thunderstrike? Something like that. Same thing as here, tights and a leather jacket. Dear God… nice effort, the original is just plain silly, but not good enough here either. Impractical as a fighter uniform? Gods just imagine the ride up…

        • No matter the actual story, the executive idea is a more modern Thor. A guy with similar powers and a more human story. I bought for a year or maybe less, then realized Thor is what we were looking for. Not a cheap copy fighting drug dealers.

  13. Just make the movie. Than make a series that’s completely unrelated. Clash of the Titans, Percy Jackson, Thor: all very good reasons they should make a film. They can play around with Greek gods and have them as villains, chetta women, giant-sized women, all of that rolled into one movie series would be epic. As a tv show wouldn’t be that appealing to me. Just another Nikita or whatever except with superpowers.

  14. just need a WW on the screen large or small it don’t matter, as for the costume? she could start out with the “original” then change it as time goes on, due to that she realizes that it doesn’t work as well as she thought.
    As for who should play WW no thoughts on it, but lets bring back Linda Carter to play her mom= awesome

    till next time

  15. They’ve wanted to use Wonder Woman on smallville for years, but Warner’s kept shooting them down, seems that they could have introduced her on the show and then done a spin off.

    Still think a Justice League show is the way to carry on after Smallville.

    • You know what Sam? I think Erica Durance would make an AWESOME Wonder Woman. She certainly has the body for it…

      • Tis true, doesn’t she dress up as WW in Smallville last season when they go to the comic convention? Or did I dream that?

        • Very close, was definitely that “Amazonian warrior” look, though.

        • You didn’t dream it. She went from a Stormtrooper to Wonder Woman

          • Wasn’t she a little short for a stormtrooper? Ha ha.

    • Nooo thank you

  16. Lol DC/ WB disappoint me. No WonderWoman film, just a series? Don’t tell me she’s goona be dressed as in picture abive from the comic now. LOL She looks like Wondergirl to me. WonderWoman is the best female heroine in DC comics and WB/DC don’t wanna take a shot of makin a film? Atleast Marvel has more marbles,lol to make Thor. I hope WB/DC has other films besides Green Lantern & Flash films. How long can they rely on Batman & Superman, even if when they reboot Green Lantern & Flash movies down the road. Unbeliable.

  17. Question: Why can’t WW wear her original costume just with a modified, lightened version of her War Eagle armor she wore during the “Our World At War” storyline?

    Take away the eagle helmet, wings, and solid gold chestplate… lighten the shoulderplates and leave the rest in place, with her original costume underneath.

    Wouldn’t that be respectfull enough yet still true to the original?

  18. I can pretty much guarantee that the ‘new & improved’ WW costume will NOT be used in the tv series for several reasons:
    The original costume is simply too long-standing and iconic, and already has too much merchandising behind it (with minor changes it been around since 1942 — I mean, c’mon…)
    The network is obviously aiming for a broad demographic — some will tune in for the same reason they watch Smallville, etc, some will tune in for the pro-feminist aspect, but let’s not forget that a lot of dudes will simply tune in to watch a hot babe wrestle guys into submission (definitely a SERIOUS minimization of what WW is all about, but we all know it’ll happen)
    The new costume is tied into a new background subplot that more or less eliminates all the really good & interesting details surrounding Princess Diana’s creation and upbringing.

    The costume must be altered in some ways for support, ease of movement and frankly, dignity — but overall it should remain as close to the iconic original as possible…

  19. Actually I wouldn’t mind if they went with a good actress who’s powerful and athletic looking and tall and maybe not all that beautiful as opposed to the usual hot, scrawny armed fake boobed Hollywood type.

    Can’t think of any actresses who fit though.

    • This link gets flagged as inappropriate. Is she nude or something?

  20. Charisma Carpenter should’ve played WW a couple of years ago.

  21. New Costume… Maybe. That part is almost bearable. What I am not going to enjoy is the fact that it will be on TV. WW fights against Gods, Titans, Metahumans, and just beats the snot out of regular humans. If there is one thing I have learned from Smallville, even though I like it and tune in every week, but it’s usually a whole lot of build up to one punch. Most of the battle scenes are too short and can get redundant at times. We have learned from SYFY that the Titans on a TV shows usually just look fake and cheesy. I will still watch but I just think that a Movie is a better way to go. That way they can spend the money to make it look awesome. Plus they would use the regular suit in a movie. The suit is all part of that girl power thing.

  22. @ Chris-DC won’t let CC do the role, presumably because in the June 2004 issue of Playboy magazine, Carpenter appeared in a ten-page nude layout and on the cover…apparently, they feel that WW should be of virginal demeanor and near-prudish openness.

    I, for one, am able to mentally separate the actress from the role and not think, “HUMMA HUMMA HUMMA! Wonder Woman’s NEKKID!”

  23. ONE REQUEST: I think Linda Carter should be offered a cameo or role. It’s hard for me to see another actress in that live-role (and that’s a good thing for an actor to be able to accomplish)

    • I’d nominate Lynda to play Queen Hippolyta. So long as they respected her in such a role.

  24. You’ve heard once but gonna hear it again, DC/WB disappoint me. I understand they can hesistant due films like Supergirl, Catwoman, Elektra etc. not being popular but still isn’t a excuse at attempting of makin a WonderWoman film. She’s just as popular as DC’s two best heroes Batman & Superman, especially being female character. There’s already been a great WonderWoman series that been in live-action. DC still has plenty of other heroes to adapt onto the big screen male or female. Atleast Marvel is taken the chance of lesser known heroes take to the big screen, heroes im not even big on. If DC/WB would take the same chances, i bet a movie could happen for not just WonderWoman, but for Hawkman w/ maybe Hawkgirl in sequels, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and yes even Aquaman. Id pay money to see WonderWoman on the big screen rather than see another tv series.

    • The reason why we’re not getting a movie Wally (and anyone else asking) is because contrary to your opinion Wonder Woman, whilst as recognisable as Bats and Supes, hasn’t actually achieved the kind of popularity within her own comics that would allow WB to sink $80-100 million into a movie project without blinking.

      There is a difference between being iconic and being relevant for example Popeye and Flash Gordon were iconic characters back in 1980 and yet both movie adaptions undeperformed ditto SUPERMAN RETURNS in 2006. Another tv series should have happened along time ago in terms of actually making Wondy relevant to the wider public. Marvel has (over) exposed it’s characters again and again in countless tv shows, animated shows etc and that’s why their movie adaptations have done well regardless of quality.

      Once we get it into our heads that she ISN’T as popular as Batman/Superman(who only got to that level because of multimedia exposure) or that quoting THOR or PERCY JACKSON as “proof) a WW movie will work is pretty much dumb then we’ll realise that a tv series is the best option for now. Because if it were to bomb/be cancelled that will convince WB further that they’re right not to do a movie of her.

  25. I just want Wonder Woman back if it means on TV then so be it,
    but please not that new costume it`s horrible