NBC Picks Up David E. Kelley’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

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wonder woman nbc pilot NBC Picks Up David E. Kelleys Wonder Woman Pilot

After disheartening news that David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman series reboot had been denied by all five major TV networks, NBC has flip-flopped and decided to order a pilot after all.

NBC’s new primetime chairman Robert Greenblatt, who is joining the network in anticipation of the Comcast-NBC merger, was probably behind the about-face.

Various efforts to develop a Wonder Woman live-action movie or TV series have been tried for years, with little success. After the iconic Lynda Carter series in the 1970s, several television and film projects were picked up and dropped through the 80s and 90s. Joel Silver attempted to produce a big-screen version in 2001, Joss Whedon tried again in 2005, and various scripts bounced around Warner Bros. offices for another few years. In October of 2010 Warner Bros. approached David E. Kelley, showrunner of successful series such as Ally McBeal and Boston Public, to spearhead a new Wonder Woman series for network TV.

Despite promising buzz from other DC properties like Batman and Green Lantern, the show had failed to find a home as of just a few weeks ago. NBC was the last network to turn down the project after ABC, Fox, CBS and the CW. But there’s new blood in the peacock boardroom in one Robert Greenblatt, who made a name for himself revamping Showtime with ambitious shows like Dexter and Weeds. Greenblatt is taking over for Angela Bromstad as a condition of Comcast’s merger with NBC, now in its closing stages. The decision to order the pilot is almost certainly Greenblatt’s.

Kelley’s version of Princess Diana will probably be quite a bit different from how we’re used to seeing her. The original Lynda Carter series and animated shows like Superfriends and Justice League mostly stuck to their DC roots, as did the 2009 direct-to-DVD movie. But given Kelley’s pedigree of character-driven dramas including The Practice and Boston Legal, it’s likely that the Amazonian will see a revamp not unlike Superman on Smallville. This might be a perfect opportunity to make use of the new costume the character’s been sporting in the comics as of late. The only information about the direction of the series comes from Deadline Hollywood:

“Wonder Woman — aka Diana Prince — is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.”

wonder woman new costume NBC Picks Up David E. Kelleys Wonder Woman Pilot

Could Wonder Woman's recent costume change make the jump to television?

While a pilot order doesn’t necessarily mean a new series is imminent, it wouldn’t be surprising at all. In addition to CW’s concluding season of Smallville, ABC has No Ordinary Family and NBC recently debuted its own home-grown hero, The Cape. Ratings for the latter have been disappointing, and NBC may be looking for a more recognizable replacement. Wonder Woman joins other superhero adaptations in development for TV like The Incredible Hulk, Raven, and Jessica Jones.

No cast or crew info is currently available, but given the public’s fascination with capes and tights lately, expect more news on Wonder Woman sooner rather than later.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Well i guess thats good, but not so good for The Cape i guess

  2. Yup. Commence the countdown to cancellation of The Cape.

    • No argument from me on that.


      • I started that 3 months ago.

        • Did you all hate it that much? What if it gets picked up by SyFy like Meriln did?

          • BBC still does Merlin. SyFy has syndication rights to run Merlin in the US.

          • its a horrible series that really does more harm to the genre then it does good , so no i dont want it on SyFy either

  3. Really looking forward to this .. WW was my childhood hero; I always wanted to be her. 😀

  4. Hmmm. Could be good. Hopefully it will be adult in tone.
    And you can guarantee she will be a lawyer.

    • God I hope Not, why cant they just leave her an Ambassador, or a secret agent, she is a freaking Princess , why does she have to be a business woman. i think she is properly empowered that she doesnt need to be a female Bruce Wayne. I think the role of an Ambassadorwill get Diana into enogh situations that she’ll be able break out the Lasso. i also think the new costume will play better

  5. I love the idea of a new Wonder Woman series but I won’t watch it if they use that garbage new costume introduced in the comics last year instead of the traditional one

    • Yes, because a strong, modern woman with superpowers will be quite successful on t.v. running around in a sexy, strapless tank swimsuit…Mhmmm.

      Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE her traditional costume, but for this, they WILL change it. They’ll HAVE to…

    • I agree, they better not use the new costume. I want to see the original costume or something LIKE the original costume.
      If they use the new costume from #600,then theyre just setting the show to fail. (or at least for the WW fans)

      • they should use both , when the show her on the island she should be wearing the tradityional, when she is in the states she should be wearing the new modernized costume, that would make perfect sense.

  6. Just make a movie about Wonder Woman, and forget about a show.

    • People said Superman wouldn’t work on the small screen…

      • All I’m saying is that I’d rather have a film than a show.

        • No doubt.

      • Dr. Sam are you referring to The Adventures of Superman Starring George Reeves (1952-1958) or Smallville?

  7. I will not watch this TV Show if David E. Kelley puts Wonder Woman in that terrible costume she is wearing now. They would never change or ruin Superman or Batman’s look in the way they have Wonder Woman’s. Completely dissapointed!

    • You’re right…Superman has ALWAYS been “The Blur”…Yep. Uh-huh. They’d NEVER change Superman’s outfit…at least, not for more than ten years.

      • Lol dude do you read comics Superman and batmans costumes have been changed a ton of time, the overal concept is similair but the costume is different , Oh yeah and they Just Changed Batmans Costume in the comics….. so yeah

    • i m with u

  8. I really don’t want a show of WW a movie would of been better, but if you have to do a show what made any one think David Kelly was the right choice?

    As far as the Cape goes I’d love to see Summer Glau for once be on a show that doesn’t get cancelled. Firefly, Terminator SCC, Dollhouse and now The Cape. She’s like the kiss of death.

    • I’d let her give me the kiss of death!

    • Daniel F.

      David Kelley has proven himself in the past with, not only successful t.v. shows, but strong female characters (a couple of which even had a serious cheesecake factor, yet were still considered strong) as well.

      That doesn’t mean you have to like him or think he’s the right choice for this, of course, but there ARE legitimate reasons studio execs would choose him.

      • Nice….David E. Kelley is brilliant and his twisted mind has created a take on WW that could work. It is obvious that such a coveted writer like Mr. Kelley, NBC has to take the chance for a pilot.

    • Hey, if she’s the kiss of death, I could die happy…

  9. I certainly hope they won’t be using her new costume in this show. It clearly doesn’t have the staying power of her iconic suit. But I am glad to see that this got picked up at least for a pilot run. Since it doesn’t look like DC will wake up anytime soon and put Diana on the big screen.

  10. show would be goood maybe

  11. If Bridget Regan is NOT Diana/WW then I WON’T give this show a SECOND thought. Until then I’m watching Smallville, and The Cape.

  12. I’m just glad that it got a network that has money to put towards special effects

  13. I hate that this will be on Nothing But Crap(NBC). I would really like to see this as a movie. Not to say I won’t watch. Hopefully this will push them to make a great movie out of it.

  14. If they were smart the would introduce WW on the series finale of Smallville and create a spinoff series for the Justice League

    • wrong network

  15. I think that Melina Gogovich from the original L&O would make a pretty decent WW what do u guys think

  16. Can already see the cameos for smallville cast lol

    • nice thought

  17. I’ve never been a big WW fan, so maybe I’ve got no room to talk, but I like the new look. I don’t understand what the big to do is about the change – she’s been wearing the granny panties and bustier for almost 70 years. God forbid a female superhero (or any superhero, for that matter) put on a pair of pants. I think it’d work great in a more down-to-Earth live action series.

  18. Whats wrong with a WW movie? GL,Supes and The Bat all have their own movies, and WW is also a major DC flagship character, so why not her?

    Also I’d love to see Kate Beckinsale as Diana…

    • WB hasnt been pleased with the scripts n ideas that is why

    • Holy crap she is beautiful. I could totally see it.

      • She’s pretty, but I’ve never seen her act. I’d like to see a true actress land the part and not necessarily a model. Of course, I’m of the opinion that this would have worked better as a cable series where we could see some true battle scenes and intensity that would akin to a movie.

    • Taint is Hot as hell to bad she is a horrible actress , Just sat through Death Race 2 and she was horrible

      • See, that’s a deal breaker for me. Beauty is a plus, but for a character like Wonder Woman, I’d like to see someone who is going to make me want to watch the show for other reasons, too. I still enjoy watching the Lynda Carter series from time to time, so I hope Kelly doesn’t destroy that classic.

        Then again, Bionic Woman didn’t last long for NBC a few years ago…

  19. Olivia Wilde could work.

    • She has practice at being a princess. :)

  20. Bridget Regan

    • THIS.

  21. Oh no. Oh no. Oh NO. Do not replace a flop show with something that’s gonna be treated like a passing fad… It’s time for a WW MOVIE. And… Will Smith is not an option! He’s taken too many good roles away from other ethnic actresses!

    • Huh?!? Will Smith and actresses…Wha???

      • Yeah, he kinda lost me on that comparison too.

        • i think i read abt a superhero movie with will smith
          i dont remember but i think that has sumthin to do with the comment above
          and no its not hancock

          • Wasn’t Will Smith attached to Captain America once upon a time?

  22. Wonder Woman is suppose to live in Gateway City not Los Angeles thats what is mentioned in the Modern Wonder Woman comics by George Perez. I think Wonder Woman should disguise herself as a american ambassador Diana Prince but in the Live-Action movie she will be disguised as Diana Prince stationed in the US Air Force One at Washington DC

    • Actually, she’s moved several times…I believe, at one point, she was even living in Washington D.C. Her place of residence doesn’t particularly matter as long as it fits the given storyline.

      • Thats right I wonder why Wonder Woman should live in different locations while she leaves Paradise Island with Steve Trevor

  23. AND, in regard to the damn scripts DC hated… They had Joss. Not Joss Stone, the other one. He did that Buffy show that was extremely successfull. Now he’s just written a script for The Avengers for damn Marvel owned Disney.

    … DC had the perfect opportunity and wasted it.

  24. If this show gets support and becomes a hit you’ll see a movie fast tracked.

  25. If they reduce Wonder Woman to some local city vigilante and put her in this new costume…the show is dead before it starts.

  26. I’ve been waiting for YEARS! for a tv remake of Wonder Woman .. at this point I am ready for ANYTHING …. JUST give us SOMETHING.. (unlike the Cape) with Wonder Woman…