‘Amazon’ Update: ‘Torchwood’ Alum Frontrunner For ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Show

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Amazon Wonder Woman Amy Manson Rumored Amazon Update: Torchwood Alum Frontrunner For Wonder Woman TV Show

Time passes, but it’s not getting any easier to know what to expect from CW’s Amazon. Much of that is due to the fact that the studio announced the project before a lead actress or pilot script had been decided, but you can’t un-ring a bell, and Wonder Woman waits for no man.

Luckily The CW has offered a few updates on how the show – following Wonder Woman on her home of Themyscira, before entering man’s world – will work alongside a movie version of the character, and early word is that Scottish actress Amy Manson (Torchwood, Being Human) is among the frontrunners vying for the role.

Those who know Manson from her role as ‘Alice Guppy’ on the BBC’s Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood will know that her credentials aren’t lacking; but her name being mentioned will raise eyebrows for a few reasons. Given the initial pitch of Amazon as an “origin story” along the same lines of Smallville, one would think that Manson’s age (27) alone would make her a longshot. Perhaps all previous expectations are a bit off the mark.

Scottish website STV has the news that Manson is not only being considered by the show’s producers, but has already been through the audition process twice (details on the scenes in question here). If her age isn’t an issue, and Amazon‘s Diana is already a grown woman, perhaps the ties between the TV incarnation of the character will be entirely distinct from what movie fans will witness in Justice League. Or as early as this summer’s Man of Steel, if the rumors prove true.

New 52 Superman Wonder Woman Amazon Update: Torchwood Alum Frontrunner For Wonder Woman TV Show

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, even if it makes marketing the show along with a possible movie series a bit more confusing. We had anticipated a younger Diana leading the charge in Amazon, both for the target audience and as a means to explain any differences between Diana’s teenage persona and the grown woman who will eventually be seen in movie theaters.

For what it’s worth, CW President Mark Pedowitz recently told IGN that contradictions or conflicts with possible movies are something they took their time to avoid:

“We worked carefully with Warner Bros. to make sure Warner Bros. theatrical was on board so we were able to get it done. You want to work carefully with your studio to make sure that it works and that it doesn’t interfere with their projects.”

Though it’s true that actors cast to play TV roles (and those on The CW in particular) tend to be older than the characters they play, this casting news may be a sign that the connections between Amazon and a Warner Bros. movie universe are even more tenuous than some might assume (and seeing Diana trained from adolescence may not be in the cards after all).

Given the talent assembled for the TV show though, and the surprise success of Arrow, we’re willing to wait and see. Especially with the added chance of any potential Arrow/Amazon crossovers (which Pedowitz didn’t rule out) also bringing a Torchwood reunion, thanks to John Barrowman’s role as an Arrow antagonist.

Arrow Producers Talk Wonder Woman Crossover Amazon Update: Torchwood Alum Frontrunner For Wonder Woman TV Show

For now, casting is far from complete. What can be taken from Pedowitz’s comments is that the Amazon direction won’t interfere with the studio’s plans for Wonder Woman in the immediate future. Does that mean Themyscira and Diana’s origins won’t be featured in Justice League? Whatever the case may be, and whether or not Manson wins the role, there’s a good chance the actresses who impress those involved may be receiving a call when it comes to casting Justice League.

What do you think of Manson’s name being mentioned? A wise move, or a step in the wrong direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.

We’ll keep you up to date on all Amazon and Wonder Woman news as it arrives.

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Source: IGN, STV (via CBM)

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  1. I thought Amazons were curvy.

  2. Why not Bridget Regan !!!!
    Why !!!!!

    • ^ This,

    • ^ Yes to Bridget Regan!!! I would be fine with Amy Manson if she played the role well. Wonder Woman doesn’t have to look exactly like the comics or Linda Carter…I’m a big believer in the writing and acting as being the real keys to it. But still, Bridget Regan!!!

    • Bridget Regan all the way! And Lucy Lawless would make her mother a perfect fit to my opinion.

      • This gets a double yes from me. Wasn’t she in the UK’s version of Being Human?

    • Um, maybe back when she was playing Xena but the last episode aired over a decade ago! Lucy is now 44 years old.

    • Dude, she’s hovering around 50 at this point. Be realistic.

  3. please no.

      • Bobby pins… That is how he keeps his hood up.

  4. Of topic but if all of superman’s people gain super powers on par with his own when in yhe presence of a yellow sun aaanndd teir cukture was clearly advenced technologically… Why didnt his people baicaly rule every habitable planet in solar systems wih yellow suns, or at te very least relocate.

    • I was always under the impression that most Kryptonians were peaceful. They had no desire to conquer other planets. That being said, I can’t say why rogue Kryptonians like General Zod didn’t think about relocating to other planets with other suns. Maybe he didn’t know about the effects of the yellow sun.

    • They did. Wars were fought because of it. When the Science Council took command, the Kryptonian armies were pulled back, and space travel was banned.

      • Sweet. Thx. Always wondered about that. Just seemed odd that they would choose a life of “normalcy” as opposed to just moving to habitable yellow sun planets and be well super. Idk if i could choose whether i’d have to live on a planet were i can break my leg, get sick etc or someplace else which makes me impervious to body harm and gives me fantastic powers, coupled with their obvious advanced tech makin space travel available, it just seemed odd to be that there wasnt a mass exodus from krypton decades before the planet was destroyed. Oh well. Thanks for the info!

  5. If they do go with an older Wonder Woman, that’d be fine. But just as I didn’t Tom Welling cast as Superman in Superman Returns, I would not like to the woman whose cast here to be cast in the Justice League movie or an sequels. I like seeing different interpretations.

      • They better get whatever actress into start doing some crossfit of something.

  6. She hot and looks like she could work

  7. Hmmm, I’ve never really watched Torchwood, but she looks as though she could do it. Bring WW on.

  8. Well Bridget Regan she just sign with beauty and the beast CW TV show maybe that’s why.

  9. Amy Manson she is not bad looking. If she can act i will watch it.

  10. Bridget Regan would be a MUCH better option but it’s good to know she’s going to be on Beauty & the Beast. I’d rather they keep the same actors for the JL films myself and I would have preferred Welling in SR’s, even though I didn’t hate Routh in the role, like some seemed to. I trust those in charge to make the right calls on all decisions just to try an keep pace with Marvel, who has set the bar high with their amazing consistency.

  11. Bridget Regan is the perfect Wonder Woman hands down! But Amy Manson could work and save Regan for the movie version… But really all I have to say is at least it is now Adrianne Palicki…

  12. Honestly I don’t know much about this actress but I say go for it. WB needs to strike while the superhero iron is hot. I know the right actress is important but the show’s ultimate fate is going to depend on the story, context, etc. The actress is not going to matter all that much if they don’t get the story of Wonder Woman right. If it is a good story people will watch! Let’s get the ball going and get this show in production!

  13. Why not Bridget Regan!!!!!!??

  14. Question for wonder woman fans… In the new 52 her origin (ancestry) was revised. So now she essentially a female version of Heracles (Hercules), Her father being Zeus (mother still the amazon queen). To me it seems to make more sense esp given her strenght etc (unless all amazons are that strong, always thought diana was an outlier). Juet wondering what people think. Is it a big deal? More overt ties to greek pantheon etc seems like a good way to go esp for an origin type story if they ever make a wonder woman solo film.

    • Personally, I LOVE what they’re doing with her new origin story. Especially granting flight through one of Hermes’ feathers.

  15. if any network that can get wonder woman done right its cw

  16. No offense to Amy Manson but I would have to disagree with this choice. The whole comic-movie requires that the actor or actress (apart from being good or great at their job) at the very least look similar to the comic book hero.

  17. I cannot wait to see The AMAZON series when it comes out ? I hope they cast the amazons and the US Military Troops like Steve Trevor.

    Remember this Wonder Woman as herself is stationed in the US Military services as Diana Prince (The Original version) I hope if she will be called Commander Diana Prince .

  18. Honestly Megan is no better than Palicki. Both are skinny model types with no curves and no freakin’ muscle tone. Hardly what I would call Amazonian.

    • I agree with you on this mongoose. She’s a pretty woman and a good actress, but hardly comes across as an Amazonian warrior princess!

    • I agree. Get someone with some serious muscles on her! Or, if an actress is cast and doesn’t have them yet, let her learn from those super-buff actors how to get them and fast. Imagine they’d cast a meekly actor as superman: no one would watch either.

  19. Find the next Jerri Ryan and you’re gold.

    • 7 of 9 :)

  20. Sorry but is anyone actually going to watch this show beyond the first episode? Its really not that interesting to me.

  21. I’m begining to wonder if this show is going to be like Arrow. In that there will be flashback secens to Dianas childhood to help her solve problems. If so there will be more than one actress playing the part. As for me I’ve been A fan for A long time and I am looking forward to this show.

  22. So you have a young Grecian amazon to cast. Hey let’s hire a skinny freckle faced Irish actress who’s pushing thirty.

    Sounds like they went with she’s cheap and available for their main criteria. Who knows though. Stranger casting has worked.

    It’s going to be jarring though if any Irish accent slips through.

  23. This is going to be ANOTHER grievious mistake on the part of WB/DC. This is more evidence that they don’t know how to adequately translate WW to the medium of the screen. Wonder Woman’s story starts with Hippolyta. An origin story must start with her first. Diana is the extension of Hippolyta and a symbol of her strength. If they just jump off with Diana, it will be an utter failure. Diana is the embodiment of the Amazon’s struggle for sovereignty and respect. THAT PART of the story must be indulged and told in depth.
    Just my opinion.

  24. sorry to fans of CW’s “superhero” adaptations,

    but smallville was really bad. arrow is an abomination. and this won’t be any different.

    • Yes but they were both moderately successful. So execs have got to choose. Stick with the modest success formula or go for greatness. I’m thinking they will go the safe route.

    • @imadick

      Fortunately for the rest of us, we do not share your opinion. So no need to feel sorry for us.

      • @Jeff W: Here, here.