‘Wonder Woman’ Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

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Warner Bros. got their shared movie universe off to a strong start with Man of Steel, and with the upcoming sequel adding not just Batman, but possibly Wonder Woman as well, DC’s most famous heroine’s drought may be over. Unfortunately, while fans are furiously debating if Diana will exist in Zack Snyder’s movie universe, no one is stopping to wonder exactly how she can exist. How can a demigod from a fantasy realm be taken seriously alongside Batman?

That’s the question that the team at Rainfall Films sought to answer with their short film/concept pitch, featuring a live-action Wonder Woman (Rileah Vanderbilt). The short film won’t be for everybody, but in terms of design direction, it’s one of the first pitches for a big screen Wonder Woman that’s had us nodding our heads, not shaking them.

Featuring a look at Wonder Woman in both a Nolan-esque urban setting and a mythical fantasy that could be pulled straight out of a Zack Snyder movie (300, Sucker Punch), the short film approaches the idea of what a Wonder Woman film could be in a way not often seen. That is: embracing the unbelievable, mythical facets of the superheroine, rather than trying to cast them aside in the name of a ‘grounded’ approach. It’s a significant question of style, and one that Warner Bros. will need to answer – soon.

Wonder Woman Short Film Rainfall Films Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

When faced with the idea of a Wonder Woman movie, comic book fans like to get themselves worked up over which actresses would be perfect to bring Diana to life (and we’re no exception), but many overlook the fact that ‘the Wonder Woman story’ is one of the most ambiguous in all of DC’s main roster.

While most superheroes have a conventional origin story – they are born, encounter hardships, acquire powers, and take up a mission – Wonder Woman defies that structure. She has powers, of course, but they’ve been with her since the beginning; and as a princess of the Amazons, she was bound for greatness from the start.

We’re positive that the mythology of Wonder Woman is too rich to be overlooked entirely, but at what point in that story should a conventional superhero film be set? It’s that wealth of storylines and the lack of a single, compelling arc that DC’s President of Entertainment claims is keeping a Wonder Woman adaptation from gaining speed, be it on TV or in a feature film.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

The CW recently had to go back to the drawing board with their Amazon origin TV series, and Joss Whedon’s failed attempt to make a Wonder Woman movie has been well-documented. But even as Warner Bros. attempts to bring Diana’s story to TV audiences, Whedon (who is currently bringing the superhero world to ABC with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) doesn’t see the character working on such a small stage.

The director admitted to EW that the world’s greatest superheroine is always a challenge:

“It is hard. She’s a tough nut to crack. I know she’s famous as a television show, but I don’t think she lends herself to television. I think she only works on an epic scale. I saw a bit of the David E. Kelley [NBC pilot]. That was not a good marriage.”

The reason NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot failed (or one of the reasons) was the fact that its take on Diana, princess of the Amazons, was completely un-epic. The attempt to make Wonder Woman ‘just like a regular person’ was not only unsuccessful, but as Whedon points out, it sold the character short. And it’s in this respect that Rainfall Films’ concept film has us optimistic.

For starters, it’s nice to see a Wonder Woman cast in a beautiful light, not just a sexual one (again, there are plenty of examples of tastelessness to choose from). And while the presence of enormous monsters might turn off some viewers, the dichotomy of colossal beasts and masked gunmen hits one aspect of the character dead on; this woman is not threatened by human beings, guns or no.

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

So far, WB is setting up two pillars of their shared movie universe: Man of Steel offered a superpowered Kal-El dealing with human problems, and Zack Snyder’s Batman will likely be every bit as grounded as Christian Bale’s incarnation. But with a near-immortal warrior woman from a secret island of mythical monsters (who may or may not fly, with both being completely plausible) possibly being added to the mix, the studio has their hands full.

Will WB take the Thor route and embrace the less believable aspects of Diana? Or will the most impressive aspects of her back-story be sacrificed in the name of a consistent movie universe?

For our money, this short film proves that Diana taking on massive beasts can work on film, especially if Snyder is involved. More than that, it has us thinking that a mixture of flashbacks could actually be all that’s needed to do Themysicra justice.


What do you think of the film’s approach? Is a balance between realism and fantasy one you feel could work for a live-action Wonder Woman, or is the studio smarter to pick one and stick with it? Leave us your own thoughts in the comments.

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Source: GoldenLasso.net, EW

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  1. I really enjoyed that. I also agree with showing WW in a beautiful light, not a sexual one. She is a warrior for goodness sake, not an object.

  2. Meh, highlights the problem I have with DC, beyond Batman they have no interesting heroes at all. I wouldn’t have cared about MoS if Snyder and Nolan weren’t teaming up on that.

    • Well…you ARE entitled to your opinion. MY opinion is that you just said something incredibly silly. DC has MANY fantastic characters…of which Wonder Woman is one.

      • That’s alright, I have the same opinion of your post.

        • Works for me…your statement was still silly. :)

  3. Do you know why they are having a problem?

    “Xena: The Warrior Princes” made Wonder Woman irrelevant.

    • Ummm, no. “Xena” simply showed the viability of a live-action Wonder Woman.

      • Yes, Xena The Character is similar to the Amazon like Wonder Woman. A lot different

      • @ Archaeon,

        First, Xena was a Warrior Princess. Gabrielle was the Amazon Queen.

        Second, “Xena: The Warrior Princess” was based upon historical mythology, which was originally developed in Greece. Before ‘Wonder Women’ was ever conceived, the ‘mythical elements’ (not exact stories) in ‘Xena’ had been in existence for over 3,000 years. Before Current Era. Xena was conceived in the 20th century.

        Xena did it better. Let me explain…

        Wonder Women didn’t have a dark past, which she needs to struggle with on a daily basis. When you compare the two characters, Wonder Women is an extremely one dimensional character. Wonder Women uses superpowers to deal with the world’s issues. Wonder Women also has to hide her identity; therefore, her human side has to hide her feminism.

        Xena was a warlord, mother, lover, friend, destroyer, and savior. Instead of being born with superpowers, Xena faces the world with her own strength, wit, and ingenuity. Xena’s path was one of personal redemption. Xena also doesn’t have to hide her identity; therefore, her feminism is able to roam unleashed.

        While Wonder Women said, “females can change the world with superpowers”, Xena said, “you do not need to be a god to change the world.”

        Xena made Wonder Women obsolete.

        • Marcus…

          Let ME explain:

          As you, yourself, pointed out, Wonder Woman came into pop cultural existence BEFORE Xena. Since they both utilize Greek mythology, THAT part of your argument is simply invalidated…except for your personal preference. As for which character expresses feminism/strong ideals of modern womanhood, you WOULD be correct in your presumptions…IF the incarnations of Wonder Woman shown in the last decade or so had not modernized the character. Both characters show a similar TYPE of woman and hero. Wonder Woman, however, did it first out of the two…Xena was always merely modernized reflection of her.

          Thus, I state again, with even MORE certainty: Xena simply showed that Wonder Woman could effectively exist in a more modern (unlike the fun, but still cheesecake, version played by Lynda Carter in the ’70s) setting and interpretation.

          • i personally feel that wonder woman is pretty one dimensional. even within the context of her modernizations. the short film looked cool and its not that i couldnt see that playing out, i just really dont like how she looked in that city fighting a bunch of dudes with guns. it just looked soo weird. it could be because of how they colored it. i really want to see a female superhero movie. i know wonder woman deserves one because she is the most well known. but i do have to admit i dont personally care for her as a character. honestly i dont really like the majority of dc characters besides batman. i do however like when they team up for the justice league. that is when all of there one dimensions kind of act together to create this great story of different characters interacting with each other. i really want to see a justice league film before i see a wonder woman movie. like establish the team after a flash movie. and then give wonder woman a solo film thats more of a flash back to her time in her home.

            • @ antonio

              It’s the job of the writer to come up with a story and script that make her more than one dimensional. There’s plenty already there for them to work with. I don’t know why you’d rather see a Flash film before a Wonder Woman film. There’s much more to WW than the Flash.

          • @ Archaeon, “Both characters show a similar TYPE of woman and hero.”


            I 100% disagree. Xena and Wonder Woman are not the same type of women or hero. While they may look similar on the surface, Xena’s motivations, drives, past, and future are completely different. During the past few weeks, I have been watching “Xena” on Netflix. I can assure you that Xena has made Wonder Women a thing of the past. Its all about how the character was written. Its also all about how they incorporated modern day issues within an old world setting.

            Come back to me when Wonder Women:
            (1) gets crucified twice for protecting the innocent,
            (2) builds a massive army to kill and destroy innocent people,
            (3) faces and kills Greek gods as an mortal,
            (4) allows herself to be sent to hell, so that her greatest enemy can be saved,
            (5) has one child that dies, and has another one that forms a new religion,
            (6) gets emotionally and psychologically married to a bisexual bard,
            (7) seeks redemption for killing a massive amounts of innocent people,
            (8) turns some innocent child into an insane and revenge seeking psycho,
            (9) aligns herself with both Ares and Arch Angel Michael on a weekend,
            (10) takes over a male body, so she can get her own back,
            (11) joins the Valkyrie,
            (12) sets out to rid the world of gods,
            (13) wears brown Greek and bronze clothing,
            (14) etc… (I can add more.)

            …all as a mortal.

            As a result of Xena facing her problems as a mortal, she made Wonder Women an obsolete and irrelevant character. Wonder Women doesn’t have a place in today’s society. Its happens to the best of characters. One day something is relevant, and the next day something else takes its place. Xena will become obsolete in the future.

            • What if…they could both be worthwhile in spite of their differences? There are many archetypes.

              • @J83,

                If I had to make a prediction, the modern version of Wonder Woman would be too much of a women’s soap opera. Wonder Woman would not be breaking any type of social barrier. We would get shows about dating anxiety, family conflict, relationship conflicts, and gender identity. She would be talking about women’s feminism within a world where its already accepted.

                What would also make it harder to sell is the setting. Wonder Women would be fighting crime while running in the street. We would not get a ‘amazon jungle’ type of environment. It might appear in a few flashback.

                “Wonder Women (2014)” would find a home on “WE”, “Lifetime”, “CW”, or “TNT”. It would be 100% geared towards a female audience.

                • Then…shouldn’t you be doing this same type of speculation for ALL of the comic book/superhero movies? Otherwise, you simply come across as having a clear and untenable bias.

            • Marcus…

              Your “100% disagree[ment]” is a perfectly valid opinion, BUT just like my perceptions of the two women, it IS just that–an opinion.

              As your “evidence”, you use plot points, written in a specific manner for a specific character. They do not PROVE that Xena is better or has removed any perceived significance from Diana…they simply tell what she did in her life. If you were to take the same care to look for various instances and events from Diana’s life in the comics, the animated shows (and film), and the Carter live-action show, you would AT LEAST as much (and, very likely, overwhelmingly MORE) “evidence” that Wonder Woman is STILL the more important (in terms of THIS discussion) character.

              Wonder Woman is not, by any stretch of the imagination, obsolete in this day and age…and CERTAINLY not because of a “Hercules” spin-off show that came and went (admittedly, I DID enjoy it when it was on).

              Remember, after all, that many a fanboy was proclaiming how perfect Lucy Lawless would be…as Wonder Woman.

              • Heh, that last sentence… blammo!

                Also @Marcus, saying “it’s also all about how they incorporated modern day issues” blatantly shows that you don’t know WW as well as Xena. Your opinion is misinformed and biased, therefore invalid. Wonder Woman isn’t set in ancient times, I’ll grant you that, but her stories have always addressed issues of the times, even back in the 40′s when it was supposed to be a good thing for women to settle for being good housewives and support their soldier husbands. Fortunately, she evolved along with the times without ever ceasing to address contemporary issues.

  4. The short film looked like on of those golden chocolate commercials.

    • Ha ha! I totally see it! Ferrerro Rocher?

  5. I thought it was a well-done fan film. Obviously, a big production will need higher quality, but given the excellent films MOS and the DK trilogy turned out to be, I have no doubt WB/DC can pull off a fantastic WW film (or, at least, a significant cameo) that takes its cues from such inspired ideas.

  6. Wonder woman is a stupid caracter. Saying that it needs a movie because it’s a part of the trinity or it represents women doesn’t make any sense. the only caracter WB need to focus on after superman is green lantern.

    • To the public she’s the third most popular DC character, that’s why they say she’s part of the Trinity.

      • Yep…and, when done properly, she’s also an amazing character.

        Oh, and look at the first two letters of the person to whom you responded: They sum up his comment rather well…

      • Third most popular ? That’s really open to debate. From my understanding her comics was never the most popular. The problem that she is basically a femal version of Thor so no oiginality their. Look at green lantern for example you have an original caracter with cool power and great mythos behind him.

        • I’m pretty sure the general consensus is the Wonder Woman is the third most known. You could argue Flash just cause his symbol is so well known. Green Lantern is also way more known now cause of that awful film.

          • @ Bob,

            When it comes to super heroes, I would put Supergirl in third place.

            When it comes to female dc characters, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, and Huntress beats Wonder Women’s popularity.

            • Wrong again.

        • Actually, it isn’t open to debate… This is why DC calls them the trinity. Even DC distinguishes her as the third most recognizable character.

          • +1

        • @ bs10hundred
          Wow you leave the most horribly worded comments I’ve ever seen.

        • Actually, you have it backwards: Wonder Woman was created in 1941 and Thor in 1962, so it’s Thor who would be a male version of WW.

      • I would like to see the study on that.
        To me she is one of the most “name recognizable” DC properties not so much the most well known as far as where she is from, what she can do, etc….
        To me she is best known from the TV show just like Bill Bixby is as Hulk and in that case she is Linda Carter.

        • Bill Bixby was Banner (oddly named David, not Bruce), Lou Ferrigno was the Hulk.

  7. Just a couple of thoughts:

    1. Approach it like Thor. WW has a rich history. Let’s not be too anxious in getting her into the world of men. Explore the world of Themyscira. In the same fashion of Thor and the nine realms. Then bring her into the larger DC movie universe.

    2. Are any of these shorts/pilots being directed by a female? Maybe that’s what’s needed. A woman’s touch. I think the men (again assuming that these are being done by men) are having a too hard of a time for various reasons.

    • Very true. The leap into mythology was what I most loved about Brian Azzarello’s take in the New 52.

  8. As a short film goes I thought it was really good. It managed to adequately balance the mystical and “real world” aspects. obviously it’s not perfect but as a basic premise to show what can be done with the character, I liked it.

    I definitely agree that the best way to incorporate the mystical part of the character would be in some kind of flashback scenes. However as WW is ageless and pretty much immortal, those flashbacks could be hundreds of years ago. in fact, it could be the events of MOS that motivates WW to leave Themyscira to investigate the world of men to see if the apperance of Superman would be any threat to her and her people.

    But I’m sure Synder and co will go in another direction and balls it up in the same way they did MOS. And is it just me or it Bats vs Supes a great premise for a fight and not a whole movie?

    • You mean how Snyder, et al, made an excellent Superman reboot film? I HOPE that success IS repeated.

    • Superman and Batman won’t be fighting the whole film…if even PHYSICALLY fighting for any more than the mere few minutes. That “vs.” can mean any number of things…even opposing philosophies.

      • That’s what I’m counting on.

      • That’s not even how they call the film at DC, just how it was dubbed by the public based on the Superman vs. Batman comics.

        • bfg666…

          I agree that the actual title is not nor will be BvsS, but even as a mere fill-in title, it still should not be taken by so many as an implication that the film will be some two-hour brawl.

          You and I (and Andrew) seem to be of like minds on the matter.

          • Yup. We’re not even sure they’ll follow the comics at all but if they do, Supes and Bats did start pounding each other’s face before realizing they were actually on the same side. However, seeing Affleck getting hammered for a moment, even if it’s not real, would be a rare delight…

  9. I liked it. I thought, for a short film probably made on a shoestring budget, that they did a good job with the whole theme and premise. I’d definitely go see a big budget WW film as part of the greater DC Movie Universe.

  10. “And while the presence of enormous monsters might turn off some viewers”

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around this.

  11. Couldn’t finish it. Reminded me of sucker punch.

  12. Not bad, I’d like to see the truth-telling rope getting tied around a criminal to extract crucial information and her invisible jet.

    Otherwise, I like that they took it back to her home planet as well. Nice idea to start with anyhow. No matter what, I think they need the tone of this to go for serious. Wonder Woman shouldn’t be campy at all. For people to respect her it needs to be shot like Batman Begins where there is a true theme about the character and goal.

    • this is one thing I could never figure out with Wonder Woman. Why does she have an invisible jet when she can already fly? It’s like the Flash having a car; totally pointless! lol

      • When that ability has even been highlighted, it’s always been gliding on air currents…In newer incarnations of the mythos, even as flight, it’s not even close to the level of speed Superman can attain. The plane gets her to far-off locations faster.

      • She couldn’t fly in the beginning, hence the plane, which was not even a jet initially. I’m not exactly up-to-date on her recent stories, but I hear they got rid of the plane for quite a while now.

    • Home planet? Themyscira is on Earth. It’s a fictional island, sure, but it’s on Earth.

  13. Only problem I had with the short was that she was clothes lining thugs like a badass normal (as opposed to a daughter of Zeus possessing Herculean strength), but I understand budget constraints and all that.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind Diana scrapping it out with Cerberus or [insert mythological monster here] in an urban landscape.

  14. I don’t know, I just find a naive woman waltzing around a modern metropolis in amazonian tights is just freaking corny. They would have to hit the target on point to have this not turn into a flop.

    • no more or less corny than every other super hero movie featuring the same thing. A character in tights walking around a modern city and fighting. In the context of the film and the story it always works.

      • Yeah, I guess you’re right. I saw the Wonder Woman animated movie and it was very well done, so they can definitely pull this one off.

      • WHY do so many critics forget this very simple, yet significant, fact? If you’re going to criticize Wonder Woman (other than for the more unjustifiable skimpiness), then, you MUST (to be fair) also criticize pre-Cavill Superman, pre-Keaton, Captain America, most of the X-Men, a great number of the Avengers, and a good portion of the Justice League.

        • Oops…That should be “pre-Keaton BATMAN”.

        • Bro calm down. I’m one of the very few people on this earth today that still loves and talks positively about all those classic movies you just spewed off. I’m just saying, Wonder Woman has a lot of potential to be a good… And it has a lot of potential to be bad. Take Green Lantern for example, if that movie was made pre-2010 it would’ve been tolerated for its chessyness and lack of good story. But sad to say this is 2013, if they flop on a Wonder Woman movie, it could prove to be detrimental to future DC movies such as the Justice League. We don’t have time for a Wonder Woman sequel if they mess up, that’ll set the JL movie back. DC and WB are already disorganized as it is.

          • I’m quite calm. I think it is a fair question…and one that was stated (instead of asked) by Knock Knock…who was responding to you.

      • And by “every other superhero movie” you’re including movies like Catwoman, Ghostrider, Green Lantern, Johnah Hex, etc. etc. Right?

        WW could succeed or flop, or be just as mediocre as any other project. It’s really as simple as that. Saying one movie worked doesn’t guarantee this movie will.

  15. I know that wonder woman has never been some beefed up chick, but for a successful blockbuster the actress would need to gain some weight and be toned. overall just a tad more muscular and thicker than the actress in this short. This would at least calm down the men who refuse to see a woman kick their ass, but not really.

    To me it just seems Hollywood is afraid to make a wonder woman film because so many straight men are uncomfortable with seeing a woman take down men twice her size. I however believe that after a decade of men in tights some women heroines would be refreshing.

    • Bruce Lee was a rather short and slim man who could take down hulking behemoths. Like always, size matters less than skill.

  16. So an alien from another planet with super speed, strength, hearing and redhot eye beams is okay for fighting with batman yet an amazon princess is not?

    We know the new Batman vs Superman has nothing to do with Nolans batman so just embrace what may be silly to some. Show her realm and sisters and giant monsters.

    • I always embrace the silly bro. But sadly the rest of the world does not :-(

  17. I would like a Wonder Woman film if they didn’t make her so skimpy. For me I hate the stereotypical “I am a woman so I have to show off things” that America is so used to. I mean Wonder Woman is also supposed to be a role model for girls just like Superman is to boys, so don’t make her a hootch. I appreciated Chris Nolan’s Cat woman because she was covered but conveyed what she needed to.

    • Showing skin is the easiest means of empowerment for women. When you have something someone wants, you have power over that person. A woman with a steaming hot body can have men do basically anything she likes. True feminists have realized that long ago while the feminazis are stuck in their stupid “nudity=objectification” loop. And please, Anne Hathaway may have been fully clothed as Catwoman but she was sexy as hell!

  18. Pretty sure wonder woman was invented so comic book geeks could have a tug :)

    • Pretty sure she was created by a child psychiatrist to represent a postive female role model in comic books. But I won’t argue with what’s happened since.

      • +1,000,000

  19. The tone and costume look pretty dope and definitely has that 300-esque going for it. I’m not in love with the trailer or anything but it was solid for me. I don’t know much about Wonder Woman but all this talk about bringing her to the big screen and learning bit by bit of her story is starting to really intrigue me. I’d probably look forward to a Wonder Woman film more than a Flash one.

    • She’s as interesting as the writer makes her. If you’re stuck with her 1940′s image (or even her Lynda Carter version) then sure, she’s not very interesting or relevant to modern audiences. But like the other old characters, she has evolved over time. Also, about your last sentence, she’s rumored to appear in Bats vs. Supes.

  20. Feminism will destroy any WW film, either too much of it or not enough.

    • I hope WB proves me wrong.

      • I agree. Subtle is what they have to go for. Enough to really inspire women, but not to the point that you alienate the men. And for the love of the Merciful, keep the Catwoman writers as far away from this as possible.

        • To clarify, I meant the Catwoman spinoff starring Halle Berry. Not TDKR’s though Selina Kyle’s (or Natilie Tate’s take your pick) role felt somewhat contrived.

  21. :::::that moment when you realize at least 20% of the comments on ScreenRant are all from the same person just changing their screen name:::::

  22. This is amateur hour!!

  23. Wow the people on here are really dead set against a WW movie, I dont see the problem people are having with it, sure enough it might not be a success but thats the chance that the makers have to take, I think its long over due, only one thing I am confused over and its been many many years since I seen the TV show, but I did not know Diana could fly, I thought she had her invisible plane for that??????

    • She didn’t initially. Now she does and no longer needs a plane. Actually the plane was retconned into a mystical thingy she could shape as she liked. She used to make a plane out of it, now she made an island floating in the sky to live on.

  24. Anyone who has doubts on how badass Wonder Woman is, needs to watch Wonder Woman (2009) animated film or some episodes of the Justice League cartoon show. Exiled from the island, forced to live and find her place in the world of men, and defender of truth/justice like Superman. Aside from her perceived bondage outfit, she isn’t at all sexualized or any sort of typical damsel in distress. She’s totally awesome.

    • I recently saw the movie “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”, and I hated Wonder Women right from the start. She is tooooo much of a feminist.

      • Love the animated Wonder Woman film.

      • One could argue that a batman and superman are toooooo much of a masculinist.

  25. If there is a case to be made, out from the ashes of Xena, I would put my money on a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” type of movie. It would have to have some of the old cast.

  26. No way that flimsy little broad hold up against any resistance. yeah, her powers are mythical but you would think she would be fit and resembles a warrior. This character need a hamburger.

  27. I thought it was great. Loved the mix of urban and mythical elements; and there are without doubt Xena parallels, but I wholly reject the notion that Xena made WW obsolete. The animated WW movie was awesome and clearly laid the ground work for how they could proceed. Its really not that complicated, especially if WB could pull off a great Thor movie and is pushing on to do Dr. Strange.

    • We live in a post-modern society, which has a female and male population that celebrates shows such as “Charmed”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Xena: The Warrior Princess”, and “The Vampire Diaries”.

      Instead of learning from the past, the writers would turn “Wonder Women” into “Days of Our Lives” meets “Dawson’s Creek” meets. Look at what they are doing to “Arrow”. Its such a boring mess.

      • I really do think you need to read/watch more of the modern incarnations of Wonder Woman and watch some of the later episodes of “Arrow”‘s first season. I just believe your perceptions are out of date…

  28. DC would be nuts to add WW to the MOS sequel with a new Batman. The rumor may as well read, “DC is going to throw a bunch of stuff at a wall. Maybe something will stick.”

    This approach, from the WW video, is way too earnest IMO. It would please a small portion of potential audiences. The earnest and grim approach worked for Batman, but even there Nolan has a good “ear” and knew when to cut things off and add a smidgen of humor. There are more directors than not who could have taken the same cast, script, and production values and failed with the effort.

    If DC continues to make their Universe in the mold of Nolan’s Batman, I see it all struggling along and not getting very far.