‘Wonder Woman’ Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

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Warner Bros. got their shared movie universe off to a strong start with Man of Steel, and with the upcoming sequel adding not just Batman, but possibly Wonder Woman as well, DC’s most famous heroine’s drought may be over. Unfortunately, while fans are furiously debating if Diana will exist in Zack Snyder’s movie universe, no one is stopping to wonder exactly how she can exist. How can a demigod from a fantasy realm be taken seriously alongside Batman?

That’s the question that the team at Rainfall Films sought to answer with their short film/concept pitch, featuring a live-action Wonder Woman (Rileah Vanderbilt). The short film won’t be for everybody, but in terms of design direction, it’s one of the first pitches for a big screen Wonder Woman that’s had us nodding our heads, not shaking them.

Featuring a look at Wonder Woman in both a Nolan-esque urban setting and a mythical fantasy that could be pulled straight out of a Zack Snyder movie (300, Sucker Punch), the short film approaches the idea of what a Wonder Woman film could be in a way not often seen. That is: embracing the unbelievable, mythical facets of the superheroine, rather than trying to cast them aside in the name of a ‘grounded’ approach. It’s a significant question of style, and one that Warner Bros. will need to answer – soon.

Wonder Woman Short Film Rainfall Films Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

When faced with the idea of a Wonder Woman movie, comic book fans like to get themselves worked up over which actresses would be perfect to bring Diana to life (and we’re no exception), but many overlook the fact that ‘the Wonder Woman story’ is one of the most ambiguous in all of DC’s main roster.

While most superheroes have a conventional origin story – they are born, encounter hardships, acquire powers, and take up a mission – Wonder Woman defies that structure. She has powers, of course, but they’ve been with her since the beginning; and as a princess of the Amazons, she was bound for greatness from the start.

We’re positive that the mythology of Wonder Woman is too rich to be overlooked entirely, but at what point in that story should a conventional superhero film be set? It’s that wealth of storylines and the lack of a single, compelling arc that DC’s President of Entertainment claims is keeping a Wonder Woman adaptation from gaining speed, be it on TV or in a feature film.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

The CW recently had to go back to the drawing board with their Amazon origin TV series, and Joss Whedon’s failed attempt to make a Wonder Woman movie has been well-documented. But even as Warner Bros. attempts to bring Diana’s story to TV audiences, Whedon (who is currently bringing the superhero world to ABC with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) doesn’t see the character working on such a small stage.

The director admitted to EW that the world’s greatest superheroine is always a challenge:

“It is hard. She’s a tough nut to crack. I know she’s famous as a television show, but I don’t think she lends herself to television. I think she only works on an epic scale. I saw a bit of the David E. Kelley [NBC pilot]. That was not a good marriage.”

The reason NBC’s Wonder Woman pilot failed (or one of the reasons) was the fact that its take on Diana, princess of the Amazons, was completely un-epic. The attempt to make Wonder Woman ‘just like a regular person’ was not only unsuccessful, but as Whedon points out, it sold the character short. And it’s in this respect that Rainfall Films’ concept film has us optimistic.

For starters, it’s nice to see a Wonder Woman cast in a beautiful light, not just a sexual one (again, there are plenty of examples of tastelessness to choose from). And while the presence of enormous monsters might turn off some viewers, the dichotomy of colossal beasts and masked gunmen hits one aspect of the character dead on; this woman is not threatened by human beings, guns or no.

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman Short Film Takes Diana in the Right Direction

So far, WB is setting up two pillars of their shared movie universe: Man of Steel offered a superpowered Kal-El dealing with human problems, and Zack Snyder’s Batman will likely be every bit as grounded as Christian Bale’s incarnation. But with a near-immortal warrior woman from a secret island of mythical monsters (who may or may not fly, with both being completely plausible) possibly being added to the mix, the studio has their hands full.

Will WB take the Thor route and embrace the less believable aspects of Diana? Or will the most impressive aspects of her back-story be sacrificed in the name of a consistent movie universe?

For our money, this short film proves that Diana taking on massive beasts can work on film, especially if Snyder is involved. More than that, it has us thinking that a mixture of flashbacks could actually be all that’s needed to do Themysicra justice.


What do you think of the film’s approach? Is a balance between realism and fantasy one you feel could work for a live-action Wonder Woman, or is the studio smarter to pick one and stick with it? Leave us your own thoughts in the comments.

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Source: GoldenLasso.net, EW

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  1. I feel like that was a little to graceful for wonder woman, but still cool to see

    • this movie would be great especially for the older group that grew up with wonder such as myself Waiting to see the invisible plane oh yeah and the golden lasso Even though its only fantasy aren’t all movies I was in love with wonder woman Linda Carter. There again only a fantasy,

  2. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the character of Wonder Woman. Yes she has go thru several different reincarnations of herself and her legend. But the best thing about her character is, that coming to the “land of Man” from the only world she has known of only women to be an emissary of her people, She is like a blank slate. She doesn’t really know how human work and live and operate in a our own environment. She has to work thru the things she sees, trying to help and not realizing her actions and the repercussions they might have. his is a great springboard to launch a character that has almost limitless power of the gods.
    Using that template, it gives you a world of opportunity, to match her against super powered baddies, and to meeting other heroes that she might falsely think are criminals as well, such as Batman or Superman. or any others. Its a great way to begin the establishment of a Justice League for her to reside in and grow and learn as well as attracting other potential heroes like “The Flash”. Wonder Woman a=can be a wealth of greatness if she is brought into this world knowing the only things she has ever know, her own race and history. They need to capitalize on this and everyone should understand how good this character is and can be on the big screen. Come on, its not hard to understand it. Unless of course your only into male characters like I have the feeling a few of you are.

    • That would actually make her more alien than Supes though she’s from Earth. Hmm, interesting premise that could make for great interaction between them.

  3. That was actually very nice. My only critisism is that the young lady, while attractive, needs to put on about 25 pounds for this role. She’s much too thin.

  4. Best live action Wonder Woman costume I’ve seen!

  5. EPIC!!
    THIS is the Wonder Woman Movie I want to see.. I love the take on the costume with the leather armor effect, Brilliant Just Brilliant.. makes waaay more sense then Skin tight spandex.

    The 300 / Spartacus Origin flash back is awesome, I never thought of it that way until I saw this ,, and then wondered to myself how could I have not seen it that way as it is perfectly natural way of telling the story of Wonder woman.

    If someone makes this a kick Starter film .. you got at least 100$ from me to make this vision of Wonder Woman.

  6. This video is simply cheesey. I’m all for a live action Wonder Woman. But I have yet to be convinced it can be done. Convince me!!!!

    • It’s not cheesy, it’s a low-budget fan fiction so you can’t compare it to the usual hollywoodian standards. Sure, with more money on the table, the FX could be a lot better and the overly cut fight scenes make it clear that the actors lack combat training, but the concept is pretty decent. Take it for what it is.

  7. Wow oh wow. I have waited for the longest time for a decent Wonder Woman movie to surface. This has to be made into a full length feature movie. The girl they chose to play WW was good, if a little on the skinny side. She kinda reminded me of Jaimie Alexander who plays Lady Sif in Thor….she would make a great WW.

  8. For a low-budgeted short, I was impressed by it because it gave a cool idea of what a Wonder Woman film could be, if the character was injected with the Blue Boy Scout and Spooky.

    BTW: I liked Green Lantern.

  9. It has been soooo long since her story has been told…I think it would be an injustice if you did not tell her back story, however I am really excited to see her kick butt in the modern world as well. With that said, I like the flash back idea. I like the costume. As a woman, I would like to see a woman play the role that is an athletic goddess. She has to come across the screen as larger than life or it won’t work. Thor did it well. Please don’t cast a skinny itty bitty thing to play the role.

  10. If you follow the logic of Wonder Woman’s history and likely psychology, there are just so many interesting aspects of her character you could bring out, including some controversial ones. Specifically, she should be a practicing lesbian. I mean, c’mon now. An island full of long-lived beautiful women. Do you really think they’d all be celibate? And although some people are genetically predisposed toward a particular sexual orientation, that wouldn’t necessarily be true of her, which could lead to some very interesting cognitive disonances on her part if she were to find herself starting to become attracted to a male. (Not that she should “convert,” just that she could experience some very confusing “What’s up with that?” moments.) Granted, that kind of thing would best play out in a series context, as opposed to a movie.

    I’d also like to see some play on just how terribly “educated” she would be. Thousands of years on a small island with no TV. Studying the classical arts would be one of their main activities. Literature, music, rhetoric, all that. And considering that the Greeks were always big on debate, trying to win a logical argument with her would be like one of the characters from “Dumb and Dumber” trying to win an argument with Einstein on physics.”

    Another interesting quirk to explore would be the fact that she would be subconsciously inclined to naturally take other women at their word. (Why would she not?) Which could set her up to really getting taken for a ride by a smooth talking but amoral con-woman. She’s smart, so she’d only get burned that way once, but that one time could be a doozy.

    Anyway, just a few things off the top of my head. Anyone who can’t figure out how to make Wonder Woman an absolutely complex and fascinating character simply isn’t trying.

  11. What I liked about what I saw here is that this wonder woman looked strong but fought with grace. She wasn’t trying to be manly – it’s consistent with Linda Carter’s portrayal, yet modern.

    I think the Amazon “flashbacks” would be perfect – knowing the full story of her back life will take away the mystique. She has to have her alter ego though….a regular woman – those of us who grew up watching…want to see her spin out of her day clothes into “wonder woman”…make that happen in some awesome way. She has “powers”…make them magical, with today’s tech… use them. Then how about a sequel that only take her into the amazon?? I could sit through that. No doubt, she has always been my fave. If I’m being completely honest the actress not my fave, but it could grow on an audience. No one already ‘famous’ can pull this off though. Make her lovely, but powerful…

    • Ugh, no, please no spinning! That was incredibly cheesy, even back then. Come to think of it, the whole Lynda Carter show was very cheesy. Not to the extent of Adam West’s Batman, but still…

  12. I believe that they need to stop with this BS, Wonder Woman is one of the greatest heros of all time, YOU CANNOT HAVE A JL MOVIE WITHOUT HER!!! We need to forget the complex stuff and do her the same justice they did with THOR! They both come from mythical realms and that didn’t seem like a problem for crappywood? I think that they wont make any $$$ with a female superhero,,,I would be firs in line to see a great Wonder Woman movie!!! I was a big fan as a kid a loved the JL. Lets go Hollywood…step it up!!!

  13. Morebid militaristic gothic terror propaganda.

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    • Seriously, SIDIBE…You’re on the wrong site. YOU are looking for some kind of s3x site. Go away.

      • You understood his ramblings?!

        • All I got was that he thought he was on some kind of dating site…he just kept posting, so I hoped to stop his woman-hunting “rampage”.


        • His english might be beyond poor but his french is OK.

    • a tout le monde???? DUDE you got that from a Megadeth song, be original and bring your own words!!! LMAO

      • Considering his correct syntax, I believe french might be his native language (contrary to english obviously), so I doubt Dave Mustaine has anything to do with it…

  18. But, otherwise, way too graceful, I agree. Too short. Too light. Too…”soft” and “refined”. Costume is wrong. Not at all how I envision Wonder Woman should be.

    There should nothing soft or light about Wonder Woman whatsoever. Anything that remotely resembles soft or light should be her moments of deep soulness, an ancient and wise, deep, compassionate yet stern god soul.

    WW has been all over the place because she hasn’t been treated like a Wonder WOMAN. She’s been treated like a Wonder GIRL. And that’s just dissapointing.

    I also feel that the two main promotion New 52 group photos showcasing WW is close to show she should be most of the time. Never was crazy about the stars. Let Superman be the American colour symbol, thanks. She actually looks way better with the pants. Even the leather jacket bit works fine if she’s casual and about in the city. She’s tough. So it makes sense that if she’s just casual and about in a city, she’d have a leather jacket.

    If I had no life, I wish I had all the source material of WW just so I could be like “And THAT’S how WW should be.”

    Can we please remember that she’s supposed to be tall, imposing, and is a founding member of the Justice League? The mothereffing Big 3?

  19. Wonder Woman Of 2014 (aka WW2014)

    Athletic Natural Beauty, not Voluptuous Model: Forget about the Curvaceous Victories Secrets Model in blue & red skimpys image as that is not only sexist but incredibly outdated. The WW2014 should have an athletic build that is still feminine (and not steroid monster like) and should have a natural beauty to her that is grounded. She should look pretty without a lot of makeup. After all she is from an island of Amazons where it is highly unlikely makeup and Lingerie would exists, at least like it does in our world.

    ORIGIN : WW2014 is more like a demi-god then human: The origin story should have Diana coming from a forgotten island of female only dem0-gods who long ago set themselves apart from the rest of Man’s world. They are female demi-gods who live thousands of years and whom are very slowly. Diana would have taken hundreds of normal years to age to what we see now, a late 20 something. Themiscara (Wonder Woman’s home) is magically hidden from the rest of the world. In our modern time (2014) the island is faced with a terrible choice. The queen must either sacrifice her daughter to the goddess (to be named later) as a sign of the amazons loyalty to the goddess or face losing their magical protection which will force them to then deal with modern man. The queen fakes Diana’s death by having Diana leave the island never to return. She leaves in a magical craft created for the queen a long time ago by another powerful male demi god who long ago sought the love of the queen of the amazons. He sued the craft to secretly visit the queen, without being seen by the goddess that now demands the sacrifice.

    WW2014 Meet Mankind: As an outsider Diana not only is unable to fit in but immediately stands out so badly that within an hour of arriving in America she finds herself fighting off the military. Superman and or Batman come and stop the fight. They learn about Diana and why she is here. Batman offers to set her up with a secret identity and place to live and offers to assist her with learning how to fit in, within the modern world. After being taught all he life that all men are evil she finds herself having to choose between accepting the help of men or risk engaging in battle and possible detection by the goddess of her and her mother’s deception.

    During the films 2nd act we see Diana and Brice grow close, too close for each of them. Diana has always seen men as evil and now she sees the complete opposite in Bruce Wayne. He defends the innocent and does this without fear even though he is but a mere mortal man. Diana understands Superman and why he does what he does as he is empowered like her but why does Bruce Wayne risk everything to defend the innocent since he is a man. A romance begins but is cut short after the share their first kiss. Keep I mind that Diana has never seen a man before now let alone kissed one and afterwards she finds herself with feelings she cannot understand and has trouble dealing with. One night while out on watch with Batman an incident occurs and the goddess catches wind of the Amazon and figures out that the amazon queen had decided her. She goes before the other gods and demands justice. IT is agreed to let loose a might best to destroy Themiscara.

    ACT 3 – Diana heads back to Themiscara to help defend the island from its attacker. The queen gives Dianna a special suite of battle armor made for her a very long time ago. Once transferred to another the suite empowers the owner with special mystical powers such as flight, speed and super strength. Up until now Diana has been a strong immortal but she was no super woman. Now with the acceptance of this she fully becomes Wonder Woman. The suit changes based on the owner and as she puts the suit on transforms into a red & white variation on the traditional Wonder Woman costume. It is a combination of Superman and Batman customized to her persona. Like Batman she has a belt that holds a lasso instead of a grappling hook. She has gold bracelets which are projectile proof as superman is. She has a long cape like Superman but it wears/hangs more like an easily discarded over coat. Instead of the skimpy lingerie like outfit we traditional see for Wonder Woman, she has tights like Batman that cover her completely.

    Diana goes after the kraken like beast as it attacks the island. After some back and forth the beast gets the upper hand and Diana is knocked out. At this point we see Superman and Batman enter the scene. Superman distracts the beast while Bruce goes after Diana. At this point the 2 join the battle and eventually defeat the beast. Because the beast was defeated the goddess is now required to leave the Amazons alone (other the other gods). This means Diana can now return home. The only problem now is with Batman’s trespass on top the island. Superman has stayed in flight till now and has technically not trespassed but Batman did when he came to help Diana. Both Batman and Superman knew that men were not allowed and they came anyway. This cause some conflict in Diana between defending her new friends and honoring her Amazonian laws & traditions that sate any men who trespass must be put to death. Diana convinces her mother to pardon Bruce Wayne because he and Clark Kent did trespass but they did it to save the island and its inhabitants. The queen and the other Amazons agree and so Bruce is declared free to leave. The goddess enters the screen. She is angry at having been deceived and then robbed of her revenge. She demands that the queen obey the law or feel the goddesses wrath. If the amazons break the law then the goddess is free to reign down upon the island. Reluctantly the queen agrees and has Bruce Wayne taken to the center of the island where he is to be executed. Superman tries to interfere but is now unable to enter the island due to a mystical barrier surrounding the island.

    In an act of desperation Diana frees Bruce just before he is to be beheaded and takes him and they leave the island. Her mother warns her that if she does this she can never return as she will have to banish her own daughter to avoid the wrath of the goddess. AT this point Diana comes to understand her feelings and understands why Bruce and Clark have chosen the paths they are own. She says good bye and leaves in her jet with Bruce in tow. Once outside the islands barrier we see the island fade away, out of sight. It is now forever lost to Dianna as she is now no longer part of it. She has retained the suit of armor and so she is still empowered by it but she is no longer a daughter of the amazons. At this point she seeks to join Batman and Superman in their quest to defend & protect the innocent. From this joining of these 3 the Justice League is born.

    • Points for the effort but a lot of cheesiness in there.

  20. I like the uniform. Not crazy looking.
    Like that it is not Megan fox.
    Do not like the flying part.

    • She does fly now, since Crisis.

  21. You saw my post under Newest first, it’s this one: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7khlfSE9Xmg&google_comment_id=z13rffsw4nq0y11d422uhdxhvluvw5c0t]. Hire me to make 4 Wonder Woman movies. I guarantee Wonder Woman fans will chant, sing, scream the following ‘OMG, thank you!’ You don’t know what the super heroine Wonder Woman means to many people. I know how to make movies, I’ve been behind the scenes, I have end-user empathy, I know the people want Wonder Woman to be a hero, not another fighting-****-toy that ends up sacrificing herself because she has too much power that for some reason only men are supposed to handle. Hire me, I have the right perspective, attitude and I know what I’m doing.