‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Getting Script Rewrite, Lynda Carter Cameo?

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:46 pm,

wonder woman palicki script rewrite Wonder Woman Pilot Getting Script Rewrite, Lynda Carter Cameo?

The pilot for NBC’s Wonder Woman has already begun filming, with a full season on tap. But negative reaction from around the internet may have led the producers to already call for rewrites.

While the feedback from Adrianne Palicki’s costume has been resoundingly dour (even after the refresh), that’s not the only thing that has fans balking. Wonder Woman‘s move to Los Angeles also saw her becoming an executive of a cosmetics company – a career very much in line with showrunner David E. Kelley’s previous leading ladies.

Speaking of Kelley, those who read the Wonder Woman script drew some comparisons to Ally McBeal – not high praise for the Princess of the Amazons. As Diana Prince juggles three separate identities and a struggle to fit in, she fights crime on the side, foiling villains including Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale.

The latest rumor out of NBC is that revisions to the script call for more violence and less contemplation; kicking more butt, taking less names. A few points of the script are highlighted as Wonder Woman shows off her strength and attitude: henchman up by their throats, crushing rude motorists’ wrists and the like. You know, things a superhero would do.

These scenes are short and sweet, and likely added to the pilot to flesh out its action potential. A much more action-oriented final act is introduced (including eye-gouging!) and Wonder Woman’s crime-fighting motivation is better explained. All these additions may lead to a two-hour premiere episode.

There’s also some new content thrown in to post-pilot episodes, particularly fleshing out the relationship between Diana and perennial love interest Steve Trevor. A flashback to Trevor’s crash landing on Themiscyra Paradise Island, the beginning of Wonder Woman’s journey to man’s world, is included.

lynda carter wonder woman reboot Wonder Woman Pilot Getting Script Rewrite, Lynda Carter Cameo?

Then there’s the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Speaking on a daytime talk show, the actress revealed that she preferred her own costume, though the comment was light-hearted. She also had nothing but high praise for Kelley, and hinted at a possible collaboration:

“I’ve talked to David E. Kelley, who’s a brilliant writer, a number of times and we’re hoping to plan something. But I cannot reveal. . . David E. Kelley is full of surprises, so you never know what’s going to happen.”

While the early response to the reboot has been tepid at best, things are looking up. It would seem that the writers and producers have heard the message: keep the “wonder” in Wonder Woman.

Source: io9 via /Film

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  1. I don’t care one way or another. Even if Lynda Carter makes a cameo, it won’t save this show. If it does get greenlighted, and becomes a series, it won’t last more then 6 episodes. Amazing that it sounds, but even if it flops, and it will, it is a win for DC and Warner Bros. they will finally have gotten a live action Wonder Woman, they can use when they make their JLA movie, that they are licking their chops to get made.

  2. rewrite or not, this is going to suck

  3. Didnt Lynda Carter state on many occasions that she would never go back to the Wonder Woman role or be involved with it in any way?

    But then a lot of what Lynda said before hasnt held water.

    • On which occasion(s) did she say this? Just wonderin’ about your sources on this, and anything else she has said that “didn’t hold water”. Thanks

  4. Ummm… first off. Lynda Carter NEVER said ANYTHING like that so hold your own water. Second it doesn’t matter what NBC does to this TV show it has been destroyed from the get go. David E. Kelley knows nothing about this character and he is writing her like every other pathetic, but likeable character he writes. It will never be what Wonder Woman is and that f’ing costume is disgusting! Revised or not Wonder Woman does not belong in long pants. Wipty doo so they are sticking Adrianne in the shorts at the end of the show. It’s the only costume that matters and she will not be in it until the end. FAIL!!!!!!! Warner Bros & DC Comics sucks as well for approving of this trainwreck to an iconic hero like Wonder Woman. They all deserve to go to uneployment over this.

  5. Wow! The haters are out even faster than usual on this.

    Why are people so determined to see this show fail? It’s like there is some weird obsession with bringing about its demise.

    How about actually seeing the show before declaring it a disaster?

  6. I don’t think it’s people so determined to see this show fail… it’s more like the creators just never did the proper research and is telling it’s audience “THIS is how you want Wonder Woman portrayed in this day and age”

  7. Lynda Carter cameo? LOL, that’s a no brainer.

  8. Lynda Carter shouldn’t be some random cameo like all the Stan Lee bit parts. She should play some small but important role like being Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta. To do anything less would be an insult.

    • She had a random bit part in am episode of Smallville.

    • No it was not random. She plays chloes mother.

      • It was pretty random if you ask me, considering on two other occasions you see Chloe’s mother and she has long blonde hair and looked nothing like Lynda Carter.

  9. This show is D.O.A.

  10. Well, at least now this is a step in the right direction, where we’re not talking so much about the color of Wonder Womans tights, but rather about bettering a crappy script. (if in deed the rewrites can help it.) And I agree with Mongoose, Lnda Carter would make a great Queen Hippolyta, and that “anything less would be an insult.” I hope this the role she will get, because if for some reason I wind up dismissing the show, I certainly would tune in on those episodes Carter would be in just to see her, and I’m sure other fans of Carter would as well.

  11. First off, If they want the show to succeed, they should reshoot those action scenes with Adrianne in the Wonder Woman shorts, instead of ugly pants. There apparently is no changeover / spin from Diana to Wonder Womna, that being said, it breaks the shows poptential and interest as the transformation created on the original series is a very popular aspect of the character. The accesories also need to go back to its original form. Her belt looks like batgirls utility belt. Her tiara is crooked and awkward looking and the braclets are three inches too long!! The hair and makeup crew need get their act together , the makeup on Wonder Woman is dulll and Lackluster, her iconic red lips are now pale, and her hair is dull and flat along with her missing red earings.Did they forget to purchase the Wonder Woman collection from M. A. C Cosmetics?? Or are they on a dollar store budget?? The Idea of More Violence is a terrible idea, as Wonder Woman is or was a gentle and friendly character who was not on a mission to hurt or kill people just for fun!! The character sounds like a far cry from the Lynda Carter days. With all this being said. I would think David needs to continue rewriting the script or start listening to the fans !!!

    • “The Idea of More Violence is a terrible idea, as Wonder Woman is or was a gentle and friendly character who was not on a mission to hurt or kill people just for fun!! ”

      Have you read any Wonder Woman lately?
      She killed Maxwell Lord too.

  12. I have no idea about the long term prospects for a Wonder Woman show, but I do know that tons of people will tune in to the first few episodes, because everybody is dying of curiosity. Lots of entertainment news websites publish every scrap of news on this pilot, and they usually get hundreds of comments. I don’t think any pilot in the history of NBC has generated such interest.

  13. All I hope is that some shred of Diana’s character from the comics remains intact when they bring this to television. It is disheartening that out of the “Big Three” for DC her character is so often lost in translation. I can forgive the changes they have made to her costume (sort of), the constant references to Paradise Island vs. Themiscrya, and even the fact that even though Diana should be an ambassador for peace she is running a make up company, just as long as they can get her character right. Because this will be a step in the right direction for any future attempts from Warner Bros. and DC when they eventually bring her to the big screen.

  14. gosh! for starters, they need to make adrianne palicki look beautiful! as it is now, she looks like lynda carter’s housemaid… to david kelly and company, remember that you are re-making the lynda carter version of wonder woman (that’s the gold standard) and NOT the failed pilot with cathy lee crosby!!!

  15. They should go back to the Linda Carter costume for inspiration more I think.

  16. One of the better commentaries regarding the new WW pilot. And yet, with all due respect, your hopeful outlook on a potentially engaging premier is rather generous.

    As Douglas Cramer, producer of the ’70s series, understood so well: Casting is key. Palicki is ‘wrong’ on several levels… For instance, Palicki is not a beautiful woman. Attractive, yes. But beautiful? No. It is one thing to look tough, but resolutely unattractive? The styling doesn’t help matters. The hair? Flat and uninspired. Not looking for a full coiffure here, but my word, how about some body, a quality one would expect from an Amazon princess of Greek-origin. Red lips? Garish. The costume? Garish. The shiny patent bodice is ridiculous.

    I am all for change. After all, change is a mainstay of comics. I am open to a revamped costume. But this costume, even after revisions, is fussy and truly seems made of flexible plastic or PVC-vinyl — not of materials or pseudo-armor inherent to the sophisticated society of the Amazons of Paradise Island.

    Lynda Carter has stated many times that she feels the story of Wonder Woman needs retelling. I couldn’t agree more.

    But, the story is wonderfully simple, and as such, remains well suited to television.

    Seems Kelley is complicating matters by following the contemporary exploits of the comic book heroine. Mistake — because, again, comic storylines must change as the medium, like all publishing, is suffering terribly.

    Stick with character’s roots, as Cramer did. Add a fresh spin here and there, as Perez did with the character during her late ’80s reboot. But to jump into multiple, confusing storylines from the get-go is a huge blunder.

    Kelley should realize that WW comic sales are weak — and that is saying something as the entire genre continues to suffer in the digital age.

    I repeat: Studying WW’s roots, and thus, her initial appeal, is the surefire way to go. William Marston hit upon something that made the character a near-instant success in the male-dominated world of comics.

    Cramer scored with the ’70s series not only because he cast the stunning and ‘green’ Carter in the title role, but because he correctly introduced the character from the POV of her origins. Any complications, twists/turns can be layered as the series (if a pilot makes it to series status) progresses.

    I am rambling, but in summary, I believe this series will fail miserably. Policki is UNCONVINCING as the fabled Amazon princess, and the storyline approach — from what we are able to glean online — remains ‘OFF.’

  17. Postscript:
    Also like to add that one of the primary reasons the mid-’70s series was so successful is because 1976 marked the country’s Bicentennial… Nothing is more patriotic than a superhero whose costume represents the American flag, and who, as a woman, personified the feminine archetype of Liberty (as depicted on the famous U.S. Liberty coin, still in production today)… Moreover, the original comic, as conceived by Marston, was set amid the very real turmoil of WWII, and for the same reasons stated above, Wonder Woman flourished. But, after war ended, those writing the character had a very difficult time maintaining high sales. Indeed, without Nazis and other era-baddies to knock around, Wonder Woman never again found her footing. During the ’50s, all sorts of gimmicks were employed to bolster lagging sales, including incarnations of the character as her younger selves, Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot (confusing, to say the least), and more ‘romantic’ storylines, ostensibly offered to grab more young, female readers. And we all know that the late ’60s brought the most radical change to WW — abandonment of her costume and superpowers in favor of groovy threads and Avengers-like storylines (the comic was also reduced to bi-monthly publication, also due to poor sales). But as the Bicentennial neared, DC Comics released collector editions of the Golden Age, WWII-era Wonder Woman (along with similar collectibles of Golden Age Superman and Batman), and there can be no doubt that the ’75 pilot, with origin story and WWII storyline intact, benefited from the country’s rising sense of Bicentennial patriotism. And Carter of course was the perfect embodiment of the character’s sensitivity, innocence and strength/resolve. For his late ’80s reboot, George Perez must have understood that WWII-era storylines would fail to capture a strong audience, and instead chose to pit the heroine against a backdrop long popular with comic book fans: mythology. No need to stretch there considering Wonder Woman’s entire origin story is based on a hybrid of Greek and Roman mythologies.
    That Kelley is clearly so convinced following the general outlines of the character’s current incarnation is stupefying, when he should realize that WW comic sales continue to drop, and, that a good portion, if not the majority, of his potential audience will be those who remember, understand and/or love Wonder Woman for the icon she is. And nothing is more iconic than her origin story.
    I feel certain this series will fail miserably, and we will have to wait another lifetime for the character to appear on screens large or small once again.

  18. I am so hoping that they find a balamce between gratuitous violence and lackluster filler stuff .. Diana is a warrior ( who missed most of the hisroric amazon battles, byut she is trained and bound by amazon lore and Ideals. That being said I think there definitely has to ve some humanization of Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince/ Princess Diana … And Yes Yes Yes Lynda Carter for Hypollyta ! :D