Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

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Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

DC Comic Icon Wonder Woman will celebrate her 69th year of existence by wearing a redesigned outfit – one that actually looks like the proper apparel for someone constantly engaged in combat – in this week’s 600th issue of the monthly comic series.

Famed comic book artist Jim Lee came up with the Amazonian warrior princess’ new look for the latest issue of Wonder Woman, which was written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

The new costume is all the more appropriate, since Straczynski’s new story is a reimagining of Wonder Woman’s origin – one in which the princess is only a baby when her home and family on Paradise Island are murdered by exterior forces.

Here is Straczynski’s take on Wonder Woman’s new look (which you can check out below as well):

“It’s a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who’ve asked, ‘How does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?’  She can close it up to pass unnoticed… open it for the freedom to fight… lose the jacket or keep it on… it has pockets, it can be accessorized… it’s a Wonder Woman look designed for the 21st century.”

Wonder Woman1 Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

Will this benefit or detract from the long-in-development Wonder Woman live-action movie?  I personally think this will help the film’s prospects of getting made, as this new design feels more in line with the modernized superhero costumes that we’ve seen in most every successful comic book movie since X-Men came out back in 2000.

It will definitely help to satisfy fans who thought that Wonder Woman’s traditional look was too degrading and silly to work in a live-action movie – although that didn’t stop stinkers like Catwoman or (to a lesser extent) Elektra from being made…

What do you think?  Will movie studio executives start taking Wonder Woman more seriously now that she has a new look?  Do you prefer the old one?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Source: New York Times (via THR)

Wonder Woman art by Jim Lee

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  1. the costume could have been redesigned and worked fine! I understand that a major motion picture, with WW as the lead character,to be taken seriously and seen as realistic is not going to work with the same costume that Linda Carter wore. I dont like the new costume at all a few modifications would have bee3n enough. Just enough to make it not look cheesy

  2. Oh god, No freakin way. If they change Wonder Woman’s costume to that flakey change for a film then count me the heck out. That kind of costume seems more like it would be for Wonder Girl. Lol if they go with design, im gonna have to stick with Marvel movies more than DC/WB.

  3. Good for her. The old costume was straight up sexist and exploitative. Finally this is the treatment First Lady of comic book should get.

    Hope it’s permanent and just not some fad because as iconic as the old costume was i think we can all agree no woman would ever fight crime dress as a stripper.

    Plus , it’s now going to be easy and convenient to create a live action movie without worrying that she going to like a whore in the big screen.

    Don’t worry lonely ,horny men, you guys still have power girl.

  4. Big… HUGE fan of Jim Lee’s work, not such a huge fan of the new look. That being said, I DO think that a new look was in order for the Amazing Amazon, but I don’t think they should have taken it so far from the original. The costume is practically what made the heroine! I don’t even think fans would recognize her in this new outfit! But… we’ll see what happens. What the heck do I know?

    • KC- You know what’s right! ALL wonderful points. If this is the “new” [sic] Wonder Woman, then I have Iron ovaries. Which I don’t. O_o

  5. Wonder Woman’s costume should look armorish. She is a Gladiator, trained in the Martial Arts combat which is contributed by the Gods and Goddesses of Themysciria. I saw the costume from Episode 9 “Zatanna” of SMALLVILLE that Erica Durance played Lois Lane wearing “The Amazing Amazon” outfit. I think that outfit she was wearing should be saved from the producer Lauren Donner of the XMEN films so she can get notifications for the director to make those decisions.

  6. i agree with Danny….its VERY Wonder Girlish…also the physique is smaller and comparable to Wonder Girl or even Donna Troy!! She even looks too young!!and thinner!!wtf..and no offense to Jim Lee but Wonder Woman isn’t Asia or from some crappy indonesian island..it almost looks like he put Psylocke’s head on Donna Troy’s body..this is not Wonder Woman nor would I be scared if I was the bad guy if she showed up looking like that..Keep the original suit-maybe update that more..maybe J.M.S. needs to stick with Supergirl and spiderman and lay off the Big3..
    here’s a hint why PowerGirl’s series is still going strong: SHE HAS BIG POWERFUL BREASTS AND KICKS ASS WITHOUT ISSUE.
    You give Wonder Woman that-maybe take it up a notch in the relationship area,let her get frisky ala Gossip Girl or Sex in the City-then you may have a consistent hit. Drama always follows Sex, which can be with anyone inluding supposed Villians..geezus do i need to write this book or what??
    She has a lasso for crist sake!!! SHE BROKE MAXWELL LORDS neck!! She is definitely the total opposite of the picture above…ugh..

    • VERY Well put! KC Gibson, Danny McKinney and vkatnyte HIT NEARLY EVERY PROPER POINT! Jim Lee is GREAT (i.m.o.), but what in the Amazonian universe is going on here? Pathetic adaption. PERIOD. EEK! Someone stop this blasphemy…..PLEASE!!!

  7. hollywood has no business being involved in the hows,whys,whats and whens of comics. its that simple. unless J.M.S. and Lee are getting paid to write for the screen or do something that will eventually be a film..this stinks of L.S.Donner..Hmm..I can’t believe DC is allowing this abomination to happen..hopefully its some type of “Ultimate Wonder woman” streamlined series that’s mashing up different characters-it is kind’ve annoying when there have been like 4 different “WONDER WOMEN”…Hopefully whatever they are planning stas seperate from continuity..they’ve only screwed that up a gazillion times..

    • ~AGREED.


  9. Have to say, reminds me a bit like the costume from the Amalgam crossover Bullets & Bracelets.

  10. I can understand the motives behind a costume change, but Jim Lee’s design doesn’t work. It’s almost (though not QUITE) as bad as Brian Bolland’s “makeover” back in the 1990s, when Wonder Woman was given a black leather jacket, dark halter top, and black leggings with boots to match. It’s a shame that no one really seems to understand the character anymore; no one in DC Comics has successfully interpreted Wonder Woman since George Perez did his masterful revision back in the late 1980s. There’s a reason the original costume has endured for so long; it’s not only a symbol of recognition for the fans, it’s pretty darn sexy to boot (though no one at DC Comics wants to admit it, Wonder Woman was always intended to appeal more to men than to women). If this radical change was made in hopes of advancing a Wonder Woman movie, I really don’t think it will help; if a film should ever get made, it will probably stick to the original origins of the character rather than any modern-day “reboot” simply because the classic costume is the one most people will be familiar with. I can see giving Wonder Woman a full blouse instead of a halter top, and a pair of long shorts (or even a miniskirt) instead of the trunks, but there’s really no need to have gone to the extremes Jim Lee did. The good news? At some point, Wonder Woman will end up reverting back to her original costume, just as she’s always done every time a Brian Bolland or Jim Lee thinks they can do a better job than Harry Peter did back in 1941. So for all of you out there who, like myself, can’t stand the new look, you just have to be patient. We’ll get the “real” costume back eventually.

    • Totally agree. Besides I think we all know a real woman in our lives who embraces her sexuality and is still respectful when in public. A certain cross-section of America has always over-reacted when a woman is portrayed this way. Unfortunately it’s those who can’t see anything but sexual fantasy that react that way.

    • Bolland didn’t do that makeover. He hated it from the start and was pissed he couldn’t draw the real Wonder Woman on the cover.

      This new design is as bad, if not worse. It looks a lot like the costume of Lynx in the ’90’s Robin comic. All she needs is a patch over her eye.

  11. OMG! Awful…If they change the costume to that hot mess……they may as way prepare for a flop!!

  12. Changing the costume wiht that long pants will be a BIG MISTAKE….

  13. I love the bit where you write …….in answer to the many female fans that questioned ‘How does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?’ because her having and tiara and lasso with infinite power are fine right? I thought half the interest of comics was the escapism and and the fact they resembled playmates. I guess i understand the need to update iyt and make it more PC. But its pretty weak stuff. I´d love the film to be made and for it to be good, but just cant imagine any current “starlet” that would do a good job.

    • Bravo! \(^ _ ^)/

  14. The fans are screaming for some real edge of your seat, action packed, summer movies with recognizable superheroes. Please change the costume back, and do not use it in the movie. I agree with the comments that said to update it a bit. However, she looks like a villain and this movie was the hope of good guys or girls returning. I for one am tired of seeing all the superheroes appearing dark, sinister, gothic looking and overly aggressive. They are supposed to be on the side of justice, can anyone recall that? .

  15. This is horrible! Wonder Woman’s outfit wasn’t sexist, it’s just what she wore. That’s her icon! We’ve known her the past 69 years, and even this costume AND origin is terrible for her. I hate it so much! It ruins her personality, and everything we’ve known. I just pray that the costume doesn’t stick…

    • Yeah! You’re right! Who cares if she wears the same old costume? I would rather watch the old one, i was looking forward for new comic books and DVDs of the old her and now you’ve change her into a what da…this just stinks ok? just leave her alone, costume and all. Crossing my fingers that you’ll change your mind!

  16. Who made this outfit, Dike? I mean Thor is already destroying the look a God should have, now this? The modern update is turning all the visually different heroes into bland, watered-down Heroes cast-offs.

    Boo to this unimaginative drivel. Jim, a word of advice. Enhance the great features of the original instead of basically throwing the old costume in the trash.

  17. I don’t like the jacket or pants (WW isn’t a street gang member).

    However, the shirt is ok but the new bracelets/gauntlets are pretty cool.

    I’m 50/50.

    Amazon armor would be the best fit (that way the gauntlets could stay).

  18. I thought this costume change was for a comic book, why all the comments about a movie?!?

    • It’s just speculation that DCE/WB is trying to update the costume as a way to find a suitable movie costume.

      The costume has been a pretty significant hurdle in bringing WW to the big screen.

      It should be noted that this is just speculation though.

  19. I cant tell you how long Ive been waiting for Wonder Woman to get a costume change. I didnt hate the old costume, but it was just too ridiculous for my taste in superheroes. theres just no way that old costume would have translated well into a live action adaption (it failed once before and it wouldve failed agian.

    Now, maybe the reason I have no problem with the change is because Im not a huge fan of wonderwoman. but lets face it, the old costume would never translate well into a movie (which is set to be made in the near future, btw), it was impractical (if they made a movie with the old costume could you imagine how many “accidents” they would have during shooting), and feminists would reject the first notable female superhero movie because she would be “running around dressed like a tramp” or something along those lines.

    face it, the only thing the old costume has going for it is that its been around for 70 years.

    • Actually the costume was practical. Wonder Woman glides on air currents so a costume that is skin tight makes sense. Secondly Linda Carter never seemed to have much problem running jumping or lifting things in the tv series. Third she is a magical being made from clay so wardrobe malfunctions don’t really happen to her.

      • Exactly. She’s as strong as Superman and from Greek mythology. The Greeks fought wars in less than what she wears in her classic costume.

        As far as restricting movement goes, what do gymnasts wear? Pretty much the same thing Wonder Woman does, just not strapless. If they want to add straps to make it more realistic, so be it. No objections from me, but this new costume just screams “trendy ’90’s boutique for the urban youth” and that is so not Wonder Woman.

        And look up some photos of Lynda Carter in the TV show. That costume would look great on the big screen.

  20. Ojex we all already accepted the costume would need to change for film but this new one is just bad with the plain boring vast emptyness that is her pants and the just plain awful jacket.

  21. No never nada no way y does she need a new costume she looks fine in her old one

    • Yeah, like her costume is bad or what, this one looks even worse! Whatever you’re doing to wonder woman, i don’t know! Everyone is fine with her costume and why are you making her look wierd? And please don’t change the story, where she was from and whatever, she won’t be the same old wonder woamn anymore!!! Oh crap…

  22. Are ya’ crazy?! She looks like ‘what da…???’ I’d rather stick to the old one. I was like what? Is she wearing a dog’s collar? I mean, excuse me, she is supposed to be strong, SHE DOES’NT NEED WEAPONS or whatever crap, only that lasso and that hard metal. She’s supposed to be kick-ass kind, i mean without violence of course and she DOES’NT KILL!!! And those silly things on her hand, it’s ridiculous! Who cares if she looks plain in her old costume, she does’nt NEED to be trendy or whatever! i say! The new outfit sucks, she’s not a boy or anything and would she sweat like crazy if she’s wearing heavy armor, ridiculous accessories, long pants and so on??? >:P it stinks.

  23. she is not a warrior, she is not a warrior….someone please let het have her old costume back….i don’t want any new costumes…if they’re gonna do that, they must prepare for doom cuz nobody will read or watch….

    • Actually, she IS a warrior…in fact, an Amazonian–male soldiers today would have been hard-pressed to stand against these warriors. They are legendary for being so dedicated to the martial arts that they removed one of their breasts so as to make it easier to wield their bows. Diana was trained (in EVERY iteration of her origin) in the arts of the warrior; she was simply sent out into “Man’s World” because she also possessed the wisdom and diplomacy to not have to rely only on her fighting prowess.

  24. You know I wouldn’t mind a costume change if it looked good but this looks ugly.

    For one thing the color scheme doesn’t work. The jacket and pants don’t match, the boots being the same color as the pants makes it hard to tell where one ends and another begins. The shirt is too plain an expanse of red. It needed something to break up all that red. And as everyone has said the jacket sucks really bad.

  25. I really don’t like her new costume and I hope if they’re seriously planning to make a wonder woman movie, then they go through another design.

  26. It’d be a great Wonder Girl outfit. Sorry if someone already said that. BTW,Cathrine Zeta-Jones as Hyppolita FTW!!!

  27. oh jeez…. ouch. that’s just sad…

    i can understand changing it SLIGHTLY for a movie.
    But, like, making it more ancient grecian looking, or something.
    certainly not THAT thing.

  28. The colours are wrong. I think they could get away with the top and pants (the jacket is there for civvies I suppose) but the pants should be blue like her shorts, and star embossed (a WW across the rump is probably going too far) and the gold eagle on the top needs to be larger (I’d say that the tail should reach down to her navel).

    She was originally drawn as a Betty Page style bondage queen (which is why she ended up tied up so often) but her outfit survived that.

    With her athleticism and power I’ve always felt that she should be drawn more like a female athlete than a pin up model. Something like Ultragirl’s first appearance. Beautiful, but slightly too sleek and toned to make it on the catwalk. The way this picture is drawn she comes across as a pussycat, whereas Wonder Woman should be like the lioness. Playful, but she’d rip you apart if she felt like it.

  29. I like the classic look as well. If they’re going to use this look then, the gauntlets are cool but they don’t match. The jacket has to go. Give her a skirt or shorts. They way she looks now she more of an Amazon Cowgirl minus the hat then a warrior. Given that she has a lasso I can see where they came up with this look from.