Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

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Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

DC Comic Icon Wonder Woman will celebrate her 69th year of existence by wearing a redesigned outfit – one that actually looks like the proper apparel for someone constantly engaged in combat – in this week’s 600th issue of the monthly comic series.

Famed comic book artist Jim Lee came up with the Amazonian warrior princess’ new look for the latest issue of Wonder Woman, which was written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

The new costume is all the more appropriate, since Straczynski’s new story is a reimagining of Wonder Woman’s origin – one in which the princess is only a baby when her home and family on Paradise Island are murdered by exterior forces.

Here is Straczynski’s take on Wonder Woman’s new look (which you can check out below as well):

“It’s a look designed to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who’ve asked, ‘How does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?’  She can close it up to pass unnoticed… open it for the freedom to fight… lose the jacket or keep it on… it has pockets, it can be accessorized… it’s a Wonder Woman look designed for the 21st century.”

Wonder Woman1 Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

Will this benefit or detract from the long-in-development Wonder Woman live-action movie?  I personally think this will help the film’s prospects of getting made, as this new design feels more in line with the modernized superhero costumes that we’ve seen in most every successful comic book movie since X-Men came out back in 2000.

It will definitely help to satisfy fans who thought that Wonder Woman’s traditional look was too degrading and silly to work in a live-action movie – although that didn’t stop stinkers like Catwoman or (to a lesser extent) Elektra from being made…

What do you think?  Will movie studio executives start taking Wonder Woman more seriously now that she has a new look?  Do you prefer the old one?  Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

Source: New York Times (via THR)

Wonder Woman art by Jim Lee

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  1. When it comes to Wonder Woman I always thing of one costume and one costume only, and that is the original. It’s stood the test of time and no one has ever doubted Wonder Woman’s abilities because of her outfit. I wish they would have left it alone, but I understand that Jim Lee wants to take the Wonder Woman character a different direction starting with #600 and I’m sure that had a lot to do with the change. This hasn’t been the first time the Wonder Woman outfit has been modified since she first appeared in All Stars Comic #8, and I’m sure by the time Studio Execs get on board with a Wonder Woman movie we’ll see the outfit change again. I for one like the outfit as it was in the 1970′s, when I think of Wonder Woman I always see Lynda Carter, but even then that was a modified suit to an extent.

    They can’t always stay the same, and sometimes change is tough, but in a year or less we’ll have forgotten the new outfit and will have embraced it for what it is now.

    • You would have thought that DC. learned it`s lesson years ago
      when back in the late sixties they took away Wonder Woman powers
      and put her in white GOGO boots . It did not work . Wonder Woman is that
      costume and this new change will not go well with the fans.

  2. Will a costume change really bring this character to the big screen? I thought it was Hollywood’s total lack of confidence in women to be the cornerstone of a film that doesn’t have to do with romance.

    I will not count on this making one iota of difference for getting a much anticipated movie off the ground and in front of a camera.

  3. Not a fan of the new costume, but I guess it’ll have to grow on me. I’m not too sure about that reimagined origin, though.

  4. IF it isn’t broken Don’t FIX it! The new costume I could live with but the new origin, Heck NO! Might as well change Bruce Wayne’s origin or Clark’s origin while they are at it. Personally I think a Wonder Woman movie could work if it is done right, besides she is one of the BIG THREE of the JLA. I would also cast Bridget Regan as Diana, aftger watching LoTS.

    • No, I respect JMS but the new origin is stupid. Jim Lee I’ve never care for at all. Everyone wants to put their stamp on the character’s mythos, but sure wish that Simonson could have stayed with it.

    • The costume is just “eh” to me but I do not care for the new origin at all.

      Brand New Day part 2, I guess. Wonder Woman will eventually remember who she is and where she came from and go back to it.

      Yeah, the movies featured a more realistic Wolverine but the comics and toys gravitated back towards his “classic” look.

  5. I kinda like the new outfit cuz it makes wonder woman look more like a badass than the original costume. I do however feel nostalgic towards the old costume, so i’m kinda in the middle of this. If they make a live-action movie, they should have her start out in the original costume, find out it doesn’t “work” and then create a new one, which would be the one that Jim Lee created

  6. THAT. IS. AWFUL. Maybe Jennifer Aniston can play her in the movie. Yecch.

  7. It’s an attractive redesign, but wonder how long it will remain in face of Warner/DC’s merchandising arm which has too much tied up with the classic costume look.

  8. I liked the old one better. The new one takes away the Amazon princess effect and makes her look like a tough, street, prostitute.

  9. It isnt about the costume.
    As part of her new origin, Her memories start at the age of 3 When her mother was murdered.
    In Her original origin Hippolyta like all her fellow amazons could not have kids.
    so she prayed. to the gods , they told her to sculpt the most beautiful child that she could imagine ,They gave that clay sculpture life .
    thats all gone.
    Her memories start at 3.
    this gives perspective filmmakers a wide berth .
    and all of this less then a month before before Comic Con?
    That cant be a coincidence .
    A Wonder Woman movie is coming and SOON .

    • That blows away all the WW Mythos. Anybody remember the lovely Trina Robbins version of WW from years ago?

      • Sorry but Megan Fox drops out of Transformers just as Wonder Woman gets a Bratz-style “punk” makeover?

        Think about it- Wonder Woman was supposed to have height to make her intimidating even in her swimsuit, now she’s all leather to be badass at even as short as Megan Fox.

        How long before Wonder woman is seen slinking all over a motorcycle?

      • While I appreciated her classic costume, I’m okay with the redesign…at least until we see what they do with it and her new origin. How, she should NEVER be considered patriotic; she is of mythopoetic GREEK origins, NOT American. She is most certainly NOT “Captain Americana”…Besides, a costume redesign is the only way, realistically, that WW will get her movie, so I support AT LEAST the thinking behind it.

        • Sheesh…”However”, not “How”…

  10. Don’t like that they are changes as some one else said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but if they have to for the love of god remove the jacket and put some color in the pants. Ugh

  11. The traditional wonder woman costume will always be great to look at. The only reasons I can see them changing the costume is to sell the comic books. I guess the story isn’t enough; so, they have to change the costume. The other reason is that not many women can wear a costume like wonder woman’s and pull it off. If the movie companies that will make the movie on wonder woman (which I hope they make real sone)use the new costume; then, their money value when it finally comes out will not be as high. If they wish to lose cash; then, stay with the new costume. If they wish to make more money; then, leave things the way they were. I like to see the JLA come out soon.

  12. the new design sucks!!!!!!!so did the x-men you cant mess with the original costume its iconic,its almost as bad as thor with no helmet and leather pants

  13. I think the costume does help, but it doesn’t solve the problem that Hollywood refuses to take female action heroes seriously. Unless they’re Angelina Jolie (who has the financial muscle to get her way in film), female-driven action films constantly insult the audience by taking a camp approach.

    If someone makes an intelligent, serious film with a female lead who has to fight (without stupid effects–i.e. “Charlie’s Angels?”) to survive, I think moviegoers will be all over it. I would love to see a female film in the vein of the “Bourne” series.

    This is why the new “Batman” films have done so well. Even though the main character dresses up in a giant bat costume, the filmmakers kept the story smart and as “real world” as possible. It’s not coincidence “Batman & Robin” tanked when it went for blatant camp.

    This isn’t merely an issue with “Wonder Woman” being made into a film, but with all female action films. I’m reminded of the recent ScreenRant article which talked about how Hollywood keeps insulting the intelligence of its audiences. Female action films that continuously refuse to take the main character seriously are very insulting.

    • I agree with a couple of your points…To one in particular, I say: It would seem that Jolie is, in fact, trying out your idea. Let’s see if “Salt” cleans up at the box office since it appears to be a female take on Bourne. If so, more will follow…including, hopefully, Wonder Woman.

  14. I prefer the old costume – a small tweak to the bodice could make it more “practical” if needed. But what concerns me more is the difference in the lady herself. The old image looks Amazonian – strong. The second has a girl’s face, not a woman’s.

    And messing with the origin is just dumb – a way to alienate long time fans that doesn’t seem like it would attract new ones.

    I do hope a WW movie gets made, and that it’s given all the panache and consideration of Iron Man. Chicks DO watch movies!

  15. You sure this new design is not intended for the next “Street Fighter” franchise?

    One word to describe the new outfit… “UGLY”

  16. Lynda Carter is the ONLY Wonder Woman!!!!

  17. In looking over this new costume: it’s more Donna Troy than Diana.

  18. This looks like something they’d do in the mid-90′s, which makes sense since that’s what all Jim Lee’s stuff looks like, but you can’t beat the original.

  19. She looks hot for 69.

    Just sayin’.


    Actually while I’m not a fan of the jacket, this costume makes more sense than the traditional one as far as I’m concerned.


  20. Can’t disagree with that it’s more practical Vic but it’s unneccesary and very visually bland. I mean the bland pants and jacket it really does seem more MTV treandy

    • Daniel f,

      It really does seem like they’re doing this with a movie look in mind.


      • @ Vic, Daniel f

        I think you both raise good points. The outfit is definitely more practical, but I think the primary reason for the new design could be to give WW a bit more of a trendy look for a potential movie spin-off.

  21. I would lose the jacket and right now it looks like she is wearing SOCKS instead of boots.
    And there have been images of her using Her W shaped wrist gauntlets the same way The Phantom used his skull ring to leave his skull mark on the foreheads of criminal Diana now leaves a W on the forehead of criminals.

  22. Over the years iconic characters like Superman, Batman and Spiderman have had modest changes to both their origins and costumes. The key word there is “modest”. Here they have created a new character and just plastered the name Wonder Woman on it. That is disrespectful and will not work.

    Besides that the costume is ugly. Makes her look like some airhead on a reality show.

    I would rather have seen them go in the direction of making her physical appearance different. She’s supposed to be a warrior trained from birth and Grecian. She shouldn’t look liker a skinny fashion model she should look powerful and greek.

    • Actually, the early Batman killed criminals and used guns; later versions had a variety of “tweaks”, both minor AND major. Superman was electric blue at one point, for heaven’s sake! Spiderman has had organic and artificial web-shooters and was even cosmically powered in at least one storyline. This WW costume (and even the new origin) lends itself to some different interpretations, including (I’m sure)a developing film version. Don’t panic about its permanence. Just wait wait an see what they do with her. After all, Superman, Captain America, and Green Arrow all “died”; Iron Man lost and gained his fortune and company a ridiculous number of times; Batman is currently being thrown through time; the Hulk has had to contend with “Rulk”. They’ve all suffered immensely but DID get, are in the process of getting, or WILL get better. Welcome to comics…

    • I DO, however, like your idea of making her look more like a Greek warrior.

  23. I agree Vic I just wish it was better. I mean they could put a little color on the pants they are so bland still I can tolerate them as long as she loses the jacket.

    Looking at the pic wonder woman never comes to my mind. Couldn’t they of just kept the color scheme just extended her bottoms in to pants and gave her shoulder straps lol. Something so it still looks like her. Oh and lose the jacket.

    Your right thought looks great for 69.

  24. They would be better off making a movie about Vixen. Simple back story, cool powers, four quadrant material. Any excuse to get Paula Patton into a skin tight outfit. ;p

  25. This ‘change’ of WW is rediculous. No wonder girls have a negative body image. Did you guys notice the size of the waist on this anime character? He is hacking WW to make a buck, what a douche. Yup, men do these things to women and then wonder why women arent as sweet as they used to be. Maybe if they could eat a meal without being disected with their constant ‘body checks’ a lady could feel sexy in her own skin. What a shame. A pretty woman in my book does not need to be a size 2. I see HOT women all the time, they’re GORGEOUS and their size is NUNYABIZNESS.

  26. Daphne Rosen for Wonder Woman =P she would fill the costume out!

    • hahahahah SuperLC!!!! indeed she would

    • I tried looking up Daphne Rosen and got blocked everytime, until I tried Wikipedia. A porn star? I would have to say no.

      • You got blocked, haha.. what you in school or something?

  27. I saw a fan poster on Google with Jennifer Connely sporting a armor-like version of her outfit that actually looked realistic and kept the concept of the original design.

    That looked better than this by a long shot. This is just not appealing to me as a redesign at all.

  28. I saw a fan poster on Google with Jennifer Connely sporting a armor-like version of her outfit that actually looked realistic and kept the concept of the original design.

    That would be a better look than this. This could work in the comics but not in the movies. Not Happening