‘Green Lantern’ Co-Writer Working on ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie

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wonder woman movie writer Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

Yesterday, the news broke that Warner Bros./DC has indeed (re)started work on the long-stalled Justice League movie. That announcement has been expected ever since Marvel’s The Avengers obliterated box office records with its opening weekend (the current worldwide total is sitting at a hefty $1.36 billion).

With Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, expected to have direct ties to the Justice League continuity – and the Batman franchise slated to be “reinvented,” after this summer’s Dark Knight Rises – there’s been uncertainty surrounding the first solo movie for the third most important JL player: Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros./DC has reportedly hired Michael Goldenberg to pen the script for the Wonder Woman movie. Goldenberg co-wrote last year’s under-performing Green Lantern, along with the well-received adaptations of Carl Sagan’s sci-fi novel Contact, and the 2003 live-action version of Peter Pan; not to mention, he was the sole writer responsible for adapting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to the big screen. That’s all to say: don’t hold Goldenberg’s involvement with GL against him (too much, that is).

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

The Wonder Woman tidbit was nestled in the recent Variety report on Justice League (hat tip to /Film for catching that), along with additional information about other DC projects that are actively being developed. That list includes the resurrected Lobo movie, now with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton in charge – and The Flash, which is still being overseen by Greg Berlanti (a writer/producer on Green Lantern and the upcoming Arrow TV series).

Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon was set to bring the famous Amazonian warrior gal to the big screen a few years ago, but that version of the project collapsed during takeoff. (DC’s probably kicking themselves for that now, right?) Similarly, last year’s failed pilot for NBC’s attempted Wonder Woman TV series reboot was deemed such a catastrophe that it landed a spot on our 12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011. In short: Wonder Woman remains one of the staples of the DC universe, but the beloved superheroine has yet to be given a proper movie/TV treatment in the contemporary age of comic book movies.

Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising, Drive) has previously spoken on and off about his desire to direct Wonder Woman, with Mad Men starlet Christina Hendricks in the title role. Similarly, fans have been pushing for actresses like Lynn Collins (John Carter) and Gina Carano (Haywire) to land the coveted part, but we’ve yet to hear anything official as to who will actually call the shots on the Wonder Woman movie, and who will portray Diana of Themyscira on the big screen.

geoff johns jim lee justice league reboot Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

Goldenberg will certainly be taking cues from the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot with his Wonder Woman script, much like the writing team responsible for Man of Steel. The plan is to emulate Marvel’s shared movie universe approach (at least, its successful aspects) with those solo superhero flicks, culminating with the Justice League movie. Expect Warner Bros./DC to eventually recruit a noteworthy filmmaker to helm the Wonder Woman movie for that reason (similar to when Marvel hired Kenneth Branagh as director on Thor).

We’ll keep you updated on both the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies as more news comes to light.


Source: Variety

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  1. I’d like to see a Greek or Mediterranean actress play wonder woman. That would make more sense, as she is an Amazonian (not the rainforest) warrior.

    I hope the film focuses on her immortality and how she’s lived through the ages, and why she does what she does.

    I don’t want the film to be silly or cartoony (like Green Lantern). She also needs a worthy opponent.

    • I wouldn’t go that far. Just get someone who can act. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are both English, Peter Parker’s in his 30s, and the Norse God of Thunder comes from Australia.

      Just get someone who can do the part justice.. or in this case… wonders :P And no, not Adrianne Palicki or Tanit Phoenix.

      How about Bridget Regan? Any love for her here?

      • I would like Jamie Alexander to be casted as wonder woman! She did a great job as Sif in Thor!!

        • sorry…. spelled her name wrong.
          Jaimie Alexander is the right name! =D

    • Wonder Woman isn’t that old man, she hasn’t lived through the ages in any incarnation of the character.

      • And Bridget Regan is?

        • bridget regan is kahlan amnel from the show legend of the
          seeker and she was in an episode of law & order svu
          you can see repeats of the legend of the seeker on syfy
          or maybe available on dvd some place .

          frankie (cool rider) smales

          frankie smales tv and movie review uk

        • Gine CARANO is

        • On Access Hollywood Ewan McGregor, Bill Paxton and Channing Tatum said about the superstar Haywire Gina Carano. Why do they think she has a big future in Hollywood?

      • First off, check your facts. If you’re referring to the created character of Wonder Woman, she was created in the 40′s. She was THE first female comic heroine in the WORLD. All other female heroes stem from her in one form or another.

        If you are speaking about the writing for Wonder Woman, her character has lived through the ages, in ALL incarnations of the character. Her story begins in the days of cavemen, and moves forward in time to a modern era. Go check your origins before spouting rubbish you clearly know nothing about.

        • Her origins begin by her being sculpted from clay on Paradise Island and coming to the “world of men” as a young woman to return Steve Trevor – the first man she had ever met. That was Marston’s original story. Her next origin in the silver age involved the same clay base, but added that she was blessed as a babe by the Greek pantheon and tasked upon adulthood to bring Amazonian ideals to the world of men. That origin got a few more reiterations on a theme over the ensuing decades. Even more recently that bit has been altered to include Zues as being her father, but she was still a naive, idealistic, young warrior woman when she set foot on American soil the first time.

          She was literally the first female SUPERhero, not some avatar of the first female hero. Her youth and inexperience with the world has been significant to her character in all incarnations. I dont know who you think you’re talking about, but that isn’t Diana. You should check if your b******* even resembles reality before telling someone else to check there facts bud.

          • You’re correct.

        • Actually that’s not true
          In the TV show Wonder Woman was less than 3000 years old and in the comic book there are variations on her origin, pre-crisis, post crisis, Golden age, Silver Age and Modern, depends on the era. It’s generally written that Diana was created from the Clay of Themyscira and had life breathed into her by the Gods, however in the current 52 reboot it’s suggested that the made from clay story was just a cover for her being a Daughter of Zeus. In most modern age writing the Amazons have lived on Themyscira since Ancient times, but not caveman times, you’re talking about a date probably some time after the Trojan War. Cavemen date back to the dawn of modern man, over 100,000 – 300,000 years ago and hominids like ‘Lucy’ around 3 million years ago. The Trojan was in the region of 1200bc. In the modern era comic book Diana was created in the 20th Century, it depends who the writer was if you want to be more exact. In the new 52 run, the new origin has yet to be fully explained though, so we’ll have to see.

    • No one wants it to be silly like green lantern. However I loved GL except for the villain. Plus if you take out the silly part of green lantern…he just isnt green lantern.

    • I agree. I was irritated at the previous choices in casting. I fully remarked that she is wonder “woman” not wonder girl or wonder some young hot chick. I personally think Angie Harmon would be a wonderful choice.

  2. They are allowing someone who wrote Green Lantern continue to write? DC must be desperate with Nolan’s Bat- ]franchise ending

    • He was also involved in the 5th harry potter movie which was a masterpiece. Also scroll up and re-read. He was not wrote he was CO-WRITER of GL. Also GL was good excluding the villain.

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree on those points my friend

        • why not eliza dushku. shes athletic AND she could act.

  3. I just looked up Gina Carano. She certainly looks the part. If she can handle the acting then she’ll do.

    • I like her but, she is too short. Gina Carano is 5’8″ and WW is 6’0″ in heels 6’2″ – 6’3″. She needs to stand eye to eye with Superman and Batman.

      • Height isn’t an issue when it comes to movies: proof? Robert Downey Jr and Tom Cruise – they look tall in almost all their movies, but in real life they’re pretty short.

            • She’s a Kiwi, so I like. She would need to bulk up a little though.

            • shes too old and a bit grizzled

        • True Lynda Carter was just under 5’8. I think a Wonder Woman actress needs to be in the range of 5’7 to 6’0 max. If people want tall for Wonder Woman, they should ask Maria Sharapova what she’s doing when she quits Tennis, then you’d have a 6’2 athletic beauty and remember hair dye, before anyone brings that up.

      • Gine Carano is One of the Best fighter on the plant and one of the popular fighter on the plant

      • Gine Carano is the best woman to play Wonder Woman She has the physical the Body the look and Hollowed never seen woman like Gine Carano

  4. Absolutely Gine Carano is the best fit, She is the real thing she is cage fighter Nobody else can do what she does, she Fight for living, who is better looking than her

    • If they want a kick ass Wonder Woman, Gina would be ideal but her acting in Haywire was totally one dimensional and to be honest the Martial Arts scenes in Bourne looked as good on screen and Matt Damon is not an MMA champ. Lynda Carter proved the most important aspect of an actress choice for playing Wonder Woman is the looks and the approach to her character. Lynda nailed both. The acting, the fighting, the athleticism were all secondary, she developed those as she went on. What Warner Brothers really need to do is find a young girl say around 18 years old, that looks like Wonder Woman and spend a couple of years training her for the role. Most suggestions for a new Wonder Woman are already in their thirties, you need someone young who can play the character for ten years, three Wonder Woman movies with two JLA in between. A few years ago I suggested that they did a Wonder Woman talent search and to be honest I still think it’s a good idea. An unknown would be the best way forward.

  5. You must be from Mideast or Greek or Mediterranean. My Question to you can you find someone like Gine Carano where you come from, do you know anything about Gine Carano do you know what she look like, I suggest go do some search before you speak about something you have no idea about. Have you seen her on American gladiator Show she is amazing

  6. WB/DC needs to get a director and a writer who understands Greek mythology. Like someone from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, 300 or Immortals.

    • What does greek mythology have to do with Wonder Woman?? And Spartacus is based on history, not mythology.

      • um, well, Wonder Woman’s origin is based on the Greek Amazonian warriors.

        Just like how Thor is based on Norse myth.

        • And flash hermes :P
          (Not strongly based on hermes…just slightly)

      • everything. She’s comes from Themyscira — the land of the Amazons. That’s less historical and more mythological, and more specifically, Greek.

        The Amazons were, in addition to being a creation of Greek Mythology, an “other” culture where women ruled — in other words they were the “foreign” forces perceived by Greek, manly heroes to be “barbaric” and thus frightening. WW creator William Marston wanted to interpret that with a feminist eye and said how that was basically the Greeks justifying their own male chauvinism and that the Amazons were less war mongers and more peacekeepers; cultured, civilised, and ultimately exploited.

        There are themes in the Wonder Woman PREMISE alone that could make its own film series. Thor, by contrast, simply ripped off the psuedo-scientific hypothesis from “Chariot of the Gods” that the ancients were highly civilised coz the gods were aliens and visited Earth early on.

    • no, anything but Immortals… and they already got Snyder working on Man of Steel.

      I agree, they should really hire someone who understand the importance of mythology and isn’t afraid to blend fantasy with a touch of reality. I’m not talking XENA here, or BUFFY, but more along the lines of what we’ve seen in AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman. In fact, a script by him wouldn’t be all that bad (he provided some good insights in the original draft for BEOWULF, which still holds a 72% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes).

      I’m still curious about what Patty Jenkins tried to do with Thor that made Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios go “no, no way, too creative, we need to FOLLOW THE RULES.”

      As Batman Begins (realistic superheroes), The Dark Knight (unorthodox take on classical characters), Watchmen (the unadaptable graphic novel turned to film), and V For Vendetta (anti-Bush hero) proved — breaking the rules can be extremely rewarding.

  7. I rack my brain trying to think of an angle that could possibly ever make me actually want to see a WW movie?

    Maybe strip away the more gimmicky external elements and focus more on what/who she is, in contrast to humankind. Dunno.

    I think I just generally dislike WW’s costume design.

    Also, so difficult to cast. The right combination of beauty vs imposing really needs to be nailed in the casting, if this film is to have a chance. (Pic at top of page looks about right)

    • If you can, I highly suggest you read WONDER WOMAN VOL. 1: BLOOD.

      It’s the current updated version of Wonder Woman in comics.

      • Thanks for the tip, the title sounds promising

  8. They should really consider someone who, like Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, can bring something worthwhile and intelligent to the adaptation. Whedon, Kelley, and Refn all confessed that they never truly understood the core of the character–which is understandable, I suppose, since the mix of mythology and reality is not really something you’d grasp immediately–Kenneth Branagh has done a brilliant job with Thor but the only reason it’s brilliant is because he’s managed to fuse those two “realities” together in an intelligent way.

    The Green Lantern scribes offer anything BUT that sort of insight. A more appropriate script-writer would have been someone closer to both comics and myths-in-the-modern-world: I’m reffering to Neil Gaiman.

    Patty Jenkins had some ambitious ideas that Marvel turned down, if I were anyone in WB i’d want to have a conversation with her regarding mythology, and of course, Wonder Woman.

    As for the cast, this is coming from a pure fanboy crush but, I’d say Bridget Regan has the looks for the part.

    • Nolans movies where terrible. Please not Nolan for heros anymore I beg DC. He ripped the good story line in two and re-assembled a piece of s*** story.

  9. Guillermo Del Toro for WW could probably work.

  10. None of this actresses you people mention are worthy of that rule. WW is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet. Gina nor Christa fit that role.
    So what she is a real life fighter…so what!!! The actress who plays WW should loke like WW vol2 issue # 189…period. best cover ever of WW

    • I agree, they need to find a new Lynda Carter, young beautiful and with that touch of innocence.

  11. Adrianne from the failed tv show, the reason whu the show failed wasnt her fault

  12. I think Alexandra Daddario is would be Amazing as Wonder Woman
    if you guys dont know her she’s in Percy Jackson the lighting theif and appeared in an episode of parenthood

  13. I still vouch for the movie to use Megan Gale. She has the look, atheletism and height. She was the first pick for the now shelved Justice League Movie back in 09. Wonder Woman should be played by a 30 something yo.

  14. Hey guys I heard that Wonder Woman is coming out in theaters in 2015. I hope its good but the wonder woman costume is a bit different than the original costume. The actress that is going to act as Diana should be fast, tall, strong, and good in remembering her lines.

    Just my thoughts about the amazing Amazon warrior, Wonder Woman.

  15. I desperartly want to see a wonder woman trilogy. When is this gonna happen. I like Green Lantern and some of the other less famous heros, but what about her? She is so iconic. I know she doesn’t have a lot of villans but something great could be done. Laila ali would be an amazing wonder woman. Just sayin

  16. My message to DC Comics, is if you want a movie as successful as the Avengers, you have to make the characters based on the Silver and Bronze Age of Comics and costumes, and not the New52, and it cannot be dark like the Batman Triology was, and how the Man of Steel Movie is going to be. There should be some slight humor, and the story line and special effects cannot be corny like the original Green Lantern was. You need Joss Whedon and a writer as good as Stan Lee. They only have one shot at it, and if they get cheap and blow it, Marvel will forever leave them in the dust. The Costume Superman is wearing in Man of Steel is terrible, and they are not the traditional colors and look and that is already turning many off. They do need to do a new Green Lantern Movie, but should have tried to keep the same actor. They also need a Wonder Woman Movie, as well as, a Flash and Aquaman movie, since that is the most popular of all Justice League Heroes. And, Batman needs the same color costume as in the JLA Comics with some Grey and Blue. Everything is black and that is not attracting my attenton. The costumes and the trilogy was just too dark for my taste, and I feel DC is not going to gain ground making dark movies with off colored and dark coustumes, and bad story writing.

  17. Katy Perry

  18. Jamie Alexander would be a good choice for Wonder Woman. She did an amazing job in Thor.

  19. Gina Carano???? as WW c’mon if you want to watch a cage fight, go watch one of her fights. We’re talking about watching a movie here, she can’t act at all. She was horrible in Haywire, I couldn’t even watch the whole movie. You can teach any actor how to fight but learning how to act takes time and talent. A whole movie of her as WW will definitely not be a hit. She might be sleeping with Henry Cavill but she surely is not WW. Hopefully they’ll find suited unknown for the role.

  20. Please just get on with the movies. The DC fan are ready ok. Yes wonder woman must
    have an edge to her to make it wk. We all
    know what batman and superman can do. L L

  21. Please just get on with the movies. The DC fan are ready ok. Yes wonder woman must
    have an edge to her to make it wk. We all
    know what batman and superman can do. LL L

  22. Please just get on with the movies. The DC fan are ready ok. Yes wonder woman must
    have an edge to her to make it wk. We all
    know what batman and superman can do. We want see these great characters in action.

  23. I would like to see Katy Perry audition for the part. Singers act every time they get on stage and in videos, who knows how good she’ll be. Gina is a great fit physically and pretty but to hard looking for the part. But if she got the part I would be very happy with it. Christina, although I love it, has to much “Uperage.” Lynn, would be the best fit out of the three mentioned here. I would also like to see Charisma Carpenter, Ali Larter, shriya, Erica Hubbard, vanessa hudgens, Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Aniston, Cosma Shiva, ZETA Jones, Katie Holmes, Naomie Harris -28 days, Emily or Zoey Deschanel, Zoe Saldana, Christina Milian, Dakota fanning, Romona Robinson, Kristi Capel, Katherine Webb, Betty nguyen and demi lovato dressed as Wonder Woman. Oh, and even one of the olsen twins if they can gain weight for it. And just to be clear, all I know about Wonder Woman is that it was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I never read a comic of it or read up on the history of her. I can care less about the facts of any super hero, I just love to be entertained and don’t get wrapped up in all the drama. Sorry if I offended anyone for my recommendations.

  24. I agree with Patrick Jones. Get it done already. I want to see more female characters kickin butt.

  25. I’m ready, willing and able.

  26. My suggestion ~ Milla Jovovich. She’s proven repeatedly that she can play a tough heroine and still be feminine. Thanks to Resident Evil, she is popular for cast as well. She also LOOKS like the part. Granted she’s not top-heavy, but I think costume department can fix that. Also, she has her own production company and could produce it as well.

    • Also, Rosario Dawson is great actress, looks great and I would LOVE to see what she could do with a fight scene.

  27. —I’m gonna submit an entry for Rachel Nichols, currently starring in Continuum. I’d say she has the looks and can play the vulnerability in WW’s naivete with the modern world. Whoever they choose, I’m really worried about them getting the costume right.

  28. kat dennings wonder woman