‘Green Lantern’ Co-Writer Working on ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie

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wonder woman movie writer Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

Yesterday, the news broke that Warner Bros./DC has indeed (re)started work on the long-stalled Justice League movie. That announcement has been expected ever since Marvel’s The Avengers obliterated box office records with its opening weekend (the current worldwide total is sitting at a hefty $1.36 billion).

With Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, expected to have direct ties to the Justice League continuity – and the Batman franchise slated to be “reinvented,” after this summer’s Dark Knight Rises – there’s been uncertainty surrounding the first solo movie for the third most important JL player: Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros./DC has reportedly hired Michael Goldenberg to pen the script for the Wonder Woman movie. Goldenberg co-wrote last year’s under-performing Green Lantern, along with the well-received adaptations of Carl Sagan’s sci-fi novel Contact, and the 2003 live-action version of Peter Pan; not to mention, he was the sole writer responsible for adapting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to the big screen. That’s all to say: don’t hold Goldenberg’s involvement with GL against him (too much, that is).

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

The Wonder Woman tidbit was nestled in the recent Variety report on Justice League (hat tip to /Film for catching that), along with additional information about other DC projects that are actively being developed. That list includes the resurrected Lobo movie, now with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton in charge – and The Flash, which is still being overseen by Greg Berlanti (a writer/producer on Green Lantern and the upcoming Arrow TV series).

Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon was set to bring the famous Amazonian warrior gal to the big screen a few years ago, but that version of the project collapsed during takeoff. (DC’s probably kicking themselves for that now, right?) Similarly, last year’s failed pilot for NBC’s attempted Wonder Woman TV series reboot was deemed such a catastrophe that it landed a spot on our 12 Most WTF TV Moments of 2011. In short: Wonder Woman remains one of the staples of the DC universe, but the beloved superheroine has yet to be given a proper movie/TV treatment in the contemporary age of comic book movies.

Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising, Drive) has previously spoken on and off about his desire to direct Wonder Woman, with Mad Men starlet Christina Hendricks in the title role. Similarly, fans have been pushing for actresses like Lynn Collins (John Carter) and Gina Carano (Haywire) to land the coveted part, but we’ve yet to hear anything official as to who will actually call the shots on the Wonder Woman movie, and who will portray Diana of Themyscira on the big screen.

geoff johns jim lee justice league reboot Green Lantern Co Writer Working on Wonder Woman Movie

Goldenberg will certainly be taking cues from the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot with his Wonder Woman script, much like the writing team responsible for Man of Steel. The plan is to emulate Marvel’s shared movie universe approach (at least, its successful aspects) with those solo superhero flicks, culminating with the Justice League movie. Expect Warner Bros./DC to eventually recruit a noteworthy filmmaker to helm the Wonder Woman movie for that reason (similar to when Marvel hired Kenneth Branagh as director on Thor).

We’ll keep you updated on both the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies as more news comes to light.

Source: Variety

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  1. I think one of Green Lantern’s biggest issues was the script, so this isn’t exactly good news IMO
    Then again, he only CO-wrote it…
    Guess we’ll see.

    • Agree. They completely ruined the GL back story with all sorts of silliness. The the last thing this movie needs is for this guy to equally screw up the origins of the Justice League.

      • WTH? How did my post magically acquire a link? (to nowhere I might add)

    • One of four writers so I def would not hold that against him. Order Of the Phoenix was good so Im hopeful and I think he has some background in comics too.

    • That’s my initial reaction. But things can sink or swim by degrees. For instance, my mother can absolutely murder a good joke.

      I don’t think people appreciate all the intangibles that made Avengers succesfull where so many other’s have fallen short. Could be the screenwriter, but maybe the director lacked the right touch (along with the actors)and understanding of how to deliver the material. Josh Whedon knew what he was going for and was the person in charge of achieving it.

      BTW I took my mother to see Avengers and she loved it.

  2. What has Berlanti done to prove that he’s worthy of being on such projects? He directed that slogfest Life As We Know It, and was a writer/producer on the biggest turd of 2011. Does Warner Bros. owe him money or something?

  3. I just got Happy and dissappointed at the same time. Clearly if the Green Lantern movie had a better story it would have been a better movie. He did only Co-Write it so hey maybe he wrote the good parts…..

    • What “good parts” 😉

      • space lol

  4. Well this will go over well…………… :)

  5. Lets just hope that this doesnt end up like green lantern 😮

  6. What do people think of Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman?
    I can see her in the role.
    But if I’m being honest I have a bad feeling about what WB/DC is trying to do here.
    Even though The Justice League is full of my favorites and I would love, love, love to see it finally happen i worry that because they want to capture the wave of success Marvel has been riding WB/DC may rush the whole thing and we all know what happens then…
    We’ve waited so long for this to happen that I’m OK if it takes another 3-5 years if that means it’s done correctly. Because IMO they get 1 shot at this. If anything ends of stinking like Green Lantern IMO that’s it. Game Over.
    So I hope they take their time to get it right…

    • I would say no to Olivia Wilde for the same reasons Adrianne Palicki didn’t work. Shes too thin and model-like to be convincing.

      WW needs to be a bit more “handsome” and have a generally thicker body to at least look the part.

        • Agreed. And that’s coming from a straight guy. 😉

        • That’s why I’m for Jessica Biel. She actually does have some more meat on the bones. Not a lot more but broad shoulders and being healthily athletic are a good match imho.

          • Do you know what Gine Carano look like She is 150Ib woman full
            of Lean Body have you seen her on American Gladiator. I Do not think you know what you saying

            • OMH would you people PLEASE stop with the Carano thing. She may look the part but she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. I hate to break it to you but being a convincing ACTOR is the first and foremost concern here. Doing one low budget, mediocre flick is not what I would base a leading character on.

              • I’m still trying to figure out who Gine Carano is…..

                • So why Do not do your own search and find out

                • She definitely looks the part (except maybe height-wise), but she does need to up her acting (that’s her only weakness).

              • Would be my First and formost Gine Carano is the Bast
                to do Wonder woman than anybody that you know

                • Yes, PLEASE let her be WW so she can deliver her dialog like Chyna did in her horrible string of movies last decade.

                  I don’t know why you’re so fixated on Carano but it’s stopping you from being rational about her acting ability. Do you not understand how important the acting portion is?

                  • Gine Carano is very intelligent Person fresh and new; she is smart and will be good at whatever she does. You cannot be MMA superstar if you are stupid like you I have feeling that you are Black Person

                    • well this conversation is getting slightly out of hand…

        • I didn’t care for Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. She wasn’t convincing, at all. Granted she was better than Michelle Pfeifer, but what is that saying, really?

      • Jaime Murray would be my choice for Wonder Woman.

      • That’s not even why Adrianne Palicki didn’t work.

        Olivia Wilde is a great choice. She’s a better actor than any other suggestion, and that’s what matters most. She looks like a princess and comes off as smart, confident.

        People casting based on muscle physique are missing what’s important: acting and character.

      • Gine Carano is

    • Wilde would be perfect. :)

    • What I think of Olivia Wilde is she on the same level as Gine CaranoIs she a real fighter like Gine Carano The Mixed martial arts fighter and Haywire star Gina Carano recently expressed an interest in playing Wonder Woman, literally kicks ass seems like a reasonable choice, That is what I can say to all of you absolutely hands down she get my vote she is the real Deal

  7. DC characters are not as interesting as the Marvel lot, except for Superman, Batman and GL. Nobody seems to want a Wonder Woman anything, tv series and movies are doomed from the start. Let’s face it DC are forever going to be in the shadow of the Marvel Universe

    • I agree… I really have no desire to see a Wonder Woman movie or an Aqua Man movie. The success of the Avengers was because they were willing to do all of those solo movies leading up to it. But if no one cares about them then why bother? Unless you turn it into a two part movie ala Lord of the Rings and do the orgin in the Justice League movie.

      • You mean how general audiences were screaming for Iron Man, Thor, and CA?

        Seriously, people WOULD be interested in WW or Aquaman. A few years ago they wouldn’t have known the Avengers.

        That said, it’s an unnecessary gamble. Just throw her and some others into connected movies. If the public wants more, make a movie.

        DC doesn’t need to copy Marvel. If they think they have to, that shows me they might not understand what they have.

    • Now there’s where you’re wrong, Coopers. DC characters are at least as good as Marvel’s and there is no reason why their movies can’t be as good or better IF the writers will stop re-creating the stories and characters in their own way. When any comic book movie fails to live up to its potential it’s because:

      1) decades of stories, all ready to be shot as storyboards – just pick one – is ignored by script writers who think they know better, and

      2) the film’s post-production is hurried so that inadequate time is provided to do the CGI that makes it all believable and exciting.

      Green Lantern suffered from both these problems. It wasn’t that Hal Jordan wasn’t a good character – IMHO he’s the best there is – but what had been created for 60 years just wasn’t good enough for the Hollywood smartypants who cranked that script out. Marvel makes these mistakes less often than DC/Warners (Fantastic 4 wasn’t so fantastic, was it?) and that’s why they now appear to be on top. They’ll stay on top only as long as Warners stubbornly refuses to learn these two critical lessons from GL.

      So Berlanti: don’t blow it again, pal.

      • Actually Fox owns the rights to Fantastic Four…which is why it was so crap.

    • Keep telling yourself that bud.

    • Keep telling yourself that bud. Dc has the most icons not only the heros but villains as well.
      Fanbois will be fanbois.

      • what about Megan Fox? All she would need is blue contacts? I’d vote for her.

  8. I didn’t hate GL but was thouroughly disappointed in what they put on the screen.

    can we just do a soft re-boot of GL using GG instead of Hal for the purposes of of JLA movie?

      • I’d see the movie no matter how good or bad it was if Statham was GG. lol

      • Sir you are a genius! Statham would be awesome!

      • Michael Jai White for John Stewart!

  9. I will be real disappointed if DC is trying to do what Marvel did and go the origin route first because it will take literally YEARS (and years……and years) before we see a JL movie. It’s not as if they can do a couple origin movies, drop in a JL movie and then finish the origin stories afterwords. It’s all or nothing so either the origin stories are ALL done first or you forget can about them (at least for who is in the JL movie).

    As to who should play Wonder Woman…..

    Christina Hendricks – Sorry but she’s too, ahem, curvy and rubenesque (haha, my spell checker doesn’t know this word 😀 ) to be appropriate for the role. WW needs to be able to run down the street w/o a double support sports bra or be naturally physical. Hendricks can look pretty and act but she can’t preform the physical part this role demands.

    Gina Carano – Carano is the exact opposite of Hendricks. She has the physical aspect but lacks in the acting ability to pull off a leading role convincingly.

    Lynn Collins – A bit of a wild card. She proved she can use a weapon in John Carter but I don’t know if she is right for the part. Plus she is a bit on the older side at 35.

    I have always been a supporter of Jessica Biel for the part because (at least in my eyes) she has everything needed to play the role. She can act, do the physical aspect the role demands, can be a stern b*itch when needed and is the perfect age at 30.

    • Jessica Biel is a good choice, but I think either Lynn Collins or Jamie Alexander could make an excellent Wonder Woman (Alexander would just need a tan is all…)

      • 8-10 years ago Gina Torres or Lucy Lawless for Wonder Woman would have been perfect.

      • I think Jamie Alexander is tied down to play Sif. I wonder if that’s what Marvel Studios thought when they hired her though. She can definitely do both the looks and the acting.

      • where Gine Carano fit have these women been in real cage fight
        why do not you be honest not just to us but to yourself

        • I don’t understand a word you said…

      • Go listen to what Chuck Norris said about Gine Carano. Are these women that you mention on the same level as Gine Carano

    • I think Jaime Murray who may not have the star power can probably pull it off.

  10. All I saw in the headline was “Green Lantern” and I was immediately frightened. Words cannot explain how awful that movie is.

  11. I think serinda swan would be perfect for the part of wonder woman

  12. Not interesting? Clearly much ppl haven’t read the recent new 52 incarnation of WW. These new versions seem to make the characters more relatable. And I mean aren’t 2 of said GL writers working on the Green Arrow tv series and that looks awesome. But now that I think about it 4 writers for ONE movie is kinda dumb hopefully they’ve learned from that.

    • Green Lantern also looked awesome before the release…

      • True but Im willing to bet that they work better separately.

  13. give up on wonderwoman already

  14. I agree with The Avenger. Of all the crew on Green Lantern, the script writer was probably the least impressive

  15. I just hope they can do A better job than Mr. David E. Kelly did.

  16. Also would they be going for a title without the hero’s name in it ala MOS and TDK etc. What could that be if they do?

    • Wonder Woman: After Dark on Themyscira

      Princess of Themyscira would work. Of course it would be more obscure than either of the movie titles, and they only used those after movies which carried the character’s names. Superman Returns and Batman Begins.

  17. Screw Joss Whedon and his 1 billion + avengers writing … let’s get one of the guys who wrote GL.


    • Im not thrilled by GL writers onboard but I wouldnt want Wheadon either. I would like this movie to take itself somewhat seriously.

      • I see your point and agree with it.

      • And why wouldn’t Whedon be able to take a Wonder Woman movie seriously?
        If we’re talking about a movie that’s about an empowered Amazonian warrior, I’d much rather want the guy who’s admitted to being a feminist and who has proven countless times that he can write female characters very well.

        Lawyer’d 😉

        • ^ This.

        • Whedon does get serious. He just adds a “spoonful of sugar” with humor. He tells the audience “yeah this stuff is really ridiculous. I know it. You know it. Now lets go ahead and get into it.”

        • If we are talking about using the same tone from Avengers in WW then No. Hell No lol.I would like WW to be a somewhat serious take on WW, greek myth, and feminism without being so tounge-in-cheek.

          With all the agreek Myth involved I think you could create a fairly complex story. Wheadon on the other hand is good for dialogue heavy movies but the actual plots of his movies are often simplistic and lacking

          • If Marvel can bring in the Norse “Gods” I see no reason why DC can’t play up the Greek God angle and use Ares as WW’s nemesis. He was the original antagonist and has kind of gotten lost until someone got smart and reintroduced him in the recent past.

            The recently made WW animated movie would make a good basis for a movie.

        • Can he really write good female characters? Looking at Buffy she didn’t really come across as a girl. More a male teen action hero archtype with boobs. When he tried to give her a life outside killing vampires it ended up in a maudlin mess of vampire laying.

          I haven’t seen Firefly, but I did see one episode of Dollhouse and was inspired to never watch another.

          Whedon is a good writer of action fiction, which makes him a good choice for comic book movies, but I have yet to be convinced that he can write the subtle nuances of character and emotion that make women on screen convincing.

  18. Cast a Young Lucy Lawless. She should be good looking but more importantly a warrior.

    The costume should look like Xena with Wonder Woman colors. Look towards Greek Mythology and the Winder Woman DC animation for inspiration.

  19. wonder woman is just mega b***h i never liked her, she is lame charachter…
    bring on the flash movie, i woud rather see a aqua man movie than wonder woman…

  20. Gina is my number one pick. She looks exactly like WW. I agree shes not the best actor but i think WW has always been a stiff character. Strong silent warrior type. Gina can pull off the physical aspect unlike the scrawny model type, i mean have you watched her fight????

    • I totally agree with you on Gina……however, WB/DC will use someone, whose name will attract a crowd on the first weekend. If this was simply based on the quality of the movie, my money would have been solely on Gina or Adrianne……like or not Adrianne Palicki pulled off the wonder woman look, the costume department just need to be more creative and stick to the comic

      • Paliki is too small. Gina has that physical prescence. that WW needs. She could beat the crap outta the guy playing superman, and thats what i want in a wonder woman.

      • Gine Carano has the Physicality and the good looking. I do not thing people Know Gine Carano, She is the pioneer of Mix Martial art (MMA) Go see her fights before you say anything it is not fear to Gine

      • Gine Carano is very famous not just in America but in world
        She is very popular in the Plant, who does not know Gine Carano
        She is MMA Superstar Do you know who is Gine Carano or you just made this up

    • Sorry but being an actor is much more then just looking the part. The biggest problem with Carano is she is not an actor. I would much rather have a WW who doesn’t look exactly right but can sell me with the dialog.

      • I am not sorry, There are no women in world can be compared to Gine carano Gine Carano is MMA superstar Do you know What is MMA
        I do not thing so

        • Uh, yeah I know who she is. She’s a bad-assed MMA cage fighter with virtually NO acting experience. We need to be looking to actors who can ACT first and not pull off horrible dialog like a made for SyFy movie.

          • They already made a picture of Gine Carano as Wonder woman. I do not know why you even Mention these women

  21. … first mistake- leaving joss to marvel. worked in the avengers favor.
    … second mistake- green lantern was handled the way it was.
    … third mistake- taking ANOTHER whack at superman with 1/2 boiled concepts and no originality.
    … fourth mistake- allowing anyone who had anything to do with that gl movie lay a finger on WW.

    get it together DC!!!

  22. ?

  23. start her out in the amazon with a leather looking outfit fighting huge spider and snakes to protect a group of human then coming to america and im in.

  24. The 2009 animated Wonder Woman still stands as the only good recent adaptation of her. I really hope that this movie finally gets off the ground. Wonder woman is one of my favorite superheroes.

    • Yea. It should be the template.

  25. LOL Good One DC! Hope that works out well. It’s almost like they’re intentionally trying to sink the company. -Are there really no other writers out there?

  26. Tricia Helfer would be a good WW, but I’m crossing my fingers for some news on a Barry Allen movie.

    • Gine Carano will be the best fit thamn anyone,She is real Fighter

  27. I think Lynn Collins would make a great wonder woman.