Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

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fast and furious 6 gina carano Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

If you’ve ever, even for a moment, thought Haywire/Fast & Furious 6 star and MMA phenom Gina Carano would be an excellent choice to portray Wonder Woman in a standalone film or a Justice League blockbuster, take heart: she appreciates the sentiment. More importantly, though, she also believes very strongly in the character’s potential on the big screen, and hopes that when and if Princess Diana makes her way into DC Comics’ movie universe, she’s given her proper due as one the all-time great super heroines.

Carano recently made these comments in an interview about her upcoming film, In the Blood.  During the discussion, she briefly chatted about the role and also on fan support for her consideration for the part should a Wonder Woman film ever come to fruition. It’s worth stressing that none of this should be taken as a sign that Wonder Woman is happening; Carano’s only expressing her confidence in the possibilities of the project if it comes together with the right cast and crew.

Nevertheless, what she had to say to Coming Soon was incredibly interesting and, frankly, spot-on. Here’s the direct quote:

“That’s the ultimate superhero for a woman. No matter what, no matter who ends up being Wonder Woman someday, I just hope it’s something that is done correctly. I know it’s there and that it could definitely be done correctly. It’s just a matter of getting the right people and having the right vision come together. A director and producer and writer have to see the beauty in it and make it real.”

As DC Comics’ movie universe continues to grow bigger and bigger, courtesy of June’s Man of Steel and Warner Brother’s promise of a follow-up film pairing Superman with Batman, more space is opening up for new heroes to have their stories told. While WB hasn’t announced any other new DC projects just yet – they’re probably busy trying to figure out who will don the cowl for Batman’s next movie appearance – but they have the lay of the land stretched out before them, and they can follow any number of paths to expand their cinematic world.

wonder woman cw tv show Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

So, sitting at the ground level of building up their brand to rival that of Marvel’s, DC has some big decisions to make about what direction they take going forward. Do they lumber ahead into a Justice League film to try and match The Avengers, especially since the hype machine has already switched on for its sequel? Or do they start rebooting failures like The Green Lantern and introducing characters as-yet unseen in the movies, like the Flash and Aquaman?

If there’s a question as to where to begin adding to Warner Bros.’ screen roster, then the simple answer might be none other than Wonder Woman; she seems like the most logical choice in light of her relationships with Superman and Batman on the page. She’s a natural ally for both heroes (and, at times, has been a romantic interest for either hero), and while she deserves enough room to properly cover her back story as an Amazonian princess, she could make for a very easy fit into DC’s burgeoning movie franchise.

….Which raises the question of who should play Wonder Woman in the first place. Screen Rant has already given a great deal of thought as to why Wonder Woman might be DC’s next big film, and reading Carano’s words definitely reaffirms her position as the top pick to bring the character to life. She’s not the only actress capable of playing Diana, though – we’ve got six others in mind who could give her a run for her money – so we’ll leave it to you, Screen Ranters! Who do you think should be cast as Wonder Woman when WB finally puts her in a movie? Sound off in the comments section!


Source: Coming Soon

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  1. *hint hint*
    My vote is now Gemma Arterton after seeing witch hunters.

    • I agree! I think they should choose Gemma Arterton OR Amber Heard…and make the movie already!!!!

    • Same here. Gemma would be perfect. My second and third choices are Emily Blunt and Gina Carano.

    • Good call on that; she really proved her badassery in Hansel and Gretel.

    • Agree with you but in Hensel & Gretel she’s was awful. I recommend you Byzantium she is simply amazing in this movie.

      • Also a great film, but that’s one where she’s required to actually act. H&G just needs her to mug and act tough, which she does.

        I think the important lesson, though, is that she can handle action and she can act.

  2. WB should grow a pair and do this movie already.

  3. Carano seems like a good fit for me, match her with another director with the same sentiments for the character and I’m sold.

      • That might be from fast6. She looked terrible in that.

        • She was known not to be able to make weight while she was still fighting and was tagged as being lazy about training. She has probably not kept up as strict a regiment as when she was fight so she is not going to look as built as she used to.

          So if she is trying to get parts on her “look’ alone, in addition to her mediocre acting skills I doubt she will be headlining any films anytime soon.

      • Wider Woman :) yup she’s physically tough and got the moves. We need someone taller and regal-er nevertheless.

  4. BEYONCE! lol, just kidding, guys! :P i dunno, Beth Phoenix? THE GLAMAZON??! o.O lol, can she even act? um, let’s see, who else…someone who actually RESEMBLES princess DIE-ana…

    • Beyonce should be cast as my date for the evening!

      • Beyonce should be cast into a bottomless pit…

        • “Bottomless Pit”: Definition: my stomach during a San Diego Chargers football game; feeding frenzy extraordinaire!

  5. For Wonder Woman they should cast a semi known actor the formula has worked so far so why change it but the most important thing is if she CAN ACT the role of Wonder Woman

  6. Jennifer Lawrence. Yeah, yeah, yeah her current appearance doesn’t match but they could dye her hair black and make her wear blue contacts. She’s done a damn good job carrying a franchise as a heroine. Not many other actresses have that accomplishment under their belt.

  7. Not sure who should play WW but Lucy Lawless could easily play Athena.

    • and angelina jolie can play artemis.

  8. Gina Carono, Jaime Alexander, or Gemma Arterton

    • If you say that name Jaime Alexander one more time, I promise you I am going to drool all over the floor!

    • Put Taylor Cole in for consideration. Put her in the right training regimen and she would be in my opinion an excellent choice.

      most of her roles are characters that do not fit in a single, cliched, two-dimensional role, or at least not how she presents it.

      She can definitely portray all the subtle complexities in Diana.

      • Lynn Collins has my vote.

  9. This comment only makes me like Gina as WW even more.

    At the very least I want an actress who can really convey being a female warrior. Not some beauty queen who is taught to throw a punch in a few months. Someone who truly exerts a physical authority that tells you she can friggin kick your ass any day of the week.

    Still think Gina Carano has what it takes, but I’m not beyond being convinced there’s a better choice.

    • Yeah, this. Not that I think Wonder Woman is all about physical strength – she needs personality, she needs to be able to command a room, and much as I dig Carano she’s not really a font of charisma. That said, I want her to someday play the part just because of that quote. She’s great.

  10. Carano would be ok but would love for Gemma Arterton to play WW.
    Just hurry up and make this movie already!

  11. If somebody’s up on WW and Aquaman lore, I think what they did in Flashpoint Paradox could be a cool setup for a WW/Aquaman dual origin film.


    I think the idea of a war between the Amazons and Atlantis, and Superman and Batman having to deal with that, would be a really cool way to establish two eccentric worlds. It would threaten the established mainland Superman and Batman protect and I think it’d be awesome to see the World’s Finest convincing Aquaman and WW to join the team and protect all of their lands as a unified group.

    People who’re up on Aquaman and WW’s origin, what say you? Is this a possible refreshing idea to avoid the generic solo origin film or an unexplained hero? And equally have a cool sort of pre-JLA film as well?

    • I like this

    • Amazons vs Atlantians… pitted off as two similar, rival royal civilizations. Im totally down with that kind of premise.

      Me and a coworker have been discussing that very idea also for a few months. We’re all for it…. for me, it makes sense since WW and Aquaman have both been seen as “risky” (given WW’s costume and need of modernizing her story/history and then, most everyone’s apparent dislike for Aquaman -dispite that he is now pretty cool in the comics).

      The studio lessens the chance of failure (major money loss) for 2 potenitally “risky” characters by putting them in the same movie. You throw in Supes and Bats in a smaller roles or even cameo to appease the crowds who are teetering and *BAM!!!*… instant hit!!!

      Well, at least I am 100% certain I would buy the ticket and see it opening weekend.

      Anyway, I’m blabbering… but I like the way you think…

      • This sounds like it would be a pretty big undertaking and with WW and Aquaman going head to head along with Bats and Superman intervening then you practically have a JL movie. A JL movie, if it gets done, will surely have the league going up against a proper villain.

        • Who says this film idea wouldn’t also include a proper villain? A common enemy that threatens the earth as a whole is a perfect (albeit cliche) way to get them to band together.

    • I have thought it would be nice whenever there is Wonder Woman or Aquaman live-action film, there should casual mentions of tension rising between the two civilizations over the coming threats of the surface/Man’s world- as evident of Man of Steel.

      They are both very similar and heavily mythological-based characters/civilizations. It is a ripe story for a JLA/crossover film.

      Plus, can you imagine the King of Atlantis and The Amazon Princess interaction when they first meet?

      This writes itself I swear.

  12. I think she has the looks and fighting skill for Wonder Woman… but seriously, I’m a biiiit tired of the whole she needs to be one. There are lots of actress who can fill the spot just right…

    I don’t think she’s a strong candidate for the character in a solo movie, okay for a JL teamup. I agree with some comments here, Gemma or Jaime Alexander would be a more better choice

  13. Well, if it were me casting Wonder Woman, I would definitely choose Gina Carano… and here’s why…

    Why Gina Carano WOULD be the best WW in my opinion:

    1) Well, Wonder Woman (WW) is a warrior…and Gina Carano used to fight for a living. She could be called a modern warrior. Therefore, she already knows how to fight, which, lets face it, is really what WW is all about!! She is a warrior princess!! So Gina will not need much (if any) training for her fight scenes.

    Gina’s fights, unlike most other woman and some men, will look authentic. Since WW is considered a risk by many in the film industry, it only makes sense to make her part as real as possible (given the nature of her story/history). Therefore, you should want to make the one thing WW is known for look real…. and thats FIGHT!! Wonder Woman’s fights have to look real and look the best. No disrespect to Gemma or any other actress, but they arent going to come off as realistic as Gina in their fight scenes. Gina’s fights are hands down the most realistic of any (yup, im saying any) female actress, bar none! Again, thats no disrespect to any other actress. Thats mearly a credit to Gina’s talent.

    2) Wonder Woman is beautiful, athletic, and has a great body and dark hair … and Gina is all that naturally. So she already fits the look of Wonder Woman (and then some). There are alot of actresses that fit this part to some extent however you will notice that many of them are scrawny (something WW is not… but Gina has some muscle). If a director wants the WW movie made right, then WW has to be a great fighter/warrior first. Looks come second. Since Gina has both so you see where I going.

    3) Wonder Woman should be a strong, independent woman… Gina is definitely both of these things. Its no coincidence that every role she plays is something along those lines. She doesnt play the wimpy, broken-hearted girl that cries all day. Thats not Gina. Gina is strong and can play a “take charge” kind of character (just as WW should be).

    4) Gina doesnt command a huge salary. Im sure this is an attractive insentive for DC/WB.

    Again, this is just my opinion and Im sure my message will draw some haters. However, I want JLA to succeed just as much as the next guy and to achieve that I believe we have to cast the very best actors/actresses for these most extremely important roles. I believe that casting Gina Carano is the most sound casting option for the role of Wonder Woman.

    Go Gina!! You got my vote!!

    • Plus she’s dating Henry Cavill as far as what I heard which would make their chemistry something special, like in TASM with Garfield/Stone.

    • your right, she can fight! and Gina is HOT, but and this is my BIGGEST objection, SHE IS NOT AN ACTRESS!! Not in the sense i’m talking, YEAH, John Cena has been in a movie or two BUT HE IS NOT AN ACTOR!!!

      I want someone that can actually carry a Blockbuster film, and even an actress that can STEAL the scenes away from Henry Cavill’s Superman and from whoever is chosen to play Batman!! And I just don’t feel Gina has the acting prowess to do that quite yet! You want WW to succeed, it should be someone that can carry a franchise!!
      I think as soon as the general public sees her name as WW they will tune out and think it is a gimmick flick..

  14. I find her acting dull. Also don’t think she’s pretty enough. Just because she’s a fighter doesn’t make her perfect for the role.

    • That’s also why I don’t like the idea of some of the casting choices mentioned in the comments. They look good but can they give off a realistic aura of strength (not just physically either, I’m talking someone who can look like they can overcome anything without showing a hint of emotional weakness, even if she’s going through massive inner turmoil).

  15. Jamie Alexander

  16. Gina Carano is perfect for one reason: as beautiful as she is, her beauty is outweighed by how she looks (and is) genuinely tough. The right Wonder Woman should be more physically imposing than she is attractive.


      WW should be cast on skill first… then looks. Not the other way around.

      otherwise, its no different then having a Ferrari with a Civic 1.5L engine inside… or having huge muscles but only being able to bench 50lbs.

  17. Gina as WW is the equivalent of Scott Adkins for Batman. Yeah they can both kick serious ass but they can’t act worth a damn. I for one hope neither happens.

    • they can be stunt doubles but that’s as far as i would want them for the role

      • I don’t think she has the acting chops to pull it off. Lots of people are commenting on her physicality, but that isn’t enough. Male actors put on muscle for a role. I don’t see why an actress couldn’t, in a limited way, do the same. Linda Hilton put on some muscle for T2.

  18. Obviously WB/DC *should* make a Wonder Woman film, like yesterday. It is to their discredit that it is still not officially on the horizon. She should be treated absolutely equal to Superman and Batman.

    Carano seems to have a good perspective on the subject. I’ve not seen her films, so I don’t have any opinion of her as an actress. Personally, I think that acting ability and charisma are more important than physique or real-world combat skills. Superpowers are done via SFX anyway, and a good portrayal of Diana is about balance. I like Lynn Collins for the role.

  19. I’m strangely attracted to Gina Carano for some reason.

    “Put her in everything!!!!”

    • Best comment.

      • I second that best comment. Good stuff

  20. Wonder Woman sucks as a character and therefore it will suck as a movie.

    • And this Ladies and Gentlemen is what WB and DC will be facing when bringing these characters to the big screen.

  21. She can’t act!

    • She doesn’t have to.

      “Can you act like you’re flying an invisible jet?”

      How hard is that? :)

  22. I still like Crystal Reed for the part

    • She’s got the look alright. But if she can play WW then I guess Tyler Hoechlin can be batman :)

  23. Director: Rupert Wyatt
    Music by: James Newton Howard and/or Trevor Morris

    • Javier Bardem as Ares sounds right

    • Taylor Cole for Wonder Woman.
      Charlize Theron would make an excellent Hippolyta in my opinion.

      Steve Trevor is also a tricky casting. The character must be portray a type of man that would capture the attention of Diana. He must also balance out classic manliness with a modern context. I have yet to think who would be it.

      • I wouldn’t do WW origin or mr Trevor

        I would bring ww, in the sequel to man of steel 2. It would be better to play the whole Batman and Wonder woman dynamic.

        I wouldn;t pretty much just have the new batman vs superman movie end with a island appearing from no where off the coast of a naval ship.

  24. Missy Peregrym anyone?

    • Ok. She wins.

        • It’s too bad it’s unlikely she’ll come over to the dark side

            • I remember the interview. Honestly, she would be perfect.


  25. Serinda Swan, please.

  26. I don’t think Gina is the right choice for Wonder Woman. Should they ever choose to make that film they’ll need someone with Beauty and Elegance who conveys strength and is a strong actress. My first choice would be Lynn Collins from John Carter and X-Men Origins she is the perfect candidate for Wonder Woman.