Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

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fast and furious 6 gina carano Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

If you’ve ever, even for a moment, thought Haywire/Fast & Furious 6 star and MMA phenom Gina Carano would be an excellent choice to portray Wonder Woman in a standalone film or a Justice League blockbuster, take heart: she appreciates the sentiment. More importantly, though, she also believes very strongly in the character’s potential on the big screen, and hopes that when and if Princess Diana makes her way into DC Comics’ movie universe, she’s given her proper due as one the all-time great super heroines.

Carano recently made these comments in an interview about her upcoming film, In the Blood.  During the discussion, she briefly chatted about the role and also on fan support for her consideration for the part should a Wonder Woman film ever come to fruition. It’s worth stressing that none of this should be taken as a sign that Wonder Woman is happening; Carano’s only expressing her confidence in the possibilities of the project if it comes together with the right cast and crew.

Nevertheless, what she had to say to Coming Soon was incredibly interesting and, frankly, spot-on. Here’s the direct quote:

“That’s the ultimate superhero for a woman. No matter what, no matter who ends up being Wonder Woman someday, I just hope it’s something that is done correctly. I know it’s there and that it could definitely be done correctly. It’s just a matter of getting the right people and having the right vision come together. A director and producer and writer have to see the beauty in it and make it real.”

As DC Comics’ movie universe continues to grow bigger and bigger, courtesy of June’s Man of Steel and Warner Brother’s promise of a follow-up film pairing Superman with Batman, more space is opening up for new heroes to have their stories told. While WB hasn’t announced any other new DC projects just yet – they’re probably busy trying to figure out who will don the cowl for Batman’s next movie appearance – but they have the lay of the land stretched out before them, and they can follow any number of paths to expand their cinematic world.

wonder woman cw tv show Gina Carano Discusses the Power Of Wonder Woman

So, sitting at the ground level of building up their brand to rival that of Marvel’s, DC has some big decisions to make about what direction they take going forward. Do they lumber ahead into a Justice League film to try and match The Avengers, especially since the hype machine has already switched on for its sequel? Or do they start rebooting failures like The Green Lantern and introducing characters as-yet unseen in the movies, like the Flash and Aquaman?

If there’s a question as to where to begin adding to Warner Bros.’ screen roster, then the simple answer might be none other than Wonder Woman; she seems like the most logical choice in light of her relationships with Superman and Batman on the page. She’s a natural ally for both heroes (and, at times, has been a romantic interest for either hero), and while she deserves enough room to properly cover her back story as an Amazonian princess, she could make for a very easy fit into DC’s burgeoning movie franchise.

….Which raises the question of who should play Wonder Woman in the first place. Screen Rant has already given a great deal of thought as to why Wonder Woman might be DC’s next big film, and reading Carano’s words definitely reaffirms her position as the top pick to bring the character to life. She’s not the only actress capable of playing Diana, though – we’ve got six others in mind who could give her a run for her money – so we’ll leave it to you, Screen Ranters! Who do you think should be cast as Wonder Woman when WB finally puts her in a movie? Sound off in the comments section!


Source: Coming Soon

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  1. This movie needs a very good actress considering how important she is for females and carano is not it.
    Her acting in fast six was very mediocre at best.

    • We would have been happy to see an established actress take the role. However this is not the case. It seems a skinny model with even less credit than Gina has been signed up for 3 movies as wonder woman. I can’t help but see the hypocrisy of one female being chosen above another due to her archetype position in a male world. I think that when Gal Gadot struts her stuff on the screen perhaps Hollywood is only interested in promoting this archetype even when she plays a character apposed to this. Wonder Woman was a character ideal thought up by a psychologist in 1941 to inspire some changes in the roles of woman. The healthy progressive society where men and woman were equal and were not imprisoned in the roles assigned to them. Well it seems we are certainly failing these ideals in the worse way possible. I hope woman take note and perhaps they could push back at this unhealthy attitude towards them. Wonder Woman one of the few modern feminist symbols, and its about to be desecrated.

  2. Morena Baccarin is my pick for Diana. Gina should definitely play a part in it though.

  3. Michael Fassbender! No wait… someone used that.

    Karl Urban! His Dredd just exuded Wonder Woman!

    • How about Mark “Marky” Walberg, he’s trying to foist himself into every other film franchise at the moment, DCMU beware Walberg is looking for you….

  4. She was better than fair in Haywire but it was like watching a puppet in F6. Seriously though, she more than has the total physicality and presence for Wonder Woman, I can’t really see her as a potential love interest for Supes though? Not exactly Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel or possibly a brunette January Jones is she?

    • you dont see her as supes love interst? you are aware she just recently was dating henry cavill, right?

      • Because Superman has always been with Lois Lane. It would mess up the lore.

    • what u talking about Gina Carano dated Man of Steel Henry Cavill

  5. this casting move could plunge a wonder woman movie into the pit that is x-men origins wolverine. WB is half stepping a potential movie as is. even on the TV side, wonder woman is getting jobbed. now with how risk averse the studio and fan base have shown themselves to be, the proper move I don’t think would be to cast Ms. carano.

    regardless of how we feel individually over man of steel, the movie met a mixed reception from the public. now imagine wonder woman in the same scenario with a lower tier actress tabbed to carry the film? straight down to hell in very little time.

    marvel could potentially cast the likes of Simon Pegg, has cast Anthony Mackie, Haley Atwell, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving etc. yet WB should stick to this landing? who’s next, lita from the wwe?


    She is beautiful, she is a great actress at the right age, she’s good in drama and action as well, plus she has that royalty/elegance thing, which is missing from Gina or Jaimie. She would be the perfect choice to play a beautiful, strong Wonder Woman.

    • When did she (Emily) play in an action movie?

      • I haven’t seen any, but she is going to be in that sci-fi film with Tom Cruise, coming up soon. It will be interesting to see. I believe that Blunt passed on playing Black Widow, iirc.

    • I was about to say get an unknown searing talent, till I read your suggestion. Emily Blunt probably could do a great Wonder Woman after doing the physical roidish transformation some go through to become superheros. She was hot as a dark brunette in Sunshine Cleaning – so she could do it I suppose.

      I kinda always picture Wonder Woman as a more buff version of Catherine Zeta Jones in her younger years.

      This is going to be a hard one to pull off (pun intended) to make Wonder Woman a hit.

  7. She was great in Haywire.. If anyone can pull off a convicing Wonder Woman its her.

  8. “A Wonder Woman movie should be done right.” – Everyone in existence… Seriously – how many time do we have to hear this?

    “We have no idea how to do a Wonder Woman movie right, everyone watch Batman and Superman roll around in 3D for 3 hours and ignore her already.” – Everyone who has the power to actually make a Wonder Woman movie happen.


    • The problem with Wonder woman is how iconic the character is. It’s very hard to make the character so that both feminists and the GA like it. It’s kind of a no-win situation. I have seen the WW pilot they did for TV. They tried to make her a feminist icon, but she seemed more like a psychopath. Even Josh Whedon tried to bring WW to life and his script was crap.

      It’s better to wait and get a good script, rather rush in and get steamrolled by the critics.

      Marvel can take risks since characters like Iron man, Thor, or the Guardians of the galaxy aren’t that iconic or popular. If any of those movies had flopped, Marvel could simply move on. WW on the other hand is one of the top 3 heroes in DC. If the WW movie turns out bad, DC will not be able to use that character in another movie for a long long time.

      • Considering what they did to Superman in Man of Steel, I call horseshit on this argument. WB will crap on an icon if they think it will make them money.

        Besides… Feminist Icon Man Hating b****.

        The reason there isn’t a WW movie in the works is that the embarrassment they have for their DC properties is increased ten fold for one with a female lead.

        At this point I’m 100% certain we will get a great Carol Danvors Captain Marvel movie before we get a Wonder Woman one.

        If I was anyone with any pull in WB’s decision making process there are two people I would hand the reigns to produce this film and stay the hell out of their way…

        Deborah Snyder and Emma Thomas. It jives with their current plans to let their husbands run their DC franchises and it gives WB both the female perspective and film making experience to get the job done.

        But…. ewwwwwww GIRLS!

  9. She’s first choice. I’m sure there are prettier faces (not that she’s isn’t pretty) but can they pull off the action/fight sequences? I thought she did a good job in Haywire.

  10. Good for her, I never heard of her before, but she sounds great to play “The Amazing Amazon”. But I choose Karen Gliche “Flash Gordon” series to play The Amazing Amazon. It’s up to this actress It doesn’t matter

  11. Would people watch a WW movie where it is just based on the ‘myth’ and her origins?

    I mean NO reference to current time, Batman, Superman, etc.

    Go to her roots let Gina show her physicality and also allow her to grow as an actress.

    End the movie with her introduction into the World of Man.

    I think this would give her the steps she needs to develop herself and the character before just dropping her into the mix of things.

    • Best advice of substance anyone could have said. Most of these people have no clue what they are talking about. You hit it, spot on!

  12. All WB has to do is give a director the reins for this movie. Someone they can trust to make this an outstanding film.

    I nominate Kathryn Bigelow. She has worked on films about tense war situations (The Hurt Locker) and women being powerful in war (Zero Dark Thirty). And Wonder Woman is a warrior princess. Perfect fit.

    What better way to create a great female superhero film than with a great female director who can find the best cast. Although just because Gina looks the part I don’t think she is the best choice. I trust Kathryn’s choice for who she chooses to be Wonder Woman.

  13. Seriously, people, stop acting like you need an Oscar winning performance for a WW movie. Carano would be a great choice. She is fresh, and she absolutely has the look, and she has the drive. She may not be the most acclaimed or experienced actress, but with the right director she could be an awesome WW.

    • ^ This

    • It doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy, BUT it DOES have to be an intelligent, sympathetic (yet simultaneously cold), personal portrayal of a myth-inspired figure who is not only a brilliant, savage, powerful warrior but is also a naive (though supremely confident), hopeful, “new-girl” diplomat in world mostly unfamiliar to her way of thinking.

      Carano (at least so far) can only pull off about HALF of that.

      • Spot on. Except for your math :-p She’s 1/8th of that, and it’s really just the physical part.

        • Well, I WAS trying to be kind… ;)

  14. Too bad she can’t act worth a damn -_-

  15. Does anyone see she didn’t say anything noteworthy at all?

    “That’s the ultimate superhero for a woman.” – of course she is. She’s basically the only well-known super-heroine. Catwoman is the next one.

    “No matter what, no matter who ends up being Wonder Woman someday, I just hope it’s something that is done correctly. I know it’s there and that it could definitely be done correctly.” – no s***? She really changed my mind there, because at first I thought it might have succeeded if it was done wrong! She’s so insightful.

    “It’s just a matter of getting the right people and having the right vision come together. A director and producer and writer have to see the beauty in it and make it real.” – Yeah that’s, that’s kind of always the case with every movie ever, Gina. Not exactly straining the powers of the Lasso of Truth.

    She just knows that she’s one of the big fan names for the role. So she just burped out a few nondescript but vaguely positive comments about Wonder Woman and stirs the pot some more in the laziest manner possible.

    It’s like the gorilla in the zoo who knows people will run and cheer as soon as it lifts its leg to scratch itself.

  16. Sure this has been mentioned else where but if it’s going to be a Grecian “origin” story or focusing mainly on Themyscira than hows about Alexandra Daddario

    She was fairly decent as Annabeth in the first Percy Jackson (not seen 2) she can do a bit of sword waving, she’s no munter, got the whole I’m greek and hard you stupid man thing going down.

    Remember Diana’s STRONG, not MUSCULAR, she just happens to be hard as nails

  17. Look up eva andressa she’s the perfect women for the job.

    • She could stand in for superman if necessary too

  18. One of the (obviously 100% guesswork) rumours for the World’s Finest film (yeah, I still don’t like Batman vs. Superman) is that it has Supergirl’s arrival on Earth and, with her lack of control – even compared to Superman’s property damage in Man of Steel – Bruce Wayne teams up with the ‘other’ genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Lex Luthor to devise a way to tackle the issue.

    If this were true – it probably isn’t, and Jennifer Lawrence is a bit too busy to be Supergirl – then having a powerful villain like, say, Parasite turn up and overpowering the Supers before Batman jumps in and helps by using his Wayne/Luthor tech to weaken Parasite.

    So, how about a classic superhero movie mid-credits scene? Superman and Supergirl land on Themyscira, with Hippolyta shoving a man in full pilot gear towards them, saying that he’s ‘one of their’s’ whilst Superman says that he has observed the Amazons’ rigorous training and wishes for them to train his cousin and keep her safe. Hippolyta agrees, but suggests that she needs to gauge the girl’s strength against their best. She shouts for Diana, who steps forwards, bow courteously, assumes a fighting stance and smirks.

    It implies that Wonder Woman isn’t an asshat, that she’s well-versed in battle and is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian. A very-end-of-credits-scene could have Batman taking a kryptonite knuckle duster obviously intended for a fight with Supes out of his utility belt and he hesitates whilst putting it in its spot on some form of weapon rack. In the end, he puts it back in a pouch on his belt, just in case. As he walks away and takes off the Batsuit, the camera zooms out slowly to reveal a huge arsenal of anti-Superman weaponry that closes up, gets shielded by several thick lead shutters and disappears into the cave wall.

    • That’s one way to go about it. I would personally go with a different ending sequence.

      While Superman is likely being groomed to be the face of the DCMU, I think Batman should also get his due. With that thought, how about having Batman spying on Themysicara with one of his satellites.

      He could explain to Batman that, while they did accomplish…whatever it is they’re trying to do, they only barely managed to get it done together. It could start into another small argument between the two, before Wayne explains (showing Superman the monitor,) that he may have found someone who can not only work as a partner for them, but also as a buffer. To stop them from killing each other. He zooms in on a wrestling match between Diana and another Amazon, to end the scene.

      • But it’s supposedly a Man of Steel sequel and I’m worried that Batman will be too involved. I know Batman’s popular, but it seems a bit silly that, for instance, half the Injustice: Gods Among Us cast are from Batman. Then there’s the claim that Batman could ‘easily’ beat Superman. In the eyes of a certain sect of the fandom, Batman is the best at everything. I just think that you should get a different sense of wonder for Superman being Superman and Batman being Batman.

      • And soon after, the two men have taken their cowl cape and boots off and have replaced the high tech seats and equipment with La-Z-Boys, kicked back, toasting beers and giving superhero high-fives as they enjoy the “wrestling match” between the two women as they roll through the mud and/or a waterfall.

        And then, the final monologue that will end the movie and usher in the first true age of Justice League, sending hair-raising chills down the spines of fanboys and girls as they anticipate the era of awesomeness that is to come…:

        “We definitely need her dude.”

        “Yeah bro. Totally. This place is like, a d***fest.”

      • *cut to black, heroic anticipatory music crescendos as the Batsymbol fades in from the darkness; the Superman shield flies in at amazing speed onto it, and finally a pair of gelacious boobies drop down, jiggling, over them all, with hands (that clearly belong to a drunk Batman and Superman) coming in to paint the Wonder Woman logo on them. Fingerpaint.

        And the music comes to an end, a fantastic, inspiring finale. And in the silence, Superman’s voice booms over:

        “H*** yea.”

  19. Cast telling you WB,, Bridget Regan.. , she’ll make this movie Go Hard and emotion into who wonder woman is..I am a massive Wonder Woman Fan ,,She gotta be 1st off looking Like A woman ..strong but still like A woman , yes , she amazonian but she still strong , Not Built like Miss Olympia,, look like a woman,Please No offense to The Carano Chick ,i did like her in Haywire And Fast 6.. but i find that she’s too over Built for Wonder Woman.. research Bridget Regan.. telling you ,,she would be Dope !!!Id watched it 3 times or more ,,

  20. you know what !! I retract my last statements , Carino does look great as wonder woman on Big Screen..Bridget Regan on TV/Movie Wonder woman ,,,either or ,,,

  21. Look, whoever plays Wonder Woman, she needs to be fit and know how to fight. So if not Wonder Woman Gina should be an Amazon.

    • Why does she need to know how to fight? None of the actors who play superheroes knew how to fight.

      • Well she’s a warrior born and raised by basically female Spartans. So if we want the fight scenes to look believable the actress needs martial arts training, just like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner did for Daredevil when I watched the making of it. Otherwise we’ll either have Wonder Woman fighting like a female Superman or we’ll get those ridiculous fight scenes in Nolan’s trilogy where Batman’s moving slow and constantly throwing right and left hooks.

  22. Killing two birds with one stone make a wonder woman vs aquaman movie with the right writer it can work just in time for the JL movie

  23. stop jurking around guys… Acting is improveing and u cant cast some Angelina Jolie for ww couse ww actually has mussles like every other supperhero. Gina didn’t even got chance for acting in all movies and besides it is improveing. Stop being jelaus on her nature beauty, she is not some plastik bag like the rest of em…






  24. I Vote Gina Carano to play the role of Wonder Woman! She is an Awesome actress, and is physically fit due to her past history of mixed martial arts. I also think that Gina resembles the Marvels character Wonder Woman,a heck of a lot more than the other 6 possible potentials!
    So yea, I vote Gina Carano to be Wonder Woman!!!
    Mike Q. Martinez

  25. I know for a fact and there is no doubt in my mind that GINA CARRONO would be a fantastic and great wonder woman. I see Gina as a wonder woman herself. She has a fantastic personality great sense of humor.She is an aspiring actress and is creating a new female fighting role model. This is because she can really fight and is a true athlete. She is the envy of many actresses because of her fighting skills and her ability to act.lets face it she is undeniably a good looking woman.But, I also see a mysterious spirit about that only adds to her attraction as a person and a woman. so, my vote is for Gina all in!!