Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad?

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Wonder Woman Kryptonian Origin Theory Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

For fans eagerly awaiting news on the story or production of Batman vs. Superman, the last few weeks (or months before that) have been a bit of a roller coaster. And no character has been the source of more discussion, speculation, rumor-mongering or debate than Wonder Woman. Especially not once the question was raised of whether writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder would alter Wonder Woman’s origins, characterizing the heroine as a descendant of Krypton – just like Superman.

Changes to canon aside, we have to ask: could it be a wise move in the long run? The fan objections are easy to grasp, and completely justified – even if an infusion of Krypton into Wonder Woman’s history might help solve several troublesome issues that Snyder, or whomever accepts the task of helming a Wonder Woman solo film must face.

It’s also worth pointing out from the outset that the idea of a Kryptonian origin for Diana and the Amazons was never a reported rumor, simply speculation, and other ‘sources’ have since come forward to claim that they are FAR from accurate. Even so, neither Snyder nor Goyer has come forward to refute the claim (not that we’d even believe them), so the question remains valid.

At this point, it’s impossible to say exactly how the filmmakers may be changing Wonder Woman’s origins – or Batman’s, for that matter – but they proved with Man of Steel that they aren’t afraid of adding to or revising the mythology. The Amazonian princess is a harder sell for Snyder’s more grounded universe, so fans should expect changes regardless.

…After all, the way we see it, a Kryptonian twist may not be the worst possible version we could get.


The Current Origin

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

If there is one thing that the discussion surrounding Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman made clear, it’s that the world’s greatest superheroine’s origins are not nearly as well-known as those of either Superman or Batman. So first we’ll outline the basic points – those which die-hard fans are no doubt hoping to see preserved for Diana’s jump to the big screen.

The story begins with the Amazons: a fictional society consisting entirely of fierce, powerful warrior women with roots in classical mythology. In the DC Comics universe, those Amazons are much more than a simple myth, inhabiting a hidden island known as Themyscira (‘Paradise Island’) with a culture (and ancestry?) taken from the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

While every woman was versed in combat (and possessed varying levels of immortality and invincibility over the years), the one thing they did not know was motherhood. That is, not until their Queen Hippolyta begged the gods for a daughter, and along came Diana, the newly-dubbed Princess of the Amazons.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

That basic premise is about as detached from reality as one can get, so in recent decades, the character’s history has been retconned and tweaked by numerous writers. With more modern questions came answers: the Amazons don’t simply live forever, but travel to shore to gain information and… offspring from men, keeping only the daughters for their society.

Similarly, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet was rendered useless when Diana was granted the ability to fly. But the Amazons’ relationship to various gods and goddesses has always been difficult to pin down – until recently.

With DC’s New 52 re-launch came a brand new fiction courtesy of writer Brian Azzarello who instead of shying away from the supernatural, embraced it; Diana was no longer a lump of clay made human, but the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, granting Diana her invincibility and superhuman strength. As a demigod, Diana was thrust into the drama of her extended family: Hades, Hera, Apollo, and the rest of the Olympian deities.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

The result was a reasoned, fantastic take on the character that not only distinguished her from any other hero with whom she usually associates, but became one of the most critically-acclaimed entries in DC’s new lineup. And all things considered, a fresh and inspired enough fiction to justify a big screen adaptation.

But that was before Snyder’s plans, and those of the studio became clear.


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  1. I agree, she needs to be mythological. How that plays out is just as important. Right now it appears we have two options,

    1. Kinky sex with Zeus produced her; restart of whole new story telling.
    2. Stick with traditional she was made from clay by the Gods

    I think I like the old story but if they do a sex scene with Z and H I’m all in!

  2. I generally agree with everything this article states, as my first reaction when I read the theory was acknowledging that it’d be a very fitting path around the problems in her origin story.

    Where the author’s wrong, however, is in pointing out adherence to canon as the major point of contempt held by fans against this approach. Most hostile comments I’ve seen so far are against Diana being portrayed as “a lesser version of Superman”, which allegedly messes up the feminist subtext of the character.

  3. I’ve never been a fan of Wonder Woman, so I have no pre-conceptions about her or her origins. I think the ideas you’ve laid out make a lot of sense, and I especially like the idea of using the “Ancient Alien theory” to partially explain her ties to “gods” and also possibly Kryptonians, and their methods of reproduction would allow for an explanation of how an all-female society could exist. Thats a lot more plausible to me than a mythical Amazonian race, but I really don’t care either way.

    • Well let’s not forget that this version would give the History Channel some serious ammunition for the future ;)

  4. It turns out very long Post and there will some mistakes in it so SORRY for your time.

    Do you guys really thinks that General Audience will go that Deep into her origin.they only want to watch some enjoyable and some of them want meaningful explained movie.beside its on Filmmakers/writer/director to make people believe in their vision(in whatever they are making) they have to make movie with that passion not just forcing them to accept us that vision.People will start saying good words about the Movie if they did understand or had fun watching it.
    All i am saying is this that if they did proper treatment to her origin without completely or slightly changing main points and they made it believable in concept then GA will love it and Fan’s will Praise it too.
    they only need to give some more explaining in this Grounded approach of this movie if they really want more critical success/response because this people are completely different than general audience where they like to see perfect explanation to every shown aspect about how things happen in such Realistic world and if those theories are behind their understandings then they will write bad reviews about movie.[bad Critical Response]
    SO AS a FAN of Character(and many others) I don’t want them to alter the story arc for this critics and make fan’s believe in there newly adapted characters origin.FOR the LOVE Character just make this People believe that HUMANS,ALIENS and MAGIC can Coexists in Real World.that’s what I just wants.[just like Man Of Steel]
    But Finally if they really go to that way about Alien heritage rather than Magical I just don’t know how will they introduce LASSO of Truth(any changes can be acceptable). And Some characters who are surrounded by the magic like Constantine,Zatanna and SPECTRE.and some bad guys too.

    MOST OF ALL what about Captain SHAZAM/Marvel and BLACK ADAM.its not like they are going Alien technologies with them.
    Like Billy saying “Shazam” and there is this Distant Alien Satellite in far away recognize or have target lock on his Voice and sends the Lightning Bolt on him to Transform him into Hero he is.
    today’s word : BELIEVE :)

    • Do you actually think that Shazaam will be on film within the next 10 years? Personally I doubt it.

    • Man, that Shazam/Satellite line made me cringe haha.

      I’m definitely all for the approach that makes magic and science both seem grounded in this movie universe, just not quite sure enough foundation has been lain in making the movie world resemble our own, before taking that leap. Maybe ten years from now, Captain Marvel will make sense alongside the rest of the heroes.

  5. I don’t cares. There’s a limit to as how much rubbish I’ll watch and wonder woman is really scrapping the bottom of barrel.

  6. Well I see the s**t hitting the fan.

    I have said in the past that if they decide to change the orgin or anything bout her people will revolt. But as andrew said and I agree that 10000 plus years is a long time to change. Now we see that kytpton has advanced gentic manipulation. Whose to say that the gods are not the decendents of the some ancient culture like the kryptonians.

    We are all going off some ones speculation by the way so whose to say that other aliens have not sent scouts out. What if one group arrived and were worshiped as gods and decided to stay. They could have made contact with the kryptonian scout ship that crashed and the amazons were created to combat these new aliens.

    These gods then created monsters chimre, centaurs, harpies, hydra, all monsters of greek mythology to aid the amazons. After defeating the aliens they decided that their army was needed and began to make strideds to protect them. What the amazons saw as magic could be a form of alien tech we don’t know.

    It also keeps the idea that ww will have her backround and orgin but that the creation of the amamzons her people has been tweeked. Honestly I can’t recall from mythology or comics their orgin. But this is one way to tie the story as the gods have kept their army trained and powerfully hidden away these aliens return so the “gods” demand that the amazons send their finest warrior out to mans world after their protection was overcame by accident by steve trevor.

    See I see no change to the story but the change to the gods who are decendant to aliens and the creation of amazons which may not be so clear even to the comic fans. I am sure that we will see the ww we want represented in some way.

  7. What is fairly humorous is all the people saying we dont want them to go the Marvel route has them going the Marvel route.

    Aliens as an explanation to everything mystical/magical (for now?).

    The way you people think leads me to believe the audience going public cant support/believe in gods/magic among men.

    Yet at any given moment movies about the supernatural, movies about mythological gods, movies about wizards, vampires and werewolves and movies about/with God in general appear to top the box office.

    What makes a comic book movie any different? This is why I say Nolan screwed the pooch when he got up on his soap box screaming (yes im exaggerating) that there is no room for supers in his universe everything will be down to earth.

    So for all of you saying why cant it be this, why should it follow this…..

    I say ask Nolan. It was his vision that started this false pretense that everything in a made up fantasy character that has very little to no basis in fact needs to be as real as possible.

    To ask why not have her Kryptonian no one knows her origin is the same as asking why not have her origin as is as no one knows her origin? See what I did thar?

    1. Lesser gods and mythology. People know about it. Stop pretending they dont.

    2. There are hidden populace of people now that have little to no modern human contact as we know it. Stop pretending they don’t exist.

    3. There are places on this earth that are still undiscovered. Stop pretending we have found everything.

    4. There are things on this earth and in this Universe they we have no explanation for. Stop pretending we know it all.

    With all of that how could you not let Wonder Woman be as is? pish posh.

    • +infinity to the infinite power.

      You hit the nail on the head. To steal a line from Marvel about magic “it is a science we just don’t understand yet”. In the comics steve trvor stumbles across the island in a storm. In mtyhology the gods hid places with magic sometimes in the form of hurricanes and storms.

      We are all to focused on nolans batman and the realism….come on throw realism out the window we got a guy who has xray vison heat beams coming out of his eyes super strength and oh yeah he can fly. How is any of that realistic. Part of the fun about reading comics and seeing comicbook movies is to see the unrealistic. The fantasy the scifi the mysterious. That is joy. I could careless if someone in the movie says “Gods are f**king real!” Only to have perry white or lois or someone say L oh aliens invading the planet and a man dressed up as a giant bat you can believe but a woman who claims she was sent by gods is to farfetched?” It would be a humorous scene to watch.

      Dc comics has mythical and supernautral elements just like mavel and since dc is pushing for characters lik ww and shazam and aquaman and jld all with some pretty mythical and fantisy elements I’m sure our worries are not going unoticed.

      • Can’t you see you kind of made a point for what DC is doing, “gods hid places with magic sometimes in the form of hurricanes and storms” you mean like weather changing as in what our scientists study every day and feel like they can do, hell even in MOS they had a machine that could terraform the planet which in effect changes the way the planet exists.

        Everything that happens which is considered “magic” can have an equally interesting scientific explaination, they don’t have to have a generic power called “magic” I for one enjoy learning how they come up with a way to explain why a person has the powers they do, which in all fairness they didnt do in MOS why can superman do all those things, maybe they will explain next film who knows.

        • I like to play devils advocate.

          Also counter point this is a specculation piece on if wb did this why it could work. I’m saying that if they go alien route they need not only use kryptons we know in the comic of the thangarians. Also we know that dc has a rich alien cosmos so it can be said that aliens can and activated the meta gene on earth. Thus leading to the birth of the gods and thus amazons and thus ww.

  8. I think too many people here are confusing the concept of Diana having Kryptonian origins with Diana BEING Kryptonian…

    It is not the same thing. Her origins can be exactly the same as [insert which ever continuity you think is cannon] and just have a footnote that says “ancient aliens”

    Imagine a History channel special on the origins of Amazonian legends. Thats all it is.

    • I dont understand. If she (or her ancestors) are from Krypton she is Krypronian. If I am from Italy (living in the United States) I may be a US citizen but I am not all of a sudden American (North or South) I am still Italian.

      If I marry a female Italian (from Italy) and have kids our kids are still technically Italian but born in America.

      So unless a Kryptonian came her and started mating with the indigenous species (which should be problematic on its own merit) they are still Kryptonian and have not had their lineage modified.

      Unless Im not understanding this…..

      • It’s basically a question of genetics vs heritage. Over thousands of years, their Kryptonian identity and culture would be wiped away and replaced by Amazonian culture, language, tradition, etc. The genetics and technology all *technically* have ancient alien origins (like theories about the egyptians).

        Like in your example, you said you were Italian, not Roman. That’s my point.

        It’s basically an exposition tool so her origins can be explained with existing story so the movie doesn’t get bogged down.

        If anyone hasn’t seen the Ancirnt Aliens special on History Channel, watch that and just think “those aliens were Kryptonian”

        • Yes but where does this idea of Amazonian culture come from? If they are segregated from the rest of the world they have no contact with anything else but Krytonian culture.

          Unless you are saying they created their own culture. But why would they as there was no outside to influence it.

          If there was influence how could you take the beliefs of Greek gods and place that side by side with a small population of Kryptonians that landed on earth and did not populate it/terraform it but only want to stay hidden for thousands of years….

          Romans and Italians are different because of the geographical/political/military influence during each time. Not to mention the size of each respected empires. Italians can be traced back to Romans as that can be traced back to early man etc. I was using Italy and America as a small scale example.

          I just dont see the logic and or coverage of Kryptonians to cover all of the Greek gods. That just sat on this Island doing nothing since they were so advanced. And if you do go this route it sounds just like Thor.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_astronauts

            Your argument is why I’m making the distinction between being FROM Krypton and BEING Kryptonian. Kal-El is from Krypton, but he is American. From Kansas. Zod is Kryptonian. They are both from Krypton. One is influenced by and has memory of the society and culture, the other is from Kansas and happens to have Kryptonian blood.

            Everything about the origin of the Amazonians can be identical to the [cannon of your choice], with the ancient aliens twist explaining why these people exist. They don’t have to be aware of their origins, literally everything from [cannon of your choice] can be the same as it already is outside of the prologue (not all that different from the first 30 seconds of Prometheus).

            • @5aucy: Absolutely agree with your first point. Where people’s ancestors originated and where they spend millenia building a culture are not the same thing.

  9. I think the way DC/WB and Snyder/Goyer approach this problem will have a huge impact on the entirety of the DC Movie Universe. DC/WB and Snyder/Goyer need to find the right balance between keeping true to the integrity of the comics and creating a more grounded, realistic DC universe. The reason I say this is because:

    Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are only 3 of the many, many characters that I’m assuming DC/WB is planning on introducing over the next decade or more.

    If this grounded world makes it impossible for audiences to accept Wonder Woman has Greek mythological roots, where does it stop? Does DC now have to create alternative “solutions” for Green Lantern’s power, Oa, and the Guardians? For how The Flash gets his powers (and his suit coming out of a ring?)? What about Atlantis? Or how the way Vic becomes Cyborg? Does there need to be a different approach for Martian Manhunter being in fact a Martian? What about John Constantine and the rest of Justice League Dark? Will they be altered for the sake of a grounded universe?

    Creating different and alternative origins for characters and beings so that they become more believable and realistic can create problems when you compromise parts of their character that make them so great.

    I like the approach that there needs to be some realism to DC’s universe. I get they are trying to be different from Marvel, and offer a “more mature” and “deeper” tone to their movies. We saw it work in Nolan’s trilogy very well, and personally I loved the direction Man of Steel is taking the DC universe.

    I am just cautious of taking away the integrity of the superheroes and the comics in general all for the sake of a grounded universe. If her Greek mythological roots aren’t acceptable, where does it stop?

    • I hated the Nolan concept in Batman but did enjoy the movies if that makes sense. The reason as you said it worked great is because he has no super powers.

      He is just a man with enough money and time to do whatever and buy whatever he wants. Possible? meh within reason. Likely? No way. However because Bats is just a man it is easy to convince people this could happen.

      I mean look what Richard Branson does….

      However when you get to the point of trying to explain in a reality sense a Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, etc. you start to run out of logical ideas in how this could work.

      Which again as you state start to take away from the integrity, history and character of the character in question.

      Nice close to a nice post.

    • My god have a little imagination, we are talking super intelligent beings who could travel across space and conquered a number of planets and used them as outposts, is it so mind-blowing that these kryptonians, with their genetic engineering and space travel, couldn’t of created the greek mythology that we all believe is myth today, you could explain it as they came across other races of creatures that got transported for scientific reasons, some off the mythological creatures could of been created by crazy Kryptonian scientists. Hell even the gods themselves could be Kryptonians that gave themselves a god Persona, all of them can exist with a little creation\imagination.

      • What just like Thor?

        My god have a little imagination and stay closer to the comic book origin instead of taking the idea of another comic book property took when explaining the origin of godly beings…..

        Imagination? That is not imagination. It is saying well it worked with Superman and people believed it (oh wait that is his story in the books)…. lets use it for Wonder Woman too. I mean people now believe in Aliens from another planet there is no way they would believe in gods that have been hidden from the general public for centuries…..

        You don’t have to create/imagine a fictitious story that is already a fictitious story. That is like reinventing the wheel…. why do it?

        • Exactly

        • @ Aknot

          I understand what you are saying as do many of us. The thing we trying to say is that the culture and identity of ww or any other character does not need to be tied to kytpton to be influenced in some way. Ill use your italy example. Because the italians are decendants of the romeian empire makes their ancestors romaian. Now since rome took many aspects of the greek culture in their creation does that mean all romains are greek? Does having kyrptonian ancestors mean that the amazons who serve and whorship the gods of greece mean that since sometime in 10000 years a kryptonian and human had a child. If you want to bring in gentics we can see that our biology as humans has evolved over time. Now in dc universe we see that the kyptonians have visited earth. Whose to say our dna is compatible that their gifts are transfered 100% now add generations over 10000 years and see if the people of the day are the same as you and myself. Add thousands of years and new bloodlines introduced into the gene pool and new mutations appear.

          It can be possible that over the years these mutations manifested as magic or the atlantean phisology. If you want realism I think this is as close as we can get.

          Is kara responsiple for creating the amazons or greek gods directly. Propably not but could she have by mating and giving birth introduced the meta gene and all form of mutations and completly alter the course the earth would have taken. Id say it is possible. I doubt as many fear that goyer and synder who are fans of comics and these characters would blantly say “everybodys related to superman” and let that slide.

          @ whoever mentioned cyborg…..you relaise he was constructed using alien tech right so yes you could claim that in canon that cyborg has kryptonian tech.

          • You need to know I dont want or feel we need realism.

            So still as it pans out from your description Krypton is the basis of supers (human/earth based) within the DC universe.

            I dont see how (logically) enough Kryptonians have been here to cover the gods they are supposed to represent. Or are you saying one Kryptonian is the basis of all the gods passing the metagenes and they stayed hidden…

            I just dont see/fathom how that is more real then the actual mythology of the gods. We already have cross breeding with the gods in mythology (Hercules, etc) so now use aliens instead creating the gods that cross bred with humans?

            Im happy to hear they are not going this route. Even for realism it makes no sense.

  10. Great article. i’m glad someone took the time to really write about how this could actually work. I personally, don’t mind the kryptonian origin. Snyder and the gang have a hell of a task before them. I’m very excited to see how they approach this.

    • Appreciate it, glad you enjoyed the read!

  11. Wonder Woman is my all time favorite character, and I have every issue of the comics since George Perez relaunched the series in 1986 (except for the New 52 version, which I feel has nearly stripped her of all her feminist elements, but that’s an argument for another day) So, in short..I’m biased.

    I can understand why WB wants to keep their universe cohesive. Of all the classic JLA members, Wonder Woman is the only one with a magical origin/backstory. I hope it is something more like this: What if the Olympians were explained similarly to the way the Asgardians are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; aliens so advanced their technology might as well be magic to humans. But NOT Kryptonians-that is Superman’s thing and should remain so. I would say these advanced aliens came to Earth thousands of years ago, maybe just twelve of them, and were worshiped as the twelve Olympian Gods by primitive humans. They then chose a select group of humans as their representatives on Earth, and used their science to give them greater strength, knowledge, and even immortality. But since mankind was so savage at the time, the Olympians only chose the women of the species as their representatives. They became the Amazons. I think this keeps the basics of Wonder Woman’s back story, without tying it into Superman’s explicitly, but more in keeping with the more sci-fi world established in Man of Steel. I’d MUCH rather that than anything to do with Krypton. Krypton = Superman.

    • +1

    • Is that you, Goyer?

    • @EricAD: Solid idea. I would be just as fine with that, even if it did inadvertently step closer to Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull than I’m comfortable with ;).

  12. I feel sorry for Goyer, Snyder and any other poor people have to work on this film, how DARE they change a completely over the top mythos of comic books that have been established over 70+ years while they only have a 2 hour stint as to explain the origin of their characters and still have an interesting story *sigh* believe it or not comic book fans but there are alot more people who don’t read the comics that do and they have to appeal to both fans. Now before you get all upset let me point one thing out, the version of WW you grew up with and loved IS STILL THERE, this film does nothing to that it can’t change that. This isn’t cannon, this WW isn’t the REAL WW this is an ADAPTATION, guess what TLOTR had changes to their characters and some of the mythos and guess what it didn’t hurt the books, the books are still better in their own right. CTFO and just watch the film when it comes out.

    • Who says they have to explain WW in this movie? You are assuming they need to cover WW completely in this movie which they already stated they were not.

      However since this may be a springboard to her own feature film I will address that. Whats wrong with taking 2 hours to explain the mythos of a character that has been around for 70+ years? If written, directed and acted correctly it can be great.

      As you state the BOOKS are still better. You just proved the point some of us are making. Stick with the original material. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • I don’t disagree with everything you’re saying, but the idea of a woman just showing up, punching Superman into a wall, or flying, and not having to supply any explanation seems like a fallacy. Everyone in the audience would be expecting some kind of explanation, and not giving them wouldn’t build suspense or mystery, it is just terrible storytelling.

        • Nope I dont want to see her first appearance as that. Her first appearance should be as an emissary from Themyscira.

          She should be showing up at the U.N or some such representing her country.

          Letting earth know they are considered a sovereign nation blah blah blah. No flying, punching or anything else ‘super’.

          Have a film crew show her arriving in heritage clothes/robes. I know they mentioned ‘armor’ so if the armor is for show fine but you dont come to a U.N meeting wearing battle armor.

          If you want to briefly show her power have some ‘assassination’ attempt on her life.

          Again that is how I think she should be represented for this movie.

          Actually I had it all planned out a bit ago even involving Bats/Bruce.

  13. To answer your question, YES, YES IT WOULD BE BAD! Wonder Woman is not Kryptonian, she should not be the same as Superman, it should not happen period.

    • Did you read the article?

  14. You know I agree with everything this article states since the first 3 pages of this article expanded on ideas I posted on this website regarding the possible Kryptonian heritage Wonder Woman may have.

  15. so if they really make it an alien background for the ancient “gods” then i suppose i am looking at a stargate franchise with superhumans

    • I can’t tell if that’s sarcastic, but if this gets us one step closer to a Stargate reboot I am completely on board.

  16. My personal disdain for Wonder Woman aside (only since she’s been made Superman’s sidekick and the Justice Leagues town pump) wouldn’t a Kryptonian Wonder Woman be Supergirl?

  17. Yes. It WOULD be so bad.

  18. I’m not sure how many times the following points have been made, since I simply don’t have the time to read through every previous post. Here’s where I fall on the issue of Diana’s highly unlikely Kryptonian origin re-write:

    I am glad that WB is, most likely, not going in this direction. On a couple of levels, this move would take the wind out of Wonder Woman’s sails by making Amazonian culture / history (in other words, Wonder Woman’s mythology – the elements of her background which make her unique, and distinguish her from her peers in the DC canon) categorically dependent on Superman’s Kryptonian ancestry. While this might neatly tie up a lot of loose ends on the plot / narrative side of things, I do not think that the benefits outweigh the costs of such a shift, if we’re talking about the way in which this seminal character is to be introduced to cinematic audiences for the first time.

    It is one thing for Wonder Woman to take a backseat to characters like Superman and Batman in terms of comic book sales, which would lead to a corresponding attitude adjustment on the part of the human beings which share their fictional world (in other words, if Wonder Woman isn’t as popular as Batman and Superman are on OUR Earth, and doesn’t sell as many comic books as they do on OUR Earth, then she also won’t be as popular as Batman and Superman are on HER Earth, and the people on HER Earth won’t be quite as enamored with her, as with them). As a character, however, Wonder Woman is admired and valued *because* her origin story grants her mythological independence from characters like Batman and Superman (this is true whether we’re talking the original origin story or Azzarello’s cunning rewrite). Without that independence on a purely mythological level, the character loses much of her feminist resonance – and that resonance is what most of her importance in the DC Universe is about.

    What I’m trying to say is, Wonder Woman hasn’t remained important because she sells as many comic books as her more revered bretheran, Bats and the Boyscout. She has remained important because of what she represents on a cultural level. She is a feminist icon whose values stand in sharp contrast to her peers due to her unique upbringing and heritage. By making that heritage subordinate to Superman’s on a mythological level (basically making the implicit claim that, in Snyderian-Kryptonian culture, we have a rich enough resource to prop up a character whose popularity, historically, has nothing to do with Krypton), Wonder Woman gets deflated. It’s as simple or complicated as that. I agree with whoever asked “Why not just use Supergirl?” toward the beginning of the thread.

    Now, as for how the Amazonian ancestry fits into the big picture of this new, Snyderian DC cinematic universe, whose hallmark seems to be a “realistic” approach to Superhero mythology: I honestly do not see the frequent objection that Wonder Woman’s original origin story (or the rewrite) can’t be fit neatly into a universe characterized by dark, gritty realism. The Greek Gods can be what the Asgardians are in Thor: a super advanced, *God-like* race that doesn’t take the place of the Christian God Americans know and love, so much as supplements him by making his universe more richly populated than once thought. In The Avengers, Captain America explicitly denies any Godhood to the Asgardians, flippantly remarking to Black Widow that his God does *not* dress like an Asgardian. I don’t see why this dynamic can’t be fit neatly into Synder’s new world of caped Alien-immigrants and battle-hardened billionaires. The Amazon are, like the Kryptonians, simply another group of people that the Americans haven’t thought about, yet – a group of people that challenges the limits of their humanity, generosity, and empathy by presenting them with something novel and here-to-for un-conceived.

    The smart thing to do would be to deemphasize Wonder Woman’s origin in Batman vs Superman. She can appear alongside Batman and Superman as a refugee who conveniently arrives in America just-on-time to help destroy whatever threat ends up brewing in Detroit next year. She can reference her background in side-comments and monologues, but we shouldn’t get any meat-and-bones exposure to her “world” until a stand-alone film is made directly following Batman vs Superman and / or Justice League.

    Anyways. I’ll stop ranting now. Later.

    • Words of wisdom and heart bravo!

      People are taking this to the extreme by seeing kytpon and ww and assume she was raised in a kryptonian manor and her culture will be 100% kryptonian. I said is an earlier post exactly the same thing. If earth is such a hot spot that kryptonians know of ot why not any others.

  19. The most fun and intriguing things to talk about are always found on these DC pages, somehow. Great job Dyce.

    While I get the reasoning, I think it’s quite the jump to go from: An open pod on the ancient scout ship = all Amazons are Kryptonian.

    Since alien life has been established in the first installment of the new DCU, taking that concept further by introducing more alien planets would be a logical and plausible step.

    I believe Krypton will play a factor… but I also believe these other alien planets will play a factor as well, such as Thanagar and Apokolips, possibly New Genesis.

    So, a Kryptonian influence in the ancient world? Absolutely. 100% Kryptonian? I don’t think so. I doubt WB/DC would turn their back on a gold mine of possibilities just to keep things linear. Thanks to the new direction and new leadership within the company, I believe those days are over.

    • New Genesis would be a perfect alien/extra-dimensional world to use for the Amazons’ origins.

    • New Genesis was supposed to be one of the planets (along with Apokalips) that came from the destruction of the Old Gods’ planet who were implied to be the gods of mythology. maybe the Greek gods are dead but visited Earth a long time ago and gave the Amazons the ability hide from the rest of the world.

      • ^^I’m a big fan of this theory.

        Atlantis is much more plausible along this line too. <— always fun to say 'Atlantis' and 'plausible' in the same sentence!

        • @Dr. Mindbender: Thanks for the kind words. I do think that the ties to Krypton specifically are less important than people considering the idea of injecting aliens, or potentially alien technology into the Amazons origins – even if it is 10,000 years ago.

          Perhaps have her DNA or physiology studied by Batman, determining that while it’s impossible to know, it’s plausible that she is either a Kryptonian survivor (Superman gasps!), or, as is also plausible, the descendant of another race originating from the same circumstances.

          Leave the mystery alive until it’s explained in a film that wades more fittingly into the alien life beyond Earth (Green Lantern, New Gods, etc.). Thoughts?

          • I’m all about the mystery… that’s what makes for endless discussion pages ;)

            I think it would be cool if Earth was a place that was sought after for many different reasons by many different alien species.

            Some of the aliens where benevolent, some malevolent. Some worshiped as Gods. You could go on and on with story-line possibilities this way.

  20. I do not mind changes to story or costume or timelines or anything like that. What I care about is the dynamic among characters and making her in any way Kryptonian would drastically change the dynamic of many of the characters. Working the hidden island angle is not beyond the limits of science fiction. Their island could exist in an area like the Bermuda Triangle or have some Asgardian-like extra-dimensional “gods” who for whatever reason keep that island hidden. It’s not necessarily about what explanation they use but more in how they present it. In the Avengers, Black Widow and Loki both make comments about humans thinking they’re gods and Loki even says it in a rather mocking way so I get the sense that even in Marvel they aren’t treated as mystical. That’ll come with Dr. Strange. Anyway, the point is that if they keep the tone, even loose scientific explanations will hold water. There are enough stories about half human-half deity beings in mythology to pull together a possible explanation for the Greek god origin. However they do it, I hope they don’t change her dynamic such that she will no longer be her own character which is exactly what would happen if she were made to be Kryptonian. She would forever be second to Superman and indistinguishable from his story and it would kill her character. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the DC Holy Trinity and are supposed to be on equal footing in regards to how they are viewed by everyone else in their universe as well as fans/audiences. Making her essentially Superman’s cousin (which should be Supergirl anyway) and less powerful at that since she’d be a descendant of a Kryptonian who arrived 20,00 years ago, would detract from her being that strong, independent female superhero because she’d never be able to get out of Superman’s shadow and would never be able to stand next to him and Batman without being viewed as less than. The most important thing is that she be able to be her won character and maintain some semblance of her canon origins. However they want to word it for the nit picky general audiences who can’t seem to suspend belief unless it’s grounded in science, just make her Wonder Woman and not Krypto The Wonder Gal.

  21. What’s becoming clear is that certain members of this website are not familiar with the comics at all yet week after week on their podcast they try to convince us as well as themselves that they are. If one can suspend belief of super powered aliens invading the earth than one can easily suspend belief of a tribe of warrior women living on a detected island(which I will add has had numerous tweaks on why Themsycira has remained undetected by the rest of the world including a much clever plot device that was used in the DVD animated one shot of WW.) As for no one will believe a magical world can exist in the reality of our world, i will just point out on what WB manage to do with the Harry Potter series. If presented right, people will accept it. If the movie is great,the audience will enjoy it no matter how ridiculous the subject matter is. I really do get tired of hearing people on places like this that comic books has an uphill struggle to make their concepts more believable than any other work of fiction that gets adapted into the big screen. I don’t think its as ridiculous or unworkable to adapt some of the plot mythos of WW onto the big screen and make it work so that the audience would enjoy it and accept it. Hell The live action Transformers films has the most stupid plots conceived yet that hasn’t stopped your regular joe going to watch these movies or complain that the concept of giant transforming robots is stupid. And the sad thing about TF is that the animated series from 1984 had better plots and mythos that didn’t insult the intelligence of the general public. The point is if the people behind these DC movies CAN make it work. And that’s the big question here. There isn’t such thing as an unfilmable concept as history has proven but rather does the talent making the picture have the will and ability to make it work and work well. From what i have seen of MOS they are capable. My worry is that Zack and Goyer tend to go off the rails and delve into too much of their excesses if there is no one to reign them in. Goyer by himself goes off the boil too many times but when he is at least controlled by a Nolan or even a Norrington you get films with good stories like The Dark Knight trilogy and Blade. When he is by himself you get the nonsense that was Blade 3. And Zack is too fond of CGI that it can blur the picture and the point of the film as what happened with MOS at the final battle. It all boils down to that.

    • I’m not really sure where your claims about the podcast are aimed, but the idea of having a Harry Potter movie universe – explicitly magical fantasy, and based on fiction and characters that much of the world already knew from the books – be pitched as the same one inhabited by superheroes is a mess to me, not a foregone conclusion.

      Plus, the main issue addressed in this article isn’t the idea that people would be against suspending disbelief when exposed to the Amazons for the sake of enjoying it, but that doing so, then trying to convince them that Superman’s world and hers are one and the same is folly. They’re fine on their own, sure, just like 300 and Watchmen. But try to connect two properties with entirely different fictions… I don’t think it usually works.

  22. Why not a mix of Kryptonian and Human blood ? Explaining why she doesn’t have all of Superman’s abilities. The first Kryptonians would have been worshipped as living gods, but most cultures have myths about the gods having children with mortals, so it would gel perfectly.

    • I think that everyone is assuming that is what they mean but people here are taking things to a new level and assuming that being of kryptopian orgin 10,000 years ago makes the culture EXACTLY like that culture of 10,000 yrs ago.

    • No. She can not be Kryptonian. She will forever be linked to Superman and robbed of her individuality as a character. This may be a Superman movie but it is not a Superman universe. There are other characters that have no connection to Krypton whatsoever and their only connection to Supes is that they’re in the JL. Enough with this theory. It wasn’t even a rumor. It was just a theory proposed by short sighted, single faceted general movie goers.

      • This is the stance that I just will never understand. She had absolutely nothing in common with Superman except their species, separated by 10,000 years. Even the comics are iffy on claiming she’s human, so if she’s pitched as such, is it insulting to equate her to Batman. Because she’d basically be a lesser version of Batman if she’s not half-god :P

  23. Snyder and Goyer might avoid the direct Kryptonian lineage of Wonder Woman, which takes off some heat from diehard fanboys, BUT… they can potentially take the Daxamite route, i.e., being an indirect route. Consider this ‘breeding’:
    Kryptonian + Daxam native = Daxamite
    Daxamite + Earth native = Amazons

    *Daxamite culture are considered to be religious so it fits well in establishing/grounding WW mythology ;)

    • Good call. I had a thought along those lines previously in the comments. Even if they keep that distinction until the character is a bit more established.

  24. I think they should take a page out of the Thor handbook and just make the Greek pantheon aliens. They visited some Amazonian tribe, got a bunch of women pregnant, and left. The offspring’s descendants then were the Amazons. Keep it simple.

    You can make the all female society by saying that the offspring off the gods were enslaved by the rest of their society. The males were worked to death, and the females were kept as breeders, they then rebelled. The males died out and the females went into hiding or something.

  25. Ok so just to rewind a minute.

    You all realize this is speculation based on ONE persons idea yes?

    Ok now my thoughts. Now as I have said on many posts and pages we don’t assume that we will see ww as a copy of lara-el and supergirl. Now 10,000 yrs is a long time for a culture to evolve and change and adapte.even if some how the amazons are tied into the kryptonians most of the blood would have diluted,mutate, and evolve. Superman is 100% kryptonian, a desendant of kara alive today would have little to no actual kryptonian features. Its basic gentics adding more genes into the gene pool allows for more mutations and changes. So let’s realize that ww is as much a kryptonian as we are cromagnum cavemen.

    Now I for one am in agreement with many that are saying that ww’s mythical heritage and mythos can survive intodays world. We have movies like Hercules, Percey Jackson seris, Clash of the titans, harry potter, lord of the rings, the hobbit, twilight(eww) all making money and all have magic gods or combination of both.

    If this is the route they wanna gothen they should make it epic. Make kara the carrier of the meta gene. Her inital dna unlockes the human potential to do so much. We could have someone like shzam develope magic and teach it to his children and so on and so forth. We can have can have a sorcer in atlan court of atlantis save the race due to adapting them for water living. We can have aliens as the greek gods and see the first amazon be subjected and have a dorment meta gene and have hera unlock it spawning a race of warrior woman. We can have a chance to see all this in the world and we can even go further to say Booster Gold goes to the past and brings kara to the present so we can see supergirl in our universe. See by taking one idea and spreading it I tied in wonder woman , aquaman, and booster gold. Martian Manhunter can stay the same being from mars…….no change.the flash ,cyborg, green lantern , shazam, vibe,
    firestrom, the atom, all can keep there stories intact and their history solid.

    It only changes where and how superhumans came to be about.

    • The point is that by linking her to Kryptonians in any way she is now forever linked to Superman and thus her own character. Any solo movies, any future appearances will be under the pretense of her being essentially Superman’s cousin. She is the quintessential FEMALE superhero and doing this would relegate her to SuperMAN’s shadow for the rest of her cinematic existence. It doesn’t matter what spin you try to put on it, or how cool you think it would be, it is a terrible idea. Stop trying to defend this short sighted theory.

      • “Superman’s cousin”? Really? I think that makes the human heroes from similar backgrounds interchangeable as well, if that’s the thinking. No?

  26. I just havta say that the idea that Kryptonian orgins would make Diana a “lesser version of Superman” does not really connect for me. If they both could trace the origin of their powers to Krypton, who came first? Why does it have to be that Diana is seen a less than Kal/Clark? Clearly, hanging around on Earth for 10,000 years allows development of unique identity, powers, etc. So they would hardly need to be carbon copies of one another.

    Also, isn’t the basic idea of Superman that he is the most powerful member of the Justice League? I mean, isn’t that the central conceit? I don’t see how his potentially possessing more complete powers than Diana would lessen her, any more than it lessens Bruce Wayne or Hal Jordan or whoever. The characters themselves are what interests me most, and clearly Diana can bring something unique to the table no matter what her origins are.

    • @J83
      I’m just gonna start this with I don’t mind change. In the original Captain America story, he fought alongside Nick Fury in WWII but that doesn’t work nowadays because that would make Fury almost 100 years old. So I’m fine with change. It’s not that they’d be carbon copies, it comes down to individuality. If she’s of Kryptonian heritage, that means that for all of her solo movies there will be other Kryptonian elements. The Amazons will have that Kryptonian feel and audiences will automatically equate that to Superman. The fact that she’s the quintessential FEMALE superhero and Superman is the quintessential MALE superhero means that making her linked to him through origin will put her in his shadow because she’s got the same SOURCE of her powers but isn’t as strong, which makes it seem like the woman is lesser than the man (I know that wouldn’t be the intention but some people would take it that way, you know they would) If she were human/demi-god and can still hold her own but isn’t as powerful then it’s fine because she can’t be compared to him in the same way as if she were also Kryptonian. She’d essentially be a watered down Supergirl if they went with a shared origin. She needs to be a completely separate character so that she can stand out and be truly unique. She deserves to have her own origin, independent of other heroes. It has worked fine in the comics so far. Tweak it a bit, that’s fine, but don’t change the dynamic of these characters.

  27. What wrong with you Warner Brothers you are destroying the way William Marston created her character to be. Please stay with the story line which is Diana princess of Themyscira and if you want a woman with a Kryptonian background why not cast a woman to be Super-girl and add her character to the sequel.

  28. Hasn’t this rumor already been debunked as pure theory and speculation on one journalists part?

    • We weren’t addressing it as a rumor, more using the fan reaction as a chance to raise some questions regarding how Wonder Woman’s origins could be problematic for the film universe, and some solutions that might work, either for fans or in the fiction. :)

  29. Why not make the whole cadre of DC super heroes Kryptonian? Green lantern Corp.. Kryptonian. Flash? Kryptonian. Jon from Mars? Nope. Kryptonian. There. Done. Easy.

    Frankly, from all the things I’ve read about this movie I think it’s going to be a disaster. I wonder, do Kryptonian women have eating disorders? That might explain WW’s casting better than an Amazonian Princess.