Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad?

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Wonder Woman Kryptonian Origin Theory Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

For fans eagerly awaiting news on the story or production of Batman vs. Superman, the last few weeks (or months before that) have been a bit of a roller coaster. And no character has been the source of more discussion, speculation, rumor-mongering or debate than Wonder Woman. Especially not once the question was raised of whether writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder would alter Wonder Woman’s origins, characterizing the heroine as a descendant of Krypton – just like Superman.

Changes to canon aside, we have to ask: could it be a wise move in the long run? The fan objections are easy to grasp, and completely justified – even if an infusion of Krypton into Wonder Woman’s history might help solve several troublesome issues that Snyder, or whomever accepts the task of helming a Wonder Woman solo film must face.

It’s also worth pointing out from the outset that the idea of a Kryptonian origin for Diana and the Amazons was never a reported rumor, simply speculation, and other ‘sources’ have since come forward to claim that they are FAR from accurate. Even so, neither Snyder nor Goyer has come forward to refute the claim (not that we’d even believe them), so the question remains valid.

At this point, it’s impossible to say exactly how the filmmakers may be changing Wonder Woman’s origins – or Batman’s, for that matter – but they proved with Man of Steel that they aren’t afraid of adding to or revising the mythology. The Amazonian princess is a harder sell for Snyder’s more grounded universe, so fans should expect changes regardless.

…After all, the way we see it, a Kryptonian twist may not be the worst possible version we could get.


The Current Origin

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

If there is one thing that the discussion surrounding Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman made clear, it’s that the world’s greatest superheroine’s origins are not nearly as well-known as those of either Superman or Batman. So first we’ll outline the basic points – those which die-hard fans are no doubt hoping to see preserved for Diana’s jump to the big screen.

The story begins with the Amazons: a fictional society consisting entirely of fierce, powerful warrior women with roots in classical mythology. In the DC Comics universe, those Amazons are much more than a simple myth, inhabiting a hidden island known as Themyscira (‘Paradise Island’) with a culture (and ancestry?) taken from the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

While every woman was versed in combat (and possessed varying levels of immortality and invincibility over the years), the one thing they did not know was motherhood. That is, not until their Queen Hippolyta begged the gods for a daughter, and along came Diana, the newly-dubbed Princess of the Amazons.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

That basic premise is about as detached from reality as one can get, so in recent decades, the character’s history has been retconned and tweaked by numerous writers. With more modern questions came answers: the Amazons don’t simply live forever, but travel to shore to gain information and… offspring from men, keeping only the daughters for their society.

Similarly, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet was rendered useless when Diana was granted the ability to fly. But the Amazons’ relationship to various gods and goddesses has always been difficult to pin down – until recently.

With DC’s New 52 re-launch came a brand new fiction courtesy of writer Brian Azzarello who instead of shying away from the supernatural, embraced it; Diana was no longer a lump of clay made human, but the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, granting Diana her invincibility and superhuman strength. As a demigod, Diana was thrust into the drama of her extended family: Hades, Hera, Apollo, and the rest of the Olympian deities.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

The result was a reasoned, fantastic take on the character that not only distinguished her from any other hero with whom she usually associates, but became one of the most critically-acclaimed entries in DC’s new lineup. And all things considered, a fresh and inspired enough fiction to justify a big screen adaptation.

But that was before Snyder’s plans, and those of the studio became clear.


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  1. Have her say that she is decende from Greek Gods and have Batman not believe her because that’s not logical and leae it at that. Then the fans who need her to be created by Gods will assume that she is, and the ones who don’t accept gods as real will assume that she and the Amazons come from alien (possibly Kryptonian) origins. I thought that was the way to going in Man of Steel when i found out about the Kara comic. Why do they even have to spell out her origin in the Superman sequel anyway?

  2. In spite of my (impassioned??) defense of a Kryptonian-descended Wonder Woman above, I would like to say that I think a proper Mythological Wonder Woman would probably solve a lot of problems now that could crop up later.

    The trick with Mythology is that, as a source material, it’s very fickle and whimsical. With the right heft and grit you can make it feel real, but it’s hard. You have to start creating rules and context that mythological stories didn’t have, and you have to take some of those stories and say: “Well that didn’t actually happen like that.” (For instance, an approach to magic and mythology similar to the one the “Dresden Files” books take could work I think.)

    It really would require a film unto itself though, so hopefully if that’s what they want to do they’re planning ahead for that, preferably by simply “Not worrying about it” in BvS with intention to flesh it out in a stand alone.

    • Well said.

      • Agreed, well said. I personally love the treatment Azzarello gave Wonder Woman in the New 52, conversing with Hades/Pluto/Hell and Ares/Mars/War as if they were simply people who never died, and whose impact is felt but impossible to pin down.

        I still think that could work as a standalone entry in the DC universe movies, but it would be a big, BIG departure from what WB and DC are trying to do with BvS. And if WW is in it too, they’re clearly thinking of cohesion.

        So for now, I’ll enjoy the movie version, and keep on reading the comics :D

        • Thanks Andrew! :D

          I haven’t been frequenting Screenrant for very long, but I’ve been reading long enough to learn that I typically respect your articles and contributions to discussions. The fact that you’ve given me a thumbs-up not once, but twice in the same thread means a lot! :3

          • Ahhh well thank you very much, that’s definitely my goal. Discussion is definitely more fun than telling people why they’re wrong to think the way they do.

      • Thanks. :D

  3. You know, it might not be a bad move. The Lost member(s)of Krypton advance stranded on Earth, would need to keep their origins secret. Using Earth’s mythology of Gods and goddesses would do that. Keeping themselves hidden with their technology would have worked until say now, in the 21st century and they know they must reveal themselves because Earth/human kind is catching up…? Diana could be more of an ambassador sent out to establish a relationship? Or she could be the sole member, 10,000 years old? Hmmm.

    • A divergent culture, technology and physiology which sets Amazonians apart from their Kryptonian heritage in addition to a tie in to greek mythology might be a great new take take on Wonder Woman for the MOS franchise. No reason to make a sole survivor. Paradise island could still exist, it would simply become a more plausible version with Sci-fi explanations substituting for magical ones. Also, Paradise Island could be a less ornate than in the comics, maybe it is a refuge from a settlement that was destroyed by one of the many eruptions in the last 10k years. Krypton was destroyed by messing with their core after all, so maybe Kryptonians have a long history of lax safety combined with geothermal energy.

      If Aquaman is ever brought into subsequent films in this franchise/series then it also creates a shared backstory, one that could be told through several films. Atlantis is easier to than hide than Paradise Island, so it could be done on a grander scale. Same with Atlanteans, maybe Kryptonians were here mining rare earth minerals on the sea-floor. So, the genetically altered humans to work in the deep ocean. Once Earth is cut off from Krypton the slaves revolt and continue to live in the deep ocean. Maybe, Aquaman is half-Atlantian and half human like he was in the Silver age comic version.

      • @libradad and Bat-Mite: bless you. Bless you both. Very well said. Whether they choose to go that route or not, I’ll be interested to see how they take the origin as a chance to flesh out, not sweep under the rug.

      • Extremely well said. That doesn’t sound like too much if a stretch. And they can keep the themes in there as well.

        • Thanks, the fruits of a misspent youth I suppose.

          • +1

  4. As for me who is not a WW die hard fan, they can twist whatever origin story they like.
    Though they shall not mess with Diana´s curves.

  5. Trying so hard to make this film work when the original idea was to establish superman as a hero to modern audiences; this idea is lost now that the Batfleck took part of the control on the projects. Mr. Goyer is no longer driving the bus but the Batfleck and his team. The article mentions that when they make a reference about Affleck’s Batman. I lost faith in the project since WB announced Affleck as the Batfleck.

    • Is it a bad thing that Chris Terrio is rewriting the script? I have complete faith in this movie now since that news.

  6. My bet? They will mix elements of Azzarello run with odyssey, what is a great arc what tell everthing what you have to know about Wonder Woman and fits the realistic tone of DC films.

  7. They shouldn’t muck about with Diana much. I think the animated Wonder Woman movie was very well done. Not perfect I loathed the voice for Ares. The story was a very good introduction to the character and her world. It would be no small loss to cast aside so many rich stories by removing the Amazon from The Princess of the Amazons.

    I’m sure some or a lot of it could be adapted to better fit her new roots but I don’t think it would add to the story or her character. Princess Diana is too important and it’s too risky. If they do her story justice it opens the door for magic in the DCCU. MoS brought super-powered extraterrestrials into a modern society. She could bring magic and gods. If they want Darkseid they’ll need the other new gods. You can’t have new gods without old gods. She brings a lot to the table with her that in a budding universe is too much to ignore.

    • I don’t disagree, and until a few months ago was with Kofi in wishing WB would just make the animated movie in live action.

      But if she’s being added to Batman vs Superman, that plan goes out the window. In more ways than one :(


    • LOL. I am one of them, but I applaud you on perhaps the most insightful comment yet.

  9. Wonder woman WAS supposed to be a female version of superman, when she was initially conceived. the couple that created her said that she was every bit as powerful as superman and they created her to be an answer to superman. as Marston in an article in 1943 ” …The obvious remedy is to create a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the allure of a good and beautiful woman.” so actually giving her that kryptonian link wouldn’t be so far off the course.

    i agree with andrew’s arguments here. you still have amazons… and you still have gods. they could have settled in Greece, and thus influenced the people there. there’s a lot of potential.

  10. @ Andrew Dyce – I must say that you’ve laid out a very convincing argument for a Kryptonian Wonder Woman. In fact, I was very much against the idea of changing her origins until I read your detailed case in favor of it. Looking at the current Man of Steel universe as we now see it, I really don’t see a way to fit her current mythological origins into this world. MAJOR changes can definately be expected in the film adaptation. I just hope more ideas are being considered over the Kryptonian angle. If all else fails, then we’ll just have to accept the fact that Diana may actually be Kara :-(

    • Appreciate the comment. It definitely took me a long time to think over the idea of a Kryptonian twist to Wonder Woman, and had the same reservations. But like I’ve said in the past (and the article), I think that how I define the character is somewhat different than other fans. Or at least the most vocal.

      Honestly, I think if Goyer and Snyder came out and said they were making a Wonder Woman movie on Themyscira, with sword and shield combat, but the gods and magic playing a minimal role, it would draw less of a backlash.

      It makes sense, since the character could still *appear* to be the same, but I don’t see why that can’t be the case with a Krypton origin either.

  11. Still don’t see it happening, Im pretty sure Snyder and co. will find a way to explain WW to the masses. With his reverence for comic lore I can’t see him changing up the mythos like that.

  12. Whelp say good bye to a justice league dark movie from del toro if they go this direction. DC has always joined the mystical and scientific in a shared universe. Without the gods and magic half the DCU becomes useless or redundant.

    • Why? JL Dark has almost nothing to do with WW’s lore. JL Dark is also not in pre-production, there is no script. It is simply something that a director expressed interest in doing. Being disappointed about JL Dark not being made when it was never planned on being developed is kinda strange. How about focusing on how awesome it is that some version of the JL will be made into a movie.

      • Obviously this movie will set the standard for the tonality and breadth of the dc movie universe. If they decide to ixnay fantasy and have it rooted purely in a benign pseudo scientific world, it closes the door on a shared universe with the mythological aspects of the DCU. I’m not going to get excited about something I don’t like, that’s just preposterous.
        It’s not strange at all to be disappointed in the fact that something you want to happen won’t. In fact aside from people with emotional detachment disorders it’s a pretty common thing to happen.
        I like more than just wonder women, batman and superman in the DCU, any thing that will limit my ability to see all the characters I like on the big screen is disappointing and rightly so.
        Not to mention Del Torro is just a better story teller and director than those who are attached to batman Vs superman. If Dc went this way it would be a horrible shame to all their other great characters and the shared universe they could exist in.

        • First, the idea that a JL Dark movie is on its way is naive. Directors and actors express interest all the time, many times they are prompted with a question and just play with the idea to get through an interview. JL Dark is not happening and if it is it won’t resemble the comic version exactly. It will be Del Toro’s version of it in film which has limits that comics don’t.

          Second, eliminating a magical connection for WW does not negate all magic or the occult. Constantine didn’t much around with Hades, he mucked around with the devil and demons.

          The MOS franchise is not the end all, be all for the DC film Universe. Think of it like DC Elseworlds. As a Batman fan that is what I have always done. I enjoyed Adam West and Christian Bale. I also enjoyed seeing different takes on the basic premise.

          • Yeah, I mean, I have doubted that the film would be called Justice League Dark from the start, unless it comes so far after the success of a Justice League movie franchise that it’s almost tongue in cheek. But if John Constantine and Zatara or Swamp Thing start the film together, a single line of dialogue claiming that newspapers and caped heroes are living in a dream world is all I’d really need.

            But again, it has to be real for the caped heroes IN that world. Keep Wonder Woman out of it and that’s fine, but put her in, and you’ve got changes that have to be made.

            • @Bat-Mite that last post was actually directed at you, I hit the wrong reply, this one is ACTUALLY meant for Dyce, sorry for any confusion.

              These point you make are part of the rub of the article, if you can suspend your disbelief and enjoy a film with a scant explanation and justification for it’s world then why embark on flimsy justification to make it more “believable” with a pseudo scientific approach? It’s unnecessary and only limits what can be done in the cinematic universe. I have no clue it’s grounding to link her to ancient aliens then it is to her being some super human off shoot of humanity. In fact to me it’s more believable that she is from a ruthless race of warrior women that has evolved past the rest of humanity do to their isolation.
              I guess the big problem I have with your justification is that it isn’t any more grounding that she is alien over supernatural in a universe that shucks basic physics anyway. Believability comes from good story telling and compelling characters, not pseudo scientific connections. And I’d still rather have a universe filled with all the characters then to pick and choose ones that will pick one idea of whats fantastically believable.

              • @nemonimity: all solid points. I think that either way, the writers will have a difficult task making Batman and Superman work, or seem as special in a world where Greek gods exist. Plus, the rest of the DC Comics line basically ignores that fact as well, so it’s easy to think that the movie would keep to that rule. That being said, movie audiences don’t know the ropes as well as comic fans, so it’s a game of giving them the explanation that will be the easiest pill to swallow – and they’ve swallowed one already.

                But even if I’d like to see them preserve the Greek god idea (which, in the article, I outline a twist that I would personally be fine with) I just don’t know how you can pull that off with the same tone and level of realism, even if it’s treated with as much weight as Superman’s defying of physics.

            • He said they would call it Dark Universe.


            • The tones may simply be too different to exist in the same film universe. Comics allow for more tangents and loose ends, films need to be somewhat tidier imo.

          • Blargh, I didn’t say the movie was on it’s way, Del torro has a bunch of stuff on his plate he keeps busy, hes got a new show starting up, his next movie is coming in April and he’s always got a ton of ideas yeas and he goes with the ones he knows he can get done. naivete is assuming That the tent pole of a franchise isn’t the end all be all for a shared universe. Man of steel set the tone for what this new universe is about, and with all it’s character batman vs superman will set the tonality for what kind and how other characters are broached in this new shared universe. Once again that doesn’t bode well for all the other characters and aspects of the DCU. I’d also invite you to re read Hellblazer and it’s connected comics. Constantine deals with just about every aspect of mythology and the occult of the DCU in his travels.

            • Ok, my bad. No need to Blargh.

              I guess what I am trying to say is that WW is difficult to adapt, everyone knows it. So are many elements in DC. The current MOS franchise is the beginning. Bats v Supes will build off of MOS. From there, who knows. Batman does not need a solo movie to set up his bonofides. But, maybe you do three solo movies that are connected and each introduce new JL members. Release all three within say two or three years of each other. Then, you do JL facing an invasion by Darkseid. Something like this:

              Man of Tomorrow(Supes)- Set up Cyborg & Star Labs and develop other story elements.
              Wonder Woman- Develop WW more and introduce Aquaman. Underwater, Atlantis, Paradise Island, tho would be a big movie in scope.
              The Flash- Set up the Flash and re-introduce the GL. Scope can be kept small and more personal. GL re-introduction can be used to set-up the JL movie and big threat or just as a cameo.

              That gets you seven members and then the following move could be Justice League. That is four more movies after Batman vs Superman. I think it is a somewhat realistic projection.

              I agree that in the comics Constantine deals with everything. But, the films will never be exactly like the comics. It is a different medium. For example, Clayface would have made no sense in the Dark Knight. But, he fits in with the comics though again not every comic version of Batman.

              • Pardon my blargh! I agree with what you’ve posted regarding what they need to do to get a good and believable roster going for a jl movie, I myself might be being unclear. I really don’t mind them changing the characters to suite the cinematic universe. The problem I have is with the idea of grounding everything as a link with aliens. I don’t think MoS precluded a supernatural bent to the world and even found jor el to express some pretty spiritualized energy to the movie. His character though a scientist provided the movie with an almost spiritual aspect that I think gets over looked. He almost struck me as some scientist priest amalgam. I see wonder women as being the character that can bring that out in the universe. Its not like you’d have to go crazy with ghosts and leprechauns and the easter bunny, spirituality and the paranormal could fit fine in the world by leaving it subdued and as uncanny circumstances. A kryptonian origin I think would ruin that other worldly feeling. We know what the kryptonians are we know who supes is. The same goes for bats. With wonder women they can set a tone for the fantasy aspects of the dcu as one of mystery andnawe

                • Typing on a tablet……

                  ..A tone that opens up those aspects as something to be thought on and discovered. You could bring in those other characters with just the hint that there’s more to this universe then what orbits the stars. To me giving ww an alien origin would just limit what could be done, make other future characters harder to write in, and give up the most plausible character they have for introducing some of the more fantastic elements of what can be. The Greek gods don’t have to be a physical reality any more than rao is to the kryptonians but wonder women shouldn’t be alien and should be the ace in the hole for the fantasy aspects of the universe.

              • Forgot to add that the JLA movie could introduce Hawkwoman as Thangarian slave on Apokolips. Maybe, JL members free her or something, perhaps along with Martian Manhunter, he could be the last Martian held in a Zoo on Apokolips. Whatever the outcome of the potential JL movie, it is a great time for comic fans.

  13. Agreed, either do Wonder Woman properly or not at all. To make her of Kryptonian descent would be a waste of great source material.

  14. Who cares if it would work or not? It was just pure speculation by some guy. It isn’t going to happen.

    • Well, this article (which I’m not sure you read) explores the issues that will arise from ANY attempt to bring Wonder Woman’s fiction into that of Man of Steel or Batman, not just through a Kryptonian origin so… I’m guessing fans will care sooner or later.

  15. Why all the Krypton and (or) Greek god talk? Why can’t you just say the Amazons are a splinter group of women who left Atlantis? If you can’t believe that an island of warrior women live off the grid and found a way to hide an island, how can you believe that Atlantis has been around all this time and never been found? I’m sure they can explain her powers thru magic somehow. I mean, how do they plan on introducing Aquaman? They should of never started this “grounded in reality” Bullsh*t in the 1st place.
    These are SUPERHEROES! they are supposed to be fantastic!! REAL heroes are fire fighters and doctors and our armed forces. Superheroes are supposed to be over the top with crazy origin stories and costumes and so on. Enough with this “grounded” crap …

    • Is it necessary for all superhero movies to treat superheroes the exact same way? That’s an argument for uniformity, so I think you might just like Marvel’s movies better. That doesn’t mean there’s no merit in WB or DC’s approach (which the comments here make clear).

  16. I could not agree more with the supportive tone of this essay. Thank you for articulating so fluently the case for Kryptonian origins.

    Simply put, I do not see the “Greek mythological” take on Wonder Woman as coexisting in the established Man of Steel universe. The heavy Greek stuff might work fine in a standalone film, but that is not the situation here.

    Also, to put things in perspective, how large a percentage of general audiences care about Wonder Woman’s origins? I can’t answer that question myself, but I do not believe that it is a large percentage at all. I am a casual superhero enthusiast who can’t wait to see Wonder Woman onscreen, but to be completely honest, her mythological backstory has always been the least attractive, hardest part of her to buy into. What I care about is Diana as a singular character, with powers and a cool costume, and how she relates to the other Justice League members. And I strongly suspect that the vast majority of other moviegoers are the same way.

    Which is to say – damn the torpeodes, just do the Kryptonian thing and don’t worry about the “uproar” that it cause amongst certain fans. It makes sense and ties into Man of Steel, which FINALLY updated Superman, something that had been needed for so long. If we really want a good film, that seems the best strategy to me.

    • Haha, I appreciate your comments, so you’re very welcome. I tend to think that stomping on somebody’s effort to be creative might be the first urge, but doesn’t really get anyone anywhere.

      And you’re definitely right about the audience; as much as people may claim to hold Wonder Woman in their hearts, it’s usually the case that they’re holding her there from a single comic or show, since WW’s sales numbers for DC have been a consistent challenge. Even when Gail Simone was doing outstanding – outstanding – writing on the series, it never garnered the praise it deserved. Why? Because for most people (and again, most people who would go see a WW movie don’t read the comics, by default) the story, character traits, history and personal twists and turns, not to mention updates, aren’t what define the character for them.

      The cynic in me wants to say that people just want to see the version of Wonder Woman that they know, regardless of how singular, outdated, or simply in the minority that happens to be. But if she’s going to be the only female hero to even approach the same level of Superman in either strength or character, there’s more important things to worry about than why she can lift really, really big things.

  17. Wonderwoman being of Krytonian origin is silly. Why tie her & Superman together when he’s got enough relation already. Is it because WB/DC don’t want magic in their universe which worked great for Thor & is one other thing Superman’s powers don’t protect him against besides Green K

    Bring in Supergirl,Superboy later on who are of kryptonian heritage. Keep WonderWoman as a Amazon.

  18. Why do I get the distinct impression that the powers that be at Warner Brothers haven’t got a clue what they’re doing? I fear they’re going to royally screw up the World’s Finest movie; it’ll suck, it won’t make it’s money back and we’ll be blamed. It’s always our fault when a movie tanks, the studio rarely if ever accepts responsibility.

    • @ erich

      I hear ya. It’s like the Schumacher Batman films. Schumacher has his fair share of blame but no-one seems to remember it was WB idea to make the franchise Family Friendly for starts in the first place.

      • If you remember, Batman vs Superman was in the works before Man of Steel was even released. I don’t think WB have a plan spanning all the way to 2021 like Marvel does but I do believe they have a rough plan. And there’s no way in hell this movie is bombing at the box office, no matter what the quality of it is.

      • I think that WB is mostly just concerned with making money, and have finally realized that in live action, their (DC) characters work better with more seriousness and less fantasy. And I’m totally on board with that.

        • The reality is all studios only care about making money. And I love that WB/DC is taking their properties more seriously. I like and enjoy most of the Marvel movies but its nice to see WB taking their universe more seriously and epic.

        • With less fantasy & humor, I find the films be harder to make as their universe grows with supporting characters & villains. Can’t expect the villains to be like Nolan’s versions because that’s not what WB/DC are aiming for now.

          • Yeah, Marvel isn’t churning out two films a year just because they think each character deserves to stand on their own.

            Plus, I have a problem with the idea that WB is getting greedy by putting Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman into one movie together, because I would absolutely buy a ticket to each if they all got their own instead.

            • @ Andrew Dyce

              Agreed. Not to mention WB like to rush things. Id buy a ticket to each solo film of each hero myself. Who cares they’d be doing the same thing as Marvel. Obviously its clear WB want a film to compete with Avengers 2 in the same year.

  19. I’ll admit that I halfway believed this rumor. Let’s face it. That idea is a very ‘Warner Bros.’ thing to do. LOL.

    It’s easy to see that a lot of people take issue with the mythological element of WW. Adding an alien element to WW would make it easier for her character to translate on film. I prefer going full out Olympian. I think people could grasp it. However, Warner Bros. has made it clear they like everything to be gritty and real. I could deal with the Amazons being descendants of aliens…as long as the aliens aren’t Kryptonian.

    If the Amazons were to have alien-like roots why would they have to be Kryptonian? I’ve yet to see an argument that fully persuades me.

    Most people who advocate for the Kryptonian heritage use the argument that it would allow some explanation for the Amazon’s strength. Why not have the Olympians be aliens that came to Earth? The Alien aspect makes it more palatable and the Olympians get their time to shine. People from Krypton sent scout ships to Earth. So what? That’s Kara’s storyline.

    • Well… I think the only response I have is that audiences already accepted Krypton, and have an absolutely clear idea of that culture, their values, and the powers they have on Earth. So it seems like less of a leap to say that Superman isn’t the only one left, than it is to say that a completely different race of advanced aliens *also* came to Earth, and *also* have superhuman powers, and *also* look human.

      Honestly, if aliens is an answer that people could accept, it seems *less* clunky and awkward to me to just say they’re the ones everyone already knows, rather than a different race that is almost identical in every way..

  20. As long as her armored costume is made out of a fishnet bathing suit, I guess I can handle any other divergence from canon….!

  21. I know that a lot of people are going to go see this movie, regardless of how it turns out, but with the exception of the Affleck announcement (I’ve always been a fan of his. Not every movie was perfect, but find me one actor who never made a misstep or two)every subsequent announcement or rumor really just turns me off. Couple that that with Goyer’s name continuing to pop up (I know there are people who feel he can do no wrong, but I’m betting those people haven’t seen Nick Fury Agent of Shield starring David Hasselhoff)I’m just not looking forward to it. I know that MOS did a lot of money but the difference between MOS and Avengers was about 900,000,000 million dollars and that wasn’t because that many more people went to see the Avengers, it was that people were going to see it multiple times.

    • MOS did better than either one of the 1st phase Marvel stand alone films. MOS had a worldwide take of $668,045,518. Captain America, which was great, earned $370,569,774 worldwide. The Avengers made more money and had more immediate re-watchablity because it was something entirely new. Also, it was huge overseas with nearly a billion dollars in revenue from there alone, so multiple viewings were not how it made the record money.

      • But those numbers have to be put in context.
        Iron Man 1 did 585mil, 2 did 623 mil, thor did 450

        And these heroes are in no way as well known as superman. Superman already has had a proper 4 movie run…then a previous reboot..Its hardly fair to compare it to a Thor movie or a Cap movie.

        When the characters became well known..that’s when a comparison could be made. After avengers..Iron Man achieved a similar…though still a tiny bit less..level of popularity than Superman. Iron Man 3 therefore went for 1.2 billion. And it wasn’t even that good.

        If MOS divides audiences even before the movie is out…than realistically…it won’t be as successful as WB expect. WB were very happy with MOS. But early buzz was that it would hit a billion. Kevin Smith was saying it. WB executives were saying it. All the comic book sites were saying it. But as the movie went into its late 2nd and 3rd week..thats wen most of the hardcore fan audience had seen it. And it divided opinion. Not everyone was recommending it. It had poor word-of-mouth…and..it did fall slightly short of expectation.

        MOS was negatively (wrongly..in my opinion) impacted by people saying there was too much destruction..and the whole superman kills controversy..(i thought it was fine..portrayed very well). But all of this impacted ticket sales considerably.

        This movie already has had batman casting controversies. Wonder Woman looks controversy (that one was weird…). If they do end up change WW’s origin…that just piles on more stuff. The sales would be impacted negatively. And for no real reason….WB considered Sup Returns to be a failure wen it doubled its budget. They set a high bar…

        Snyder though..probably won’t go in for the whole amazo-kryptonian. He does stick relatively close to source.

        • Exactly, IM made buckets and was the great. My point is that #1 MOS did well at the box office for a re-boot with an unknown actor that had many skeptical fanboys during filming. #2 The Avengers had a built in audience by the time it came out, an audience that included nearly a billion dollars from overseas. #3 MOS was a solo movie and compared to other solo movies it did well.

          Superman has so much baggage. There have been many versions of him in various forms of media(film, comics, tv) and so more people feel ownership over how he should be portrayed. The controversy over him killing Zod is a great example. Superman has been killing in the comics since he debuted. He evolved over time though and certainly the version of Superman on the Super Friends Cartoon would never kill. It also becomes part of the news cycle/outrage generator and used to distract from real issues and matters of public policy because that stuff is boring to research and report.

          • MOS had no where nearr the skepticism this movie has.

            The audience are all ready divided by Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot castings (wrongly..both would do a great job..i think). Such a huge chunk of fans still have a problem with the killing (I only ever had a slight problem with it..just that i didnt expect it.) Such a huge chunk of fans have a problem with the wanton destruction caused in the first movie.

            And on top of that…change the origin of a beloved character.

            This is not a recipe for success.

      • But what is behind the Man of Steel movie?

        Stage 1 Marvel movies laid the groundwork for Stage 2, Stage 3 and so on.

        Warner Brothers have done Man of Steel and now Superman vs Batman and then what?

        Will they have a series of Batman and Superman movies where each one introduces a secondary character?

        They don’t seem to have a coherent vision in the way Marvel does.

  22. I think the ancient aliens treatment will be pretty widely accepted after the way a lot of those theories have developed recently.

    “Kryptonian origins” doesn’t mean she’s Kryptonian. It’s just a spark that creates a mythos that answers questions.

    Themyscira could have been a Kryptonian settlement (with Kryptonians and some animals and etc), but they have evolved and changes culture and their own origins are only known as myth…

    If there can be shows on the History Channel about Pharaohs being aliens, then they can do the same for amazonian origins without simultaneously trampling the mythic origins. I don’t think the two versions have to be mutually exclusive.

    • Exactly. I think (and this is backed up on Twitter and some comments) that people simply read that rumor or this headline, assumed it meant Diana had escaped Krypton just like Superman, and was now appearing on the scene with her backstory completely erased… which I don’t think would ever be the case.

  23. I love the idea of the Amazons and Greek Gods being descended from “ancient aliens.” I think that is a freakin brilliant.
    I like the idea of tying up the loose end that is the open pod from MOS.

    This is just not the way to do either IMO.

    Not sure what to do with the open pod, I guess they will just have to figure that out. But if a DCMU is going to introduce the Green Lantern at some point… there are countless worlds for Diana to have come from. Why make it Krypton?

  24. You make a compelling argument, however wouldn’t it be better in the long run to make the Greek Gods the same species as Darkseid and the rest of the New Gods instead of Kryptonian? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2RGP1ZnIqw To me that would be the way to go when trying to explain how a modern sword and sandals film like her animated one be set in the same universe as Superman to a modern audience.

    • Why not make all there of Kryptonian descent? Darkseid and Superman share many of the same powers and are on the same power level roughly.

      If Krypton had a galactic empire then there would have colonies which became empires in their own right. Think of what happened when Rome fell. Nature abhors a vacuum. Apokolips could be ruled by a genetically modified elite who are descended from ancient kryptonians and they rule over a empire using slavery, subjection and advanced technology on a facist scale. Apokolips could be a very dark reflection of Krypton’s past. Darkseids Omega Beam also makes way more sense and becomes infinitely cooler imo. It is a genetically manipulated and weaponized version of heat vision that developed in a different environment.

      • That’s exactly the problem. Why not make everybody of Kryptonian descent ?
        Lets have wonder woman, aquaman, martian manhunter, darkseid, flash…everyone of kryptonian descent.

        That’s what’s lazy about this idea. It can explain everything. And explain it in a fairly lame way. Ya..everyone with powers is kryptonian.
        Now all we need is a little engineered kryptonite..and we can solve this whole “super hero” thing…

        There needs to be diversity in storytelling as well. Different worlds..different mythos, different origins. Otherwise its the Justice League of Krypton.

        Boring. Wrong. Against the character.

        If you want a woman of kryptonian descent…use kara. If you want villains frm krypton..use zod or doomsday. But using WW as a kryptonian…that’s lazy and wrong. She has her own origin which needen’t be tied to anyone else for the sake of convenience.

        • I fully agree with you if they go the Kryptonian way they are just being lazy and ignoring 70+ years of WW source material.
          Ofcourse I understand they want the origin story to be simple but hell they can do that with what is already available and accepted by the DC community through the comics.

          Despite what people (myself included) thought of the Green Lantern movie at least they respected the origin.
          Myself I can’t stand the fact that they had Superman kill Zod in the last movie and for me it ruined the story.

          Seeking to improve excisting material is one thing but don’t go change it in such a way that it has bugger all to do with what is the expected norm.
          Big changes like that should come via the original source (the comics) and not by people who are only in it for a very short time before they move on and forget the gigantic mess they left behind.

      • Do you think the Guardians of OA should be from Krypton too? I’m just saying even in a “realistic” DC world there has to be much more than just one other alien race.

        • You are spot on if everyone has to be from Krypton then why not the little blue pain in the arses from OA.

          Rewriting the entire DC universe so that everyone is from or related to Krypton to make it easier to fill plot holes simply means you have bad couldn’t care less writers of your script.
          I mean what is next they introduce Darkseid the numero uno baddie in DC and what he is going to be Supermans grandfather gone evil?????? Therefore negating the entire 4th world gods storyline, sweet jesus Jack kirby must be doing backflips in his grave.

    • @JG: That’s an idea that’s definitely worth some more discussion. They would presumably bring in Darkseid at some point, so that could act as a link. Maybe just tease the idea to begin with, and let the full story be fleshed out later?

      • Thanks, plus Darkseid’s son Orion plays a big part in her current comic now too.

  25. “Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad?” – YES. (Sighs) The realism fanatics are going to kill the DC cinematic universe. I said it before and I will say it again: The Nolan films WERE JUST MOVIES, NOT REAL. Get over it realism fanatics. Wozzy, wozzy, woo woo.

  26. Honestly, I’d be okay with this.

  27. And why they havent succeeeded in making a WW movie in 20 years of trying? Because they want to make another supergirl movie now and DC movie making in general is a freaking joke

  28. Arent gods aliens in their own right? They have extraordinary powers that put them above mortals, but so do many alien species in the DC Universe. Darkseid is practically a god himself, and AMAZO in the animated Justice League series became the most powerful being in that universe. Is that not god-like?

    Being a god or an alien is merely different ways of looking at the same thing. So how about this: The Greek gods are super-powered aliens that exist in their own dimension of space-time, and they like to play and mingle with mortal races from other dimensions. They have a superiority complex because being superior is all they know, thus they demand to be revered and worshiped as gods.

    Insert Diana’s New 52 origin, and BAM, there’s your movie.

  29. I would be okay with the concept of the Greek Gods being aliens, but would DESPISE the angle of Wonder Woman being a Kryptonian. It would not only cheapen WW’s backstory, but Superman’s backstory as well.