Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad?

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Wonder Woman Kryptonian Origin Theory Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

For fans eagerly awaiting news on the story or production of Batman vs. Superman, the last few weeks (or months before that) have been a bit of a roller coaster. And no character has been the source of more discussion, speculation, rumor-mongering or debate than Wonder Woman. Especially not once the question was raised of whether writer David S. Goyer and director Zack Snyder would alter Wonder Woman’s origins, characterizing the heroine as a descendant of Krypton – just like Superman.

Changes to canon aside, we have to ask: could it be a wise move in the long run? The fan objections are easy to grasp, and completely justified – even if an infusion of Krypton into Wonder Woman’s history might help solve several troublesome issues that Snyder, or whomever accepts the task of helming a Wonder Woman solo film must face.

It’s also worth pointing out from the outset that the idea of a Kryptonian origin for Diana and the Amazons was never a reported rumor, simply speculation, and other ‘sources’ have since come forward to claim that they are FAR from accurate. Even so, neither Snyder nor Goyer has come forward to refute the claim (not that we’d even believe them), so the question remains valid.

At this point, it’s impossible to say exactly how the filmmakers may be changing Wonder Woman’s origins – or Batman’s, for that matter – but they proved with Man of Steel that they aren’t afraid of adding to or revising the mythology. The Amazonian princess is a harder sell for Snyder’s more grounded universe, so fans should expect changes regardless.

…After all, the way we see it, a Kryptonian twist may not be the worst possible version we could get.


The Current Origin

Wonder Woman 1 Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

If there is one thing that the discussion surrounding Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman made clear, it’s that the world’s greatest superheroine’s origins are not nearly as well-known as those of either Superman or Batman. So first we’ll outline the basic points – those which die-hard fans are no doubt hoping to see preserved for Diana’s jump to the big screen.

The story begins with the Amazons: a fictional society consisting entirely of fierce, powerful warrior women with roots in classical mythology. In the DC Comics universe, those Amazons are much more than a simple myth, inhabiting a hidden island known as Themyscira (‘Paradise Island’) with a culture (and ancestry?) taken from the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

While every woman was versed in combat (and possessed varying levels of immortality and invincibility over the years), the one thing they did not know was motherhood. That is, not until their Queen Hippolyta begged the gods for a daughter, and along came Diana, the newly-dubbed Princess of the Amazons.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

That basic premise is about as detached from reality as one can get, so in recent decades, the character’s history has been retconned and tweaked by numerous writers. With more modern questions came answers: the Amazons don’t simply live forever, but travel to shore to gain information and… offspring from men, keeping only the daughters for their society.

Similarly, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet was rendered useless when Diana was granted the ability to fly. But the Amazons’ relationship to various gods and goddesses has always been difficult to pin down – until recently.

With DC’s New 52 re-launch came a brand new fiction courtesy of writer Brian Azzarello who instead of shying away from the supernatural, embraced it; Diana was no longer a lump of clay made human, but the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus, granting Diana her invincibility and superhuman strength. As a demigod, Diana was thrust into the drama of her extended family: Hades, Hera, Apollo, and the rest of the Olympian deities.

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

The result was a reasoned, fantastic take on the character that not only distinguished her from any other hero with whom she usually associates, but became one of the most critically-acclaimed entries in DC’s new lineup. And all things considered, a fresh and inspired enough fiction to justify a big screen adaptation.

But that was before Snyder’s plans, and those of the studio became clear.


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  1. It’s not bad… at all, I just don’t like the idea.
    Plus it’s going to divide fans and audience once again, and I don’t like that…

    I really like this statement I read in one site, “If audience can accept Loki, why not Diana”. I mean, the writer of that article did state something obvious, if we don’t have any difficulties accepting that Loki and Thor can exist in the movies eventhough they are things of legends/myths… why not Amazonians and Diana? Why bother changing her origin and all.

    • The difference there (in the Marvel Movie Universe compared to DC comics to state first)the Asgardians were worshiped as mythical Norse Gods when in reality they’re just an incredibly advanced species. It goes back to the veil of disbelief, if DC wants to have a more grounded, believable…to a point, universe; it’s tough to establish these Kryptonian aliens, and also have Amazonians descended from the gods.

      I see it more plausible to go the Thor way, have them be an advanced, near immortal race of aliens that were discovered/worshiped by the ancient Greeks.

      • I feel like the humans in the Marvel universe view the Asgardians through a scientific lens because it’s more comforting, but there’s still aspects of the THOR franchise that are more fantasy/mythology, like the flat discs comprising the nine realms and Thor’s hammer and all the magic. I don’t feel like they’ve given everything in that section of their universe a scientific explanation, which would be what making the Amazonians Kryptonian would be doing.

        But Marvel seems to get that “superhero” isn’t actually a genre, so they can have both a fantasy franchise (THOR) and a sci-fi franchise (GotG) within their larger universe without needing to reconcile them. WB/DC seems to want to find a more uniform approach.

        • You’re definitely right to point out that Thor is straddling some pretty divisive ideas of science and technology. It worked in Avengers when they just completely wrote our the magic, but even in The Dark World, trying to walk back and forth between Earth and Asgard was a major issue for me.

  2. I’d be up for it ultimately. I mean, this is a new version of Wonder Woman. This is the Man of Steel version of Wonder Woman. They are not setting out to adapt this specific version or that specific version, this is a new version. But as Wonder Woman’s first big screen appearance, I would rather it be close to the original interpretations.

    • This isn’t an original comment, but I think it would be sort of problematic to tie the origin story of the biggest female superhero into the origin story of maybe the biggest superhero overall, who is, obviously, male. (Unless it’s Batman, I don’t know?)

      Wonder Woman’s then just a possibly marginally less powerful version of Superman, being introduced in a Superman/Batman movie to be a supporting player in a future JLA behind Supes and Bats, since DC somehow couldn’t manage to make a standalone Wonder Woman movie after all these years. I mean, DC’d basically just be saying they think there’s no way to make Wonder Woman work at that point, even as Marvel is somehow making Thor work, more or less, and they seem to be making the moves you’d need to make to make GotG and Ant-Man work.

      If there’s really no way to make a non-Kryptonian Wonder Woman work, then you might as well just introduce Supergirl as your female superhero instead.

      • I don’t think that the origin story of Wonder Woman would need to be “tied” to Superman’s at all really. Unless you’re saying that an ‘origin story’ is just where the powers come from genetically, and nothing to do with who the character is or why an audience should care about them.

        Also, don’t you think that making Diana potentially on par with Superman is kind of a huge step forward for how audiences should view her, since nobody has ever really stood toe to toe with him in terms or power?

        • Making the Amazonians descended from Kryptonians ties her mythology (rather than origin story) into Superman’s, who is probably always going to be more important to the WB/DC movie universe. She’d no longer be a completely standalone franchise character; she’d be an offshoot of Superman’s franchise at that point.

          They can make Wonder Woman on par with Superman without making her Kryptonian, couldn’t they? And that assumes that they would make her on par with Superman anyway, instead of just giving her her usual set of powers, but with a Kryptonian explanation for them.

  3. I don’t believe that rumor is true for a second but After all the crap you guys gave Marvel for the mandarin stuff and that article Kofi wrote pretty much blasting Marvel for potentially altering Ultron’s origin, you’re gonna try to give this a pass? Sounds pretty hypocritical guys.

    • This article was written by me, not Kofi. We are allowed to disagree on certain characters and points (and regularly do :)). Plus, this is an editorial meant to get people thinking about what a change to WW’s origin would mean for the movie universe as a whole, not a single hero or villain, so the context seems a little different.

  4. It would be dumb. I’m all for changing things up from the comics, to a point, but this is ‘abusing’ even that.

  5. The reason it’s a bad idea is it turns the most popular, most well-known superheroine in comic book/superhero history into a Superman knockoff. It also generfies the brand. You want these characters to be less alike when they come together, not more alike. That’s what – potentially – makes their coming together so interesting.

    • She kinda always was supermans knockoff
      She was created by a man/wife couple to be the female hero after supes and bats were popular.
      Its just that feminist movements, pop culture and such made her that icon.

      • She’s a knockoff of Superman as much as every superpowered superhero is. And in that case, they’re all knockoffs of Doc Savage and John Carter.

        But no, in real life, she’s not really a knockoff of Superman.

        • Exactly…

          Wonder Woman has her own origin..and its fairly kickass. She doesn’t need to be linked..or explained away conveniently..

        • Who’s to say that Superman isn’t a knockoff of her?

          Do we really care so much about the source of powers, more than the character of those who wield them?

          • he was made first and the man who made wonder with his wife wanted a female version for girls

        • yet not every hero has black hair, blue eyes, super strength and wears red white and blue.

      • Umm… No.

        Tht’s an absurd comment. And EXACTLY why she shouldn’t have her origin changed.

        She’s wayyy different than superman. She has her own identity..her own origin…
        And its strong enuf to carry a franchise.

      • Unlike Supes, WW needs real skills to survive instead of relying on being nigh invulnerable (bracers to bounce all that bullet fire), she can be hurt and even killed (even as a demi-god), she has her own unique powers like her lasso (and tiara but we aren’t gonna talk about that one).

        Not even close to the same.

        • Are you all thinking that making her ancestor from 10,000 years ago from the same planet as Superman’s means all of those specifics just disappear? Why wouldn’t she still have her own identity?

  6. I don’t like it. she’d have a kryptonite weakness and I feel like that just changes the battlefield too much. The cool part about the Justice League is the wide spectrum of cultures and stories from intergalactic space cop to amazon goddess. Why change the characters you are trying to honor

    • she wouldnt be weak to kyptonite if shes part human.

      • and that’s because?……..Not sure why being part human somehow nullifies that susceptibility. Not everyone get’s the “Blade syndrome” (gaining all of the advantages but none of the weaknesses). It’s just as possible that she would inherit the same weakness as opposed to having it bred out. The stronger possibility is the human part would maybe lessen the susceptibility.

        • I have my doubts that Kryptonite will be showing up before something a bit more concrete does. Then again, Lex is a devious bugger.

        • IF the people had been on earth for 10,000 years don’t you think her powers would’ve evolved a little bit and maybe she gained her own new kind of weakness and lost the kryptonite one?

        • because its fiction.

  7. i just want the movies to respect and glorify the source and the core of this universe and take it seriously, this is a fictional universe and wonder woman should be her own individual capable of existing without superman or krypton. stop trying to force every character to be the same as batman.

  8. I don’t think a character’s origins, whether if it’s a regular book or a comic book, should be changed. Just leave s**t alone and also stick to the source material!!!

  9. I say just write in the Amazons and god and the Others take the general audience.

    I know the studio will make changes to make sure it’s still all about the $$$.

    Yes people like the real world feel to the DCCU but it did paint them into a corner a bit.

  10. It would be interesting and create an opening and set up for other heroes such as aquaman.

  11. I dont disagree with this because it changes source material, but because most of WW’s individuality as a character and her ability to carry a solo film. If WW is a Kryptonian, who are her villains? Most of her memorable villains are very steeped in Fantasy/ Greek Mythology(Circe, Cheetah, Ares, etc.). If you take away that single element, then giving her her own movie has become that much harder, because you removed her entire rogues gallery. I think that JeremyJahns put it best when he said a Wonder Woman movie should be like God of War with a hot chick. Without this key element (her mythological origin), you either have to make up new villains or rewrite old villains to fit her new mythology. Wonder Woman now has no villains of her own or distinctive character elements to call her own anymore, so why should she have her own movie and how would a movie thats basically a cross between Man of Steel & Gladiator with a chick even work?

    • You would go the Thor route and make the mythological beings of such high technology that it appears as magic.

    • If Wonder Woman can be given a different origin and come out of it more realistic and practical, then so can her villains.

  12. Here’s another rumor.

  13. Wonder Woman as a Kryptonian would be a complete copout.

  14. The character has stood on her own origins for more than 70 years. There’s no reason to change her, modernize her, make her more realistic, more relatable, darker, grittier, or any of the the other catchphrases Hollywood likes to throw out to justify their incessant need to reinvent a character who already had the popularity to make the leap to films in the first place. We already have a female Kryptonian heroine: Supergirl.

    • So by that stance, I’m guessing you’re also against what DC and WB have done with Batman and Superman?

      • Superman was still from Krypton, still raised by the Kents on a farm, still the outsider, all the core history and origins he’s always had. Batman has always been driven by his parents murders in every film, using his privilege to fund his pursuits as a vigilante. Having his suit and car designed by an ally of his father or having Clark Kent roam the world finding himself is hardly equal to the type of change being suggested for Wonder Woman suddenly having Kryptonian heritage. It might work for an Elseworlds title, but an entire film franchise/universe? It takes away the character’s distinctiveness.

        • I think people need to decide whether they take issue with what WW’s powers ARE, versus HOW she has them. If her powers come from some place that is so at odds with the tone that WB and DC are going for, I think I would rather have them come from somewhere that lets the character work. Again, I love the mythology origin as well, but if they don’t change her powers, just swap one weird race that they never planned on talking about for another, it doesn’t seem like it has to be disrespectful or an “insta-fail” like some are claiming.

          Plus, Snyder and Goyer changed Superman’s parents significantly, Zod significantly, the Kents significantly (everything from their age, Jonathan’s outlook on Clark’s secret to his fate) so I think you’re claiming a bit less originality or updating than actually took place there..

          • Those changes in MOS is why it didn’t make as much as it could have. Alot of people still have a problem with those changes. I didn’t like how Pa Kent died or his attitude toward saving people. But I still loved MOS.

            I know some people that didn’t watch it because people were telling them don’t watch it save your money because of the changes and when they rented it they really liked it. The changed divided fans and critics.

            The Krypton origins will divide fans and critics on WW. A good movie should bring people together for good entertainment not divide them.

  15. I find the possibility of a change in origin to be unnecessary for two major reasons. First of all Wonderwoman’s origin is very fantasy/mythology oriented which is an avenue that has only been used by Thor in movies so far. With all of the alien origins that have been tied into superhero films, I would be excited at a mythological and majestic background as opposed to “oh yeah she is just another alien with powers”. If they are going to make her similar to Superman then just call her Supergirl so there can be some small shred of connection to the comics. Not only is the Wonderwoman origin interesting and could spawn an in depth origin film but it also creates more questions than it answers. If she is kryptonian then shouldn’t she have all of the same powers? Then they are going to say “oh yeah but she is a human/kryptonian hybrid to she is not full powered like Superman”. I suppose that can work but it seems like far more effort to craft that kind of origin and expect average movie audiences to get it. Seems lame in my book, Wonderwoman as a demigod makes her way more menacing and better explains her disdain for the world of man (assuming they give her that complex). That was probably more than two reasons but I think ideas are clear.

    • thor films have science fiction explanations like this though.

    • I meant the new origin would create more questions then answers…. damn I cannot type correctly after working all day!!!

      • @Wstage: You don’t think that introducing that magic to the world of Batman or Superman would mean either ignoring it at the cost of a shared universe, or injecting it into Bats and Supes’ fiction where it also doesn’t belong?

        • I noted up top that Marvel does this already with its fantasy franchise, THOR, which I don’t feel has completely explained away all the magic/mythology elements. The MCU is also introducing Scarlet Witch and wlll presumably some day bring in Dr. Strange. Admittedly, WB/DC seems has been, but it’s not as if there isn’t recent precedent for a superhero universe or even a single superhero film to feature both magic and science and somehow audiences have managed to accept it.

          • Accidentally cut something: “Admittedly, WB/DC has been more concerned with maintaining uniformity across its universe than Marvel seems to have been, but it’s not as if there isn’t recent precedent for a superhero universe or even a single superhero film to feature both magic and science and somehow audiences have managed to accept it.”

            • Oh absolutely, I’m hoping that the Justice League Dark and potential Sandman movie are worked into the DC universe on film like they are in the comics. But even in the comics, the editors know to keep them isolated to what they do best since each character has their own fanbase who may or may not want to see Batman fighting a wizard.

              As for the Thor angle, exactly how much of Asgard is worked into the Earth-based heroes is up for debate – especially since most of those magical items are complete plot devices. That’s why you can’t have Captain American or Iron Man go to Asgard, or make Thor rely on hitting things when he comes to Earth. The characters can cross over physically, maybe, but their fiction can’t really admit two different heroes.

              Iron Man 3 had nothing to do with the cosmic side, and even Tony Stark isn’t as grounded or realistic as DC or WB seems to be aiming for.

        • I’ll also note that you’re phrasing it as introducing something to the Batman and Superman franchises where it doesn’t belong, which suggests you think preserving the rules of those universes is more important than preserving the rules of the Wonder Woman franchise.

          • I’m making a case for cohesion, if anything. And if both Batman and Superman have been established for audiences, then Wonder Woman is most likely going to be made relevant to their universe, but I would think it would go the opposite way if the order was reversed. It’s nothing against one character or another.

        • Well, I don’t think the Wonderwoman origin should be a part of this movie at all. However, magic or “godlike” abilities ( of non-kryptonian origin) can fit into this world in my opinion. While “Clash of the Titans” wasn’t the best film, I could envision that type of cinematic style for a Wonderwoman standalone. I guess I just have such strong nostalgia for the Justice League animated series (had several episodes depicting Themiscera). That series seemed to really make Wonderwoman click in my mind since I have never read any of her actual comics. It’s not like the single worst thing that could happen, but it is a chunk of the puzzle.

  16. Now combining Aquaman’s and Wonder woman’s origins might be interesting… Bot from Greek sources, one favored by Poseidon and given tech to survive the sinking of Atlantis and other favored by Zeus to survive in secret…

    • Better if the olympian gods were kryptonians.

  17. If the movie writers want Wonder Woman and the Amazons to be descendants of aliens, why do those aliens have to be Kryptonian? If an audience can suspend disbelief and buy into the existence of Kryptonians in the Man of Steel movie, the same audience can certainly buy the existence of multiple alien races in the sequel. The alien connection to Wonder Woman and the Olympian gods could be hinted at in the Man of Steel sequel and more fully fleshed out in a standalone WW movie. That would be better than changing her into either a Superman sidekick or an alternate version of Supergirl.

    • Because itd connect it to the first film and kyptonians are super strong, its meant to make things simpler not complicated.

      • @cody: you’re definitely thinking along the same lines as me here. But I really don’t understand why it is that saying “Wonder Woman is the same as Superman” is somehow taken as making her a sidekick or lesser version. I guess that explicit downgrade is confusing for me.

        • Its something to do with feminism, as in tying wonders(a woman) origin to supes(a man) in any way makes her inferior or subservient.
          It doesnt
          Also there are strong female kryptonian figures(say faora) and wonder woman was inspired by superman in the real world.
          Just a note
          One could have these ancient krypts have a fallout between sexes, the mostly female group begins themyscira and the mostly male group begins atlantis but it sinks.

          • Let’s also not forget the generations upon generations that would have passed since these Kryptonians landed on earth. Environment and breeding would probably make them a vastly different culturally as well as genetically.

            I mean, look at the United States. There’s heritage here from all over the world, but many people simply consider themselves “American,” regardless of how near or far back their foreign ancestry is. (This is also true of any family that emigrates anywhere, I’m just using US since that’s where I live and it’s culture is built entirely out of the cultures of immigrants.)

            Many of those people would go so far as to take up arms against their nation of family origin were war declared on the US. It has happened, it DOES happen. This is the sort of stuff many very personal WWII stories are made of.

            So while I will be plenty happy if they can make Traditional Greek Mythology work in the MoS-verse, I think there’s a powerful story that could be told about culture and Identity using ancient Kryptonian ancestory as a jumping off point:

            The cultures we build for ourselves need not be less rich or valid than the ones that we descend from. We can define who we are as something completely new or different no matter where we are from. Wouldn’t that be a pretty fitting message for a character like Wonder Woman?

          • But how is Wonder Woman’s origin tied to Superman, any more than vice/versa? They’re both Kryptonian…no one is diminished or marginalized, at least not from my perspective.

            • @Nicodemus Rexx: I think that’s the element of the story that has me most intrigued. People hear “Wonder Woman is Kryptonian” and seem to think that every other aspect of her character is replaced as a result. The alternative (which I tried to communicate in the article) was the Krypton was simply grafted on to the Amazon origin, so far back in history that it is only really evident in her physical powers. Honestly, I think the idea of a Wonder Woman movie that was akin to a sword-and-sandals epic was always a longshot, and personally, not the kind of update or modern look at the character that I would hope for.

              If Superman found out that the Amazons came from a Krypton seed millenia in the past, it isn’t as if he and her suddenly become friends – she has no connection to Krypton whatsoever, possessing her own culture. Meanwhile, Clark is about as Kryptonian as any Kansas farmboy could expect to be.

    • This would be a great way to make both sides work. If they ever plan to have GL involved they’ll need the notion that the universe is populated by more than just the kryptonians. Her ancestors could even have a relationship with the ancient kryptonians to tie them more closely but still keep their own identity

      • Nice thought, ancient Kryptonians. I believe that the Man of Steel prequel comic already established the existence of the Thanagarians (sp?), i.e. the “hawk people” aliens. And yeah, Green Lantern would expand it more.

        • Yeah, the Thangarians were mentioned. I don’t know if they’ll go the ancient Kryptonian route, but Krypton has been at the height of its civilization for 100,000 years – plenty of room to fill in.

  18. Firstly…it will not be the worst thing ever if they made wonder woman kryptonian.

    It would be close though.

    1. More Controversy – Upto a point…the dictum holds true. “All publicity is good publicity”. Even negative publicity could have a mitigating effect. But that’s upto a point. MOS was not critically beloved (I loved it…). Now, they’re making an older batman. We don’t know who’s gonna be Luthor. We know Wonder Woman’s in it… Every day a new rumor pops up. But if every news story to come out of this is divisive….the studio risks getting the movie too bogged down with controversies for anyone to care about the MOVIE itself.. People will be debating if to go see the movie or not…and some won’t. The “word of mouth” certainly did MOS no favors. This could be worse. All ready people are skeptical (wrongly..i believe) about Ben Affleck. They’re skeptical about Snyder to deliver on more than just solid action. Changing the origin of Wonder Woman would just make this another barrier for a whole section of fans(who do tend to recommend these movies to non-fans…)

    2. Where is the need? We already know that Justice League Dark is in development. Constantine is in development. So we’re already gonna have plenty of the fantastical elements of DC. So…why the wonder woman origin change? If people are gonna believe anything in JLD…they have to be on board with basic greek mythology.

    3. People are already familiar with basic greek mythology. There have been plenty of movies exploring that…its not a new concept.

    4. This would change the origin of one of the most beloved female icons… I concede the point that Batman’s and Superman’s origin stories are well know. But instead of making Wonder Woman’s origin story better known…a decision to change it.. is lazy and slightly disrespectful..even if the intention will be to make it more accessible..which no one knows will happen.

    5. A Wonder Woman of Kryptonian decent will be…weird. I mean..for one, she’ll be related to superman (they’re going out in the comics…). Superman is also, no longer the Last Son of Krypton..he can basically hang out with a ton of kryptonians…that effects his origin and motivations as well..negatively..

    I could go on.. but its a long enuf post. And it does look like on the balance of probability…it might not even happen. I certainly hope it doesnt.

    • 5) She doesn’t have to be related to Superman because she is from Krypton.

      • She doesn’t….but if she’s a powerful krypto-amazonian who’s special..she could be descended from Kara..which would make it weird..
        In any case..this would change superman…he’ll not have the loss of his planet as part of his story…that would change things for him. And would lessen the impact of the fall of krypton.

        • The whole last son has never resonated well or been very interesting.
          Its just another one of those “sad superman” things that comprise too many crappy stories.
          But if he finds his people integrated with humanity a long time ago in a successful way, he’ll have more love and sense of belonging on earth.

          Though this doesnt mean he’ll get along with them, which could also make for interesting story.

          • Dude…here’s the thing..

            If you find the “whole last son of krypton thing” to be such a bore..and u consider Wonder Woman’s origins to be of no importance…then why call them comic book movies. Why base them in comic book characters.

            It will not make for interesting storytelling. Remember that scream at the end of Man of Steel. When he kills Zod. Watch Henry explain in an interview the need for that scream was two fold. One, that he killed. Two, that he killed the last surviving member of his species. That ment something to him.

            Turns out…completely unnecessary… Tons of kryptonian decedents to go arnd.. no probs. That would nullify a ton of the last movie. The entire emotional aspect to Superman of the destruction of his planet.

            • they arent comic book movies, theyre cinematic movies inspired by comics, so its a film first and I dont care what liberties they take as long as theyre good films.

              In fact I hated so much of d.knight rises because it took too much from batman comics whereas the dark knight took only some.

              • I didnt really like the dark knight rises too…but all three of nolan’s movies took really nothing major from any particular comic book storyline. Other than bane and the back scene….nolan changed almost everything

                But you can’t get away frm the fact that these are comic book movies. And a lot of people care about what liberties they take. They find the liberties taken to be distracting…and spoil the experience. And many of these people write the reviwes…recommend the movies to other people…get the general audience interested in the first place..

                • rises is three perhaps four major batman comics and if you dont realize that…

                  • You might be a bit confused…

                    Dark Knight Returns…the frank miller sensational comic was one of the inspirations for the final one….but only small parts from it. Other than that…maybe bane breaking batman’s back from nightfall…and a little bit from the earthquake hitting ‘no man’s land’ was borrowed.

                    The Dark Knight borrowed pretty heavily for Two Face’s origins frm a comic…a lot of stuff frm the long halloween..the killing joke..

                    There isnt dark knight rises comic…

                    • Yeah thats a lot to a little, and dont remember anything being used from killing joke.

                    • Dude…you dont know about the comics..

                      you thought there was a dark knight rises comic…

                      And the manic joker was partly from the killing joke

                    • I never said there was a rises comic, now your really wrong
                      and there was a manic joker before killing joke.

                    • @cody..
                      Firstly..read your own comments…
                      “rises is three perhaps four major batman comics”

                      Also…watch some of nolan’s interviews. He clearly…clearlyyy specified the books he was inspired by. Killing Joke is the one he mentioned in an ALL Access interview. You’ll even find it on its wiki page for Dark Knight. In the interview he talks about how he put in the way joker acted during the Killing Joke.

              • @Cody and Amin

                Actually I would say that both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight heavily borrowed and were inspired from the essential elements of the comic book mythology, more than The Dark Knight Rises.

                None of the films are 100% exactly like the comics, nor were they trying to adapt anything directly. The films looked to major story arcs that informed the filmmakers the themes and characters they wanted to explore cinematically.

                Batman Begins and The Dark Knight both were made to be the best films possible first and great comic book films second. They were able to borrow many elements, through their own creative lens, and adapt into the films.

                Ironically enough The Dark Knight Rises tried having more of a comic book tone but had the most liberties taken and not much from the books were adapted as the prior two films. I find it the weakest film in the trilogy and just overall okay at best.

    • yeah this…… you said it in a better and more organized way that I was trying to relay.

      • Thanks. I really hope they don’t do it.
        I also know that i’m gonna be buying a ticket anyways.
        But I still don’t like people…a large chunk..criticizing MOS. I think Superman’s debut should have been bigger. I just don’t wana see this franchise not work out. They really can’t screw this up.
        I mean..most Avenger comparisons are off-base. These are different movies..different types…and i like the differences. But avengers had better publicity..less controversy…just, a good movie. And it made over a billion……I just want the same for Superman. So manny scenes in the avengers were simply there for the core fans….
        If they keep tinkering..pissing off fans…its gonna be slightly above average at best.

    • 1. who cares if it makes a better film
      2. streamlining and interconnecting a story
      3. Clash/wrath of the titans suck at the box office
      4. again who cares, what if it works, makes for a good film and therefore makes her more popular with women, its better.
      5. Related? the f*ck how? unless you dont mean family wise.
      Also the amazons wont be pure kryptonian, they wont have the special powers or weakness
      Do we think ourselves cavemen? no but we’re descended from them.

      • 1. I dont think it will make a better film. Also… it certainly won’t do a huge amount of business with a large chunk of people being against the movie before it even opens. And that lessens chances of another one of these. Which would really…really…suck.
        2. This is not merely a science. A lot of people see Wonder Woman as a symbol. Streamlining it for the heck of it..isn’t gonna cut it.
        3. The point I’m making is that the audience is familiar with it…not new to it. And both movies recovered costs.
        4. what if the unchanged origin works…and that keeps her popularity….adds to it…people actually buy the comics because they see a character that is similar to who they have seen in a movie…buy more merchandise…and that increases her popularity exponentially.
        5.Yes, I ment family wise…if Kara was her ancient mother. Considering Diana is probably the strongest kryptonian…and might be a direct decedent

        • 1. ha, it will dont worry
          2. its not science its storytelling and yes it will
          3. oooh recovered costs, that sounds like success
          4. what if it doesnt and like green lantern, stops the film franchise from progressing
          5. they dont have to use kara as the ancestor

          • 1. Ha…it won’t happen..so..I’m not worried.
            2. Again..probably won’t happen..
            3. Again…the point was that the greek mythology thing is known….dude…try n keep up..
            4. what if it gets cancelled before filming…on the balance of probability the decisions need to be made. think of it this way. Superman Returns (Terrible…) made nearly 400 million on a 200 million budget……and WB thought it was a complete financial failure. This movie needs to do serious business. With the a large chunk of the audience already against going to see this movie… the balance of probability will tilt towards failure if there is even more controversy..
            5. They might as well…

            Also.. a hidden island..who’s residents think that…greek gods exist…diana as an ambassador to the world of man.


            10,000 year old Kryptonian decedents… who have some powers like superman…but not all powers…bec. they have been on earth longer… but they haven’t had contact with outside world….other than the greeks probably…but now they’re back… And Wonder Woman was amazonian..so the island should be all women..but if its kryptonian…it could be men and women…so..just another alien island on earth…

            Both theories are equally weird..The second one..might require more explaining. Stuff like…why was it necessary to terraform earth in the first movie? Was there any need for Superman to care about killing zod? Why doesn’t diana have all of superman’s powers..

            Any origin would require explanation..Making her kryptonian could actually end up complicating things

            • Cuz you dont get it is why it more weird to you.

            • Because it needs explanation its better, rather than, oh yeah the greek gods from legend are real.
              And there are way more ways to get that wrong than right.

              • See..you’re the one who doesn’t get it.

                Firstly..wonder woman…is not a superman knock off. Saying such things renders your other opinions fairly pointless.

                She has her own origin. She doesn’t need to be tied into Superman’s origin for the sake of convenience. That is a drastic and unncessary change.

                Knowing Snyder from MOS and Watchmen and 300…. He sticks fairly close to the source material. So it most likely…will not happen.

                • no they dont, because there is no way she wasnt in some way inspired by superman in her original creation.
                  Also yeah, all of this is just conjecture.
                  But Im saying it could work and giving reasons why it could whilst all your arguing is it voids integrity of the comics and a female icon,
                  the second of which wouldnt be true and the first doesnt matter because the cinematic universe would/should be its own thing.

                  • Again.. you don’t get it. Its a Wonder Woman appearance.

                    Firstly….keep up with facts. She wasn’t in some way..inspired by superman. She’s certainly not a superman knock-off. Saying that..is stupid. She’s as much inspired from superman as martian manhunter is inspired by superman. Or superman is like Doc Savage.

                    Do you know the distinction she has from superman ? Her origins.

                    Now, if you change that..then you’re making her a superman knock-off.
                    It does void the core of the character. And you don’t see it. You just think its a convenient way to handle something.
                    Its a lazy way.

                    And it will cause wayyyy more problems down the road..if this makes it to the road.

                    Snyder won’t do it…cuz WB get it. The cinematic universe can be its own thing. But if you’re gonna do a wonder woman appearance…something soo many fans have been waiting for years… and then screw it up with pseudo-science under false assumptions you’re making it simpler…you’re gonna make it simpler to the lever where its dumb.

                    I think Snyder has enuf talent..and brains..to make WW’s origin work instead of creating a new one for her. Then she’s just wonder woman in name. And that surely…won’t happen.

  19. In the prequel comic for Man of Steel, Kara survived the crash on Earth (her ship being the one in the Man of Steel movie). If Kara was wondering Earth 10,000+ years ago then she could’ve easily founded a colony, later becoming the Amazonians, that would then mean that Diana could be descended from Kara, albeit having very diluted Kryptonian DNA.

    • I guess this seems clunky to me. MoS was all about Jor-El and Zod wanting to colonize Earth with Kryptonians (to different degrees) and then it turns out, hey, look, Kryptonians have been there all along? So what was all the hub-bub?

      • Exactly.

        • Well, Zod wanted to eradicate humanity and create an entire planet’s worth of Kryptonians that he got to choose from essentially test tubes. So… not quite the same thing.

          But that hinges more on the moral and ethical threat that Zod posed to Kal, not the physical one.

          • Zod wanted to have ideal conditions for krypton to survive…

            No real need for the terraforming then..Kryptonians were on earth and they found it to be perfectly inhabitable.

            So…Superman gets a bunch of Kryptonians to hang out with…so he needn’t worry about killing the last of his species… there’s plenty to go around..

          • But that’s a question of degree. Yes, Zod wanted to completely replace humans with Kryptonians. I think it’s at least implied that Jor-El gave the Codex to Kal-El in the hopes that one day a race of Kryptonians could be introduced, presumably on Earth, which would, of course, be more disruptive to humanity than a single Kryptonian individual. So, again, we had two different approaches to introducing Kryptonians to Earth in MoS already, which would make Amazonians descended from ancient Kryptonians a third.

            • Well Jor-El knew that Krypton was dead, as was its culture and population. They had gone wrong, in every sense of the word.

              He gave his son the chance to one day choose, if he wanted, to bring the best of Krypton into humanity, not replacing them, just letting it live on in the blood, if nothing else.

              Zod wanted to kill humans who were weak, and continue his eugenics and rule, the kind of wrongheaded leadership that Jor-El said he and Zod used to stand against.

              The Amazons might have come from some Kryptonians back when humans were still living in caves, but today, they’re not “Kryptonian,” they’re Amazons.

  20. Why not just have Kryptonian Supergirl? Not complaining about WW being Kryptonian…but just saying….

  21. Why not make the Amazonian origin from a different alien race, other than from Krypton? They could originate from an alien race similar to the Kryponians, a race that the Greeks initially took to be gods similar to Thor in the MCU. If that were the case then Diana could have similar powers as Superman without having the exact same powers.

    • Or it can be kryptonians, and through mating with humans over centuries, theyre hybrids that dont have the special powers(heat vision/ice breath) but have the super strength and some have flying but aso dont have weakness to kryptonite.

      • Or heck, earth’s environment and sun have such a bizarre effect on Kryptonian physiology as it is, who knows what abilities might have been lost or gained over the ages?

  22. No.

    • No to the idea even bring entertained. Yes to the title of the article.

  23. Why not just have her be Human from an ancient advanced race of humans like atlanteans? It’s not like you need to follow the judeo-christian mythos of how history unfolded.

    Basically just say Wonder women is from an advanced race of humans called the Atlanteans, the amazons left Atlantis due to the later’s hubris and created a matriarchal society before Atlantises seeming destruction. Atlantis sank do to being naughty. 9000 years later the Atlantean females now calling themselves Amazons make contact do to crazy strong people wrecking s*** on earth. Unbeknownst to them Atlantis survived. Blam, single simple origin for wonder women and aqua-man.

    Making her alien is a waste and stupid, there are all ready other mystical type personalities in the justice league and I think we can all agree we want a JL movie. Don’t set some stupid precedent where everyone is going to have to be explained as alien. Magic or something like it has to exist in that world or else half the DCU is going to implode and we’ll be left with a bunch of banal alien crap.

  24. Captain Kirk already solved the problem. In an episode of Star Trek it was revealed that the Greed gods were a race of advanced aliens. They don’t have to be Kryptonians. They could be from a different planet.

    • So you’re fine with Wonder Woman being an alien, descended from aliens mistaken by Greeks as gods, but you’d just prefer they weren’t Kryptonian?

      • Yes. They don’t need to be from Krypton. An ancient alien race is more believable to modern people than mythical gods. Well to me anyways.

        • I call shenanigans, the majority of people on this planet believe in some sort of magical deity which has granted them special privileges. Turning every one into aliens to make it believable is contrary to what people actually believe.

          • I believe in God. Most people that do only believe in one God. Now if they were some form of earthbound angels that would be OK. By the way I’m not a religous kook. I’m fine with whatever way they decide to go. Just offering my 2 cents.

            • The Abrahamics believe in one god, most others have a plethora of deities in some form or another. But still, I don’t understand why making the origins for characters aliens fit more with peoples beliefs when the very idea would contradict the history of their religions? I can’t actually speak for religious people as I am not religious my self, but Is it just easier to accept it as fiction if magic or other deities are not involved?

              • Even in the Avengers Thor and Loki weren’t really gods they were just beings from another realm. When told that Thor was a god Cap said “there’s only one God”.

                • That is true but it’s because that’s how they were written to begin with. Cap is the proverbial “all american” guy, blonde, blue eyed, and monotheistic. The Asgardians were specifically written to actually be aliens. The amazons were human, they were written as such from the beginning. It’s not a good rational in my mind to say it’s ok to re-write one characters origin because a separate franchise entirely kept their origin story in line with the source material. If anything changing her origin is going to make it harder to believe the stuff they’ll have to come up with to explain the rest of the DCU. Marvel and DC have vastly different worlds, trying to marvelfy DC will lead to problems of believability not the other way round.

                  Will swamp thing be an alien fungus? Will Zatana just have a really old kryptonian top hat? Will Constantine really just know a bunch about the inner working of alien technology? Why is earth so special as to attract aliens from all over? We’ll never get a faithful DCU representation if aliens make it all more believable. DC is all about mythos, what will happen to the new gods?

                  As an example do you remember mitochlorians from the new star wars trilogy? The force was better and more understandable as a mystical force without some generic scientific explanation.

      • Well if you want to get technical and are willing to buy into the mythos concept……The, “Gods” created the Earth but until that time WERE alien to it. So the “Gods” are by definition a race of advanced alien beings.

        • ^*snap!*

        • The gods didn’t create the earth, if you really want to play the technical game. Gaia is earth, basically a dead god, everything else were parasites basically on her and from her in that mythology. And that doesn’t make them aliens, if I build a lego planet and live on it then Im the first legonian not an alien, but that’s just semantics.

  25. Hey Srceen Rant, why don’t you change your logo to the WB shield, Bugs Bunny, or the DC logo already?

    Changing WW’s origin “wouldn’t be that bad”, but changing Ultron’s origin or the IM3 twist about the Mandarin is just awful and blastphamy?

    I’m shocked that Kofi didn’t write this dumb article.

    This site is becoming more pro DC and a bigger joke every day.

    • Agreed. Complete double standard

      • Perhaps its the fact that this site is ran by different people. Kofi didn’t agree with the Ultron or Iron Man thing, and Dyce is just pointing out the pros and cons of Wonder Woman being Kryptonian. This page is not pro or anti Kryptonian Wonder Woman its just pointing out the pros and cons. So get your facts straight before you go on bashing on a site.

    • Kofi didn’t write this article. Andrew did. There isn’t a conspiracy to promote DC’s movies so much more than others. DC’s movie generate more news, rumors, and potential editorials so please stop commenting this grade A bullsh*t and give it a rest already.

  26. Why not reboot Superman’s origins so that he is a rare male child sired by an Amazonian woman?

    Otherwise, there are no real problems to be solved by making Wonder Woman a Kryptonian. It’s distracting,and an unnecessary hurdle that the writer and director have set for themselves. And it’s as dumb as saying that in the DC movie universe, all super-powered heroes are from Krypton.

    • Yeah, the problem with these superhero movies that feature a side world is that the world-building is usually shorthanded and thus kind of lousy. I thought THOR 2 was better than most, but mainly because it spent more time in Asgard and it felt a little more lived-in. But they’re still presumably going to have to go to Amazon at some point and make that place feel like a real location in twenty minutes or less. Piggybacking off the, IMO, half-baked Kryptonian work in MoS doesn’t solve that.

      • Considering this a a Man of Steel Sequel, Diana’s origins would likely be explained quickly and easily: “Hi Superman, I’m Diana. I come from an ancient race of aliens that have a colony here on Earth. Now lest go kick some ass together!”. Origin: *done*.

        • No, absolutely, that’s how it should work in a team-up movie. I was thinking of some hypothetical future Wonder Woman movie, where they would presumably feel the need to spend some time in Amazon.

    • Distracting to who, though? Think about general audiences.

  27. It just seems that an alien origin for the Amazonians would be the easiest for movie-goers to accept without too much explanation, especially when you consider the sequels will likely include Green Lantern and Hawk-Girl down the road. The DC movie universe will have to acknowledge the potential for thousands of alien races anyway.

    • Good point.

  28. Between this and Zod and the others it would kill the concept of the “Last son of Krypton” That is what makes him unique I don’t even think Supergirl belongs in his universe. Why is it that aliens is an acceptable concept but gods and magic is not?

    • Well, one might answer, “because aliens can easily be given a scientific basis, while gods and magic cannot so easily be given that basis, unless they are not really gods and magic.”

      • Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say in the article. Science accepts that somewhere out in the universe, it’s possible for life to exist. But if the Greek gods and goddesses weren’t cool with everyone classifying them as ‘myths’ they should have come out swinging a long time ago. ;)

  29. Man of Steel 2 probably won’t even go into WW origin story they will save that for her solo if she makes it past this film