Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad?

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The Problem

Wonder Woman Superman Krypton Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

The origins of the character – whether the initial version or modern – make the difficulties in adaptation fairly clear: trying to make a mystical society of warrior women tracing back to the Olympian gods seem realistic, grounded, or in any way plausible is a challenge – no matter how you cut it.

It’s true that many skeptics leveled that same charge against Superman, claiming that there was simply no way that Krypton’s last son could exist within Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight universe. Seriously, a flying alien with superhuman powers that could share the tone of the gritty, grounded Batman films? Inconceivable!

In the end, David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder managed to pull off the task better than many thought possible (read our review), with one of the most common criticisms being that Man of Steel ended up too much like Nolan’s film; not fantastic, optimistic, or lighthearted enough. So if the duo managed to ground a fantastic fiction once, wouldn’t it be just as easy to do the same for Wonder Woman and the Amazons?

wonder woman nbc pilot Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

To be blunt: we don’t think so. As difficult as it might seem to make Superman and his powers plausible in our own world, Snyder and Goyer had to first ask audiences to accept one fact in order to suspend disbelief: that human beings are not alone in the universe. Since much of the scientific community would agree with that assertion, and modern science fiction takes that as a given, the filmmakers had a great deal of wiggle room (even if the resulting action stretched plausibility).

In the case of Wonder Woman, that initial hurdle isn’t so easy to clear. In order for audiences to buy into Diana’s powers and upbringing, they don’t need to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life, but that the gods and goddesses of Olympus were – and are – similarly plausible. Azzarello’s recent reboot has proven that pill may be worth swallowing, but if Wonder Woman is going to be placed squarely into the Batman vs. Superman universe, armor and all (as seems to be the case), the implications of those origins are too massive to ignore.

It may have been risky to introduce General Zod and the rest of Krypton’s survivors, but the closing moments of Man of Steel removed most, if not all, of the ensuing complications; Kal-El is the only being with his powers, as his home planet and its inhabitants are long gone, freeing him to become the hero he chooses to be. But bring in Themyscira and the Amazons, and things aren’t so neat and tidy.

Wonder Woman Amazon Soldiers Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

Unlike Man of Steel, the core premise of Wonder Woman’s fiction is based on a myth that a modern audiences recognizes as dated. Yet once that myth – a mysterious island of warrior women related to mythical deities – is introduced, it is irrevocably part of the world that Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman inhabit.

Given just how nit-picky the comic book movie crowd has proven to be, they’ve got a variety of nagging questions to choose from: how can an island be completely hidden given modern technology? How can a society consisting only of women possibly endure? How can a movie universe modeled after our own include Zeus and Hades strolling down Main Street? There are answers of course, but each one stretches believability even farther.

Fans could point to the existence of Thor and Asgard in Marvel’s cinematic universe as evidence that human and supernatural heroes can coexist onscreen, but it’s not as if Themyscira exists in some far-off realm, able to be ignored entirely if the plot requires it. And, as we’ve said before, Marvel isn’t aiming for the level of realism DC and Warner Bros. are after.

Justice League Movie Launch DC Universe Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

The only certainty, then, is that Goyer and Snyder will have to twist Wonder Woman’s story somehow if they hope to make it work in their budding universe, otherwise they risk sacrificing the believability and tone they have established to date.

With that in mind, we can’t help but think a Kryptonian heritage may solve most problems.


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  1. Wonder Woman a Kryptonian?!? What Einstein hatched that dumba$$ idea?!? Well, since they pretty much bastardized Superman in Man Of Steel, Sounds like from everything I’ve been hearing up ’til now that they thoroughly intend to continue that trend on into the sequel as well.

  2. The absolutely worse thing about this whole idea is that there is already a female superhero with this almost exact same origin story – she’s called Supergirl! Remember her? That *other* famous Kryptonian?

    Come on people!!! Wonder Woman is arguably the most iconic female superhero of all time. She deserves her own unique origin, not reduced to a Superman subplot.

    • …Supergirl’s origin story has almost nothing in common with the one we proposed… Are you basing that on her powers alone?

      • No, he is not. I am not a comic book expert but I do know that Supergirl was also a descendant of Kryptonian astronauts who found herself on Earth. It is not exactly the same as a secret tribe of Krytonians living on Earth but still the point stands. Instead of using a character from the comics that would already fit the purpose of the story in the movie they are opting to re-write an existing superheroin’s origin.

      • “almost nothing”? Are you kidding me? Besides the fact that she was the only other survivor of Krypton that became a superhero on earth and is a woman? Yes some of the details are different, but conceptually it’s freaking Supergirl! If they ever do decide to bring Supergirl into the mix (and the empty pod in Man of Steel seem to indicate they do), then Wonder Woman is becomes basically just a weaker, confused version of her.

      • As soon as you talk female and Kryptonian, you’re talking about Supergirl.

        I would have thought this whole idea would have died once those involved remembered Kara Zor-El and Supergirl was a thing.

  3. I have no problem her being from Kryptonian descent aslong as she is more stronger and more trained than Superman.
    Or even get the Kryptonian descent mixed with another alien race (2) at that time on earth.
    They got together made some babies. etc. Same or more strength on earth.
    Aliens (2) formed Atlantis and didn’t like that they got with aliens (Kryptonians) and thats where Amazons and Atlantians fall out and have a on going war.
    Kind of like the angels going with humans in certain books. ;)

    • I don’t know about strength, but she’ll definitely be a better warrior than Supes. Maybe it’s her, not Batman that trains him to fight in the coming years…?

    • Stronger than supes??? Really…

  4. Did they ever show the Greek Gods in the old Wonder Woman series or origins in the 70′s or 80′s. And i do believe it was a big show was it not.?

  5. I think that the Kryptonian origen of Wonder Woman is the way to go. Marvel did that with Thor and was great. Can we consider the same with Aquaman?

    This is a wide door that open a lot of possibilities…

  6. I have no idea why WB painted themselves into this mess of realism. For batman it makes sense. Batman is a dark character is in brutal city.

    One of the best parts of DC is the ability of anything could show up. From Atlantis to Prometheus to Arcane.

    I just hope they don’t touch Black Adam.

  7. I don’t understand why she can’t just be from a DIFFERENT alien race. Why does she have to be Kryptonian? Is there really no other way to give Wonder Woman her own origin story without making her a part of Superman’s world? I just don’t feel like that’s doing her justice…(oh! see what I did there? i meant to do that, lol…)

    • I was thinking the SAME exact thing! MoS proved that there is life outside of Earth, so why can’t there be MORE than just Kryptonians and Earthlings?

      • I supported this idea a bit earlier in the comments, have Batman presume that she’s from another world like Superman, but have no way of truly knowing exactly where until she gives blood samples (something I can’t see her doing willingly, in the comics or film). Give enough of an explanation, but leave it dangling. Dangling with an answer pointed to among the stars, not Greek gods, of course.

  8. Its a interesting idea, but I think it will take away from the dynamic overall. Superman is meant to be the “last” of his kind, and having another member of his group be kryptonian sort of makes superman less special, and having a whole island full of them makes him even less unique. While the idea makes sense, I also think that WB wants variety they don’t won’t to use the crutch that the only heroes that can be as powerful as superman have to be Kryptonian, it takes away from the uniqueness of the characters.

  9. I think that Wonder Woman as a kryptonian could work..but why does it have to? This Is a superman sequel!!! We don’t need all of WW backstory in this film like the writer of this article said trying to explain her whole origin as a Greek Demigod wouldn’t make since..for THIS film but place her in her own world and give her a solo film and then placing her into that realm of legendary creatures and gods isn’t so proposturous. For this film all they need to do is introduce this character and if they want give a small and vague explaination of her existence so be it but,since this is a movie that should focus on superman and to a lesser degree batman they shouldn’t have to and I think that I a point that screen rants failed to mention or point out.

    • Well, I agree that Wonder Woman’s “origin story” won’t take over as the plot of the film, but if her character is introduced fully, as seems to be the case, then at least some explanation will need to be assumed, or alluded to. It may be brief, but even then, it seems like a brief scene asking whether her ancestors could have been from another world is all it would take.

  10. For me the kryptonian option works nicely, but I’d prefer the supernatural route. Introduce the gods and magic, since DC will have to do it at some point anyway for many other stories.

  11. How do you make a story original? STICK TO THE ORIGINAL STORY! There is a reason why Wonder Woman didn’t come from the same place as Super Girl…

  12. I like the idea of the Amazons being half Kryptonian, we know there were colonies of Krypton, why not one on earth that interbred with humans?

    I realise the fans won’t be happy with the change but the alternative is to suddenly inject Gods and magic into a world that only has two things so far: Batman, a normal human, and a single alien invasion: the Kryptonians.

    Making her half Kryptonian gives her a place in superman’s movie, it makes her fit with the world of Man of Steel and just simplifies the whole thing.

    The amazons could simply lack the laser eyes, flight and breath powers of pure Kryptonians and instead possess just strength and durability.

    Would that really be so bad? I think it’s a much more appropriate and believable story than the Greek gods existing in this world. You know, they should just take the Greek pantheon and say that they were actually the Kryptonian colonists, who then inspired the stories of beings with God-like power.

    • I think your line of “would it be so bad” is the crux, and frankly, just won’t be knowable until the film is completed (or something is known about the plot). But people assuming that changing her origins could only be done out of disrespect or ignorance is largely who we hoped to address in the article.

  13. Thankfully the rumour has been squashed! Diana as a Kryptonian? No way! To one of the people that thought Man of Steel bastardised Superman, they need to read a couple of alternate storylines and they will understand the origins more. As for him killing Zod? Read the comics….he’s done it.

    Back to WW. She is powerful but not as strong as Superman. Sure, she’s a trained Amazonian but that doesn’t take into account that Supermans power can be infinite with exposure to the yellow sun (Check out Our Worlds At War storyline) He flew into the sun and charged himself to the point that he didn’t know reality from imagination until he burnt off the excess energy. WW power is finite. She has what she has.

    I’m not knocking WW at all. I love the fact the New 52 origin for her is what it is and love reading the comics. If she were to be made into a Kryptonian, I think I might puke.

  14. It’s amusing to me how many of you are either unaware or just completely disregard/ignore the way Zach Synder treats his female characters in his films:

    Dawn of the Dead – Sarah Polley was and still is completely unknown except for this role, essentially. A role that she killed, (pun intended) and showed more strength than many of the men.

    300 – Lena Heady – ‘Nuff said.

    WATCHMEN – made Malin Akermin into a believable bad-ass. Malin Akermin. Let that one set in.

    Sucker Punch – Whether or not you think the movie was cool or completely foolish, it’s STILL an entire movie devoted to girl power, and featured woman performing fantastic visual stunts.

    Man of Steel – made it a point to display Lois Lane as more intelligent than she had ever previously been displayed, not to mention the scene stealing Faora.

    When you look at his track record, there is more than just a strong argument that suggests the last thing Zach Synder will do is display a Wonder Woman that does any type of disservice to the character… and this doesn’t even include the aspect that Zach is a passionate DC fanboy.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Snyder clearly has an eye for talent, since Sarah Polley was awesome in Dawn of the Dead, and clearly has a director’s eye.

      The other films speak volumes as well, and I maintain that for women in comic book movies, Man of Steel is the most promising that has been released yet. Rather than just giving his female roles quips, snark, or a scene thrown in here or there as a sprinkle of romance, he made them respectable. Which, I think, not only gives him the benefit of the doubt with Wonder Woman, but is something I would like to see more of (even if that Lois kiss line in MoS seemed like checking a box, more at home in Nolan’s trilogy. *shudder*)

  15. short answer: Yes, it would be horrible.

  16. I want the mythological approach. Origin of Greek gods & goddesses, much like Clash of the Titans. Wonder Woman can interact with us in modern times for the team ups, and all of her own solo stories can be set in Ancient Greece. Great way to separate our modern and cynical world from the more mystical type that is WW’s world.

    The tone can be explanations of Greek legends – that she really lived them, but they were made more fantastical over the millenia and the legends were added onto. They can use the same tone as Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla for the monsters. A mix of Clash of the Titans and Troy for the mixed tone. And a backstory of anything about how the world used to be much less stable – cosmic portals would still open and close, mythological monsters in the form of aliens (that the Green Lantern Corps would be familiar with) would land and compete for the world. It could have been formal much like they competed for countries in Troy.

    Sooner or later the Amazonians become the primary military force of the ‘Gods’ and win a relatively solid sovereignty over Earth. The Amazonian legacy is scaled back, and they become even more militaristic, fiercely proud and isolated in order to preserve their lifestyle, being granted powers to have only female heir (or just reproduce regularly and send back the baby boys). This is the atmosphere that Wonder Woman was born into.

    The Olympians fall back on their earth influence as the world stabilizes. But there are still occasional, often renegade attacks and incidents on occasion – and the Amazonians fiercely confront all of them – Wonder Woman’s legacy grows and the Olympians find less and less reason to remain; their ultimate retreat is similar to the elves from Lord of the Rings, leaving it to Mankind, who grows weaker with every generation, from a lack of any need to breed super strong warriors. The Amazonians had long since cut off communication with the Olympians, and so were completely unaware of their exit from the world.

    Over time they become the only remaining super-strong race on earth, and remain hidden away in their ancient isolation and paranoia. As the mythological threats soon become extinct and the Amazonians venture forth less and less, the world moves on towards modern times without them. But the presence of Superman and General Zod, as seen in Man of Steel, creates a disturbance that they can sense. And so they send an ambassador out to defend the threat once more…and this is the Wonder Woman that we know.

  17. No, this Krypotian tie in to the origins of the Greek Gods and thus, the origin of the Amazons and Diana is a bad idea.
    The DC Universe should be varied, filled with distinct worlds of science, myths and magic.
    Not everything has to be traced back to the Kryptonians.
    What’s next? That the Guardians from planet Oa were also descended from Kryptonians?
    Why does everything have to link back to Krypton?
    That’s such a small world and does not do the DC Universe justice.

  18. This idea shows that the people behind this movie are bankrupt for ideas.

    The “Ancient Astronauts” cliche is overused nonsense recycled too many times in sci-fi stories. It feels like they are borrowing a page from the god-awful (in terms of overall plot) movie “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”. So by coincidence in addition to the two previous scout ships in recent times that have visited Earth in relatively recent times (the dead Kryptonian astronauts on the moon and the ship that Clark find in the beginning of the movie) there was also a third scout party that came to Earth in ancient times that nobody ever mentioned? Why is this a good idea again?

    And, yes, movies have and always will make major changes to pop culture icons particularly from the comics to make a better movie. This is acceptable. What is not acceptable is what is essentially an almost complete re-write of the character to conform with Zack Snyder’s vision. This is not a lone superhero franchise Warner Brothers is trying to build, they are attempting to create a cinematic universe. Wonder Woman no longer being a mythical amazon is basically saying any of the zanier elements of DC comics will not be adapted to the big screen without a drastic re-write.

    The worst part is for the purpose of the story, from what we know now, they could easily just use Supergirl for without a re-write.

    If this is Zack Snyder’s vision? I say his vision sucks. And even though I did not like Man of Steel I do want this movie to be good.

    • Amendment: I had forgotten one of the two scout parties that reached Earth, the ship Clark finds, arrived here 10,000 years ago. Close, but no cigar. 10,000 years puts them in prehistoric times and a few thousand years too many for Amazonian myths to have been told in Ancient Greece.

  19. Yes, Wonder Woman as a Kryptonian would be SO bad.
    Stick to the comics.
    A superhero with mythological origins is totally doable.

  20. dc has gone mad completely if the batman vs superman will fail then the dc is finished completely ,diana as kryptonian they are out of there mind thousands of people knows the story of wonder women and many more knows the character it will be a bad move..

  21. Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian – Would It Be So Bad? No, in fact it could be terrific.

    For anyone who is concerned about continuity. #1 What continuity are you referring to, which age, which creative team, which storyline, etc. #2 DC Elseworlds work perfectly in the comics and the films should be viewed in the same way as an Elseworlds storyline. Enjoy it for what it is.

  22. See, it’s a bit weird that the idea of the “distaff side” – something feminists have been complaining about (and righteously so) for ages, didn’t occur to you (and to be fair, it didn’t occur to me either till a friend mentioned it). By making Wonder Woman’s origin similar to Superman’s, you’re not just robbing DC of the opportunity to delve into mythology, you’re also robbing Wonder Woman of her own origin story and tacking it onto a more identifiable hero – Superman. You’re essentially making her a trope – a tacked on version of a male superhero. A distaff side of Superman. And you said it yourself in the article – she (and Batman) would come to represent a “side” of Superman.

    Wonder Woman is a superhero that deserves her own identity from the ground up – which isn’t confined to fidelity to a certain body type (which is ridiculous – by the way, I read your article about why Gal Gadot might make a great WW, and I agree! The amount of body shaming going on regarding that casting was truly disheartening).

    Hell, associate her with The New Gods instead of our older gods. But for the love of Hera, make her unique. Please. Let us women know she’s more than just a female version of a male superhero.

  23. She WON’T be Kryptonian. Unlike Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios, Zack Snyder and Goyer would never disrespect the mythology and canon of a character that important. This isn’t the Nolan “realistic” Batman films, She’s a Greek Goddess, magic and the supernatural exits, aliens obviously exist. The DC films won’t shy away from that stuff.

  24. You know, it’s kind of funny how some people whine and complain about a possible Kryptonian heritage used to explain Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities in this more grounded take in making a DC cinematic universe (which is ironic given the events revealed in the MOS prequel comic). Yet those same complainers offer little to no alternative ideas and are quick to forget that similar changes were made to the character Thor and similar complaints were made about the changes until we were all shown how those changes could be made to work and work well they did for the most part. Given how the film makers are trying to go for a more grounded and approachable take on the DC cinematic universe (and to a lesser extent the Marvel) we should be expecting some changes whether we like it or not. Our focus should concentrate instead on whether or not said changes work within the context of the shared cinematic universe they are creating. Maybe my viewpoints are too rational and sensible for some out there but I hope that helps to calm and reason with those out there who may have issues with changes being made.

  25. My problem is that most of these people, that make these superhero movies, probably never bothered to read the comic.

    I get that sometimes the material needs to be updated, but they tend to change so much, that the character is ruined.

    Remember the Batman nipples?

    Or better yet, how about in Superman Returns where Lois Lane’s kid had those super sneezes?

    After hearing about Ben Affleck becoming the new Batman and Gal Gadot as WW?????

    All I can say is;


  26. This film will be a bigger disaster than 9/11

    • Okay, one using the 9/11 tragedy in ANY context here is out of place, tasteless, and inappropriate. Second, writing off a movie that hasn’t even come out yet is ridiculous so let’s do the reasonable thing and just wait and see what the results are.

  27. Here’s the results:

    1)a crappy movie

    2)Crappy movies to follow that make 9/11 look like a birthday party

  28. They can still make her alien without it being Kryptonian, the Amazons could be hybrids of Humans a dying race of beings. Could even almost take the Assassins Creed route and have being the pre-existed humans, and DC universe is not exclusive the greeco–roman myth, it contains deities from every myth, legends and religion. Also the island can be one of many portals to an alternate earth with all of the gods of Olympus and such. And like the Wonder Woman Animated Movie in 2009, the portal could have been broken by an olympic internal thing like, Ares escaping from imprisonment, and threatening to cause chaos, or the kidnapping of Zora’s baby(another child of Zeus) in the New 52. I dont have problem with the alien thing, just dont link her to Krypton, there are other powerful alien-races in DCU, like the Martian, other lantern cores, etc.

  29. People really said Wonder Woman’s origins were “detached from reality”? But a human-looking alien from Krypton who can shoot heat rays out of his eyeballs is TOTALLY POSSIBLE. I don’t think there was anything wrong with Diana’s first origin story. I think there was something wrong with the idiots reading it.