Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Why It Could Work

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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Discussion Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Why It Could Work

First came the news that the Dark Knight would be crashing Superman’s party in Batman vs. Superman, director Zack Snyder’s sequel to Man of Steel. That shock only subsided once it was revealed that Ben Affleck would be next to wear the Batman cowl. And before fans had time to process that revelation, word surfaced that Wonder Woman wouldn’t be far behind.

Now the suspense of casting has come to an end, with Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder confirming that it will be Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious) bringing the Amazonian princess to life onscreen. And right on cue, fans and online commenters made their voices heard – showing (intentionally or not) exactly why the world needs Wonder Woman more than ever.

There’s no denying the fact that this casting took many by surprise; even though Gadot’s name popped up as a rumored frontrunner in recent weeks (alongside Olga Kurylenko), the iconic nature of the character – and Snyder’s decision to cast Affleck as Batman – led many to believe that a more established actress would land the part. But we believe that a closer look at Gadot’s history proves: she may have what it takes to do Diana justice.

She Has The Experience

Gal Gadot as Talia Head al Ghul in Batman vs. Superman Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Why It Could Work

Since Gadot is most well-known for her role of ‘Gisele Harabo’ in the Fast & Furious series of films, audiences can’t be blamed for being somewhat unfamiliar with her full body of work. Beginning her career in front of the camera not as an actress, but a professional model, Gadot went on to claim the title of Miss Israel 2004 at the age of 19. In other words: she has the looks and presence to hold an audience’s attention – and a discriminating one at that – for more than her looks alone.

A lesser-known fact is that Gadot’s Israeli upbringing also gives her a unique advantage over many model-turned-actresses, having completed the mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) demanded of every Israeli citizen. Besides equipping her with firsthand combat training, Gadot spent her two-year term acting as a sports trainer, so her athleticism and physicality aren’t in question.

With that in mind, it was no surprise to see director Dan Trachtenberg – currently developing his adaptation of Y: The Last Man for Warner Bros., centering largely on a female IDF agent – was quick to give his nod of approval via Twitter:

So that makes two directors known for their comic book geekery who seem to think that Gadot may be an unconventional, but inspired choice to bring to life a woman raised by the sword, and expected to leap into battle without hesitation. And although the title of ‘former model’ may not carry with it any serious credibility in the realm of stunt performances, Gadot endured much more than the make-up trailer in her Fast & Furious appearances.

In an interview with RealStyle, Gadot explained what drew her to the character of Fast & Furious‘ ‘Gisele':

“After we finished Fast Five I told Justin Lin, the director, that if he wants me to do Fast six, I want to be able to do more stunts. All of the stunts on Fast Five and six, I have done myself and on Fast 6 we went crazy with the action moves. The adrenaline was just incredible and I enjoyed being able to do the stuff that in real life you can’t.”

Gal Gadot in Fast Furious 6 570x236 Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: Why It Could Work

It’s obviously too early to tell how Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer’s take on Wonder Woman will differ from those previously seen on film or the comic book page, but ask any fan of the character, and they’re likely to tell you that any adaptation of the world’s top superheroine is long overdue – so long as it’s respectful.

And if Snyder proved nothing else with Man of Steel, it’s that he takes DC Comics’ most famous heroes very, very seriously. Which means that whatever take on Diana he’s after, it’s unlikely that audiences will be seeing any spandex uniforms in Gadot’s future.


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  1. the real wonder women

  2. was really strong woman matched with the cast

  3. I love reading a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  4. Gadot is very pretty and I’m sure she could bulk up to be Wonder Woman.

    Unfortunately, this film will be a disaster.

    Here’s why:

    10)Her face looks NOTHING like WW

    9)She has a thicker accent than Sofia Vergara

    8)She is way too thin

    7)The porn version of WW actually looks a hundred times better

    6)It’s too soon for Superman to be teaming up with other characters. The character is still being developed. Heck, he just started working at the Daily Planet for crying out loud!!!

    5)I saw Gal Gadot in F&F she can not act

    4)Between Batman’s gritty voice and Wonder Woman’s accent, Superman won’t have a clue what either of them is saying

    3)After the poor casting, I’m dreading to see what WW’s costume will look like. Please don’t put pants on her!!!!!

    2)The Flash might make an appearance??? Why not just make a Justice League movie then?

    1)So many are displeased with the casting of Wonder Woman, that nobody talks about Ben Affleck being the new Batman

    Ah well, we all had to go through Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin before they got it right. What’s a few more years?


    • Who says Wonder Woman can’t have accent. Tell me about the Amazonian non accent. I have faith she will.

  5. Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman?
    This is going to cause a stampede to Marvel!

  6. This Just In:

    Superman Sequel will suck wind

  7. “Looks aren’t the point”

    Then congrats on finding somebody that looks absolutely NOTHING like Wonder Woman!!!
    This movie franchise will have about as bright a future as Sonny Bono did when he suggested to Cher they go skiing!

    • Thank you. Somebody gets it. If looks aren’t the point, then why not have Andrew Garfield play Superman? He doesn’t have to look the part, just act. Wrong. In a movie – especially a superhero movie, the actor/actress needs to look the part. For men, that means face, hair and muscles. You have to be bulked out and cut to play either Superman or Batman. For Wonder Woman, yes she gets her powers from Zeus, but she still has to have a believable musculature…and the height…and the screen presence…and the face and hair…and the build. Some people always try to cast this as sexist, but when you’re doing a comic book movie, the heroes have to have that amazing physique that matches (or at least comes close to) the comic book version. The females also have to have that physique. And for females, that includes bust, butt and legs. Maybe Gal Gadot can work on her legs to get them muscular enough, but unless she gets implants or wears them inside her costume, she’s not going to match ANYONE’s idea of what Wonder Woman should look like.

      Oh, BTW, they should have gotten someone who could act too. I saw the Fast and Furious movies and she’s bad.

  8. Dyce & Trachtenberg have been paid to say this bull.
    Anybody with eyes can see Gadot is an awful choice for WW

  9. This article really highlights all the negative aspects with people’s reaction to Gadot’s casting. As a woman, it angers me when I see comments about her not having a big enough bust size. God forbid there be more to Wonder Woman than her S-shape. Gadot seems to have the toughness and conviction to carry the role and that’s all that matters to me before going in to see the film. I know SR readers are predominantly male but it still shocks me when I read such hurtful and sexist comments just about a woman’s appearance.

    • Christine, as a woman, I too find it odd that so many think Gadot is the obvious choice for Wonder Woman. Seems to me they’re simply saying she is a poor choice for the character. I notice you don’t find it sexist that they all think Affleck is wrong for Batman.

      What makes Gadot so special anyway? All she’s ever done is those Fast & Furious movies. There are countless others who could do a better job.

      • Eve, I never compared her to Ben Affleck. But if I did it would be different situation, because from the majority of Batfleck comments I read it was more about critiquing his bad films than hating on his looks. I don’t mind people critiquing actors and having negative opinions, but when all or most of the comments are about a woman’s lack of breasts and her hate toward her heritage, I have to wonder.

        While it’s true that Gadot has not had a high level of film credits, what saddens me is that commenters seem even more incendiary toward her looks than her personality or her film experience. I agree there were more conventional actresses suited for the role, but she is the one we got so I’m not going to bring up “could have beens.”

        That being said it’s nice to see another female SR reader :)

        • *and hate toward her heritage

        • Christine, I know what jerks guys can be, but it doesn’t stop them from being right in this case. She just doesn’t look like WW. Her body has nothing to do with it. In fact, none of the actors look right for the role.

          But you’re right, what’s done is done. I’ll wait for bluray

  10. She can’t act either. So getting boob implants would be a waste of time.

    • I feel that that remains to be seen. The Fast and the Furious franchise is not the most character-driven(pun unintended). Mediocre script and poor dialogue that barely develops the supporting characters is going to be bad for any actor.

      And for those of you who have nothing good to say about Gal Gadot, you should be thankful that our first big-screen Wonder Woman will be doing her own stunts(and Scarlett Johansson didn’t as Black Widow!).

      I’m just saying there are definitely positives

  11. Excuse Mr. Dyce? Are you getting money under the table to give these positive reviews? Cause all I see is this becoming as lame as the Superfriends!

  12. Gadot must be sleeping around. Only explanation why she got this part.

  13. So sick of hearing how attractive G.G. is.
    You people must not date much

  14. Take a good look at the picture above.

    Look at the drawing of WW

    Then look at Gal Gadot

    Then explain again how this makes sense, Dyce

  15. “Look aren’t the point”

    Good, cause this LOOKS like it will suck rocks!

    • A GREEK god?!

      • Yup bfg666, it is in fact… God* (not good)! My spelling, is obviously, un god-like. LOL !

        • You missed the point: since when is Thor greek?

          • Nope. You missed the point my friend.I never even mentioned Thor…sorry :)
            The term “greek god” was in reference to chris hemsworths looks. Ya know…tall, good looking, muscular, golden looks ect. Sorta like a Greek god.

            • Well, you gotta admit your wording was misleading. Also, since when is golden hair synonymous with greek? It’s a norse trait, not mediterranean.

              Bad wording + wrong reference = ground for misunderstanding.

              • I agree ! Mediterranean’s (specifically Greek) tend to have dark hair. I am pretty confident saying this since i am married to a greek woman, and lived in Greece for several years. But dont tell them that, since they insist in faking the barbie doll look. (sad really since they have such naturaul beauty) Why greek gods, characters, and heroes are so blonde…escapes me to no end. Maybe its the same reason that jesus, a jew, has such blonde hair in so many depictions.

                Not sure what was referenced wrongly…just know that chris hemsworth is not Thor in real life, and no one ever uses the term “built like a Norse-God”. We are talking about Wonder woman, a Greek amazonian character afterall. Not that its of any real relevance to my overall point. Nice try though 😉

    • Amen !
      And the thing that was so wrong about superman returns (for me anyway) is that he didn’t throw a single punch. Not one… Snider’s man of steel was meh…but snapping zods neck, when batman (an arguably more violent character) never crosses that line… un-freakin-acceptable! It was like: “make superman more mature…for a 16 year old”.

      Hollywood just dont get it. Have comic writers at-least help create the basic framework of the character development. Marvel extended universe is getting that right. 😉

  16. Dear shotoclone, – you wrote : “Why Greek gods, characters, and heroes are so blonde…escapes me to no end”. – Here’s the reason: about 900 yeas ago – only, – the REAL Greeks started to interbreed with Negros. The resulting race has actually got a name: “”The Moores”. THAT is where the olive skin and black hair came from. The REAL Greeks, – like the famous ones of antiquity ( Pythagoras, Aristotle etc. ) DID have blond hair and fair skin. There ya go.

    • Dear…er…whoever you are
      I am married to a greek woman. She finds the “greeks were blondes until black people ruined it” thing to be utterly hilarious, down right insulting, and sadly desperate at the same time.

      I lived in Greece for two years. Most Greeks found this to be a rather stupid theory given their proximity to the old world (aka Asia) Where in fact, most people have dark hair, and variation of green – brown eyes.

      If you look at ancient greek vase paintings, you will see that everyone has black curly hair, and in fact ancient Greeks look very much like modern Greeks. Perhaps the admired blond hair, and thus this the silly little stories gave birth. Plus, there are always exception…but your theory is still laughable at best.

      Nice try though 😉

    • I agree, the internet can get pretty lame at times.
      But in all fairness, i was reacting to what you tried to make me eat at that time. Its just a HUGE coincidence that my wife is Greek, and i was told that story too… by an arrogant, misogynistic, POS ! When we left his place, my wife started laughing at the notion.

      Your sources respectfully…unfortunately, hold no weight in this conversation since it is referring to “Roman historical personalities” and we are discussing Greeks.

      Theres a reason why Greek movies such as Troy (with brad pitt) depict most Greeks, with brown curly hair (Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom) with exception to certain key Characters (Troy-Brad Pitt) whom (appropriately for this conversation)is descended from greek gods. Now you see a recurring theme ? Even today…a big number of young greeks are sadly obsessed with the whole “tall skinny blonde” thing in their current culture. Ever see real dark hair get dyed an awful shade of yellow-green in order to fulfill this fantasy? Yuck, no thank you…i ll take mine naturaul!

      No hard feelings man. But that infamous tall-tale is just awful, offensive, and historically inaccurate. (BTW:im into Greek mythology/history) Anyway, don’t repeat it to anyone, and all is forgiven. 😉

  17. I’ve had another idea, an epiphany actually, – for someone to play Wonder Woman. Although I personally now dislike this b____ personally ( she’s a bad winner), I have to in all objectivity admit, she could be perfect.
    Ready ? : “Rowdy Ronda Rousey”.
    Something in particular she has, is that hint of male in her voice ( the one that women usually get once they hit 42 or so.) This’ll give her some “gristle” on the vocal front as well. Now this thing, has allegedly beaten up men in real life! So if SHE doesn’t make it believable, – NO girl can ( well, no girl we’d like to look at anyway LOL ). Damn I’d like to get her into the sack!
    (Am I allowed to say that I’ve here ??? )

    • Well…if we are gonna go the MMA route…i elect Gina Carano !
      She can kick my ass anytime, and she actually added some level of entertainment to the last Fast & Furious movie. Her vs Michelle Rodriguez = awesome !