Wonder Woman Movie Gaining Traction?

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wonderwoman golden lasso Wonder Woman Movie Gaining Traction?

IESB is reporting that the live-action Wonder Woman movie (which has started and stalled over the course of the last few years) might finally have found some legs.

According to the report, Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures (as in super-producer Joel Silver) are trying to get the project moving ahead, searching for writers with a good script pitch and a director who can bring Wonder Woman to the big screen in blockbuster fashion.

While that all sounds well and good, you’ll forgive me if I remain a bit skeptical. We’ve been promised a Wonder Woman movie so many times before, and so far, nothing’s come of those promises. Will this time be any different?

However, I have to wonder just how much influence the direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman animated feature DC Universe released this month might have had on pushing the Wonder Woman live-action movie forward. The reviews of the animated Wonder Woman were pretty positive; in fact, I’d go so far as to say that the animated feature surprised many viewers. Who knew that a modern day Wonder Woman could be such an entertaining character?

(If you haven’t seen the animated feature, you really need to check it out. It’s a great blueprint for how the live-action film should be done.)

Of course all this talk about a live-action Wonder Woman film moving forward is just rumor and speculation at this point. No word yet on who would write or direct it, or what creative direction the studio is looking to go in.

But still, it would be nice to see WW finally getting an even shot at that the box office. And if they do the whole Steve Trevor origin story, they’ve got to give the role to Nathan Fillion (his voice work as Trevor in the animated feature was awesome!).

We’ll keep an eye out and let you know more details about the film as they come to light. In the meantime, is Wonder Woman a comic book movie you would like to so on the fast track?

Source: IESB & Rotten Tomatoes

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  1. Sure why not? If Dragonball can get greenlight (why I don’t know) can’t Wonder Woman. My only thing is who could play her? IMO it would have to be someone who’s not really a big name because I don’t know any A-listers who can pull it off._

  2. Well, they did Catwoman and that worked out pretty…oh, wait, it bombed. Oh, they did Red Sonya and it….oh, that bombed too. Oooo, they did the vampire killing chick who……wait, that was crap too. Oh well, no Wonder Woman. :-)

    If they do it, no frakking Megan Fox! Sure, she looks good but she’s no Wonder Woman. Get some 6 foot Brazillian babe. Also, the WW animated film was good. I too recommend it.

  3. How about a Dark Haired Caprica Six she’s tall hotter than anyone and we know she can both act and do the physical stuff

  4. john taylor,

    i agree no megan fox shes hot, but i couldnt take her seriously as wonder woman that would as bad as a casting choice as jessica alba being casted as sue storm, would strictly be for sex appeal and nothing more

  5. I’ not sure that it’s possible to stay true to the Wonder Woman comics and have a successful movie

  6. It was bound to pick up speed after the DVD – now they know there’s a market for Wonder Woman!

  7. I would REALLY like to see this one get made.
    Fingers crossed.

  8. Sure, I’m all for a WW movie! Tricia Helfer could be a great choice for the role, too, though it’s pretty darn early for casting speculation. I hope they get someone like James Cameron or Peter Jackson to direct it — they’re both proven quantities who are open to genre fare.

  9. As for casting, some people think that Julia Voth might be interesting – if they’re gonna go with a relative unknown that is.


  10. IMHO, a Wonder Woman film could be very successful IF you treat follow in the Marvel Thor footsteps of plot. WW needs to first be a mythical film including the greek gods of old and ends with her magically being placed amongst the modern day world. If DC follows this direction, most of WW’s original origin can still play out in both worlds and allow the DC universe to expand amongst the everyday non-comic reading audinence.

  11. @ Adrian

    And the first hour of the film would be HOT. Throw a bunch of famous models and athletes in there as the “Amazons.” Have them cat-fight (I mean, “contest”)


  12. What he said.



  13. Ok, I was gonna say something but ppnkof made me forget everything. :-)

  14. My biggest issue with a Wonder Woman film is her costume. I’m sorry… how do you make that outfit look credible? Seriously. Yes, I too would enjoy ogling some hot-looking actress in it, but that’s part of my point. If they want a movie with WW to be a big hit, they’ve gotta get the women in the theater, too.

    Xena managed a good balance with her outfit in the TV series, but partly because it was somewhat campy. The way Lucy Lawless played the part also played a large part in why it worked, but her outfit had a semblance of credibility. If they can give the audience a legitimate reason for a woman to run around in the modern world in that kind of outfit, then the film would stand a chance of success. I just can’t see how anyone can explain such an absurdity.

    And yes, I agree with earlier posters here, Megan Fox would be god-awful for this part. They need to concentrate on acting talent first, then looks.

    • The costume for the movie isn’t a problem if they went with the modern costume she had in the comics before the new 52 relaunch which was wonder woman with pants

  15. This movie would be awesome, the Amazonians, Wonder Woman herself, full of hot chicks who kick ass.

  16. @Bill Blume

    There was a time in the comics when Wonder Woman was stripped of her title and it was given to another Amazon. During that “banishment” WW donned a much more believable outfit (Matrix style) and still fought crime. They could do something like that for the movie. Just a suggestion.

  17. I for one am THRILLED about the live-action movie but it has to be done right and I don’t mean that Warner Bros should take “The Dark Knight” approach because Batman is a dark character and so the world he inhabits along with his enemies are dark as well. Wonder Woman is a whole different story. Even though I hate to admit it female superheroes, technically, are not a huge box-office draw and marketing appeal as their male counterparts. The majority of moviegoers and comic book fans empathize more with male superheroes;that is a fact and it also brings up the most important question of all whether or not the character can connect with it’s audience on a personal and emotional level. I think that would be the deciding factor into drawing attention and awareness to the character of Wonder Woman.

    If the animated feature is any indication (although I haven’t seen it) then everything should work out really well but for the film to be successful, it needs the most important thing of all: A good script with an A-list writer and director, an unknown or at least not so famous actress, a well-thought storyline and a strong villain for Wonder Woman whose got quite a strong rogues gallery of foes that can be used in potential sequels. In a predominately male superhero world, I’m hoping for the best because Wonder Woman is well known throughout the world and deserves a real shot at the silver screen.

  18. @ Bill Blume

    I don’t think her outfit is absurd at all; think about it. I think it would upset a lot of WW fans if they were to change the outfit. I mean, when Batman was adapted for live-action, they made a rubber suit for him and the audience accepted it for good reason because having him in spandex would be too comical and goofy. Hey, it worked for Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and to a lesser extent, even Daredevil. In the case of X-Men, it was a good artistic decision to changed the costumes into a more realistic sense. So there’s no reason to believe why WW’s costume can’t work in the real world.

  19. I think it’s in the eyes. This girl has to have amazing eyes and boobs. She has to be able to fill out the costume. Nadia Bjorlin fits the profile but not alot of acting credits. She can sing like no other. check her out! My husband thinks she’s hot!

  20. Wonder Woman movie? only if they cast Lucy Lawless as the lead! she’s the only one who can do the character justice (unlike those petite actresses that have been tossed out as possibilities) she has the screen presence, the experience kicking butt (remember Xena folks?) and she’s tall enough- Wonder Woman was an Amazon- Megan Fox hardly matches up! Natalie Portman could fit in Wonder Woman’s palm! Xena for the role of WW!!!

  21. Wonder Women? lol

    I would only watch it if Olivia Munn was cast as her.

  22. I think the girl from Chuck, Sarah Lancaster, would be awesome as Wonder Woman. Thoughts?

  23. I think Julia Voth has potential as mocksure said. I would not like to see Lucy Lawless or Meghan Fox in the role. And there’s nothing wrong with the costume as far as credibility. Superman still wears basically the same thing he wore in the 70s. The Hulk is still big and green.

    DC characters are typically identified by their costumes more than most other comic characters. I really don’t think the general public would accept her nearly as well if she didn’t look like Wonder Woman, and instead had the cliche black leather or vinyl look that every other super hero or sci-fi movie is pushing nowadays.

  24. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe!!! Look her up, I think she is a perfect fit. Proportions and all, she looks like she can kick ass and is beautiful!

    A wonder woman movie can totally work, anything can when given the right script, actors, director, and editing (and anything needed to make that movie magic) and even though big screen female hero movies have bombed, shows like Xena, Buffy, Charmed, The Sarah Connor Chronicles etc. do well and are examples of there being people who would want to see this (not including wonder woman fans).

    Hope Hollywood doesn’t screw this up!

  25. I love wonder woman!! You can check out my Tattoo on the website above! I hope you like it and that you go see the movie!
    The animated DVD is awesome TOO!!

  26. I Believe that lynda carter should be the only choice to play “WONDER WOMAN”, she still looks “FANTASTIC”!I think it would tie in with the fact that WONDER WOMAN is almost ageless and if some one else portrayed her it would more about the actress than the character.

  27. I would love love love a Wonder Woman movie. I think the only one to play WW is Lucy Lawless with Lynda Carter playing the Queen of the Amazons.

  28. you know I just dont understand why people dont find her outfit credible, the whole purpose of the outfit is to show feminism and strength. the whole point is that we know she’s sexy in her outfit, but she doesn’t, it is completely different when a girl wears the outfit as a halloween costume. she represents beauty and strength. as far as i am concerned they need to keep her costume just the way it is, i think the people who have a problem with her costume being credible should look at batman or even superman, there not being told that there costumes are not credible. maybe its because it takes serious people to watch a serious superhero in their original costume.

  29. One of my favorites, Charisma Carpenter as Wonder Woman. ‘Nuff said.