5 Reasons Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

[ED. Note: This article was published before announcement of The DC Movie Universe release schedule.]

If there’s one thing the Dark Knight Trilogy proved, it’s that DC Comics’ most well-known heroes can be done justice on the big screen. With the recent success of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the only question facing Warner Bros. seems to be: who’s next?

How well characters like Flash and Aquaman will fare in DC’s Movieverse remains to be seen, but if we’re talking the publisher’s heaviest hitters, it seems Wonder Woman should be next in line for a live-action adaptation. We’ve covered Aquaman, now we give you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.

See if you share our opinion that the princess of Paradise Island has everything a blockbuster needs to succeed…


The Story

Wonder Woman Art Stars 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

The most devoted fans of DC’s heroes and heroines know that the existential/identity crisis at the heart of Superman and Batman is somewhat of a publisher trademark. But applying the same lens to the story of Wonder Woman, there is room to explore more than just isolation or fear.

Like Superman or Aquaman, Diana is also the product of a mystical society – but unlike her peers, she was not raised to be a part of humanity’s world. Raised by women, the world she is sent to explore and protect is not only alien, but in her eyes, prejudiced. Wonder Woman may be known for her combat skills, but as the highest-ranking woman in DC’s roster, how she is portrayed in any medium says much about the modern woman.

Even Marvel’s leading ladies know how much Wonder Woman can say about our world, so a serious take on the story is not only more relevant than ever, it’s long overdue.


The Characters

Wonder Woman Amazon Soldiers 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Potential Wonder Woman actresses may be the hot topic when discussing a live-action movie, but the larger fiction of the character is filled with a supporting cast of heroes and villains.

For starters, there’s Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Diana’s mother. Add a supporting cast of literally dozens of other warrior women (more than audiences have seen in every superhero film combined), and the writers would have a wealth of characters to work with before Diana ever encountered Colonel Steve Trevor and the outside world.

The New 52 reboot from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has added even more demigods – siblings of Diana – with powers as varied as their appearance. In other words, a chance to cast not just one, but several up-and-coming young men and women (on the side of good or evil).


The Setting

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

It’s a safe bet that much of a Wonder Woman movie would take place on Themyscira, the hidden island of the Amazons. There’s a reason it’s known as Paradise Island, and its classical Greek/Roman architecture is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recalling just how well Zack Snyder brought the planet Krypton to life in Man of Steel is reason enough for us to anticipate a big screen sojourn to Themyscira, where the lines between the real world and that of the ancient Greek gods continually blur.

What that means for audiences isn’t just swords-and-sandals combat (always a crowd-pleaser), but ancient battlefields, the deception and honoring of the gods, and magical weaponry. Satisfying on their own, but once those elements are brought into the real world, humanity (and its limited heroes) are caught in the crossfire.


The Mythology

Wonder Woman Hercules Comic Fight 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

We’ll forgive anyone unfamiliar with the latest take on Wonder Woman (as part of DC’s New 52), but the mysterious sources of Diana’s powers are gone: she is now a daughter of Zeus and part of history’s most dysfunctional family.

It’s not easy adding something new to ancient mythology (just ask the makers of Thor), but writer Brian Azzarello has done it. No longer self-righteous royalty living above the mortal world, the gods and goddesses – Ares, Hera, Apollo and more – walk among humanity, having their influence felt, but rarely unveiled.

The all-too-plausible machinations of the divine family bring classic mythology smack into the modern day, with the most recent addition – Wonder Woman – at the center of it all. It’s a take on Greek myth that few films have ever attempted, and could be worth the price of admission alone.



Wonder Woman Batman Superman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Now that Man of Steel has opened the door for a Justice League universe, the largest task facing DC and WB will be explaining the emergence of heroes on the heels of Superman’s arrival. And although audiences will no doubt enjoy seeing the League gathered on screen, establishing any threat large enough to warrant a team-up will be a challenge.

Regardless of where a Wonder Woman movie fits in relation to General Zod’s invasion – Themyscira is famously removed from the larger world, physically and philosophically – the mythological forces at work in Diana’s powers and people don’t just make her powerful: they make her unique. Superman may be strong, but in the world of the magic, he’s out of his depth. And establishing a limit to what Superman can do (or even comprehend) is a wise move if he’s going to be needing backup later on.

The emergence of Superman would offer several reasons for Diana’s mission to the larger world; it could be taken as a sign that humanity had learned to revere those with godlike powers, or even set Diana up as a rival to Supes, taking issue with his decision to appoint himself Earth’s guardian instead of living in secret as her people do. With the themes of fear, isolation and paranoia in Man of Steel, there’s no question Wonder Woman could fit right in.



Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Below you’ll find a quick recap of why we believe an Wonder Woman movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

  • The Story – Diana can represent a modern age and strong femininity like no other.
  • The Characters – Varied, unique, and numerous enough to feature plenty of promising stars.
  • The Setting – A blend of old and new unlike any other.
  • The Mythology – Allusions to classic myth in a modern age is a treatment never before seen.
  • Continuity – Establish the last of DC’s ‘Big Three’ in the movie universe, and define the limits of Superman.


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  1. Wonder woman
    casting choices 1: Emily blunt 2:Lucy griffiths 3:Lynn collins
    Director Ridley Scott

    • I would love Ridley Sott and Lynn Collins.

    • When I think of the role I see Erin Cummings as the perfect fit for Wonder Woman.

  2. Kelly Overton for WW

  3. I think Gina Carano would be an excellent choice. also if its based in Greek Mythology, That could play a more important role more so than Thor from the Marvel universe. Update her Costume. less Miss Patriot and more Warrior looking. It can be done. just get rid of that invisible plane. and allow her to have Goddess like Powers. Instead of the Truth Whip. Why Not have her Place that energy into a whip to seek the truth? There are ways to Approach Wonder Woman. but In order to do that, you cannot pay any attention to what has already been Done. it needs a Fresh start with a new take on the Character of Dianna.

  4. Unlike our male heroes who would rescue people indiscriminately, introducing a female hero like Diana would only highlight one thing. Her sole interest in only saving womankind, where men would come second. No doubt Diana would pummel bad guys, but regardless, if violence against women on the big screen is wrong, then how can it be right if the the roles were to reverse. Even Superman had to be pummeled and belittled by the lead female villain before he could bounce back. But even so he was unable to land a clean hit. If you were to introduce Diane then please base the plot on her home land where it’d be less controversial to slaughter the female villain, and only hint her arrival to modern civilization towards the ending.

    • You know, i agree, this is how they should do it. It’s a safer take on a movie centered around a female hero. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a captain america vibe from this sort of take. The thing i like about Captain America is that in his own time he is THE hero, when he joined the Avengers it sort of went downhill for him. So the only sensible thing to do is to make Wonder Woman like Cap USA, make her THE hero of her people, and only put her into our modern society towards the end. I also feel that in the event of a team up, Wonder Woman would fare so much better than Cap USA does, since her powers are much more in tuned with what the Justice League would be tasked for. I really hope they would just go for Flash or a GL2 or Aquaman. The last DC movie to feature a female hero was Catwoman, we all know where that went. Speaking of which I do really like the Catwoman of TDKR though, so i would say, we might have an amazing Superhero movie, or a disastrous flop, it all depends on the choices made on the production side of things i guess.

  5. I hope the suits at Warner Bros, are watching this. Wonder Woman is generating as much if not more buzz than Aquaman,Flash or who will be the next Batman. I’ve been A fan of the Amazon for A long time and I realy want A movie.

  6. After seeing MOS, I’ve every confidence they’ll screw this up too.

  7. Nina Caranoooo! She’s got the perfect look and body. The thing about Wonder Woman is that she’s beautiful but still looks like she can jack someone up.

    And if I hear another Megan Fox suggestion, I will give them a high five…in the face…with a chair.

  8. Waldae…MOS was no screw up, your opinion maybe but I loved it, I’ve never been in a cinema before where everyone clapped and cheered at the end, I had more fun watching that then any other CBM I’ve seen, Snyder nailed it!

  9. Jessica Chastain should play Wonder Woman
    - she is beautiful and her looks resembles to the new 52 Wonder Woman
    - she can act really good (oscar nominalisation this year)
    - she already played a badass woman in Zero Dark Thirty and she did it very well

  10. Gina Carano has the body but not too sure about the acting skills. She also doesn’t have a very the face, not that she’s not beautiful; it’s just not ‘Wonder Woman’ beauty. Rachel Nichols (Continuum) is definitely the best choice; there’s even a photoshopped picture of her online and it looks straight out of the comic.

  11. If there is a JL film, i hope it is the John Stewart Green Lantern. He is awesome and he has Marine fighting skills. And he is an architect so he can create cool stuff

  12. There’s a reason Wonder Woman hasn’t gotten her own theatrical movie, she sucks, simple as that. I mean lets look at her for a second:
    -She’s incredibly bland as a character
    -She doesn’t have any powers that make her derivative from Superman to justify her being classified in the same league as him and Batman
    -Lame origin that fails to make her sympathetic or particularly driven to pursue her goals like Spiderman or Batman.
    -No worthwhile supporting cast on par with Commissioner Gordon or Mary Jane, both of whom are arguably more interesting than anything WW’s ever done.
    -Awful rogues gallery, all of them are C-list villains at best.
    -She’s just Superman with boobs, magic and a bondage fetish.
    -Saddled with countless idiotic gimmicks like the Lasso of Truth & the Invisible Plane, even the writers have tried to faze out these abominations from the comics by having her use swords & spears more and either fly on her own power or not at all.
    -Not a single memorable storyline on par with Dark Knight Returns or Old Man Logan.

    I recognize that Wondie is a “symbol for strong women” all that good stuff, but her novelty wore off long ago, the world evolved and so have females in media. I mean with the emergence of female heroes like Kim Possible, Black Widow & Katniss Everdeen to name a few, WW fails to hold up in the modern age and is barely clinging to relevance because of her status and iconography. Even her comics just barely sell enough to stay in publication while her animated movie failed to sell fast enough to warrant sequels, after the failure of Green Lantern, Warner Bros. won’t take a chance on giving someone barely marketable an entire movie to carry. Sorry, she’s a supporting character at best.

    • Sorry, I disagree. If the movies can make a franchise out of the Hunger Games, and a series like Xena Warrior Princess or Buffy the Vampire Slayer can run seven seasons, there’s an extremely compelling message in the heroic princess message that is at the heart of Wonder Woman.

      What’s missing from the studio suits at WB is the “guts” to get to the heart of Wonder Woman’s message: that of a goddess who falls in love with the world of men, and pledges her sacred honor to protect it with all her honor and all her powers.

      It requires that we move beyond the ‘gritty dark’ Chris Nolan vision of the world, to a much more inspiring heroine then one we’ve seen before. ‘Thor’ points the way towards what this movie might look like; she is the mythological character in the DC universe.

      • your spot on. For Warner bros to not make a ww movie at this point would make it obvious they consider her an unimportant character. It would be an embarrassment and would and a bad decision.

      • You missed one point, the likes of Katniss, Xena and Buffy are far more interesting as characters than Wondie, hence why they’ve carried movies while Wondie can just barely keep her comics going.

        Same deal as Thor, there may be similarities but the reason Thor took off is because he has a few things going for him, his upbeat, offish, arrogant but lovable demeanor, family issues that audiences can relate to, and strong rogues in the forms of Loki and Enchantress, the former of which is a top tier villain in his respective universe.

        It’s not that WB doesn’t have the “guts” to go ahead with her movie, it’s that they know it’d be a waste of time and money. After the Green Lantern movie debacle, I don’t think WB is going to take a risk of green lighting another bomb considering they don’t have much going for them these days.

        Sorry, in the modern age where women do incredible things each and everyday where many of them hold positions of power all the way up to leading countries, Wonder Woman just seems quaint by comparison. Like Disney princesses, she’s “cute” and it’s cute to see little girls dress up as her, but no one takes her seriously. Sorry but that’s the truth. :/

        • I disagree – I think the story with the strong female lead is not out-dated, it’s a story that’s more timely than ever.

          Because so many corporate and world leaders are now women, even more important for them to have a heroine they can look up to: strong, intelligent, heroic, strong, and beautiful – who can dominate in a world of men.

          You overlook that a huge percentage of the fanbase for franchises like Tomb Raider, Buffy, Xena, and Wonder woman are women – they see in “their” hero something to aspire to. That’s why, if done right, Wonder Women films will appeal to both women and men.

          The problem is 95% of the production, sale, and marketing of films is done by men – and they see only the superficial, not the core of this heroine. Guess they’ll never understand the appeal of ‘Aliens’, ‘Terminator 2′ or ‘Hunger Games’ – those were basically “chick flicks”!

          • Oh no no no I’m not arguing that female leads are outdated, not in the least, I’m saying that marketing a movie based on the fact that a woman just happens to be strong in some way feels forced and a bit sexist in a way because audiences today know women are just as capable as men so that premise alone just comes off as weak.

            Hence why Wonder Woman does not work or appeal to a large audience, her only defining characteristic is that she’s strong and she’s a woman, she has no personality or interesting backstory to back it up or any particularly memorable storylines or villains to help develop her as a character. She was a product of her time along with Superman and Captain America, but why Superman & Captain America are still appealing to this day is because writers made them evolve with the times. Their status as powerful big blue boy scouts isn’t enough to carry them in this day and age, which is why over the decades writers worked to add new depth by developing their character, mythos, rivalries and personality.

            Wonder Woman is still stuck in the 1940s mentality of “I can’t believe a woman is that strong and independent”, back then it’s not every day you see a female heroine but nowadays you see them left and right in and out of fiction, so WW doesn’t even stand out. Her character is as bland as ever, that worked in the 40s, but not now where characters aren’t just there to be the reader’s avatar.

            Batman for example doesn’t stand out because he’s a hero who doesn’t have powers, especially considering the market is flooded with those now. Batman works because of his intricate mythos; a combination of his backstory, his themes, his interactions with his supporting characters and villains, and the countless memorable storylines he’s had.

            There are many fictional characters, both male and female that male and female audiences can look up to and identify with, so there’s no gender barrier these days unless you’re under 9. I’m a male and I can identify with Chun Li in the Street Fighter games.

            Ther appeal of Aliens, Terminator 2 or Hunger Games has nothing to do with the fact that they have a female lead, it’s the fact that the female leads in question are likable and cool and the story is good, something WW comics don’t have. Sarah Connor works because she’s a mother hardened by the traumatic experiences she endured and is shouldering the burden of being the mother of the man who will be the hope of humanity. Katniss works because she’s a proverty stricken huntress who provided for her family that became entangled in a situation where she may or may not live through.

            • I don’t think you’ve read enough Wonder Woman – or perhaps the character just doesn’t appeal to you – but her story is every bit as compelling as other heroes currently on film.

              She is a goddess, daughter of a goddess, with incredible power looking for meaning in her life. She has the tragic back story of deadbeat dad, jealous rivalries among her peers, and demanding mother who tries to keep her in ‘paradise’, an effort that creates conflict when she’s unexpectedly introduced to the world of men – a world that’s ugly and violent, but ultimately full of beauty and heroism. It is in this world that her morals and values find meaning – and Diana commits her life to making the world a better place.

              Quite literally, it’s Paradise Lost, and a story arc that has been mined successfully for girls in recent years in highly-successful films such as ‘Brave’ and ‘Tangled’, or for boys in high-concept action that works in franchises like ‘Thor’ or ‘Captain America’.

              As for the character of Diana, if she is naive and isolated from the world because of her noble ideals, you could say the same for Superman – Hollywood seems to have a hard time successfully pulling that off. Much easier to have the Man of Steel smash things – then understand the positive values that drive him. Much easier to make Wonder Woman look good in tights – then present her as a compelling heroine.

              Perhaps a good model is to look at the box office of PG rated female driven action films of the past 10 years (Tomb Raider, for example), and peg your budget for expected return there. Start with $100M say, cast a dynamic Wonder Woman matched with a solid screenplay, and make a good story – rather than a ‘summer tentpole’. Perhaps that’s the live action film she deserves…

        • Wait, if those 3 you mentioned can work then why can’t wonder woman? She’s a warrior just like them. Just give her a proper battle suit not some spandex garbage, have her fight gods and monsters and make it stylish like 300 or immortals.

          I mean Faora was arguably the star of MoS and she basically has the same powers as WW.

          • Simple, those 3 have likable personalities, WW doesn’t. You can give her cool powers and have her fight monsters all you want but your main character is not interesting then all that means nothing.

            One Piece for example doesn’t just work because the characters traverse through interesting locations and fight some baddies with their cool powers. One Piece works because the heart of the story is in its endearing characters with their vivid personalities, memorable interactions, tragic backstories and their dream that motivates them to go on their journey.

            The Transformers movies have the main characters who are alien robots who fight other alien robots, the reason those movies suck is because the characters (in the movie, not talking about them is all mediums) are awful, therefore we have no reason to be invested in them or in the movie. Wonder Woman falls into the latter category, she’s defined only as an action figure, not as a character, hence why there’s no heart in her stories.

            • It’s a comic book movie right and lord knows writers and directors take liberties with these types of movies, so couldn’t they tweak her personality and back story a bit to make her more likeable as you put it.

              • They could but considering how bland Superman came off in Man of Steel and how Warner Bros. is going to use that film as a template for all their future DC movies from here on I think they’ll end up making her even more boring than she already is.

                But lets just assume they hopefully don’t go that approach, what stories do writers have to derive from? The Dark Knight trilogy derived from acclaimed stories like Long Halloween, The Killing Joke, the Dark Knight Returns and Knightfall to name a few. The Iron Man movies derived from stories like the Extremis and Demon in a Bottle. What great stories can screenwriters derive for a compelling Wonder Woman screenplay? Since the amount of good stories involving WW that exclude the rest of the DC heroes can be counted on one hand, there’s not a whole lot of possibilities.

    • For a DC cinematic universe to be credible their has to be a wonder woman movie. It would be like marvel,making Thor an add on character in the avengers.

    • Gotta say, I agree with you 100%.

    • I think you are one of those fans that will love to see another Batman movie… If you are a truly DC fan you will love Wonder Woman and you will also think that the best logical project is a Wonder Woman movie you know why because in The Justice League she place and intricately important part.

      Wonder Woman is more marketable than 300, Clash of the Titans 1&2, Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Immortals!
      They all have sequels (except for Immortals) and thats because apparently they are very marketable, and Wonder Woman’s origins story is more interesting that all those movies I mention.

      That fact that her movie will be a diversity in it self is a selling point right there. Audiences love diversity in movies, if the production companies keep giving us to much of the same thing in this case Male Superheroes, audiences are growing tired of it!

      Don’t hate!

      • I am a fan of the Justice League and in every Justice League story I’ve read/watched, she was nothing more than extra muscle and is only given a charity line here or there to seem as important as the men. Her biggest story arc in the Justice League cartoon was getting with Batman. Seriously.

        If Wonder Woman is more marketable and supposedly more interesting than all these movies then why hasn’t her movie been made yet? You don’t think Warner Bros. would’ve been all over that? Besides I’ve pointed out that her monthly comics dodgingly struggle to stay in publication while her animated movie didn’t sell fast enough to warrant any sequels. So much for “marketable”.

        I like diversity in superhero movies as much as the next guy but Wonder Woman is not the girl for the job. Personally I’d rather studios focus more on a Birds of Prey film or a She Hulk movie, all these characters are far more interesting than Wonder Woman, even Donna Troy, a character created by accident is much more compelling.

  13. Personally, I would like to see Odette Annable (House) as Wonder Woman. First, she is good looking, solid actress, not A-list, and finally, I think she is exspensive too much. Same as Henry, as he came to Man Of Steel through TV show.

    And now, will you do article about Flash? :D

    • Man, she’s gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind watching her in action. But my main pick thus far is Bridget Regan. She has a wider, stronger look.

      But yeah, Ms. Annable is right behind her. She has a slightly more darker and exotic look, which I’d like to see as WW before some pale-midwestern suburban-looking woman gets in the role.

  14. A Wonder Woman movie is needed. To give this great charecter the story and big screen movie she diserves. If WB want to make a JL universe or even if the don’t than a Wonder Woman movie is still very desirable.

  15. Alison Brie could make a good Wonder Woman!

  16. I vote for casting Bridget Regan!! She’d be perfect for WW.

    • Second that. She’s the only reason to watch ‘Legend of the Seeker’! :)

    • Thirded! Didn’t even see this comment before I had her in mind!

  17. how about Kim kardashian, then she could date that black green lantern! Haha!

  18. One thing that the movie versions of Thor and 300 have proven is that there’s a place for sword and sandals mythology in the context of high concept comic book action adventure.

    All you have to do is look to ‘Twilight’ or the ‘Hunger Games’ to understand the potential of a strong female-drive franchise.

    Given the dark turn DC has taken with both Batman and Man of Steel; I’d like to see the “positive future for mankind” message of Wonder Woman not be compromised. I’d like to see our world through her eyes – a message of redemption for mankind, and a quest for truth, in spite of all our weaknesses.

    • i think they should look at anything other than twilight

    • I don’t think “strong female drive” and “Twilight” should ever be uttered in the same sentence unless there’s a “not” in between.

    • Man of Steel is dark but only because he had a rough origin. After this, Superman rises from the darkness as a beacon of hope. Aas he learns to be the hero we known him to be, things only get better from there with Superman, unlike Batman. I think he will handle that role without any need for WW to.

      • We can hope so – I fear they’ve simply set things up so that the ‘Man of Steel’ can smash even bigger things in the sequel…

  19. The problem with Wonder Woman is the sequel. Wonder Woman stories aren’t that cool after the origin.

  20. your spot on. For Warner bros to not make a ww movie at this point would make it obvious they consider her an unimportant character. It would be an embarrassment and would and a bad decision.

  21. I admit that I’m scarcely an expert on any of these characters, but what about any of their native societies is mystical? Mysterious, yes. Mystical, no.

  22. You know, I’ve never really understood why Wonder Woman is heralded as one of DC’s top three. I don’t see many graphic novels about her, it’s been decades since she was even on TV and I’ll bet there’s not that many people who could name her nemesis (I can’t).

    Is it really just because she looks good in a skirt?

    • You have a point. The thing that interests me about WW is the greek mythology aspect.

  23. Olivia Wilde for WW.

  24. Charlize Theron can make an awesome villainess “CIRCE” like she did played The evil Queen from SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN. She might be appearing in the JUSTICE LEAGUE tackling the Amazing Amazon. First we cast Ares-The God of War and I think Jeremy Irons, Ralph Fiennes, Chris Isaaks, Viggo Mortensen, may play the WW arch-villain in the WONDER WOMAN Movie.

    WONDER WOMAN (Supporting Characters)
    Steve Trevor
    (a) Bradley Cooper
    (b) Mark-Paul Gosselaar
    (c) Garret Hedlund
    (d)Chris Pine

    Queen Hippolyte
    (a) Cate Blanchett
    (b) Demi Moore
    (c) Jane Seymour
    (d)Linda Fiorentino
    (e) Laura Graham
    (f)Kim Basinger

    Etta Candy
    (a) Naomi Watts
    (b) Reese Witherspoon
    (c)Claire Danes
    (d) Michelle Williams
    (e) Kirsten Dunst

    (a)Gabrielle Union
    (b) Kandyse McClure

    (a)Kate Hudson
    (b) Drew Barrymore
    (c)Sara Paxton
    (d) Amber Heard

    General Phil Darnell
    (a)Bruce Greenwood
    (b) J.K. Simmons
    (c)Bill Paxton
    (d)Dennis Quaid

    Young Diana (Wonder Girl)
    (a)Georgie Henley

    (a)Keira Knightley
    (b)Kate Beckinsale
    (c)Fairuza Balk
    (d)Jennifer Lopez

    Julia Kapaetelis
    (a)Glenn Close
    (b)Emma Thompson
    (c)Julia Ormond
    (d)Joely Richardson

  25. I’ve seen someone suggest Javier Bardem for Ares. Good choice I thought.

  26. Bridget Regan would, by far, be the best person for Wonder Woman. She’s not too widely or globally known, she looks and acts the part (judging by past acting roles) and her age certainly seems to be in keeping with how old WW is in the New 52 right now (I think).

  27. i agree with the guy that says WW will hve a hard time of being made because theres certain inadequecies in the quality of output over the years… due to instead largely depending on her uniqueness a female which in this day and age isnt so unique

    i think however the spirit &more important iconography of the character is legendary &something new &vital can be built off that.. itll take a brave &innovative script/director to pull it off but its possible

    first off her being a woman cant be the main focus thats about as sexist as not including because shes a woman

    &ALOT of things have to get thrown out.. the mystical element expecially if shes going to woork in this new grounded Snyder/Nolanvers her origins have to be rooted in scientifically plausible

    my resounding idea that ive been throwing at this &countless youtube pages for the last howmany yrs

    is/was one that ties her to the Kryptonians.. i sometimes wonder if that was what inspired the Kara Zorel Ancestry storyline in MoS but i digress

    To start id have her descended from a triumvirate of alien civilisations whove been present on earth as far as far back as say 18000 yrs ago.. give or take (see what i did there)

    a helpful twist would be to have her believe she is the daughter of a goddess Queen &endowed with mystical abilities (really just Kryptonian/Genesian/Apokalyptan genes) &have her naively think that one day theyll leave isolation &teach mankind the way of the gods &how to be civilised.. some dialogue that mirrored the way the spartans spoke of te persians would be apt
    all the while her mother knows the truth &feels guilt for letting her daughter believe the legends

    show her growing upa slightly spoilt but loving daughter &ferocious competitor loved by all the women on the island who see her as all their daughter.. shes trained by her mentor &her mothers right hand artemis in th3e ways of war &eventually surpasses her.. though she reminds her like many a princess she has toomuch pride &conceitful lack of humility is her truest weakness

    this is where Major Stephanie Raquelle “Stevie” Trevor makes her entrance to the story flashforward to the midst of the Kryptonian invasion crisis she is dispatched from a carrier nearest the region by general swanwick INCASE “boyscout” meets with failure disabling the W/Engine her plane is also outfitted with a nuke… on her way to the target she intercepts a matte black jet of seemingly earth origin/design but no markings military or otherwise.. &it didnt showup on her systems till she saw it with her own eyes &made adjustments
    despite her misgivings shes ordered to fire upon it as it could be the aliens backup.. she engages the dark craft unsuccessfully in a dogfight of epic proportions ending up over some uncharted island that isnt showing up on sensors despite being fired upon the blackjet doesnt return fire but something on the island senses nukes onboard &targets both planes &hits Trevors craft bringing it down… the blackjet (hinted to resemble an adandoned WayneTech prototype that got cancelled when the spoilt brat rose from the dead took over the company &cancelled all military contracts)

    cut to Trevor waking up in her parachute in a tree freeing herself &finding her way into a series of caves stone temples that have sacred meaning to the natives on the strange island wandering off against her mother &artemis express orders..
    Diana picks up the invaders trail heading to the forbidden place &decides to venture in where they encounter &fight with the princess being surprised at Trevors resilience despite being so heavily outclassed as she was raised believing women of mansworld are nothing but weaklings who live for the whims of men

    Dianas presence activates some kind of message that prettymuch plot dumps her entire origin &explains how they &the atlanteans REALLY came to have their powers..
    feeling shocked amazed lied to she collapses.. at which point a pod descends (much like jor Els armour cubby in MoS) &reveals the two sets of armour one golden &one dark royal metallic blue inside the larger armour belonging to her ancestor with the full forearm length silver metallic greaves that light up with gold writing (like the ring in LOTR) when she touches it
    (Kara or one of her descendants maybe?)
    &the words of her standard being she must go forth unto the world of man &be a beacon of reason &hope.. at the same time something is set free an ancient evil killer of men that if let loose in the outside world will kil everything that lives.. battle commences diana puts aside her distrust of humans &lets Trevor help her defeat the man/entity

    with all the madness Trevors obviously lost her sh*t at this point artemia shows up with other guards with a disappointed look on her face cut to Trevor being placed in a cell &Diana being brought in front of her mother for punishment.. even though its her daughter she cant be seen to be lenient with her as the “sacred lad of the gods was soiled” Diana realises that her mother cannot tell these 300 odd women that theyve been living a lie &actually accepts exile under the condition that she take trevor with her back to her ppl as an emissary of the “godesses” ambassadorenvoy if u will.. citing the recent event s precedent.. her mother relents tearfully letting her leave the island

    she takes a ship buried deep beneath the island with stealth/invisibility capabilities used by her ancestors to study emreging human civilisations without directly interfering or influencing them.. she flies Trevor to america &lands in the states (on either the White house lawn or the parking lot of the UN, still undecided)

    she introduces herself to the world as an an ambassador of her island nation (about a couple weeks into the superman cleanup effort of ground black zero)

    Diana: Jessica Biel/Odette Annable
    Hippolyta: Angelina Jolie

    Trevor: Gugu Mbatha Raw
    Artemis: Gina Carrano
    Circe: Charlize Theron

    Amanda Waller: Angela Basset

    • this would be released AFTER the first justice league btw.. even though the events portrayed would take place before &just after the events at the end of MoS

      apologies for the im sure numerous errors punctuation &typo wise.. any plot details omitted are lfet out incase i do get this develops as i write all my script ideas with two COMPLETELY SEPERATE endings so bear in mind tons of detail has been left out.

    • The part about the origin sounds a bit too much like MoS. Yes to Gugu in any movie/tv show/ commercial whatever.

  28. Why does Trevor have to be a girl? WW just has to be surrounded by women or it’s sexist right? God forbid she sees a man and likes him.

  29. As most I think would agree- I don’t think WW should have her OWN movie. I think it would benefit better for the JL universe if they just add her into a Flash, or Aqua man movie like Marvel did with Black widow in IM 2 and 3 and then Avengers came out-you saw more of her, didn’t really learn much about her origins; but who cared-you just saw a beautiful ass kicker that could get information out of someone without them knowing it. So my suggestion would be introducing her little by little into a Flash or the next MoS to see what reviews she might get, and go from there.