5 Reasons Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

[ED. Note: This article was published before announcement of The DC Movie Universe release schedule.]

If there’s one thing the Dark Knight Trilogy proved, it’s that DC Comics’ most well-known heroes can be done justice on the big screen. With the recent success of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the only question facing Warner Bros. seems to be: who’s next?

How well characters like Flash and Aquaman will fare in DC’s Movieverse remains to be seen, but if we’re talking the publisher’s heaviest hitters, it seems Wonder Woman should be next in line for a live-action adaptation. We’ve covered Aquaman, now we give you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.

See if you share our opinion that the princess of Paradise Island has everything a blockbuster needs to succeed…


The Story

Wonder Woman Art Stars 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

The most devoted fans of DC’s heroes and heroines know that the existential/identity crisis at the heart of Superman and Batman is somewhat of a publisher trademark. But applying the same lens to the story of Wonder Woman, there is room to explore more than just isolation or fear.

Like Superman or Aquaman, Diana is also the product of a mystical society – but unlike her peers, she was not raised to be a part of humanity’s world. Raised by women, the world she is sent to explore and protect is not only alien, but in her eyes, prejudiced. Wonder Woman may be known for her combat skills, but as the highest-ranking woman in DC’s roster, how she is portrayed in any medium says much about the modern woman.

Even Marvel’s leading ladies know how much Wonder Woman can say about our world, so a serious take on the story is not only more relevant than ever, it’s long overdue.


The Characters

Wonder Woman Amazon Soldiers 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Potential Wonder Woman actresses may be the hot topic when discussing a live-action movie, but the larger fiction of the character is filled with a supporting cast of heroes and villains.

For starters, there’s Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Diana’s mother. Add a supporting cast of literally dozens of other warrior women (more than audiences have seen in every superhero film combined), and the writers would have a wealth of characters to work with before Diana ever encountered Colonel Steve Trevor and the outside world.

The New 52 reboot from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has added even more demigods – siblings of Diana – with powers as varied as their appearance. In other words, a chance to cast not just one, but several up-and-coming young men and women (on the side of good or evil).


The Setting

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

It’s a safe bet that much of a Wonder Woman movie would take place on Themyscira, the hidden island of the Amazons. There’s a reason it’s known as Paradise Island, and its classical Greek/Roman architecture is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recalling just how well Zack Snyder brought the planet Krypton to life in Man of Steel is reason enough for us to anticipate a big screen sojourn to Themyscira, where the lines between the real world and that of the ancient Greek gods continually blur.

What that means for audiences isn’t just swords-and-sandals combat (always a crowd-pleaser), but ancient battlefields, the deception and honoring of the gods, and magical weaponry. Satisfying on their own, but once those elements are brought into the real world, humanity (and its limited heroes) are caught in the crossfire.


The Mythology

Wonder Woman Hercules Comic Fight 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

We’ll forgive anyone unfamiliar with the latest take on Wonder Woman (as part of DC’s New 52), but the mysterious sources of Diana’s powers are gone: she is now a daughter of Zeus and part of history’s most dysfunctional family.

It’s not easy adding something new to ancient mythology (just ask the makers of Thor), but writer Brian Azzarello has done it. No longer self-righteous royalty living above the mortal world, the gods and goddesses – Ares, Hera, Apollo and more – walk among humanity, having their influence felt, but rarely unveiled.

The all-too-plausible machinations of the divine family bring classic mythology smack into the modern day, with the most recent addition – Wonder Woman – at the center of it all. It’s a take on Greek myth that few films have ever attempted, and could be worth the price of admission alone.



Wonder Woman Batman Superman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Now that Man of Steel has opened the door for a Justice League universe, the largest task facing DC and WB will be explaining the emergence of heroes on the heels of Superman’s arrival. And although audiences will no doubt enjoy seeing the League gathered on screen, establishing any threat large enough to warrant a team-up will be a challenge.

Regardless of where a Wonder Woman movie fits in relation to General Zod’s invasion – Themyscira is famously removed from the larger world, physically and philosophically – the mythological forces at work in Diana’s powers and people don’t just make her powerful: they make her unique. Superman may be strong, but in the world of the magic, he’s out of his depth. And establishing a limit to what Superman can do (or even comprehend) is a wise move if he’s going to be needing backup later on.

The emergence of Superman would offer several reasons for Diana’s mission to the larger world; it could be taken as a sign that humanity had learned to revere those with godlike powers, or even set Diana up as a rival to Supes, taking issue with his decision to appoint himself Earth’s guardian instead of living in secret as her people do. With the themes of fear, isolation and paranoia in Man of Steel, there’s no question Wonder Woman could fit right in.



Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Below you’ll find a quick recap of why we believe an Wonder Woman movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

  • The Story – Diana can represent a modern age and strong femininity like no other.
  • The Characters – Varied, unique, and numerous enough to feature plenty of promising stars.
  • The Setting – A blend of old and new unlike any other.
  • The Mythology – Allusions to classic myth in a modern age is a treatment never before seen.
  • Continuity – Establish the last of DC’s ‘Big Three’ in the movie universe, and define the limits of Superman.


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  1. Olivia Wilde as Wonder Woman. Anyone have a pen so she can sign her name on the contract?

    • WW is an Amazon. Amazonian women are bigger, stronger, more beautiful and are fierce warriors compared to their human female counterparts. To me Wilde, while pretty, is none of those things.

      • She gorgeous, but a gorgeous toothpick.

        WW is gonna be a tough cast.

        • Michelle Rodriguez!

          KIDDING. I was kidding.

          • Hmmm… What if we just put a black wig on Mila Jovovich?

      • Right! Unlike male actors, very few woman are big enough to look the part and very few of those woman are actresses. Unless they can find a very well built woman such as a bodybuilder/fitness competitor that can learn to act I doubt it will be a easy part to fill. I’m sure they will try to use some skinny actress for the part but that will be a failure!

    • she is too thin and doesn’t exactly exude the masculinity that is required for this role. at least not for me.

      • Gina Carano is still the only one I know who brings everything imo.

        • Except acting ability, which some people might find important.

          Actually, she looked terrible in fast 6

          • Gemma arteron or however you spell it. Or lynn collins

            • It’s looks like the best option would be to CGI Mila Kunis’ face on Joanie Laurer’s body.

              • Or cast all of these babe actresses on MY body (heh-heh….).

            • Gemma Arterton would do very nicely I think.

              • +1,000,000…with Gina Carano as a rogue Amazon Villain

                I don’t think there is a more perfect choice in either of those cases!

            • Those are some impressive casting choices. I could see both of them as Wonder Woman. I would prefer Arteron though because she’s younger and could carry the role beyond more than one movie if needed.

        • -5 pts to you for mentioning her. We were doing so good until you posted.

        • Gina Carano is my vote also, i even read somewhere she was seeing man of steel himself henry cavill some guy in her movie “haywire” even referenced her as Wonder Woman..”when you wish upon a star”

        • Gina Carano is my vote also, i even read somewhere she was seeing man of steel himself henry cavill some guy in her movie “haywire” even referenced her as Wonder Woman..”when you wish upon a star”

    • I vote for Bridget Regan, she has the figure and looks.

    • What about Bridget Regan? She is gorgeous, can act, and can do some fighting (in a dress).

  2. Not a bad article of reasons. I believe one cool way of bringing the justice league together is by either getting Louise or Clark on a track of several unexplainable occurences for a newspaper lead Such as the way Louise tracked Clark in man of steel. this leads Clark to flash wonderwman and Batman. Then using his powers he is able to

  3. Not a bad article of reasons. I believe one cool way of bringing the justice league together is by either getting Louise or Clark on a track of several unexpleainable occurences for a newspaper lead Such as the way Louise tracked Clark in man of steel. this leads Clark to flash wonderwman and Batman. Then using his powers he is able to

  4. Yeah, it would be great to have a WW movie, but it has to be Batman…


  5. Let Olivia Wilde be cast as Womder Woman and have Katherine Bigalow direct it.

    I hope this scene appears in either the WW movie or JL movie: Womder Woman is on the floor beaten up, the female antagonist who probably backstabbed her tells WW something like “You will see this power conquer all.” ANd WW smiles and says “Really? Because all I see are two bitches…”. The female antagonist is confuesd. Two? WW hold up a piece or key that holds a death machine together. And WW says “…You and payback!”

  6. that actress in the film ‘haywire’ anyone?

    • ^ Has my vote.

      These four are perfect like this imo:
      Superman – Henry Cavill
      Wonder Woman – Gina Carano
      Flash – Armie Hammer
      Aquaman – Alexander Skarsgard

      It’s Batman who I just don’t know anyone perfect for. Thinking Ryan Gosling, but it’s a stretch. GL I wanted to be Jamie Foxx (different lantern than Jordan, to make a switch from the GL movie), but he’s playing Electro now…

      • Gina Carano gets my vote too!

      • Armie Hammer will be a Marvel guy.. I don’t think it coincidence that he was on the set of Captain America the other day…

        • Id switch hammer and gosling, gosling has a smaller stature

          • You can say Hammer for Batman, but Gosling for Flash? Naaa.

      • Cant we throw Benedict Cumberbatch somewhere in there? I think he would make a much better Aquaman. I think Ryan Gosling would make a better Wally West.

        • I think Missy Peregrym would make a good wonder woman. She’s got the body for it. Not sure how she measures up to the block of wood though.

      • Luke Evans for Batman. See F&F6.

      • Superman – Henry Caville
        Batman – Anson Mount or Armie Hammer
        Aquaman – Liam McIntyre
        Wonder Woman – Mary Elizabeth Winstead
        Flash – Chris Pine
        Green Lantern – Idris Elba
        Cyborg – The Rock

  7. Id love to see a Wonder Woman movie.

    After watching Man of steel, Im 100% sure Warner could do something huge with her, both with the script and the action.

    Just take the best of Dark Knigh, Man of Steel and Inmortals… and they’ll have a f**** Winnner!

  8. I think it’s a mistake to make Wonder Woman relevant BECAUSE she’s a woman. She should be relevant despite it, because Superman is relevant despite being a male. The whole focus on gender only ruins any equal standing males and females can have in these type of films.

    Make Wonder Woman a unique character that brings her own unique essential qualities to the JLA. Some of that can be related to her being a woman, but you can’t base her character on it. I think the only way to make her relevant in her own right is to give her skills neither of the others have. Having knowledge of her world and of sorcery is the only thing I can think of (not a WW-buff here) ergo those are imo necessary story-aspects.

    It’s exactly why Bale’s Batman has little to add to a JLA, which is why I’m not for joining the two franchizes. Batman’s best unique assets to the JLA are his mental skills (he’s a brilliant mind, which wasn’t tapped into much in the Nolan-verse). He’s outclassed in pretty much everything else realistically speaking.

    The only way for DC to deliver something that’s actually good, maybe even better than Marvel or whomever universe you want to compare it to, is to team-up people who ALL bring essential skills unique to them. Superman has kryptonian strength, Batman has intellect and ninjaskills, Flash has insane speed. The relevant question is: what does Wonder Woman have?

    • To some extent you can basically equate it like this:

      Iron Man = Batman
      Hulk + Captain America = Superman
      Thor = Wonder Woman
      Quicksilver = Flash
      Hawkeye = Green Arrow
      Black Widow = Who cares?

      If you can make a Thor film with his world (somewhat) intact, you can damn well make a Wonder Woman film work without too much alterations. You can downplay some magical elements but apart from that I don’t see any issue with it. She basically has the role in JLA Thor has in Avengers (with regards to powers and knowledge I mean). Why would WW be a problem all of a sudden?

      • How about Black Widow=Black Canary (minus the 9mm auto)

        • U mean black canary > black widow

          • More like Iron Man + Hulk + Hawkeye + Captain America + Thor = Superman. Breaks down like this -

            Iron Man can fly and shoot lasers- so can Superman
            Hulk has limitless strength – so does Superman
            Hawkeye can see really far and has heightened reflexes – yep, Superman can do that too.
            Captain America is the quintessential American boyscott – just like Superman.
            Thor is from another world, has super-strength and near invulnerablity – all just like Superman.

            • Lol. Well, you got me there insofar I’d rather just see a Batman/Superman film than any Avengers film whatsoever. Batman’s brilliant mind is the only thing Superman doesn’t have.

    • I agree with this totally, I think Flash and Wonder Woman can make a great team-up movie together, one comical and the other aggressive, then soon after give the fans World’s Finest, one more brain and the other more brawn, then a JL movie can happen.

  9. Superman- Henry Cavill
    Wonder Woman- Jaime Alexander
    Flash- Chris Pine
    Aquaman- Armie Hammer
    Green Lantern- Idris Elba
    Martian Manhunter- Doug Jones
    Batman- Michael Fassbender

    • Save black Green Lantern for sequels, bub.

      • Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, priod. And let’s get GL#2 going, as well as Flash (Barry Allen), RIGHT NOW!!!!

        I would rather see Flash as the next DC?Warner hero trotted out, and with Professor Zoom (Reverse-Flash) as the villain.

        A Wonder Woman movie would be OK, I suppose, but I would be happy just taking her out for dinner and dancing!

    • I highly doubt Lady Sif will be WW any time soon.. Did you happen to notice that half the people you listed are in current Marvel movies?

      • Idris elba role in marvel films doesnt at all mean he is locked down. Heimdall could easily be none existant because he isnt that important in this MCU

  10. Comparing Man of Steel to the last 2 Batmans is preposterous. It’s like comparing McDonald’s to Wolfgang Puck. MoS was a travesty, ill-conceived, ill-written and terrible. They’re trying too hard to compete and be original and over-complicating the process of an easily told story that doesn’t involve Superman destroying Metropolis in a fist fight with Zodd, essentially killing thousands, just to kill Zod over the lives of 4 humans. It’s crap like that that continues to kill my faith in the ability of WB/DC to make legit films beyond Dark Knight & Rises. Green Lantern, horrid. Batman Begins, meh. Superman Returns, Brandon Routh yes and a more appropriate Superman than Cavill)but over all a PoS. They’re trying too hard. I have little confidence in their ability to do this franchise justice (no pun intended)until they stop trying to chase Marvel.

    • You lost me after Wolfgang Puck.

  11. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we need a wonder Woman and Aquaman movie. One of the easiest and best ways the DCCU can separate itself from the MCU would be to actually have magic and mysticism actually exist in their universe. Man of Steel established a really sci fi world with spaceships and aliens and advanced technology, now it’s up to WW and Aquaman to establish a world in which magic and mysticism also exist.

  12. The way Wonder woman and the other heroes could be introduced is by using the world engine from Man of Steel/Superman that shook up the earth as the reason for all the heroes emerging. The world engine could have caused large scale damage in Themyscira and Wonder Woman and the other Amazons are now forced to engage with the outside world. Maybe the cloaking device/magic was damaged by the world engine. It could have affected Aquaman as well and caused damage on the sea floor and the other heroes could also feel compelled to start revealing themselves as law and order could start breaking down as people loot and riot in the after math of the destruction caused by the world engine.

    • This is a solid premise. It makes me wonder though, surely WB/DC, Snyder and Co. surely would’ve thought of this. So maybe they do have some kinda plan after all.

  13. Karen Gliche “FLASH GORDON” series can make an awesome Wonder Woman. She does look like the Alex Ross WW version.

    Here is the Supporting Cast:
    Cate Blanchett as Queen Hippolyte
    Paul Walker as Steve Trevor
    Naomi Watts as Etta Candy
    Hugh Laurie as Ares
    Kate Hudson as Antiope
    Gabrielle Union as Nubia
    Kate Winslet as Athena
    Bruce Greenwood as General Phillip Darnell

    • Kindly keep Paul Walker as far away from another movie franchise as possible. Thanks

      • That’s who I casted ?

  14. I say if they do a wonderwoman she needs curves Wonderwoman is thick and sexy. Also if they have most of the story in wonderwomans land saveing city folk from cheetah and other wild dangers, then have her make it to the city at the end of the film and maybe in the sequel have her learning how to live in the city then the films could really work well.

  15. I think for the next man of steel wonderwoman should appear and the main villains should be doomsday,Parasite, and Lex Luther.

  16. The question is how far along are they on a WW movie?

    If they haven’t gotten a script in place, a director, or any cast how do you think they are going to pull this together in a year or two.

    Man of Steel was first pitched in 2010, start principle photography late in 2011, and wasn’t released until 2013. And they STILL ended up with a mixed results movie – with the arguments against the film considered central tenants of the main character’s personality were jettisoned to make way for more concrete destruction.

    There isn’t going to be a WW film, Flash film, or Aquaman Film in the next three to four years. If there is it is going to be terrible.

    I don’t like it, but I think the only viable option for their next big move is going to be World’s Finest.

    And they will probably fight the Joker – ’cause you know JOKER!

  17. I always thought that Melina Kanakaredes (who played stella bonasera in CSI: NY) would have made a great Wonder Woman. She’s got the greek background, she’s beautiful, can be sweet and funny and yet tough and take no sh*t from anyone.

  18. Wonder Woman obviously should be the next big comic book film made, for so many reasons. But it is crucial that it be we’ll done. Whomever designed the generic video game look of Krypton in Man of Steel (the weakest part of that film) should NOT be hired to imagine and render Themyscira.

    Lynn Collins is my choice for Diana. Other than that, I haven’t thought about casting much, although it seems like Lucy Lawless probably should have a role. People like Olivia Wilde and Morena Baccarin do not have the physicality needed for the lead role.

  19. When they do make the movie, I hope the part of Hippolyta would be played by Lucy Lawless (Xena)

    • That’s a good idea for Lucy Lawless she can play Queen Hippolyte.. But I casted Cate Blanchett to play Princess Diana’s Mother. Charlize Theron also can play the villainess Circe like she did played The evil stepmother in SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

      I think CIRCE should appear in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film and appear in the WW (Part 2) and Angelina Jolie should also play Dr. Barbara Minerva transforming into a Feline called The CHEETAH like she’s busy playing MALEFICIENT in Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY. CIRCE & CHEETAH need to appear in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. If the script mentions it.

      • Oh Theron as Circe sounds cool. Theron as a returning DC-verse villain sounds even better. She’s a beast of an actress. However isn’t Circe Diana’s sister? Shouldn’t they somewhat resemble then?

        • Yes, You got that right… Charlize Theron can make an awesome villainess

  20. Wonder Woman survives as both a cultural icon and legendary misfit, but the central tenant of the comic-book canon has been her restrictive universe.

    However, falling before the éminence grise of masculine publishers, Wonder Woman is notoriously discounted by those who deem comic books should appeal to men; and since the comic-to-film business is also a manly business, most producers who are mostly men feel that the market is mostly male; and with little desire to be revolutionaries, they have denied Wonder Woman her place in the pantheon of live-action features.

    One suspects that this is not the only reason.

    She has been difficult to turn into a successful movie character due to her more than ample physique. Wonder Woman without getting completely naked, of course, amorously wraps herself in the Star Spangled Banner —- a costume short on cloth with plenty of corporeal import, or so it’s believed by over-eager schoolboys (and Hollywood producers). Her getup is, in point of fact, more sensual than sexual.

    Although sincere efforts in recent years to alter her style of dress have met with modesty as well as criticism, how could it be really Wonder Woman without lots of flesh and décolletage?

    No matter what actress portrays her, or how, it appears improbable that she might emerge on screen as seen (and known) in the comic books.

  21. Not sure who could play Diana but if Zeus had to be cast with a story based on The New 52, I’d head straight to the front door of Jeremy Irons.

  22. Well, since they made a female Jimmy Olsen, just make a male wonder woman! ;)

  23. Rupert Wyatt Should be the director of the Wonder Woman movie

  24. Superman – Henry Cavill
    Batman – Luke Evans
    Wonder Woman – Gemma Arterton 1st Choice/Second Choice Gina Carano/3rd Choice Emily Blunt
    Flash – Bradley Cooper 1st Choice/2nd Choice Ryan Gosling
    Green Lantern – Chris Pine
    Aquaman – 1st choice Liam McIntyre/Second Choice Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

  25. If anyone cares, this is how I would do it.
    Introduce Bruce Wayne in Man of Steel 2. He’d probably help Superman against Lex Luthor (if that’s who they’re going with in the sequel). But he wouldn’t do it as Batman; he’d be Luthor’s business adversary or something and distract him from Superman. Superman would obviously be doing most of the work and eventually beat Luthor. But I’d also have a little something just before the credits roll. Maybe Superman is talking to Bruce about Luthor. He’d be congratulating him on a job well done and Bruce all of a sudden has to leave. Superman is confused but brushes it off as an eccentric billionaire thing and flies off, but the camera stays and we see the Bat Signal shining in the sky.
    Wonder Woman would be tricky to establish in Man of Steel 2 so that’s why I propose that they don’t and just introduce her in Justice League. If they introduce someone like Wonder Woman in Man of Steel 2, it’d detract from Superman doing his thing.
    Justice League will have to be handled very carefully for it to be done right. They’re trying to make another Man of Steel by next year and then a huge movie like Justice League the year after. It’s going to fast for it to be done justice (pun totally intended).
    Since everyone else seems to be doing it, here’s my cast:
    Superman: Henry Cavill
    Batman: Benedict Cumberbatch
    Wonder Woman: Jaimie Alexander
    Flash: Bradley Cooper
    Martian Manhunter: Doug Jones for the motion capture and Carl Lumbly for the voice (Unless they go for a practical Martian Manhunter, then just Doug Jones)
    Green Lantern: Idris Elba

  26. Here would be my Justice League cast.
    Superman – Henry Cavill
    Batman – Matt Bomer
    Wonder Woman – Gina Carano
    Green Lantern – Chris Pine
    The Flash – Bradley Cooper
    Aqua man – Laim McIntyre
    Green Arrow – Stephen Amell
    Cyborg – Dwayne Johnson
    Marshain Manhunter – Doug Jones

    I know they won’t use all these in the movies but I dont know which ones they will pick, that’s why I did so many superheroes

  27. I think Emily Deschanel would be a great Wonder Woman!

  28. They can make anyone look beautiful it’s called make-up. I want an actress who can act, and take the roll seriously, instead of an eye candy hack who’s only good for an ass shot here and there, coughs. Some names of those come to mind, but for sake of argument wont say anyone, who we are all thinking. I really want the mythology of Wonder Woman explained, I didn’t realize they did make her the daughter of Zeus, I think it’s a brilliant move, it’s like Kratos. Molding him into a world of Gods, and making his bio fit into that world, like they did hers. She was already apart of that world, because her mother was a Goddess, right? So, it makes sense. In the justice league cartoon they had Hades be her father I think, can’t remember, the animated series. I just don’t want it to be cheesy. I think a League movie happening, needs to have something like the Injustice League forming, leading by Lex. They could bring in Solomon Grundy, Gigantica, Shade,even Joker if they wanted. There’s so much they can do with these movies, I just wish they took movies as seriously as they do the comics, because half of the Dc movies don’t look like they do.

  29. Kate Beckinsale. She’s beautiful, been in a lot of physical roles, and has just the right amount of acting chops to pull it off. But don’t let her husband direct it…