5 Reasons Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

[ED. Note: This article was published before announcement of The DC Movie Universe release schedule.]

If there’s one thing the Dark Knight Trilogy proved, it’s that DC Comics’ most well-known heroes can be done justice on the big screen. With the recent success of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the only question facing Warner Bros. seems to be: who’s next?

How well characters like Flash and Aquaman will fare in DC’s Movieverse remains to be seen, but if we’re talking the publisher’s heaviest hitters, it seems Wonder Woman should be next in line for a live-action adaptation. We’ve covered Aquaman, now we give you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.

See if you share our opinion that the princess of Paradise Island has everything a blockbuster needs to succeed…

The Story

Wonder Woman Art Stars 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

The most devoted fans of DC’s heroes and heroines know that the existential/identity crisis at the heart of Superman and Batman is somewhat of a publisher trademark. But applying the same lens to the story of Wonder Woman, there is room to explore more than just isolation or fear.

Like Superman or Aquaman, Diana is also the product of a mystical society – but unlike her peers, she was not raised to be a part of humanity’s world. Raised by women, the world she is sent to explore and protect is not only alien, but in her eyes, prejudiced. Wonder Woman may be known for her combat skills, but as the highest-ranking woman in DC’s roster, how she is portrayed in any medium says much about the modern woman.

Even Marvel’s leading ladies know how much Wonder Woman can say about our world, so a serious take on the story is not only more relevant than ever, it’s long overdue.

The Characters

Wonder Woman Amazon Soldiers 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Potential Wonder Woman actresses may be the hot topic when discussing a live-action movie, but the larger fiction of the character is filled with a supporting cast of heroes and villains.

For starters, there’s Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Diana’s mother. Add a supporting cast of literally dozens of other warrior women (more than audiences have seen in every superhero film combined), and the writers would have a wealth of characters to work with before Diana ever encountered Colonel Steve Trevor and the outside world.

The New 52 reboot from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has added even more demigods – siblings of Diana – with powers as varied as their appearance. In other words, a chance to cast not just one, but several up-and-coming young men and women (on the side of good or evil).

The Setting

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

It’s a safe bet that much of a Wonder Woman movie would take place on Themyscira, the hidden island of the Amazons. There’s a reason it’s known as Paradise Island, and its classical Greek/Roman architecture is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recalling just how well Zack Snyder brought the planet Krypton to life in Man of Steel is reason enough for us to anticipate a big screen sojourn to Themyscira, where the lines between the real world and that of the ancient Greek gods continually blur.

What that means for audiences isn’t just swords-and-sandals combat (always a crowd-pleaser), but ancient battlefields, the deception and honoring of the gods, and magical weaponry. Satisfying on their own, but once those elements are brought into the real world, humanity (and its limited heroes) are caught in the crossfire.

The Mythology

Wonder Woman Hercules Comic Fight 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

We’ll forgive anyone unfamiliar with the latest take on Wonder Woman (as part of DC’s New 52), but the mysterious sources of Diana’s powers are gone: she is now a daughter of Zeus and part of history’s most dysfunctional family.

It’s not easy adding something new to ancient mythology (just ask the makers of Thor), but writer Brian Azzarello has done it. No longer self-righteous royalty living above the mortal world, the gods and goddesses – Ares, Hera, Apollo and more – walk among humanity, having their influence felt, but rarely unveiled.

The all-too-plausible machinations of the divine family bring classic mythology smack into the modern day, with the most recent addition – Wonder Woman – at the center of it all. It’s a take on Greek myth that few films have ever attempted, and could be worth the price of admission alone.


Wonder Woman Batman Superman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Now that Man of Steel has opened the door for a Justice League universe, the largest task facing DC and WB will be explaining the emergence of heroes on the heels of Superman’s arrival. And although audiences will no doubt enjoy seeing the League gathered on screen, establishing any threat large enough to warrant a team-up will be a challenge.

Regardless of where a Wonder Woman movie fits in relation to General Zod’s invasion – Themyscira is famously removed from the larger world, physically and philosophically – the mythological forces at work in Diana’s powers and people don’t just make her powerful: they make her unique. Superman may be strong, but in the world of the magic, he’s out of his depth. And establishing a limit to what Superman can do (or even comprehend) is a wise move if he’s going to be needing backup later on.

The emergence of Superman would offer several reasons for Diana’s mission to the larger world; it could be taken as a sign that humanity had learned to revere those with godlike powers, or even set Diana up as a rival to Supes, taking issue with his decision to appoint himself Earth’s guardian instead of living in secret as her people do. With the themes of fear, isolation and paranoia in Man of Steel, there’s no question Wonder Woman could fit right in.


Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Below you’ll find a quick recap of why we believe an Wonder Woman movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

  • The Story – Diana can represent a modern age and strong femininity like no other.
  • The Characters – Varied, unique, and numerous enough to feature plenty of promising stars.
  • The Setting – A blend of old and new unlike any other.
  • The Mythology – Allusions to classic myth in a modern age is a treatment never before seen.
  • Continuity – Establish the last of DC’s ‘Big Three’ in the movie universe, and define the limits of Superman.


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  1. Wonder Woman should be the next one. As much as I love these characters, I just simply can’t fathom we live in a world where Ant Man and Guardians of the Galaxy will get a movie before Wonder Woman or Flash. Craziness. I hope WB can get their crap together because we are loooooooong overdue for a Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman movies.

    • I agree with you man, but I believe the next steps should be like this: Introduce Batman (or at least Bruce Wayne) in MOS 2, then make a post-credit scene showing Wonder Woman. After that do a World’s Finest and in the end show Wonder Woman again, then you can do a WW movie and afterwards a Flash and Aquaman movies and there you have it!

      • Sounds idiotic. Why keep showing her in the end. Give her her own film.. Introduce Bruce wayne at the end and give em a justice league or worlds finest flick. Diana gets her own solo flick.

  2. I want to see this happen please. We all have been waiting for what 12 years plus for this to happen. Diana is my favortie female at DC and deserves A movie.

    • definetly! Im sure Warner will end doing it, just dont know when.
      If it has to happen after JL, then let be it.

  3. Although I would really want an Aquaman movie more than WW… I think Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern will be more perfect for the next DC movie with all the sci-fi alien thingy in the universe of MoS.

    • Agreed, would much rather have them. But I wouldn’t say no to Wonder Woman. Andrew brings an excellent point about bringing out a strong female hero into the game. Especially with a likely Tomb Raider reboot film in the future. The mythology is also something I’d love to see being brought onto the big screen.

      To be honest, any of the characters have just as much as reason as the other to be brought to the big screen next. They’re all very different and unique enough to warrant itself a film as well as the ability to add something very fresh and different to the table of comic book movies.

  4. Wonder Woman has always been to me a character that defies logic as to why there hasn’t been a movie yet. That Joss Whedon movie could have been something memorable. But being more of a Marvel than a DC, does Superman have limits? Could Wonder Woman take him if she needed to? Could The Flash outrun Superman? When they do make the inevitable Justice League movie, could the other members end up doing things that Superman cant? I like the idea in the article about finding Superman’s limits, especially if he is to end up in a team up movie.

    • The easy answer to ‘does Superman have limits?’ is that yes, he does, when magic is involved. Since magic isn’t tied to science or biology, he’s as weak to it as any human.

      Since WW’s powers have always straddled the real and mystical, most writers have been happy to show that they’re a match for one another (when a fight breaks out between them, it’s a very bad thing).

      As a Flash fan, I will say that in my mind there’s no way that Superman could keep up, since Flash can essentially be anywhere within seconds, and Superman has to move there without the ‘Speed Force’ to help him.

      That’s the part of a team-up movie I’m most excited for: seeing how each hero bests the others in certain ways.

      • I thought it was outright comic book canon that no-one is faster than The Flash?

        Also there with ya. That’s why I think we need a very cerebral Batman now. Batman’s intellect is easily the best thing he has to offer to the JLA realistically. I’m still pro a JLA film with just WW, SM, Flash and Batman. Alien power, Mystical power, speed and intellect. You could add Green Lantern to it, or Aquaman, but I honestly wouldn’t.

        Introducing Batman in MoS 2 and simultaneously make it a World’s Finest film would be cool, then make a stand alone WW film and introduce Flash in a “JLA origin” film. Three films in total to establish four main heroes, should be doable imo. (After that Flash can have a separate film, didn’t mean to downplay his importance. I just don’t think Flash needs an origin story to be featured in the JLA.)

        Also: Armie Hammer for Flash.

        • Superman is in general as fast as The Flash, he just can’t sustain top speed for very long.

          • Armie Hammer FTW.

    • I agree with Andrew Dyce – Superman has always been shown to be a bit vulnerable to magic. And as for the eternal question “who’s faster, Superman or Flash”, Flash can run so fast he can travel back in time or into another dimension. No matter have fast SUperman runs/flies, he can’t do that. There’s a wonderful bit in Flash: Rebirth, when Barry is running and Superman is alongside him. Superman says that he has raced Flash on numerous occasions and won a couple times. Flash says “those were for charity Clark” and accelerates, leaving Superman to eat his dust!

      I think given her powers and warrior nature, Wonder Woman could definitely give Superman a run for his money. But in the heat of battle, if neither one was holding back, I think Superman would win, but with his fair share on injuries.

      • *cough* Superman I movie *cough*

        Also Dyce said that Superman was as vulnerable to magic as any human which is just not true. He just is a bit less invulnerable to it so if you want to actually hurt him magic is the best route (sans having a chunk of Kryptonite in your back pocket 😉 )

        That’s why Captain Marvel and Black Atom are such dangerous opponents.

  5. REASONS FOR – It is the greatest crime in superhero movie making to not have even attempted a Wonder Woman movie. For every year that it does not happen it continues to be a black eye for DC and for Warner Brothers. Half of the population has a vested interest in seeing this hero on screen. Financially it is a goldmine that is waiting to happen. In addition to that, a movie would provide a Golden opportunity to finally get Wonder Woman right. Like Man of Steel they could reinvent her outfit to better represent a more modern sensibility. If they do that, they would not only have another Superhero franchise but would finally restore Wonder Woman to the iconic status that she SO richly deserves


    REASONS AGAINST – Wonder Woman as currently presented could never work in the pseudo-realistic world that has been established by Man of Steel and the Dark Knight Trilogy. Green Lantern should serve as the cautionary tale of why a movie filled with magic and Greek Gods is going to come across as more Clash of the Titans than Man of Steel. Can you imagine Liam Neeson having a discussion with Superman – I rest my case! The ONLY way to finally bring Wonder Woman is to fully re-imagine her story and get rid of the victimization, mysticism, and sparkly gadgets and vehicles which mire her in her own restrictive universe. If Warner Brothers tries to continue the “daughter of Zeus’ angle or the made from clay story line, they are going to have another Green Lantern and in that case I would advise them to NOT embarrass themselves.

    • Have her be a kryptonian/human hybrid. So hear me out, ancient kryptonians come to earth pose as gods, they intermingle with human, produces all female offsprings. Kryptionian tech maintains island “cloak” and population numbers witha modified kryptonian genesis ship. Done. Zod’s arrival do to supermans beakon, triggers systems on the island opening it out to the outaide world again. Amazons being half kryptonian were told to wait for their “gods” return. Now they have “returned” in the form of superman. Do away with the whole supernatural angle. Diehards will hate it but otherwise everything about the amazons remains the same.

      • I don’t think they should in any way be “related” to Kryptonians. But yes they should be a race of aliens viewed as gods from an ancient civilization. I think a great model is the movie Stargate. In that movie an alien comes to earth and teaches rules over people using its advanced technology. It is worshipped as the Egyptian God Ra. That movie happens to be one of the greatest 10 science fiction films in my opinion. It was logical, somewhat realistic in the same vein as Superman and mixed ancient religious worship BEAUTIFULLY with science fiction. The very thing that needs to happen with Wonder Woman.

        • It sounds like Thor with a wig and a bra.

          Which sounds worse than it could pan out, since they’re essentially the same character (just swap the D for a P)

      • I say have the gods be like the first ones to have or be the origin of the Meta Gene.
        Handle the world as “Game of Thrones” balance the gritty realism with supernatural. The show is a fantasy but half the time it does not feel like it.
        It is a delicate balance but not implausible.

        • Maybe…as long as they do away with the mystical part. It is just not popular. Let’s look at the closest movie to what a Wonder Woman movie would kind of be like if we continue with Greek Gods – produced by a little company called Warner Brothers! Clash of the Titans! It was a remake, so there were people at least familiar with the concept such as myself who enjoyed the campier version as a boy. It had everything going for it and that was with the hiked up 3D ticket prices. That movie did not even crack $200 million domestically even thought it was rated PG13 and featured a strong cast. If Wonder Woman puts up those kinds of Box Office numbers I will not be alive when the next one comes out. Only 48% of the audience liked it according to Rotten Tomatoes. Or how about a similar movie set in the MODERN world… Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It had a domestic gross of only $88 million with 57% audience approval according to Rotten Tomatoes. See a pattern?

          I definitely think you could incorporate the metegene concept in there and perhaps tie it to the Genesis Chamber from Man of Steel which was in the scout ship that was on earth for 18,000 years. Maybe someone used it in the past.

            • Harry Potter is a comepletely different genre. 1) it is more fairytale than super hero film 2) Harry Potter is ONLY a film that deals with magic…a Wonder Woman film has to accommodate science fiction since that is the world of Batman and Superman. 3) even when you are considering the mysticism of Harry Potter it has NOTHING to do with “gods” …so the comparison you are making is apples and oranges. Clash of the Titans is a much closer and more appropriate comparison.

              • Thor blends sci-fi with magic… The Greek gods could be ‘real’ in the Man of Steel universe like Norse gods can fight along side Iron Man in MCU. Instead of going the Marvel route and calling Wonder Woman and alien, why not just say Ares and Zeus exist but with the rise in Christianity/science/man kind stopped giving a s***/whatever, the gods and their faithful followers removed themselves from the rest of the world to live their own way. I don’t know Wonder Woman’s origins at all so I can only guess at things, but I would buy a ticket to a Wonder Woman movie with or with out Zeus and his Olympians involved in the story.

                On the Harry Potter subject, WB are no longer cashing in on that franchise year after year, I would love it if a shared DC cinematic universe was their next big 10 year franchise.

                • I always thought that Thor was a weak part of the Marvel Universe. His individual movie, which I personally thought was a bit too campy did not crack the $200 million threshold domestically and I felt as though Marvel intentionally and rightfully downplayed the “god” aspect of it focusing heavily on the relationships. Also a pretty good performance by Tom Hiddleson (Loki) helped make the story interesting. As you probably know as in The Dark Knight a menacing villain can elevate a movie on his own. But with Wonder Woman you would be taking a big chance that someone could do that especially since her rogues gallery is meager.

                  • Glad Marvel isn’t listening to you because Thor is one of Marvel’s more popular comic characters.

      • “Have her be a kryptonian/human hybrid”

        So take away her defining characteristics as a superhero? No thanks. One Kryptonian is enough for a Justice League Movie.

        • Granted itwould be different than whats come before but what would in essence be so diff to have amazons be partially kryptonian? They have the super strenght and flight etc just no hear vision or vulnerability to kryptonite or red sun light do to the mix of human dna. Otherwise in the world of Mos how actactly are wonder womans powers explained? Magic? Meh

          • It’s a good idea Bellcure, and considering the first Kryptonian was supposedly on Earth 18,000 years ago… I do believe you are on the right track.

            • I see where you are going with that but wouldn’t it be just as easy to show other aliens that manifest other “powers”. If in the future you want to use characters like Darksied or Sinestro, it makes sense to establish that other civilizations come from other planets that may have visited earth.

              • ^ Yes exactly, which is why kryptonian heritage wouldn’t be *General Zod voice* “HERESY!”

                You can take the ancient alien angle with this… and say that she is the “Daughter of Zeus” when you factor in Zeus was nothing more than humanities interpretation of extraterrestrial visitors.

                • @ Dr Mindbender

                  You have my vote!!!!

                • Wow, that sounds exactly like something I’ve heard before. Idk, maybe…Thor.

          • Nope. We need gods, the supernatural, and magic to set the DCCU apart from the MCU.

            • But most of the DCCU is already oriented towards science fiction/cosmic storylines. Isn’t that exactly what CURRENTLY makes Wonder Woman out of place?

              • Micheal’s statement is basically opposite-land.

    • pseudo-realistic world

      I dont believe MoS and Nolanverse are in the same Movieverse.

      Furthermore if we can now supposedly believe in aliens why cant we believe in other fictitious (depending on your views) beings?

      This thought process is another reason I believe Nolan screwed the pooch in the long run. However its over and done and people still wont let it go. The Nolanverse is dead. It had its time and is now over.

      DC and MoS can be just like any other epic changing events in history. The coming of the superhero. The belief in the unbelievable. Call it a course correction, a needed event to protect the universe earth resides in. It has been explained countless times before.

      STOP trying to make characters something they are not.

      Just because we have not found an Island with Amazons inhabiting it does not mean it is not there. I mean before MoS there were no ‘aliens’ and it was shown that they are there.

      They will embarrass themselves by trying to make it ‘real’ or fit into a world such as ours.

      • They’ve deffinitly made it more challenging thats for sure, but not impossible were they to go with the supernatural angle.

        To be fair, I’d be shocked if they even thaught of using an idea similar to what I’ve been putting forth on here as the actual supernatural world that WW inhabits is much richer and more compelling story wise. As the post suggest, you get so many characters and dynamics with old “Greek gods” still playing a part in everyday events.

        Were they altered Thor and asgard to fit within the known galaxy/universe of the MCU by tweaking them to be a crazy advanced alien race, it’s not out of the question that the writers etc would take a similar approach to WW. Not saying its the right thing to do but with kryptonians being on earth by 18000 years ago and having an open sleeping pod empty it lends itself to the possibikity that some kryptonians were out and about on earth back then. If you read the comics leading up to MoS, supergirl is in that genesis ship.. What if her offspring with a human were the basis for the amazons? given superman’s suit is from the genesis ship and at that time their family “colors” were red and blue (a more hopeful time on krypton, they were expanding it was during their golden age of sorts.. As opposed to the present day krypton were it became a bleak and restrictive society and this was reflected in that they all wore black/grey suits). Could thus explains WW suit being predominantly red/blue, the official colors of the “godess” that founded their society. It all meshes pretty well with itself in my humble opinion, but ya, not what the comics usually go for. Live action films are their own thing provided WW is still WW in so far as personality, ideals, views.. Whether they are the product of mysticism or alien hybridization in the grant acheme of things I’m not sure why it would be so terrible.

      • Warner Brothers may choose to not include the Dark Knight universe, but they do so at their own risk. I am going to continue to advocate for a union of the two franchises which would 1) bring a Justice League movie light years closer to reality; 2) have already firmly established tone (realist approach) in the shared universe and 3) unite two already successful franchises…so no I will not let it go.

        “STOP trying to make characters something they are not.”
        Don’t COMIC BOOK writers reinvent comic characters all the time. If we listened to you there would be no comic books at all.

        “They will embarrass themselves by trying to make it ‘real’ or fit into a world such as ours.”
        Let’s look at the record for DC’s four “realistic” movies. TWO billion dollar films, and one film the broke the June opening box office record. So I don’t think so far they are embarrassed…and their record when they maintained a purely fantastic film…two words Green Lantern!

        • “Warner Brothers may choose to not include the Dark Knight universe, but they do so at their own risk. ”

          They already have with MoS. With the key hints to other entities (even as an Easter Egg) Booster Gold would NEVER be in the Nolanverse. Once you add Superman et al you go against the Nolanverse.

          They dont reinvent them out of their mythos. The base origins of almost all of the characters have remained the same. This is through Crisis and 52s. They have restructured them but they have not reinvented them.

          Green Lantern was a fail based on the writing. Not the subject matter or cast. There is a big difference. Lets take a purely fantastic film (The Avengers, Blade, Hellboy) and see what that they done. Even the semi cruddy ones did fairly well (GR, Daredevil).

          While the argument CAN go both ways why would try to corner yourself attempting to make everything ‘real’? While it may go over well with a character or two when you start trying to incorporate a team (5 or more) super powered unbelievable ‘god’like characters you are going to have issue.

          That is when it will become embarrassing.

          • I am not so sure Booster Gold is going to be in the Justice League. Some of the Easter Eggs may just be “fan service” sort of like in The Dark Knight Rises, there is an allusion to Killer Croc but he does not ever actually appear.

            There have been recent management changes at Warner Brothers and there is still PLENTY of time for minds to change. Was it not Christopher Nolan who pledged we would never see “Robin” in his Batman films…I guess he changed his mind.

            “They don’t reinvent them out of their mythos.”

            You do realize Supermna creators Siegel and Shuster “first conceived Superman as a bald telepathic villain bent on world domination” and that “Siegel re-envisioned the character … as a hero bearing no resemblance to his villainous namesake, with Shuster visually modeling Superman on Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and his bespectacled alter ego, Clark Kent, on a combination of Harold Lloyd” – Wikipedia

            …or the CURRENT Wonder Woman going from being made from clay to now the daughter of Zeus. It happens ALL THE TIME!

            What will really ultimately embarrass WB is if they go from realistic – a road they have now already gone down in their universe – to introducing Green Lantern type absurdities.

  6. i think the toughest part of making a wonder woman movie is the casting. And ww is gonna be the riskiest movie to make. This one is gonna be hard one to pull off.

  7. I’d love to a WW film but I’d prefer a kickass Aquaman movie first, I love Aquaman, yeh I think Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern would fit into the MOS universe more with it’s Sci-Fi but with the perfect platform that’s been set with MOS, I wouldn’t think it would be hard to fit any of them in really, Lots for DC/WB to think about here and I hope they get a move on, They nailed MOS so no reason they can’t do the rest the same way, after seeing MOS last night I want Snyder to do them all, With both “Man of Steel” and “Watchmen” being masterpieces IMO, he’s perfect for a Justice League film, I also reckon he’d make a crazy Batman movie too, but I guess he can’t do everything lol, Right now I’m just looking forward to Man of Steel 2 with hopefully a cameo or two..

  8. DC will never have the balls to do a WW or The Flash, and almost definitely never do an Aquaman! I will be shocked if we see Aquaman in a JL movie

  9. I don’t think DC will take the risk yet with other characters.

    • I’m really hoping they don’t wait until Man of Steel 2 to announce any plans, ugh. I wonder how long the Justice League film was stuck in development hell. I remember a few years back, actually several years back lol, a Justice League movie was planned to be released in 2008 or 2009 or something. I might be remembering wrong though.

      • I don’t think they’ll announce anything spectacular soon. I’m not even sure they’re going to be at comic-com.

        • Doubt it on the comic con attendance, I’m betting all eyes are on Man of Steel 2 and the studio waiting to see what Goyer cooks up with the script. The waiting game has been playing for way too long.

          • WB/DC will be at Comic Con. Big shake-ups have accorded recently that show WB has finally realized the gold mine they are sitting on which they want to get more involved with.

            …and by more involved I mean they want to make more money off of their DC property and stop having a third party share the cost.

            • ^accorded? LOL *occured

            • Oh they are? Nice, looking forward to what they’ll have!

  10. I think they need a marriage of Capt. America and Thor. Let her be introduced in her world in the past to battle a foe in Man’s world that, like Capt. America, is defeated yet escapes. Since the villain gets away she is disgraced, sent back to Amazonland and cannot return to the world of Man until the appearance of… Superman.
    It almost films itself.

    • Captain America and Thor are Marvel dude, Wonder Woman is DC! *face palm*

      • I think he / she just used them as examples

      • Fail…on you.

      • If you’re still typing *facepalm* you probably shouldn’t be commenting anyway. Plus, I don’t think anyone following Screenrant doesn’t know which characters belong to which company. Marvel, DC, Image, etc.

        • wtf is Image? :O

          • Image is a dream. The dream that one day somebody might make a rated R Maxx v. Pitt.

  11. I’d hope that the movie would focus more on Wonder Woman herself than delve to deep into the world she comes from or have some kind of fish out of water story. It could just end up looking like a rip off of Thor. They should just show her home with a little exposition and jump right into her becoming a hero in the bigger world without too much of her being fascinated and terrified of things like cars or pants.

  12. It’s funny that they did a strong female character on television that was billed as an Amazon warrior and it was actually popular for years. What was the name of that show ?

    • Xena, I think

      • Yeah I know, I was being facetious. The people at Time/Warner probably just don’t think a female lead in a comic movie will sell, possibly due to the horrible Cat Woman movie they thought was a good idea…

        • It’s very weird that Warner Bros were willing to do films on Catwoman, Watchmen and Jonah Hex but not one on Wonder Woman. I find that so bizarre.

  13. Lets all be straightup honest, warners did not have any meaningful scenes that led us to believe
    which dc character was next, which means they dont have a plan or a clue as to whats next. They need to
    get it together before comic-con.

    • Many people were expecting announcements once Man of Steel arrived and Warner Bros. saw how it did. Unfortunately, those announcements were not productive ones. All they’ve been about is their CEO resigning and their parting ways with their finance partners.

  14. YES!
    These five reasons are spot on as to why Wonder Woman would work.
    I have not read the New 52 take on the mythology but from what I understand it makes sense rather than have Diana made out of clay…

    ‘Man of Steel’ could provide a believable “grounded fantasy” and that had Superman. It returned to the essence of that character- science fiction.

    Wonder Woman could also provide a similar approach similar to that seen in “Game of Thrones. A blend of reality and fantasy in which the latter feels real and organic. Thus, her film can feel like an EPIC it should be yet have ties to the universe establish in ‘Man of Steel’.

    Perhaps the Greek Gods could be the ancestors of the now modern Meta Gene famous in DC Canon. The Invisible Plane- a stealth plane. Her costume is her Amazonian armor.

    Since DC has now a trend in their naming of films and TV shows- I suggest “The Amazon”. Forget the CW show lol

  15. I think they should do Justice League next, and here is why…

    Once you have all those heroes in Justice League, people who know nothing about Martian Manhunter (the majority) will be more likely to watch him in his own solo film, same thing applies with Wonder Woman.

    • Good point, a hell of a lot will have to into the story for Justice League though. I don’t think they necessarily have to do solo films for all the characters. I think they can just focus on trinity’s solo films and maybe Green Lantern or Flash.

  16. They could remake the 2009 animated movie as a live action film and make a mint.

  17. Has an article like this been written about The Flash yet? So many questions arise on how to adapt that character cinematically. Are his powers derived from the speed force or through some chemical accident and lightning a la the 90’s show? Who would the villain be? How would they be portrayed as to not seem laughable or ridiculous. These are the hard hitting questions I want tackled.

  18. I’m having a hard time believing that Warner Bros. is going to announce anything anytime soon that isn’t related to Man of Steel and its sequel. They just parted ways with Legendary, the company that was helping them finance these bigger films and now that they’re going to be paying for everything themselves, I have a feeling that the big wigs are going to micromanage the DC film properties to death.

    I don’t trust Warner Bros. to do these properties justice. They took the risk with Nolan and it paid off wonderfully. The only reason Man of Steel exists is because Goyer and Nolan went to the big wigs with an idea. It wasn’t like Warner Bros. was being proactive about Superman. Say what you want about Marvel and their lighter tone, they’re making announcements, setting dates, and are years ahead.

  19. I’d like to see a wonder woman movie done 300 or immortals style. Hell, Snyder could just do it.

    • I think one on Green Arrow would be cool, but I find unlikely since there is Arrow on the CW. Then again, they did do Superman Returns while Smallville was airing. I think Constantine will be in Guillermo Del Toro’s Justice League Dark movie, well from what I’ve been reading.

  20. Leading ladies never work in fantasy fiction movies.

    • It’s because too often things are contrived for them because they are girls, instead of treating them as regular characters.

  21. Yes! Great points Andrew Dyce! A Wonderwoman movie is definitely needed since now superman exists; WW can Supes ass, she’s like an even match for him. And her mythology, story, villains feminist aspects…there are limitless possibilities. Plus, she’s one of the most powerful superheroes in the Justice League, so if they want that to happen, WW has to happen first, or at least Flash. Plus, we need a grade A bad-A female superhero to have her own movie, and WW is one grade A bad-A. I always loved her in comics because she could kick so much ass (I like women who do that. On a completely separate not my girlfriend can kick mine) and she’s not just some sex symbol.
    And not to rage or anything, but I swear if I see one more person say that there needs to be a movie for lame ass, speedo wearing Aquaman BEFORE (or even at all)the great WW, I will reach out of the computer and choke you, so help me. Aquaman will never be, or ever can be, or even come close to being as interesting or cool as WW or Flash. There’s a reason why there’s aquaman jokes people…there’s a reason.

  22. the idea of gods walking with men is a rip of hercules saga marvel did

  23. There is also the possibility of Supergirl making an appearance which was teased/hinted at via the prequel comic for MoS as well as the film itself. (one of the stasis tubes being empty)
    According to what canon you keep to Supergirl is discovered by Batman in Gotham City and claims to be the cousin of Superman. She is later sent away to be trained how to use her powers by Wonder Woman and the Amazons.

  24. i think the Catwoman movie killed any hopes for a female superhero solo movie ever happening again. But having said that it still boggles the mind the Wonder Women has never had a movie.

    • The problem with that movie is the centered everything around female empowerment to the point that it became ridiculous. I say treat Wonder Woman as any superhero and have her fight regular type supervillains, not people in the cosmetics or fashion industry, and all will be right.

  25. In the beginning of MoS 2 show a very Greek looking place. Clean and bright. In a scrying type pool with unknown women around it. Within the pool of water is clips of Superman from MoS.

    The voice overs state that the humans/mankind is accepting of him there should be no reason this is not the time for them to reveal themselves. Go prepare my daughter be our emissary.

    Cut to (no need to descibe it) the Batcave. Bats watching about the same thing possibly during a workout and Alfred interrupts him letting him know this is the best time as any to try the suit. Have it noticeable on another terminal he is studying Atlantis.

    Go into MoS 2 and let the viewers stew.

    At the end of MoS 2 let the tie in be at the United Nations. Even so much as to have WW there representing Themyscira and Batman there knowing (insert Supes villian main or second tier) that there would be an event there.

    The event could also be Arthur attempting to be noticed as an independent nation.

    It is really not that difficult. People need to stop over thinking this. Over thinking it and making it semi believable (IMO) will hurt anything from here on out.

    You get to the point where you WILL run out of ‘believable’ explanations of how people/things are this way.

    • I believe that is too in-your-face with the cameos. Maybe Clark would be covering a story at a Wayne Enterprises charity function, and we never see Bruce, but his presence is known. Then maybe in a fight scene Superman flies around the world and in the distance is a fantastic-looking island that isn’t focused on too much. It needs to be subtle like that.

      • Possibly but I want them out and in a hurry. Im not getting any younger. 😉

        I also base it on I believe these characters are well known enough that they (Bat, Supes, WW, Flash, GL and even Aquaman) dont need to hold the hand of the audience during their introduction.

        Not to mention (if written well) the superhero genre is upon us and (again with proper writing and effects) they can succeed almost regardless of the character.

  26. I’ve mentioned in another thread that in this new MOS reality based world that Synder has created, I can see many problems about creating a Justice League movie. Gods, magic, underwater kingdoms just won’t fit well in this world. This leads me to something else I have mentioned in another thread – Warner’s lack of a long term plan. For al the positives about Man of Steel, Warner’s movie making plan seems to be “let’s make a movie. wait and see if it’s successful. if it is, let’s make another one. if it’s not, let’s not have a back-up or contingency plan in place”.

    If Warner were committed to bringing Justice League to the big screen (which would be awesome, but in truth is more of a reaction to the success that Marvel have enjoyed with Avengers), there are a few simple things they could have done in MOS to make a Justice League movie possible. First, have Superman fly over Themyscira when he is revelling in this new ability, possibly with a reaction shot or two of the Amazons. Secondly, why not have he go underwater as well. Not actually discovering Atlantis, but at least acknowledge that the sea is just as important in this new world as the land masses.

    I think it’s appalling that in 2013, with the amount of female icons that have been on the big screen in sci-fi movies (Ripley, Sarah Connor, Zoe Washburne), that the original still hasn’t had a movie. Okay, her background isn’t definitive, but so what? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a superhero movie where we didn’t have to explore the origins of the powers? I know that most people who read comics have a vague understanding of where the characters powers come from. With Wonder Woman her powers could be explained away in one conversation and then move on, because ultimately it’s about the person and what they do, rather than where the powers come from.

    And I think a Xena/Greek warrior style superhero costume for Wonder Woman would be awesome, as, if we’re perfectly honest, the Linda Carter look (while visually appealing to fanboys) isn’t really heroic. Iconic, yes, but not heroic for a live action movie.

    • See I dont see it as a problem as long as they dont stifle themselves into it from this point on.

      Showing us Superman (Aliens) opens the door for other things. They need to loosen the belt a bit.

      Let us believe in the unbelievable. Dont force us to try and understand how it could be real.

      That and not listen to some of these people that believe ‘real’ is better when trying to incorporate a comic book character into a movie.

      • A more realistic/grounded approach to Batman was always going to be successful because when you get down to it, he is just a man in a suit with some gadgets who is highly trained (I would love to see someone do that with Daredevil).

        I liked the realistic approach to Superman (how would the world react to the fact we are not alone in the universe), but the darker grittier tone didn’t quite sit right with me. That being said I did enjoy MOS. But trying to make EVERY movie realistic and gritty is a mistake.

  27. A Wonder Woman movie would be great but a few things need to be avoided:

    No villains in the cosmetics or fashion industries.

    Lack of bust support

    gratuitous butt-shots(but give us just a few, mmmm)

    Treat her character just like any other superhero. Don’t contrive things for her just because she’s a girl.

    • Agreed. Imagine how one dimensional she’d be if her gender was her defining character trait. It’s only one of many facets.

    • There’s already been a couple superhero entries that focused entire shots (plural) on anatomical gratuities: Schumacher’s Batfilms. If there’s a Snyner-mo zoom on Diana’s funjugs, then she might as well be outfitted with batnipples and batcameltoe. Nothing says “character arc” like “carpenter crack”.

  28. Not a bad article of reasons. I believe one cool way of bringing the justice league together is by either getting Louise or Clark on a track of several unexplainable occurences for a newspaper lead Such as the way Louise tracked Clark in man of steel. this leads Clark to flash wonder wonder woman and Batman. Then using his powers he is able to