5 Reasons Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

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Wonder Woman Movie Costume Discussion 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

[ED. Note: This article was published before announcement of The DC Movie Universe release schedule.]

If there’s one thing the Dark Knight Trilogy proved, it’s that DC Comics’ most well-known heroes can be done justice on the big screen. With the recent success of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the only question facing Warner Bros. seems to be: who’s next?

How well characters like Flash and Aquaman will fare in DC’s Movieverse remains to be seen, but if we’re talking the publisher’s heaviest hitters, it seems Wonder Woman should be next in line for a live-action adaptation. We’ve covered Aquaman, now we give you 5 reasons why Wonder Woman could be THE next big DC/WB movie franchise.

See if you share our opinion that the princess of Paradise Island has everything a blockbuster needs to succeed…


The Story

Wonder Woman Art Stars 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

The most devoted fans of DC’s heroes and heroines know that the existential/identity crisis at the heart of Superman and Batman is somewhat of a publisher trademark. But applying the same lens to the story of Wonder Woman, there is room to explore more than just isolation or fear.

Like Superman or Aquaman, Diana is also the product of a mystical society – but unlike her peers, she was not raised to be a part of humanity’s world. Raised by women, the world she is sent to explore and protect is not only alien, but in her eyes, prejudiced. Wonder Woman may be known for her combat skills, but as the highest-ranking woman in DC’s roster, how she is portrayed in any medium says much about the modern woman.

Even Marvel’s leading ladies know how much Wonder Woman can say about our world, so a serious take on the story is not only more relevant than ever, it’s long overdue.


The Characters

Wonder Woman Amazon Soldiers 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Potential Wonder Woman actresses may be the hot topic when discussing a live-action movie, but the larger fiction of the character is filled with a supporting cast of heroes and villains.

For starters, there’s Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and Diana’s mother. Add a supporting cast of literally dozens of other warrior women (more than audiences have seen in every superhero film combined), and the writers would have a wealth of characters to work with before Diana ever encountered Colonel Steve Trevor and the outside world.

The New 52 reboot from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has added even more demigods – siblings of Diana – with powers as varied as their appearance. In other words, a chance to cast not just one, but several up-and-coming young men and women (on the side of good or evil).


The Setting

Wonder Woman New 52 Origin Story 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

It’s a safe bet that much of a Wonder Woman movie would take place on Themyscira, the hidden island of the Amazons. There’s a reason it’s known as Paradise Island, and its classical Greek/Roman architecture is just the tip of the iceberg.

Recalling just how well Zack Snyder brought the planet Krypton to life in Man of Steel is reason enough for us to anticipate a big screen sojourn to Themyscira, where the lines between the real world and that of the ancient Greek gods continually blur.

What that means for audiences isn’t just swords-and-sandals combat (always a crowd-pleaser), but ancient battlefields, the deception and honoring of the gods, and magical weaponry. Satisfying on their own, but once those elements are brought into the real world, humanity (and its limited heroes) are caught in the crossfire.


The Mythology

Wonder Woman Hercules Comic Fight 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

We’ll forgive anyone unfamiliar with the latest take on Wonder Woman (as part of DC’s New 52), but the mysterious sources of Diana’s powers are gone: she is now a daughter of Zeus and part of history’s most dysfunctional family.

It’s not easy adding something new to ancient mythology (just ask the makers of Thor), but writer Brian Azzarello has done it. No longer self-righteous royalty living above the mortal world, the gods and goddesses – Ares, Hera, Apollo and more – walk among humanity, having their influence felt, but rarely unveiled.

The all-too-plausible machinations of the divine family bring classic mythology smack into the modern day, with the most recent addition – Wonder Woman – at the center of it all. It’s a take on Greek myth that few films have ever attempted, and could be worth the price of admission alone.



Wonder Woman Batman Superman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Now that Man of Steel has opened the door for a Justice League universe, the largest task facing DC and WB will be explaining the emergence of heroes on the heels of Superman’s arrival. And although audiences will no doubt enjoy seeing the League gathered on screen, establishing any threat large enough to warrant a team-up will be a challenge.

Regardless of where a Wonder Woman movie fits in relation to General Zod’s invasion – Themyscira is famously removed from the larger world, physically and philosophically – the mythological forces at work in Diana’s powers and people don’t just make her powerful: they make her unique. Superman may be strong, but in the world of the magic, he’s out of his depth. And establishing a limit to what Superman can do (or even comprehend) is a wise move if he’s going to be needing backup later on.

The emergence of Superman would offer several reasons for Diana’s mission to the larger world; it could be taken as a sign that humanity had learned to revere those with godlike powers, or even set Diana up as a rival to Supes, taking issue with his decision to appoint himself Earth’s guardian instead of living in secret as her people do. With the themes of fear, isolation and paranoia in Man of Steel, there’s no question Wonder Woman could fit right in.



Justice League Batman Superman Wonder Woman 5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Could Be the Next Big DC Superhero Movie

Below you’ll find a quick recap of why we believe an Wonder Woman movie could be the next successful superhero blockbuster for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Do you agree with our reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

  • The Story – Diana can represent a modern age and strong femininity like no other.
  • The Characters – Varied, unique, and numerous enough to feature plenty of promising stars.
  • The Setting – A blend of old and new unlike any other.
  • The Mythology – Allusions to classic myth in a modern age is a treatment never before seen.
  • Continuity – Establish the last of DC’s ‘Big Three’ in the movie universe, and define the limits of Superman.


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  1. Are producers still considering Wonder Woman Amazon? I am interested in auditioning and cannot find any information about casting calls.

    • yes, it is still being considered.

  2. I’m all for a wonder woman movie. I’d like to see more of this sort of risk taking, rather than more of the insufferable risk aversion and walk on egg shells approach movie studios take with women and ethnic characters and leads.

  3. I agree with all of the below

    The Story – Diana can represent a modern age and strong femininity like no other.

    The Characters – Varied, unique, and numerous enough to feature plenty of promising stars.

    The Setting – A blend of old and new unlike any other.

    The Mythology – Allusions to classic myth in a modern age is a treatment never before seen.

    Continuity – Establish the last of DC’s ‘Big Three’ in the movie universe, and define the limits of Superman.

    I loved the Wonder Woman on the small screen. Now let Diana have big screen time and please let Lynda Carter play Queen Hippolyta.

  4. hopefully, if warner comes around to doing this, they’ll hire a legitimate actress, rather than settle for the easy way out.

  5. Having read this article and its Aquaman and Flash counterparts…logistically, Flash would be the next film to make. But Wonder Woman is easily the character most overdue a big-screen adaption. Any notion of a female lead being hard to sell seems not just socially but practically outdated at this point. There are and have been plenty of successful female action heroes. A good WW film would cover all the bases, as well: kicking action, mythology, positive role model, etc. The target demographics needn’t be limited.

  6. They should do Flash and Wonder Woman and release them in the same summer.

    Flash first, because he’s flashier and captivatingly effects-heavy. And of course, he’s also a guy – audiences are going to run to this at normal levels or in droves, depending on the marketing.

    Viral marketing is all but given. Plenty of “fast” tie-ins – Usain Bolt, Ferrari showcase on a track, blurred pictures of the Flash on buses routes, Even a “gone viral” motorcycle video – red motorcycle, Flash-style motorcyle suit and helmet with the wings on it – hire a bunch of stuntment and have them drive through various cities.

    Et cetera. Liven up the hype.

    And then Wonder Woman will be the darker but similarly spectacled follow up of DC.

    Same spectacle and trick back of special effects. Different environment. Different story. Different tone. And what’s this? A woman? DC is so bold to bring out a woman this time? Actually the world will have been following this for a while – epic teaser trailer attached to a movie in January or February. Crescendo’d marketing until an epic attachment to Flash – just like we had with TDKR/Man of Steel. But still – the curiosity and anticipation of what they actually have in store to “justify”

    Also – she needs to be fully developed. I don’t think anyone – males, females, or feminists of either sex – want to spend a lot of time watching yet another girl struggle and get empowered. It’s corny as far as every other strong female role out there. Wonder Woman as a movie needs to captivate and get respect from the audience from the get-go. Shock-and-awe type.

    I have a whole mess of personality references, many of which have undoubtedly been drawn on before. Spartan historical lifestyle, 300 child warrior/wolf scene, Xena, The Eagle. She needs to have a mentality of a man, but NOT the mentality of a woman standing up to men as a woman – no cooly walking away from some feat she did with some snarky little smile as the men stand in silence, impressed by “this woman”. It’s a distinctive difference that I see in a lot of movies, including faintly Johannsen’s Black Widow. It needs to be as normalized and taken for granted as possible. If anyone has read the Halo book series, Kelly is a great example – she’s a female, but that distinction ends there. But she still isn’t written as “a man in a woman’s body”.

    I want her to be determined, methodical and pissed. Xena meets Craig’s Bond. People should leave the movie in awe and anxious to see how she can fare with the likes of Batman and Superman (I’m assuming/hoping a World’s Finest will have come out by then), and their speculation, excitement alone should be able to fuel a Trifecta movie.

    But the next year, or by the next year, Neill Blomkamp’s Green Lantern movie starring Nick Jones, Jr. (this isn’t from any reports; this is my nerd dream) has come out, and lo and behold – Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash and Green Lantern are already established.

    • *trick bag

      **to “justify” bringing a woman to the big screen, up front and center. Since it’s such a big risk, people will be drawn in.

      ***Also, slight Tomb Raider influence.

  7. Honestly i really dont care for wonder woman but i feel her movie would be better then man of steel and could easily be better the say flash because a flash movie would have bad combat and maybe use one of his better moves like his particle exceliration once at the end plus flash has the worst villians. Wonder woman will have good fighting sences and she has a pretty good villian base. Plus if they put jessica biel of megan fox( my top wonder woman actress) then i will see it in a heartbeat

    • How about Olivia Wilde? She’s my frontrunner.

      Fox is hot but she’s a terrible actress. Surely you take acting into account too?

  8. As I stated before, they need to do the stuff justice. I think it’s awesome that they had Wonder Woman be the daughter of Zeus in the comics, because in the Justice League cartoon she was the daughter of Hades, or Hades helped create her.

    They can mix a modern day era with a mythic world, like Thor in a way. Keeping the traditional sense of mythology villains verse realistic villains and where Diana needs to visit the world of man, is because one of her Immortal Brothers or sisters attacked the world.

    Ares could be one, or one of her sisters who turned evil could be the antagonist. There to hook up for a Justice League movie, she could run into a cameo of Batman. Also, ever since that new Justice League mortal Kombat style video game. I grew to love Aqua Man.. I always liked him, but I think that could be another way to incorporate the Gods and Immortal world with realistic world settings as well.

    As long as they stay true to the mythology of the characters, the skies the limit with what they can actually do.. I’m nervous and excited to see what happens. Green Lantern was only ok… Watchmen, and Red I loved. I don’t want the Nolan brothers to even try to do these. These need to be mythic and not based on realism. They are selfish as well, and have always stated that they don’t want to connect their characters in anyway.

    So, we’ll see what happens… Hopefully, it’ll do them Justice. If a show like Arrow can be amazing, there’s hope for these as well..

  9. what’s unfortunate about the idea is the way DC have ground everything in their movie universe in some form of reality.
    The idea of a GOOD Wonder Woman movie would make me so happy, but I really doubt they’ll get anything much better than the unaired TV pilot in ’11.

  10. What the bloody hell is taken so long, shes already an icon, every man wants her, and every woman want to be like her. Her story is great, it would bring some culture to the uncultured. E.Constantino

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  12. Wonderwoman could feature hawk girl, I hope. And cyborg could feature martian man hunter

  13. Off topic but DC should use the flash movie to launch the flashpoint paradox storyline and since Jeffery Dean Morgan is rumored to play Thomas Wayne, he would make a real bad ass ‘flashpoint Batman’. Just sayin.

  14. The classic myth in modern age has already been done in the Percy jackson series, though not that well.