7 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman in ‘Justice League’

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Wonder Woman Actresses Justice LeagueThe Amazonian Princess known to mortals as Wonder Woman is set to hit the big screen come Justice League (2015), with much of the character's onscreen success depending on proper casting.We've given our picks for a new Batman, and even The Flash, but Diana is another story. There are beautiful women whose own celebrity prevents suspension of disbelief, and fan-favorites who may have the looks, but lack the skills needed for such an iconic role (Exhibit A: Megan Fox).It's a colossal challenge to cast Wonder Woman, but we've assembled a list of women we think could bring all aspects of the character to the table.Here's our list of 7 Actresses Who Should Play Wonder Woman in Justice League.

Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccrin as Wonder WomanMorena Baccarin is no stranger to playing women blessed with otherworldly beauty, as the exotic and sensual Inara Serra in Joss Whedon's Firefly (2002), the last of the Ori in Stargate SG-1, and the leader of an invading alien race in V (2009). Since Diana of Themyscira is a human, not an alien entity, the role would actually be less of a stretch than usual.When Joss Whedon was hard at work on his own Wonder Woman film, the pair's history led many to believe that Baccarin stood a good chance of swapping her luxurious robes for Diana's lasso and bracelets. And it's not hard to see why: the Brazilian-American actress of partly Italian descent is no stranger to the term 'exotic beauty.'Baccarin has since found stability with Showtime's Homeland, so no one's doubting that she could pull off Wonder Woman. Her built-in fan base (and no doubt an endorsement from Whedon) would certainly help sell the casting.

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton Wonder WomanIt's no secret that Gemma Arterton's filmography so far has been less than stellar, critically if not financially. But while the films she's appeared in may have been aiming low, nobody seems to have informed her of that. The most recent example being her role as the titular sister in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013).Arterton has, so far, made a career out of elevating scripts with strong performances aided by her not-unpleasant looks. But if given a solid character to play - like, say, Wonder Woman, we have no doubt she'd convincingly sell the role. Or at the very least, welcome the challenge.Since the biggest drawbacks to casting established actresses with mass appeal (Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale) in the role is the difficulty in suspending disbelief, Arterton is the best of both worlds. She's stood out in problematic blockbusters already, but lacks a role that has come to define her - yet.

Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan Wonder WomanCasting Wonder Woman may sound like a tall order, but if you ask the online fan communities, Bridget Regan may be the name you hear more than any other. While that tends to be a sign of enthusiasts getting ahead of themselves, in this case the argument is a compelling one.Regan's work on Legend of the Seeker (2008) is the main evidence of her ability to do Diana justice: a medieval-fantasy adventure series casting Regan as the last of her order, in a quest to vanquish evil through swords and sorcery (with a dash of romance for flavor). It's not easy to hold one's own in battle and dialogue, but over the course of the series' two series, Regan created one well-rounded warrior woman.A relative unknown with two years experience playing a similar role could be the direction the studio wishes to take. If Regan wins the role, skeptics should rest easy: Diana is in good hands with this fan-favorite.

Lynn Collins

Lynn Collins Wonder Woman

Disney's attempt at forming a trilogy around Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter may not have turned out like we'd hoped, but it did deliver one convincing 'warrior princess.' Credit Collins for that, as her portrayal of deadly princess of Mars Dejah Thoris brought her onto our WW radar.Some comic fans may be skeptical, but a viewing of John Carter should silence critics, as she has essentially already played Diana once. But it's the range Collins has shown in recent years, as warrior princess, and love interest to both Joseph Gordon Levitt in Uncertainty (2009) and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine that convince us she'd be up for whatever take on Diana Warner Bros. and DC have in mind.Collins' age may be the only reason for concern, even if she consistently plays younger women. However, an older Wonder Woman might help seeing Superman and Batman defer to her judgement seem more believable to audiences...

Jaimie Alexander

Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman

It may seem obvious to claim that Jaimie Alexander - the only female god-like being on Marvel's side - would be a perfect Wonder Woman, but the way Lady Sif meshed beauty with battling in Thor (2011) was more than convincing.Alexander's been brought up in the past as a potential Diana, but her interest decreased, she explained, after some embarrassing attempts at launching the character in recent years. Not exactly an endorsement for Justice League's hopes, but her impassioned argument for strong female role models could turn some heads at DC and Warner Bros..While her Marvel contract has her optioned for an appearance in both Thor 2 (where her importance will grow) and The Avengers 2, there's no promises so far - especially since Thor 2 won't shy away from killing off characters. That said, we don't know any woman who would choose to play Thor's second-fiddle over the most iconic superheroine in history.

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole as Wonder Woman

Taylor Cole may be an 'unknown,' but any who saw her on Heroes, The Event and The Glades know the self-described "70% legs" actress is a force to be reckoned with.Physically, she puts other 'toothpick-sized' contenders to shame, while still possessing the looks to make even the Man of Steel tongue-tied. And unlike most models-turned-actresses, Taylor Cole can actually act. And damn well, too.Her previous roles have exhibited every quality Wonder Woman should: wit, smarts, and confidence that is uniquely feminine, but not simply sexual.A martial arts fan and Junior Olympics volleyball veteran, Cole has the physical stature and authority that makes heroes compete not for Diana's affections, but her approval. If DC and Warner Bros. have serious plans for Diana post-JL, Cole has the time and skills to make them a reality.

Lucy Griffiths

Lucy Griffiths Wonder WomanNorth American audiences may have only been introduced to the brunette bombshell when she joined the cast of True Blood as the vampiress Nora, but UK actress Lucy Griffiths has been on our radar since BBC's Robin Hood. Edging out most of the competition based solely on the fact that she, more than any on our list, simply looks the most like the blue-eyed, dark-haired, strong-yet-feminine woman Wonder Woman is most often drawn to emulate.Thankfully, she has acting skills to back up her training with both a bow and sword in her previous role as Maid Marian. And at 27 years old, she fits perfectly next to Henry Cavill's Superman. She also doesn't possess the slight frame of some fan-favorites, even if she is a bit shorter than some might hope at 5'7". But plenty doubted Cavill's ability to pull off Kal-El at 6'1", and he didn't have the luxury of heels.As a relative unknown with a solid resume, Griffiths is certainly one of our frontrunners.


Wonder Woman Actresses Justice LeagueThat does it for our potential Dianas, but as this collection of Wonder Women proves, who ends up snagging the part will have as much to do with competent acting as the specific direction Warner Bros. and DC intend to take with Justice League, and possible spin-off movies to follow.Which actresses do you think could deliver a live-action take on Wonder Woman? Do you have your own favorites that our list was too short to include (Merlin's Katie McGrath chief among them)?Leave your thoughts in the comments.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. She should be Wonder Woman. Anybody else will be wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLj87gSx2U0

    • Haywire trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpffbDjWlog

      • Yes. Gina Carano is an excellent choice. She has the moves and attitude. Another good choice is Adrianne Palacki.The body,moves and height.

        • Palicki has already been Wonder Woman. For one episode at least, in the awful TV series pilot which was thankfully scrapped before reaching anyones screens.

          Personally I’d still say Alexandra Daddario, or Daniela Ruah. It’s all irrelevant these days, though. We’ll have to wait and see how Gal Gadot does

  2. Google the cast of Man of Steel and you find one main character who isn’t white, sadly it’s a very similar story when looking at the cast of The Dark Knight Trilogy or in fact any other big blockbuster of recent years. DC and Warner Brothers (like all film companies) should be striving to introduce a vastly more multi-ethnic cast and to cast anyone but a woman of South American heritage in the part of Wonder Woman would be terrible.

    • Harry Lennix
      Laurence Fishburne
      Alessandro Juliani
      Samantha Jo
      Elizabeth Thai
      Kwesi Ameyaw

      There are a few that aren’t pale faces. But considering Superman, his immediate and foster family have always been pale faces and, the same with Lois Lane, and the movie is pretty much centred around these two pale faced people, I think it’s fair to say that it wouldn’t make sense to make Superman or Lois Lane, or their family members anything other than pale faces, unless it is for the purpose of politically or racially hijacking the characters. Same goes for Batman. Imagine a black Superman or Batman (Marvel experimented with it with Spiderman, Miles Morales), or what about a white Black Panther (would he then be called The White Panther?!?) or Falcon, or Bishop, doesn’t work does it? I’m pretty sure if they made stand alone movies for the Black Panther or The Falcon, or Bishop that had their love interests and family in the central plot, it would be a majority black cast. Black Panther’s wife is Storm, so needles to say there would be very few white people in that movie, unless they move Wakanda out of Africa. I wonder, is Wonder Woman actually from South America? Her ethnicity as far as I can tell is from an island somewhere in the ocean based on the Greek Amazons, or at least that’s where the inspiration from her original creator came from, so why would she have to have South American ethnicity? The question you should be asking is why didn’t they cast a real African for the role of Storm in X-men? Halle Berry was and is weak in this role. Storm is a Grace Jones personality, this is someone who dominates the weather. Have you ever met an African lady born with entitlement? They dominate, add on the weather control and this woman would have a personality to crush just about anyone, Halle Berry couldn’t dominate a kitten and is very, very far removed from Africa.

      • First off, I’d like to apologize for assuming Wonder Woman was South American, Her civilization has Greek Origin. I get that I might seem like a bit of an idiot now but, the issues are real.

        Some of the actors you listed:
        Samantha Jo: ‘Car-Vex’ if I remember correctly, did she not stand in the background the whole time?
        Elizabeth Thai: One of three ‘Northcom Threat Analyst’s
        Kwesi Ameyaw: ‘Canadian Airman’

        The point I’m making is that you can’t just put a hugely successful black actor in a semi-suppporting role (Fishburne), dot a few other non-white actors through the film and say that the work has been done, Warner Brothers are not doing enough.

        A Black Panther movie would never be made straight off the bat unless a huge name like Will Smith showed interest (I know he would be awful, it’s hypothetical) and that’s part of the problem. If people got used to black actors playing a real role in cinema then Hollywood would be less reluctant to center films on them.

        Also, suggesting making black characters white is completely irrelevant. Look at the casts of any top-grossing film list, the majority will be white so there is already plenty of representation there. I’m also not suggesting a white Superman or Batman because I know what the reaction would be, but adding a few more ethnic actors to the wider roster certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    • Yawn… forcing multi-ethnicity on an iconic comic book cast that was originally white is total BS ! Create you own comic characters and do what ever you want, but leaver our icons alone !!!

      • Okay. ‘our icons.’ Who are you referring to? Did you write the comics? or are you talking about white people as a group? Are black people allowed to buy these comics? or do they have to create their own so yours don’t get dirty?

        Total BS you say, well I hate to break it to you but while Man of Steel was keen to please comic book fans, they are not the primary audience. The biggest selling Superman issue of 2013 (Superman Unchained #1) sold just 160,000 copies. Impressive, but nothing compared to the $670,000,000 box office of Man of Steel. Now, I may be wrong, but if only comic book readers went to comic book movies, then every reader would have had to spend about $4,000 each at the cinema – it seems a little unrealistic to me, I don’t know.

        Another thing I have to say to you is that Superman is DC’s most lucrative hero. The same cannot be said for the lesser members of the Justice League, Green Lantern or The Flash for example. Now, I know it would make you cry to see the cartoon you love so much get an on-screen makeover, but most people wouldn’t notice or care.

        • Halle Berry as Lois Lane, Will Smith as Superman would make your ideal world. Without the comics or the readers you would never have had the privilege of seeing the movie. I wonder how much a black Superman or black Captain America movie would have grossed.

          • What are you talking about? Have you read my comments. I specifically said that Berry was awful and that Smith wouldn’t suit, so no just because you think all black actors are Will Smith, that wouldn’t make me happy. I also already said that I wouldn’t want to see Superman black, as for Lois Lane, I never said she shouldn’t be white, but really so what if she wasn’t?

            • Oh, sorry I wasn’t really paying attention, I’m starting to find your idea to color the characters a bit boring now. The movies are ok, the comics will always have more depth and integrity to the story and the characters. Good luck on your mission though, maybe one you’ll get a Blackman instead of a Batman.

              • I’m glad you replied to let me know how bored you are, much obliged.

                I don’t have a mission, and if I did it wouldn’t be to make Batman, Superman or even Lois Lane ethnic – it would be to see that films (which appeal to mainstream audiences) are consistently showing actors of colour in leading and supporting roles. I can see that you will never agree.

  3. Google the cast of Man of Steel and you find one of the eleven main characters listed who isn’t white, sadly it’s a very similar story when looking at the cast of The Dark Knight Trilogy or in fact any other big blockbuster of recent years. DC and Warner Brothers (like all film companies) should be striving to introduce a vastly more multi-ethnic cast and to cast anyone but a woman of South American heritage in the part of Wonder Woman would be terrible.

    • whoops, posted the same comment twice, just seen that Gal Gadot (an Israeli) has been cast – I suppose that’s something. Apparently The Flash will be Hispanic too? At least they’re trying (a little bit)

  4. I’m sorry to burst bubbles and i hope ppl dont freak out. But wonder woman is basically a superman/captain america themed badass female counterpart. Shes not human and was often thougt of as supermans female version. Alien or not they bith were known to be aesthucally themed to be usa red.white.blue all american him frm midwest and she looked like a super hott superhero version of Mary Ann from Gilligans island with Blue eyes. If ur gona work so hard to get characters story correct then use equal effott casting correctly I know times have changed and were all mixed and racist ppl suk but come on!!!! Iconic characters! !!! LAST SUPERMAN HAD BROWN EYES !! W tf a small detail but still matters. Cast a girl next doorsuper cute/pretty face brown hair blue eyes (contacts?) boobs that can kick butt & ACT!! Im big fan of Gadot she’ll probly do alright but doesn’t quite have the look. Something like the beautiful face of a Blue-Eyed Minka Kelly or Jamie Alexander and the physicality & no nonsense personality of Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast & Furious 6, In The Blood, MMA FIGHTER/MUAY THAI FIGHTER)

    K I’m done. Thx

    • Yeah, Gadot just doesn’t look like the ass-kicking type nor does she come off as intimidating in anything I’ve seen her in. I would prefer to not have Gina Corano. I liked her in Haywire, but she has no emotion. Luckily there really wasn’t much acting that had to be done in that movie.

  5. I’m sorry to burst bubbles and i hope ppl dont freak out. But wonder woman is basically a superman/captain america themed butt-kickin female counterpart. Shes not human and was often thougt of as supermans female version. Alien or not they both were known to be aesthucally themed to be usa red.white.blue all american him frm midwest and she looked like a super hott superhero version of Mary Ann from Gilligans island with Blue eyes. If ur gona work so hard to get characters story correct then use equal effott casting correctly I know times have changed and were all mixed and bigotry is totally wromg. Having said that none of my opinions are coming from that kind of mindset and Im not tryin to offend anyone. I just think if ur gona do the comic character and wana do it awesome amd accurately- Then do that cuz in the words of ‘Brandy’- “Almost doesn’t count”
    …back to my ranting. ….
    SERIOUSLY !!! come on!!!! Iconic characters! !!! LAST SUPERMAN HAD BROWN EYES !! Really?!?! a small detail but still matters. Cast a girl next doorsuper cute/pretty face brown hair blue eyes (contacts?) VS body type strong lean but feminine & ofcourse that can kick butt & ACT!! Im big fan of Gadot she’ll probly do alright but doesn’t quite have the look. Something like the beautiful face of a Blue-Eyed Minka Kelly or Jamie Alexander but the physicality & no nonsense personality of Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast & Furious 6, In The Blood, MMA FIGHTER/MUAY THAI FIGHTER)
    Just a thouht or two

    • First of all, you probably know more about this than me, I always assumed that Amazon referred to the South American river/jugle but reading into a bit more it seems to have Greek roots, I don’t really know.
      Second, the ethnicity of each character wouldn’t be so much of a problem if blockbusters stopped living in the past and started to accurately reflect the melting pot that America (just like the rest of the world) truly is. These films reach a very, very wide audience, one that is not all white, but the studios make little effort to mirror this.
      Last thing I’ll say, the classic images of most of the Justice League characters were created mostly in the 1940s, so it’s no surprise most of them are white. Warner Brothers shouldn’t be obliged to follow in DC’s footsteps though, because times have changed. Apparently The Flash will be ‘race-bent’ which to me is a positive thing. Having said that, I don’t know how I’d view an ethnic Superman (or Batman), so I guess some people feel the same way about changing the race of any classic/iconic character, again I’m unsure.
      I’m sorry, I started typing and then got carried away, I didn’t mean to say so much. :)

      • You probably watched Halle Berry’s version of Catwoman and saw it as a victory. Please watch Batman Returns, 1992. Make a comparison between what Michelle Pfeiffer did with Catwoman and what Halle Berry didn’t.

        If you’re going to take something and make it new and screw with years of culture built around the character, make sure you cast the correct people. I understand your point of view, but I think you’re only seeing one side, and what you’re calling for is the mainstreaming of something that has a lot more history and a very different following from what has been happening on screen. Maybe you should pick a comic, read a few pages of Batman and see why people went WTF when Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne, instead of someone else being cast as Batman, like Judge Dredd being cast as Sylvester Stallone in the 90s. I’m very thankful that Karl Urban was finally cast as Judge Dredd a couple of years ago and the studios stuck to what gave the character it’s integrity. We saw Judge Dredd, we didn’t see some actor with an over inflated ego.

        The other alternative is create your own characters according to the race you wish them to be, work hard at making them as iconic as the ones we are looking at on screen today. Put the work and effort in and stop trying to hijack the icons we have today that took around 60 years to establish, you’re just being lazy.

        • Are you really suggesting that Halle Berry being black is what made Catwoman such a failure? People’s objections weren’t to her race they were to the fact that she couldn’t act and couldn’t take on the role. And anyway, did Michelle Pfeifer not play a blonde Catwoman? Is she ‘hijacking an icon’?

          What’s lazy is continuing to fill films with white faces. Maybe if you rewatch Batman Returns, you’ll see that all of the roles of significance are played by white actors, not because of the iconic status of each and every character, but because Hollywood is racist.

          I never suggested ‘screwing with years of culture’ and while I support changing the races of some of the less iconic heroes, I think that DC/WB could just as easily bring in pre-existing non-white characters or surround the heroes with supporting characters of colour. I’m not sure that any studio would go anywhere near Green Lantern after Reynolds, but why not make John Stewart (or a black Scott/Stewart crossover) a founding Justice Leaguer.

          Finally, I may not be a Wonder Woman expert but I know who Batman is and I agree that Affleck looks bad on paper. I’m waiting until I see him on screen to decide fully.

          • I have no problem with black people acting an alternate character of the original concept as a one shot or in some cases like Nick Fury a complete change to the original character, but then it needs to be done right. Samuel L. Jackson kicks ass as Fury. I have no problem with Halle Berry as a person or her ethnic background, she is smoking hot, but her acting does not equate to her aesthetically pleasing physical appearance. Hair color is something women change, often, skin color not unless they spend a lot of time in or out of the sunlight. Rosario Dawson would probably have carried the character a lot better, she kicked ass in Sin City, way sexier and way more personality. I’m totally bringing this back to Storm again, in an ideal world and if she was at her peak now, at this time, my top choice for Storm would be Grace Jones, but since she’s pretty ancient, I’m quite sure Thandi Newton or Zoe Saldanha would have done a better job. Anyway, to be honest I would rather see Denzel Washington as Bruce Wayne/Batman than Affleck

            • Finally someone talks sense! It’s not about keeping a character’s appearance it’s about keeping their attitude and spirit.

              I’m not really familiar with Dawson so I can’t comment, but it wouldn’t be hard to find someone better than Halle Berry.

              And I was just being flippant about hair colour, trying to point out that the continuity of a character’s appearance isn’t essential.

              Washington could have possibly been Batman ten or twenty years ago, but to me he just seems a little old now. As well, Batman (or Bruce Wayne at least) is a character recognized by the mainstream (not just the comic book micro-community)as someone like Selena Kyle isn’t, so he might have been a little too risky, it’s important to push boundaries sometimes though.

              • The point I was trying to make is that people see Bruce Wayne as white, it wasn’t clear

            • Grace Jones? WTF?!? Storm is supposed to be pretty and sexy. Grace Jones looks like a beast.

  6. Just for the record Anne Hathaway was the greatest Catwoman! Then Julie Newmar, then Michelle Pfieffer, then Eliza Dushko, then Lee Meriweather, then Gina Gershon, then Eartha Kitt, then Adrien Barbou, then everybody else who ever played Catwoman and then Halle Berry!


  7. I approve of all the choices except for Jaimie Alexander.
    Her jaw is much too squared off, similar to many leading men. Which is a roundabout way of me saying she looks kind of like a man … at least from the nose down.
    And that is enough for me to give her a thumbs down :-(
    Nuff said, I’m out!

  8. Lmfao wth
    Ummm,I think they all should be replaced and portrayed by Asian actors! What, they’re aren’t any? And don’t u dare say Dean Cain or Keanu! Ahaha Ugh, I was so let down by Last Air Bender smh
    Oh n King do u think Raquel Welch in her prime would’ve made an amazing Catwoman?

  9. Lynda Carter had an excellent body but the thing I remember most about her was her long hair, penetrating blue eyes, and gorgeous face. Based upon those qualities I know of no actress today other than Megan Fox who could match it and do justice to Lynda Carter. None of the 7 actresses that were proposed could come even close to matching Megan Fox.

  10. Honestly, I would love to see Gina Carano play Wonder Woman.

    • Two thumbs up Sally! No need to fake the fights/stunts.

  11. Doesn’t anybody care about the quality of the performance? Megan Fox is a horrid actress. She is completely void of talent. Yes she’s beautiful and is reminesent of Linda Carter but this isn’t a TV series. This is a multi million dollar project which intended to launch one of the largest francises to date. The film needs a professional quality actress like Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway or Scarlet Johanson. I’m not saying physical attributes ar unimportant but they definately takes a back seat to screen prensence.

  12. Gina Carano would be perfect for the role. Wonder Woman is kinda amazon-ish, and Carano’s built, not to mention her skills will do justice to the character. :)

  13. I think reality star Kim Kardashian would be an excellent choice for Wonder Women. She has the natural look and the height. Plus you may want to get Linda Cater to play Wonder Women’s mother in the up coming move. Both stars would generate a lot of attention for the movie.


  14. You can’t forget Mariska Hargitay… If only she was about 12 years younger!

  15. I nominate Adrianne palicki

  16. When I picture Wonder Woman, I picture Alexadra Daddario

  17. I think Gal Gadot will make a great Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). However, I would have preferred Jennifer Lawrence!

  18. I think a perfect actress to play Wonder Woman would be Laila Ali. She is tall 5’10″, very athletic and beautiful. She really does command the screen. I seen her in a couple of movies and she appears to be a decent actress.

  19. A great Wonder Woman would be: Vanessa Cater – athletic, tall, muscular, funny, smart, gorgeous,would do all her own stunts

  20. I’m not sure of her acting ability but as far as the look for wonder woman I believe Abigail Ratchford would be great choice.

  21. Mackenzee Pierce should play wonder woman.

    • Mila Kunis would have been the perfect Wonder Woman. A very gifted actress, beautiful, sexy, athletic and has the classic comic book look of Diana Prince. Yea, she is a little shorter than most of the choices listed but the camera can make anyone look as tall as the director wants to make them.

  22. Hello? I’m sorry, I don’t like it Gal Gadot as Princess Diana /Wonder Woman she’s never blue eyes nothing she have got brown eyes different colours problem. Why American Actress Wonder Woman like dark black hair and blue eyes choose young women another year? More guestions?