‘Wonder Woman’ Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

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Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume Wonder Woman Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

UPDATE: NBC has declined to order Wonder Woman for an initial season. The project is cancelled.

There’s been quite a bit of talk over the costumes sported by Wonder Woman actress Adrianne Palicki and her stunt double in leaked shots. As it turns out, we may have only seen two thirds of her superpowered wardrobe.

NBC entertainment president Robert Greenblatt spoke on Dianna Prince’s various costumes yesterday. Apparently the modified costume with the red boots and reduced-glare pants is only one of three outfits viewers will see when the series debuts. The first was leaked last month to much skepticism, and the third has yet to be revealed.

Three costumes intended for Wonder Woman‘s maiden season sounds odd, especially considering the stylistic similarity of the two seen thus far.  But producers might be going for both and updated and a classic look – and considering the negative reactions thus far, a little fanservice in the new series couldn’t hurt.

If you believe Greenblatt, the final costume is the one that Wonder Woman fans have been waiting for:

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

Greenblatt was reffering to the costume sported by Lynda Carter in the original 1970s TV series. Carter’s costume was a pretty faithful recreation of Wonder Woman’s comic book outfit, and emulating the look for Palicki would go a long way towards assuaging doubtful comic aficionados.

wonder woman costumes palicki carter Wonder Woman Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

Left to right: Palicki's 'updated' costume, the first leaked costume, and Lynda Carter's original.

Wonder Woman fans, take note: the president’s comments spill a pretty major plot point for the first season. We already knew that Hurley’s Veronica Cale would be a major villain, but it looks like she’ll be a consistent presence on the show for at least the first season, leading to a confrontation and defeat.

The president dismissed the idea that fan feedback resulted in a redesign for the second leaked costume. “We haven’t made any changes from what was planned.” Greenblatt said he’d rather have a passionate response from fans than a lukewarm one, even if that response is overwhelmingly negative.

When asked about a fall premiere for Wonder Woman, Greenblatt wouldn’t commit to a firm timetable. While NBC would surely like to have the initial episodes ready for premiere season, that may not be possible, considering the extensive work required in filming and post production.

So, will David E. Kelley’s take on Wonder Woman please the crowd, or fizzle like The Cape and No Ordinary Family already have this year? Viewers will decide when the new series (eventually) premieres.

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  1. Definitely the middle

  2. Those shorts are ugly and will always be ugly.

    • I’m sure modern day shorts would have a different cut.


      • I agree, the cut would more than likely be a little more modern. As HUGE of a Lynda Carter-Wonder Woman fan, I have to admitt, that I never cared much for the CBS-version of her costume. The ABC-version was more faithful to the comic as well as more flattering on her, in my humble opinion.

        • Idk, while the ABC version (S1) was closer to the classic look, I always thought the overabundance of stars was a bit distracting, too “busy” in pattern terms, perhaps even gaudy. The CBS version (S2/S3) was toned down in pattern and was just more elegant.

          • Let’s hope this new incarnation of her in the movies gives her a more authentic Greek warrior look! Which would lend some credibility to the character. And is something she so desperately needs in a return to a live action adaptation.

  3. Im thinking a thong bikini 😉

  4. Seriously??!! This is all what we can think up of in the damn year of 2011??!! Sorry Wonderwoman!!

    • Suffering Sappho! We’re practically living in the second Great Depression right now. A little comic book/superhero enthusiasm is fun escape, and not hurting anyone!

  5. I’ll take the Classic look since the other two costumes are UGLY AS SIN!

  6. I was so looking forward to a new look for wonder woman that still captured the old series look, but nope! Next time get fashion saavy people on board.

  7. *cough*

  8. Call me just a fan, but I like the newer versions. Wonder Woman’s “outfits” haven’t always been flattering. And why not introduce the newest comic version too? And lets point out SMALLVILLE…. how many outfits has Tom Welling endured leading up to the finale? I think they should entertain all possibilities (minus that corny lookin jumpsuit one from the mid 70’s)

  9. is it just me or does the chick look like she’s running to take a huge dump in the toilet(in the first image), u know like those diarrhea typa dumps……haaaa….

  10. This sounds like a CYA moment by the studios, like they are trying to please everyone by making all the versions.

  11. “We haven’t made any changes from what was planned.” Greenblatt said he’d rather have a passionate response from fans than a lukewarm one, even if that response is overwhelmingly negative.

    Anyone else worried by this statement? The motto of “any publicity being good publicity” is not gonna fly here and I don’t think I would want negative buzz, especially in the wake of The Cape taking a belly flop.’

    It’s really unfortunate Greenblatt didn’t listen to all the fans because we are the ones who will be watching it.

  12. *cough, cough*

  13. It looks like she’s wearing a diaper on the one in the far right.

    • I hate to admitt it, but I’ve always felt that way as well with the cut of her 1970’s “Modern” WW shorts. Not too flattering in most instances.

  14. *nothing* about this project looks good so far. nothing.

  15. I don’t care what she’s wearing this series will fail. David E. Kelley is the wrong person for Wonder Woman. He does not know how to write female characters without making them neurotic, men-obsessing creatures and from the script leaks it doesn’t appear he is changing things up with that formula.

    All of the versions look ridiculous and highly uncomfortable not to mention unrealistic. You’re telling me WW doesn’t fall out of that top while running? Riiight. Why is it that male superheroes can have updated practical costumes (Batman’s kevlar, Green Lantern’s entire costume) but WW is still reduced to massive cleavage and uninteresting stories?

    I’m sure someone will tell me to wait until I’ve seen the show to criticize but when I’ve already part of the script and it says Diana is having a sleepover with her best gal pal and bemoaning her love life I have no hope this will be a serious take on an iconic character. I wouldn’t even care so much about the bad costume if the script didn’t read horribly. It’s like they’re relying on the fact that men will be staring at her rack the entire time while we ladies are applauding the fact that Diana says “empowering” phrases like “You go girl” (that flashback to the 90’s is honest to goodness in the script).

    I will take back everything if I’m wrong and I hope that I am wrong but at this point, I doubt it.

    • but but…..she IS wearing pants! That counts for something right?

      I do think however you should wait and see but share your overall negativity on just about everything we have been presented with. I know it looks grim and they seem to have taken the “Wonder” out of Wonder Woman but who knows. I will at least give the pilot a chance to impress (or not) before I pass final judgment.

      • I do like that she’s wearing pants because running around in hot pants is just ridiculous. But seriously, HOLY SHINY PANTS.

        I’m going to watch the pilot and probably even a couple of episodes after if they are ordered just to see it. So I will give it a chance but I don’t think I’ll be wrong about the show. Which sucks because I would like to see a proper adaptation of the story.

        • Well take some comfort in the fact they ARE going to do a WW movie now 😀 It won’t be until like 2014-15 but…..

          • As long as David E. Kelley isn’t writing the script. :)

            • Would it really have been so hard to tie Wonder Woman’s Greek mythology in with life in the big city. Xena meets Frasier or something like that.

              A strict, dedicated (lawyer?) by day. Wonder Woman, trashing criminals and beating down supernatural threats by night. No romantic life (no time) but not missing it either.

              Oh and lose the gal-pals. Whiny Sex and the City types are the kind of women that Wonder Woman crushes in a curl of her mighty biceps. I don’t envisage WW having even an interest in modern western women. She’d probably have an Arnie moment, and dismiss them as a bunch of “whiny girlie (wo)men.”

              Actually if they could find a attractive female wrestler type who could act (and look good with dark hair) about 6 foot tall, who could be convincing delivering Arnold’s dialogue from The Terminator, she’d make a much better Wonder Woman than this chick.

              I see Wonder Woman as the kind of taciturn warrior who’s always looking for victory. Her eyes are always moving, looking for enemies, evaluating escape routes, taking the position that gives her the best view of any room, that sort of thing. Every person she meets is categorised based on their threat level and (like Sherlock Holmes) she’s planning the easiest way to destroy any threat. She kills, when she has to, without hesitation, and without regret.

              She’s not nice, but she is good at what she does. It’s a constant drain for her to engage with the silly fripperies that moderns engage in. She’d rather be breaking heads and taking names. Throw in a few sequences where a client (or opposing lawyer) mocks her in court, and she basically slams them through a wall, and you have Wonder Woman in my view.

              • I’m not saying you’re wrong but no one would ever make a show like that. The Xena meets Frasier combo is hilarious and would be fun to see.

                • Well if they do a JLA movie, this television version of WW would be ideally suited to being their secretary.

                  • Hahahaha so true!

              • The only thing I could see when you mention a, ” female wrestler type who could act (and look good with dark hair) about 6 foot tall” is Joanie Laurer (AKA Chyna). I wouldn’t want to insult her, as she could break me with one arm, but she lacks a softer, more feminine touch. Arianny Celeste, for example, is attractiveand has some muscle tone and definition. A classically-inspired costume would show the muscle tone to maximum effect.
                Diana’s attempts to understand men and to navigate social situations would allow for some good comedic moments. Imagine having never seen men before, living entirely among women, now suddenly thrust into the modern world- city life inSan Francisco, for example. Learning that not all women sleep together (she was on an island with only women. Of course they slept together.) and how to socialize would make for comedy. Her strength of body and heart would further set WW apart from her alter ego. (This was used to similar effect in the anime Sailor Moon, which I loved as a teen.)

                • I’m not sure Wonder Woman has a soft feminine side. I checked some pictures of Chyna, she actually has a strong resemblance to how I imagine Wonder Woman looking.

                  That said, I don’t think she’d be ideal for the part. One of the first images that came up was a screenshot from her sex tape, and I’m not sure parents want their kids finding those.

                  Arianny Celeste? She’s absolutely gorgeous, although as a Playboy model she might suffer from the same difficulty.

        • I really don’t care about the outfit but rather the way she fits.. or doesn’t fit them. She starts hitting the gym and she would make damn near any outfit work.

          don’t forget about the awful bat suit with nipples and enhanced butt area.. eewwww!

          • I choose to forget that dark time in comic book movie history. :)

            • I couldn’t help but think that if nipples were on the guys’ suits, then Batgirl’s would,too. By the way, was there ever any explanation by the production of those bat movies for the nipples? It seemed superfluous and added about as much excitement as Superman’s electric powers and costumes.

              • Women having nipples is seen as vulgar. Try to find a lingerie catalog that shows nipple. They airbrush it out. I gather it’s because men can go around in public with their shirts off.

                If anyone can find an explanation for the Bat nipples please share.

  16. Wonder Woman just doesn’t look good in real life, they may be able to pull it off in the comics, but it just isn’t working for real, it just looks silly, in my opinion at least.

      • Yes! That look at your link is inspired by BOTH the classic look AND ancient clothing. And the look could further evolve based on modern looks that she sees in the city, so it loses the leather skirt and gains a French-cut style bottom. Beautiful

  17. It seems like everyone has their own personal opinion of what Wonder Woman is supposed to look like, how she’s supposed to act, and what she’s supposed to wear.

    Is there really any way for anyone (film or TV) to satisfy everyone’s fantasy/vision for her? If they go one way, some people will hate it (and let you know about it, very loudly). If they go the opposite way, other people will hate that (and will also let you know about it, and also very loudly).

    It’s no “wonder” this character hasn’t had a show or movie in 30 plus years. Her “fans” seem to be way too fickle.

    • But you really can’t go wrong sticking wit the source material 😉

      • Yes, but what “source material”?

        Are you going to go way back to the 1940s when the character was first introduced? What about the number of “re-boots” she has gone through in the comics (including the current one)? Do you consider the Linda Carter TV show “source material”?

        Are you beginning to see the problem?

        • The best answer I can give you is to look at the Louis Letterier “The Incredible Hulk” movie. It took inspiration from the classis tv show, and looked at the core elements of the comic book character. The intro scene and equipment were all from the late ’70s-era show. The grotto scene was pulled from Hulk: Grey miniseries, and many cameos and tidbits were put in for the comic fans.
          It took the success of both X-Men and Spider-Man for producers to realize why their attemped Superman projects weren’t coming to the big screen. They were trying to tell us who Superman was, to add too many different elements that don’t suit the “real” Supes. When you adhere to the core of a character (people still debate Spidey’s web shooters: organic or mechanical) people will watch.
          The fanboys like us are the ones who endlessly debate over these details, and generate interest in properties that become blockbusters among the general population. If we spent our time on the internet doing something else, then movies like Transformers would have never happened. The interest in that property would have faded out like a comic left in the sun.

  18. I can not do it. I can not watch this. Like NOF, SGU, Caprica, Surface, 4400, Jericho, and countless other favorites of mine; you will cancel this show on me. I have given up on series. I will stick to movies and mini series. They are meant to last one to three nights.

    • i feel u bro, was really enjoying jericho, traveller and many others jist to hear they’v been cancelled half way through, its very annoying

  19. The real question is will we get to see the “3rd” costume before NBC cancels the show after a few episodes and several schedule changes? I suspect that Greenblatt’s slip about the 3rd costume was to keep fans tuned in anticipation of see WW in her more traditional garb. But How about getting fans excited about staying in tune for a good script

  20. Please use the costume from the comic,with the black pants,so simple. It wont make a difference David E. Kelly can’t write action; This show will fall, bet u a free plane ticket!!!!

  21. this has all the markings of a typical NBC Failure once again, I don’t see anything good coming from this.

  22. FAIL!!!!!!!!!! That’s what you deserve for slaughetring this icon.

  23. I am TRYING to find something good about this but cant. No offense to this actress but she doesnt look like Wonder Woman. No costume will help that. NBC..eyyyeyyyahhh

  24. I am totally disappointed in the selection of Adrienne Palicki. No offense but she doesn’t have the sexy body Lynda Carter had. Thats half the reason why I watched the show. LC had hips and a sexy shape. Her face is not nearly as pretty either. Ms. Palicki is a very poor choice. Once the men viewers see that pencil shape body of Palicki they will eventually stop watching. I guarantee the ratings will drop after 1 or 2 episodes.

  25. Why put the spoiler warning AFTER the spoilerific comment?

    • True that, I was thinking the same thing. I’m like, “really? No need for me to watch this show AT ALL now… I already know how it ends!!!”

  26. When I saw the title of this article, I couldn’t help but think – “Yeah, and Robert Downey Jr. has probably worn at least one of them…”

  27. This is Bogus! In order to be right why the heck wouldn’t they use the original costume? Lynda Carters costume was right on the money! Is this actress maybe not have the legs or sexyness Lynda brought to the role? Looks very disapointing!

    • Those short shorts are cheesy as hell. I don’t buy into to that Lynda Carter look at all. Another person commented that men would tune out after seeing Palicki’s “pencil shaped body”. If i’m watching a woman who supposedly kicks some ass, I don’t want or need it to be all T and A. Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil films, Jessica Biel in Blade 3,even Jennifer Garner in the Alias series,I bought it. Lynda Carter,not so much. Just didn’t look athletic enough. I’ll give these costumes and lady a chance. Bottom line, the stories and writing will keep me coming back, or not

      • well you obviously haven’t seen WW in the comics before. Its not about “T and A” as you so put it, its about a woman from an island who is sent by Hippolyta to fight crime in our world. They need to use the original costume from the comics to make the character accurate.

  28. OH YUMMY I cant wait this looks great I Love you Wonder Woman.