‘Wonder Woman’ Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

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Adrianne Palicki in Wonder Woman costume Wonder Woman Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

UPDATE: NBC has declined to order Wonder Woman for an initial season. The project is cancelled.

There’s been quite a bit of talk over the costumes sported by Wonder Woman actress Adrianne Palicki and her stunt double in leaked shots. As it turns out, we may have only seen two thirds of her superpowered wardrobe.

NBC entertainment president Robert Greenblatt spoke on Dianna Prince’s various costumes yesterday. Apparently the modified costume with the red boots and reduced-glare pants is only one of three outfits viewers will see when the series debuts. The first was leaked last month to much skepticism, and the third has yet to be revealed.

Three costumes intended for Wonder Woman‘s maiden season sounds odd, especially considering the stylistic similarity of the two seen thus far.  But producers might be going for both and updated and a classic look – and considering the negative reactions thus far, a little fanservice in the new series couldn’t hurt.

If you believe Greenblatt, the final costume is the one that Wonder Woman fans have been waiting for:

“There was an initial outcry about the long pants – you know, skintight pants as opposed to those little shorts. They are actually used in the final confrontation when she beats Veronica Cale (played by Elizabeth Hurley).”

Greenblatt was reffering to the costume sported by Lynda Carter in the original 1970s TV series. Carter’s costume was a pretty faithful recreation of Wonder Woman’s comic book outfit, and emulating the look for Palicki would go a long way towards assuaging doubtful comic aficionados.

wonder woman costumes palicki carter Wonder Woman Has 3 Costumes, Says NBC President

Left to right: Palicki's 'updated' costume, the first leaked costume, and Lynda Carter's original.

Wonder Woman fans, take note: the president’s comments spill a pretty major plot point for the first season. We already knew that Hurley’s Veronica Cale would be a major villain, but it looks like she’ll be a consistent presence on the show for at least the first season, leading to a confrontation and defeat.

The president dismissed the idea that fan feedback resulted in a redesign for the second leaked costume. “We haven’t made any changes from what was planned.” Greenblatt said he’d rather have a passionate response from fans than a lukewarm one, even if that response is overwhelmingly negative.

When asked about a fall premiere for Wonder Woman, Greenblatt wouldn’t commit to a firm timetable. While NBC would surely like to have the initial episodes ready for premiere season, that may not be possible, considering the extensive work required in filming and post production.

So, will David E. Kelley’s take on Wonder Woman please the crowd, or fizzle like The Cape and No Ordinary Family already have this year? Viewers will decide when the new series (eventually) premieres.

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  1. Why are so many people soooo negative about Wonder Woman and her costume she is after all a superhero and the outfit looks good. Lets face it this is just a simple T.V. show I don’t think there was this much protesting about that awful Incredible Hulk show that Bill Bixby butchered many years ago, for those who don’t like Wonder Woman or the costume simply don’t watch it that’s what they did to the Cape.

  2. I don’t care what the haters say you are YUMMY Wonder Woman I hope the new show rocks many kiesters GO GOO GOOOOOOOOO Wonder Woman.

  3. The outfits are super ugly, but worse… NOTHING ABOUT THAT WOMAN OR HER DOUBLE IS WONDEROUS. Wow it looks so baddddddd. and Smallville? Seriously? Lame. So. Lame.

  4. This show is going to be a failure like the WB’s ‘Birds of Prey’ and besides, this chick is not attractive enough to play WW. If only Kim Kardashian could act… ;]

  5. This show is going to be a failure like the WB’s ‘Birds of Prey’ and besides, this chick is not attractive enough to play WW. If only Kim Kardashian could act… ;]

  6. LAME!! This will bomb worse than the Bionic woman did. This actress is horrible its like a cheesy spoof.
    If you can’t spend the time and money to do it right why bother?

  7. Robert Greenblatt is not listening to the fans. It’s good to pick out constructive advise, heck even constructive criticism, to ignore such things from the people who are going to watch the show, know the character well and steer public opinion, I would say this; Mr Robert Greenblatt, your eyes shut and ears plugged approach is a perfect recipe for disaster.

  8. Why can’t they use the original costume? she doesn’t even wear pants originally, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I love women’s legs lol, yes I do but this is just a purpose of authencity, they can modify it but not the whole costume, come on now.
    Wonder Woman is like Lynda Carter’s original, she’s beautiful like that and she looks more powerful, period.

  9. I don’t know why they’d even bother making this show. Wonder Woman is a stupid character and a stupid comic that only got started as part of a feminist movement. The metal that her gauntlets are made out of was originally called Femininium before they changed it to Amazonium.

    Not to mention, a golden lasso that makes people tell the truth? Lamest weapon EVER. It’s not even that usefull unless you’re fighting a herd of untruthful cattle. Oh, I got a confession out of him when I wrapped my magical lasso around him. Yeah, let’s see if that holds up in court.

    Just scrap this whole project and make a show about a hero who has more to offer than a hot body. The only reason they’re doing this is because other female characters aren’t popular enough. A show about Spider-Girl or Ms. Marvel would be way better, but that’s not gonna happen.

  10. I’m not feeling the upcoming Wonder Woman series, the costume looks fake, it looks horrible, it even doesn’t look real, and nothing against the new chick, Palicki, not sure if she’s up to it. This is the 1st Wonder Woman series since Linda Carter in the 70s, for this character there is a certain expectation. I don’t want anything to happen to the DC character because of this show or plot or performance, like what happened to Supergirl in he 80s. I don’t want this show to be a joke, but…good luck. You’ll need it. Good luck with the show and happy ventures.

    • I have been waiting since the 70’s for a new wonder woman. She was always my hero. Just judging from the costumes, seems kinda disappointing. I’m keeping my mind open! 😀

  11. amazing on how the studio pulled the plug on this over fake fan boys crying because the costume is or was not to their liking.. i bet it had nothing to do with that, it sounds like some studio exc, dident have faith from the start. o.k so this marks the death of wonderwoman. she never did get the credit then and now. we are in times of hardship money is the key to making it or even braking it. so listen up studio people grow a pair, stand by your product prove to the people you can and have what it takes to put out. .. oh well you pulled out instead, gave up and with your tails between your legs cowardly and shamefully stoped.. in the future remember to grow a pair it just might be worth the chance, you never know…

    • “making it or even braking it”?
      “you pulled out instead, gave up and with your tails between your legs cowardly and shamefully stoped”?
      “remember to grow a pair it just might be worth the chance, you never know”?

      zillaman, you need to put down the comic books and get back to 4th grade. You would make your point more effectively (whatever your point is) if you tried using English grammar, the built-in spell checker, and made an attempt to express yourself in complete, distinct sentences.

      And why the over-the-top rage at Wonder Woman not being picked up? Or are you one who wears a Polo shirt and sensible shoes?

      • Well gee, I guess you sure showed him, didn’t ‘ya…. (feel better now after that little bit of pedantic nastiness)?! ;-p

        Yes, Carter (and the costume) are so iconic, they’re both a pretty hard act to follow. But this new version obviously doesn’t even respect the material to begin with. And mostly it looks like it was probably designed by someone who hadn’t even been born yet when the TV series first came out! So there’s also probably a generational disconnect here, besides the lame casting and “uninspiring” wardrobe design.

  12. why not a hot latina to play the role..

  13. I saw the chase scene (3 mins) and the fight scene (3mins) with 20 gangsters and this is exactly the wonder woman I am wishing for. I must say I overrecated too when I saw the costume but when I saw the leaked action scenes I think this is a lot better WW version than Linda Carter. Now please show this WW on TV!!!!

    • Well I actually saw just 6 gangsters :) and her lasso looks cartoonish. Anyway please just show WW on TV!

  14. I wish I can also see more scenes of more challening enemies like Darkseid!!! The fight scenes as far as the leak footages are concerned seem a lot better than smallville. By the way please allow more leaked footages so fans will realize it is actually a good WW tv series. I made a mistake I must say but I like it now!

  15. I like the violent actions scenes of this new WW supposed to be shown in NBC, however WW seems to be vulgar in the leaked clips (‘t*ts’, ‘*alls’). WW has never been like that!!!!

  16. Please don’t lump ‘No Ordinary Family’ in with ‘The Cape’!

  17. the wonder woman is one of my best love superheros!

  18. They just dont get it. Its not how skimpy the uniform is…its how closely it represents that fantasy character we all grew up with. We dont need the perfect woman, just one thats exceptional. Like many said, XENA was perfect. With that statuesque frame, strong jaw line, piercing blue eyes and black hair, I mean…i still look at her and think wonder woman more than anything.

    Her costume did show some skin…but not in a sexually alluring way. I remember in the 2nd ep, Xena ripping her dress in order to do better kicks,(again non sexual) she was so just THAT invested in putting ass to foot! And she was a hero we all had such a positive influence from. She was a role model for all, a strong woman, but still had flaws.

    Wonder woman is derived from Greek mythology. Its not rocket science. Just start from there. You can even loose the goofy little stars and the booty shorts. We aren’t asking for that. Just, respect the source material, and use imagination.