First Official Look at ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman V Superman’

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Wonder Woman Batman V Superman Costume First Official Look at Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman

The arrival of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been brief, but it dropped enough bombs to keep fans happy. After debuting the first footage of Batman and Superman in the film, the audience was given its first look at the costume design for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. It won’t be too much of a surprise for comic book fans, but to say it’s been a long-awaited reveal would be an understatement.

All things considered, the costume is essentially what has been expected from the beginning. Staying true to the ‘Amazonian warrior’ roots of the character, the costume is a blend of battle armor and classical Greek style. The ‘W’-shaped metal eagle is alive and well atop a corset of leather and metal, with the other key features of the costume that have stayed consistent in nearly every incarnation.

We’ll go into detail about the specifics, but first, take a look at the first official, high-res photo below:


Wonder Woman Costume Batman V Superman1 683x1024 First Official Look at Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman

For an even larger version of the photo, head here.

First things first: the aspects of the character’s design which may have straddled the line between believable and camp have turned out surprisingly well. The battle-tiara worn by Wonder Woman since the very beginning remains, as do her bullet-deflecting bracers and the braided lasso on her hip (although we wouldn’t hold our breath that it will possess the same magical abilities as seen in the comics).

Of course, the costume is still sure to have its critics; skirt length is clearly not a concern for Diana when standing in the middle of a destroyed urban center (despite the fact that she’s still showing less than a female Transformers star), and the effectiveness of her footwear – which, let’s get straight, are wedges, not heels - in combat is questionable. Yet Snyder has also decided to tone down the costume much like he did with Man of Steel, applying a bronze glaze to the entire wardrobe instead of the bright primary colors of the comic book version.

Just to show that the muted colors may be more a product of this stylized image than the costume itself, we’ve re-saturated the photo to show that the red, blue, and gold colors are still very much at work in the design. See what you think:

Wonder Woman Costume Recolor 570x853 First Official Look at Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman

Add in the leather straps which presumably hold the Amazonian princess’ shield on her back, and the costume could best be described as grounded for Warner Bros.’ growing DC movie universe, but still a faithful recreation of the source material (as is the case with Ben Affleck’s Batsuit). The reveal won’t quiet all the concerns over Wonder Woman’s arrival to the big screen, but it certainly shows she’s being given the same level of treatment as DC’s other two heavyweights.

What do you think of the final design? Does it seem like the perfect way of bringing Wonder Woman into the world established by Man of Steel, or were you hoping for a difference direction? Sound off in the comments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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  1. Wowzer. FIRST. She looks beautiful, and yet DANGEROUS.

  2. PERFECT! Love it and gal gadot. I think she’ll be a amazing Wonder Woman. Can’t wait to see some footage. But this movie keeps looking better and better.

  3. Nice….

  4. Se looks good, as would anyone after a million dollars worth of costuming and photoshop. However, she still doesn’t look like Diana. She doesn’t look like she can’t trade punches with Darkseid. They should have gone with an actress with more physicality, and less stick figure. Just a note-this is not about her bust size. This is about her almost complete lack of muscles.

    • But I thought WW was super powered…so there really wouldn’t need for her to have huge arms or anything to still trade punches. Maybe I missed what exactly you are looking for

    • Sigh…

    • Because, you know, strength should look masculine

      • Wow, she looks great! She doesn’t even look like the first image I saw of Gal Gadot, she looks like Wonder Woman!

    • compared to when she was announced as WW,she definitly bulked up. Not a lot like some hoped but its still enough to make it work.

    • Exactly!! Completely agree.

      I hope she can act well, because honestly, right now, that seems to be the only reason for casting her.

    • Let me get this straight, so it’s the muscles that make Wonder Woman strong? Didn’t know that….

      • Yeah, I never understood why people want her to be hulked out. Her strength comes from the gods. I don’t know how her powers work in the film, but she’s never looked like a female body builder in the comics. She’s supposed to look like a regular woman who goes to the gym. Half my friends could play WW if they had the dark hair.

    • To me, her body looks very similar to Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman pics back in the day.

      Don’t know why people complain about muscle so much. Her strength comes from beyond, not from muscle.

      Peter Parker is super strong but has been portrayed as thin throughout comic lore. Look at people like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Not super big but are strong.

    • Get over yourself jeff. She’s super powered not muscle bound. And she never has been bulky, or built for that matter.

      • This is why I asked about people who ridiculously assume Amazons should be played by female bodybuilders since the Amazon in this week’s Hercules is the same body shape as Gal Gadot but kicked a lot of ass (I made this comment on the SR review).

        It’s been 2 hours since I first saw this image and I still love the hell out of it. Gadot IS Wonder Woman, this is exactly how I always pictured the character looking in real life.

  5. Is it just me or does she look like a really skinny Kim Kardashian.

  6. Looks like wonder woman to me…

  7. I think they nailed it!! She looks sexy and badass, but one thing i miss is a golden cape.

  8. She looks perfect, flawless, astonishingly beautiful and dangerous!!!the martianmanhunter is in love!!! 2016 cannot get here fast enough!!!

  9. She looks great!

  10. Looks amazing . . .

    • The uber successes of the nolan batman movies pretty much set in stone the tone dc wants for there movies. If you expecting a color pallet that is not mostly monochrome than dc is not gonna be the movie studio for you.

  11. I like it, I like it a lot. More than I expected for a movie that’ll be released just under 2 years from now.

  12. She looks awesome but needs a sharper more realistic sword

    • This is amazing.

    • It looks like a blunt-tipped Greek xiphos or Roman gladius. I think it fits.

    • Uh, actually, “realistic” swords are actually not sharp… Really sharp tips and edges are too easy to fold, bend, and dent during combat. Real swords are actually kind of blunt, but will still go through flesh, because let’s face it, flesh is weak, lol.

      • Yup, Bronze Age swords would cut you but they were also more of a crushing blow…shattering an arm and causing a compound fracture on a down swing.

  13. Those that were hoping for a more clothed WW will not be happy, but she looks like WW to me!

  14. the queeeeeeen just shut up and take my money already!!! please now off to change my pants

  15. Holy crap!!!! This is an amazing picture! The costume is pretty much what I envisioned it would look like!
    Great job costume designers and crew! I wanna see her in action now!

  16. If i were a villain I wouldn’t mind getting beat up by her seriously lol. She’s athletic slim not super skinny like she was before today. I love it.

  17. Time to NIT-PICK!
    The skirt’s a little too short, i feel like if she were to start running, she would need a censor bar.
    Also the color scheme is too monochrome for my taste. Why is Marvel embracing the colorful costumes and yet DC want everything to be so drab?
    Other than those two things, the costume is fine. :) I appreciate that it looks like armor.

    • Censor bar…why? Are they not allowed to show undershorts these days?

      The muted colors for this film are clearly pointing to the mood of the film, things have gone south, there’s ash in the air. Things look darker in that kind of environment.

    • “Why is Marvel embracing the colorful costumes and yet DC want everything to be so drab?”

      Answer:Because Marvel is catering more towards children while DC is trying to appeal to a more mature sensibility.

      Ever notice that when you walk down the cereal isle of your local supermarket that the “kids cereals” are always more bright and colorful than the Grape Nuts/Special K type healthy cereals that are targeted more towards adults? Same principle applies to Marvel and DC,or at least so it seems.

      • I don’t agree it’s that simple.

    • Black widows costume – black
      Nick Fury’s outfit – black
      Captain America’s costumes have gotten progressively darker, Thors red cape is the same colour as Superman’s and his armour has always been a mixture of greys, silvers and dark coppers, Iron man’s suits are using duller reds and golds. The comic con Avengers poster(s) were all quite a dark tone. DC haven’t cornered the market on “dark and gritty” and Marvel certainly aren’t all sunshine and lollipops. This is a cool, stylised, earthy/red toned photo of Wonder Woman that goes well with the blue toned Superman pic and the grey scale Batman. It’s not drab, it’s badass.

  18. I admit she looks very fierce and intimidating, for the most part I’m down for this look. I just wished she was a little bigger, mass wise just because I feel she’ll end up looking scrawny compared to bats an supes. Oh and i feel heels aren’t the best fighting wise. But still, i’m satisfied with what i see

  19. She looks great, and all the iconic pieces are there. I wish it had a bit more color though. I can understand the costume being a bit muted though. I think the lasso though could have still been gold. I didn’t even notice it at first. Also, and this is nowhere near a big deal or even something to care about, but that sword is a little generic lol.

  20. The outfit and everything looks good she looks good as well but I have to agree with jeff on his statement of Wonderwomen

    “However, she still doesn’t look like Diana. She doesn’t look like she can’t trade punches with Darkseid. They should have gone with an actress with more physicality, and less stick figure. Just a note-this is not about her bust size. This is about her almost complete lack of muscles.”

    she is too thin and skinny I think if they would have went with Jaimie Alexander it would have worked out better although she already has a contract with Marvel ;/ sigh..

    • wth Jamie Alexander is also pretty darn skinny lol. Besides she is of divine/immortal origin so she can be not ripped and still be strong enough to beat down on Darkseid.

      • ok.. you clearly didn’t watched Thor, did you? I n it Jamie Alexander is anything but the runnt of the litter. Also, In the DC comics lore the amazons are taller than the average women. Most WW incarnation are shown to to be at least as tall as Batman. This midget need a step ladde or taller wedges. As for muscles, while not looking ripped, WW always looked physically imposing nonetheless. This picture show how an actress should look before bulking up for the role.

        • That’s kind of funny considering they are both the same height… And from looking at photos of Jaime Alexander from Thor, she has slimmer arms than Gal Gadot in this photo, but whatever you say man… :-D

  21. you know what? forget the last post I said, she does look like a badass Wonderwomen hopefully they will bulk and bust her up alittle more for the Justice League movie

  22. F me. She looks incredible!

  23. She looks really good. But she’s still a horrible actress.

  24. NERDGASM OVERLOAD! Hell, im not even exaggerating..
    She’s hot, bad-ass, dangerous.. And the costume is everything that I wanted it to be, sexy yet still looks like something that can be put to battle.. plus, its faithful to the comics.. AWESOME!

  25. Gal Gadot is fine. Let’s give her a chance. It’s Snyder I’m worried about. His storytelling’s full of loopholes.

    • Which is why the award winning script writer of Argo is rewriting the script for Dawn of Justice. Cuz in Goyer you can not trust. Unless he is being supervised, and Snyder would write a story no different than those youtube fan films which is ok but not good enough for the silver screen.

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