‘Wonder Woman’ TV Show ‘Amazon’ On Hold; CW Still Considering Pilot Order

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Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon On Hold; CW Still Considering Pilot Order

A satisfying contemporary screen rendition of feminist comic book icon Wonder Woman has thus far proven to be an undecipherable riddle for the male-dominated film and television entertainment industry. That’s despite the best efforts of people like Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Avengers) and David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Boston Legal), whose interpretations were either rejected or went amiss due to an admitted lack of familiarity with comic tropes, in the latter’s case.

TV veteran writer/producer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy) has been putting together the pilot script for a CW show titled Amazon, an origin series that does for Diana of Themyscira what Smallville did for Kal-El; namely, humanize the character during their pre-superhero days. However, network heads are staving off another potential failed Wonder Woman adaptation – by allowing Heinberg more time to refine the script to their satisfaction, before ordering the pilot.

Deadline is reporting that CW ordered eight pilots for the Fall 2013 season, but has rolled Amazon back to 2014; though, the site also claims network officials are mulling over an off-cycle order (like, say, a mid-season premiere) that would allow production to begin sooner, assuming Heinberg’s final draft impresses.

The series began casting before a script was finished; just two weeks ago, Amy Manson (Torchwood, Being Human) was tapped as front-runner for the Diana role. However, progress was ultimately halted, in part because Amazon presents such a potentially lucrative opportunity (see: ten seasons of Smallville and the current CW superhero hit Arrow). The CW intends to avoid a fiasco on par with the hostile fan reception for – and, in the end, wasted investment of – the NBC Wonder Woman TV show from Kelley, so moving ahead with caution doesn’t seem like a bad idea (especially for all those hoping Amazon doesn’t prove to be yet another failed WW project).

wonder woman movie writer Wonder Woman TV Show Amazon On Hold; CW Still Considering Pilot Order

Amazon takes place in the present (similar to Kelley’s series), but Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth indicated to THR last year that the CW’s superhero program won’t be taking its cues from that pilot, for obvious reasons:

“I think Wonder Woman was a very well crafted pilot… As well crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea — and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.”

Indeed, leaked audition scenes from the Amazon pilot suggests Heinberg – who also wrote “Young Avengers” for Marvel Comics – might be taking inspiration from director Lauren Montgomery’s well-received animated Wonder Woman movie, alongside other forms of credible source material (re: actual WW comics). Indeed, the CW believes that Heinberg’s on the right track; according to THR, it’s leaving the door open for Amazon to receive a pilot order within the near future, should the final script turn out well.

More on Amazon as the story develops.


Source: Deadline, THR

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  1. I think a Wonder Woman series will be a great idea and I think the Origin of Princess Diana be alot different. I think the Pre-Crisis/Current Versions should be tight in.

    I like to see Princess Diana taken down Ares (The God of War) and Cheetah. Remember she is stationed in the U.S. Air Force in the Pentagon with Steve Trevor during War World 2. I will like to see her as Sgt. Diana Prince instead Yeoman.

    • bad name for a tv show name amazon who idea is that

  2. A show would be cool. But is rather see a movie. I think a movie could work. It just has to be done the right way.

  3. Two things:

    She needs to be extremely hot and bad a$$!

    The story needs to fit with the movie universe some how and not a completely different character…


    • No not bad ass there was so much wrong with Kelly Project but one worsted was his wonder woman Enjoyed Hurting People. I love Anti-heroes but not in Wonderwoman, Kelly’s Wonderwoman acted just Like Guy Gardner as a Girl.

  4. Back in 1998 Warner Bros announced that Catherine Zeta-Jones was considered to play “The Amazing Amazon”. The Wonder Woman movie was going to be directed by Ivan Reitman. I think Catherine Zeta-Jones can make an effort playing Queen Hippolyte. But I choose Cate Blanchett to play Queen Hippolyte. I heard every Wonder Woman fans decided to see Lynda Carter playing Queen Hippolyte. But Lynda can make a great cameo in the Wonder Woman movie. If she decide not to. It’s up to her.

    But for the AMAZON series I like to see Heather Locklear or Lauren Graham playing Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyte.

    • it would be cool to see Lynda Carter but Queen Hippolyte should look the same age as her daughter, People forget She never aged. She’s a demigod her self (both in the comic and in myth a daughter of Aries) and did not age even off the Island. Comic only recently made her a blond like in myth. But they she pick someone young to really give a WHAT THE moment when you see her think this is Diane’s little sister and realize shes really Immortal.

      Now Queen Hippolyte can act like a hot headed Bad ASS homicidal Zena Type bc well truth truth.

      She cut off a thief’s hand in the comic! Basically caught a Purse snatcher in the 21 century and cut his hand off and wanted to then let him go as he had now been punished. Her Daughter was not amused.

  5. No TV show. Stick to the big screen.

    • Yes they should stick to the bigscreen!!!

  6. I would love a good TV show, but I think that film is a better medium for Diana’s backstory. It should really be genuinely epic – especially if they are going to set it in Themyscira.

    As far as the other television shows, they are good ideas in theory, but Smallville got pretty ridiculous in its later seasons, and Arrow strikes me as kind of boring – that is, I wouldn’t be watching it if I didn’t know that it was about Green Arrow. So…TV can be hit-and-miss.

    • Ok I really enjoy Arrow as a TV show but otherwise I agree because I think certain characters can pull off a TV show like arrow he is hunting different guys and there different villains in each but I think a movie might be better for WW as films work better for her character type it could work if done right but we shall see

  7. WB has NO f*kcing idea WHAT to do with Wonder Woman. It’s failure, after failure, after failure.

    How does Warner Brothers expect to put together a Justice League flick when they don’t even know what to do with Wonder Woman?!

    It doesn’t have to be that hard. People KNOW who Wonder Woman is! She’s been around for a long time and she has street cred.

    WB blew it with the last Superman flick ( Superman Returns ). Disaster. And they also failed miserably with The Green Lantern.

    The only good thing I see happening is that FINALLY we will get THE Superman movie we all deserve. A successful one.

    Batman? He’s done ( Nolan’s version ) and won’t even be a part of the Justice League. Batman will have to start ALL over again.

    I’m a DC fan and I’m just disgusted with them. They have no idea as to how to get their house in order.

    Disney and Marvel know how to get things done. I salute them.

    • I… have to agree with you on this.
      For a company who is trying to launch Justice League in 2015, they need to introduce their characters in a way that people would become familiar, and TV is one of the best media. However, with the whole rumor about Young Justice and Green Lantern TV, and then this news… it sounded like they simply couldn’t do their thing… ‘right’? I’m not sure about the word I’m trying to say, but yeah… I’m sure everyone get the whole idea.
      I seriously think all of these will affect the 2015 movie, but hey… let’s hope for the best, but expect the worst too

    • I agree with rest of it but The Green Lantern was Done right, he was not the Hal we grew up with but HE WAS THE HAL of the ORIGIN. Hal was well a Male Bimbo hot dogger. Never feared and did not learn fear till after other People got hurt bc of his Daredevil crap. There one story I loved wear Hal keeps leaving his Ring behind bc he figures it’s not fair nor fun to use flying. Then he and another Pilot are shot down (Cow Girl) And Hal is tied to chair and Expects to be Tortured and smiling. Like Give it your Best shot Loses! And then instead he hears them Integrating Torturing Cow Girl in the Next room , They want him to hear. They never say she Raped in fact I think she denies it but clearly it happened. And Hal Swears to Never Leave the ring Behind again. Never to let someone again get hurt for his hot dogging(and he means it, you can literally see his Will). He Grows up and knows the horror of war. Yes he comes after them later and wipes them off the map but he carries the guilt And Just Like that he grew up. It was like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben Moment. Hal needs a couple of lessons before he becomes Are Hal Jordan but it happen.

  8. Take your time and do it right. Rush it and we ALL pay.

  9. I agreed with the other poster, I would prefer a movie but if a TV Series is all we can get at this time it’s okay. I would said to CW/WB you all ready have the perfect Wonder Woman appearing on Beauty and the Beast….Bridget Regan. Did you see her in the last episode. If you want hot and sexy Bridget is the one.

  10. Agree Bridget Regan would the perfect Wonder Woman for movie or TV series. However if they don’t cast Bridget, might as well not even attempt it at all.

  11. As an almost 30 years or so fan, I think the main problem is that none of the people who intend to do something with the character seems to be very ignorant about the story of it. Once I saw an interview with Whedon saying that she didn’t really “have much of an enemy gallery you can use… my only thought at the time was “he must be high”.

    WB as much as DC Entertainment itself seems to be very lost about the character itself and focus on stupid issues like her uniform.

    A Wonder Woman film should be as big as a Supes or Bats flick.

    • Bigger. People do not get it. Wonder Woman is actually more powerful than Superman. What a Who would win in a Fight? Superman or wonder woman?
      That not what I am talking about.
      She a goddess a supernatural force that can go to Hell and raise the Dead.
      She has. A friends Son was Dead and Diane got Hermes raised from the dead to Raise the child.
      She could do anything if she wanted. (cure cancer, End Disease, Turn Deserts into gardens) The thing is she had it proven to her she can not and should not. That the Gods got that one right after blowing up in there faces a few times.

      She this God, A REAL God that Learning that to fight mythic Evil like a Snake that will eat the sun is easy but has no clue how to deal with a drug Addict friend.

      She has no clue how to deal with human evil.

      She walking around in Spartan/Greek Armor and Morons think its a Mini Skirt.

      In the comic she found out shes a child of Zeus and shes got to deal with all this Family Evil. And deal with the fact that the Amazons and the Greek Gods wear just as screwed up as Everyone else in the Modern world.

      She grew up on a Island as a Immortal Princess that did not even Know wear babys came from or that People grew old. (basical a bit Like Buddha) And now like Buddha wants to fix world and journeys.

  12. The main problem is that you can’t have a strong beautiful white Wonder Woman who speaks to the main demographic (guys who watch, not just for the story, but for the soft porn – no one in the main demographic is going to watch Wonder Woman who dresses so as hide her curves, or who shows them and then has a fit when guys do what we are hard wired to do … look) Overly sensitive liberals can’t stand other people having that sort of enjoyment … especially by guys … especially by white guys. No liberal really minds if black women “jiggle.” Sort of the National Geographic effect. But you can’t have a front view of a busty white woman running. Tolerant liberals and other prudes simply can’t tolerate that sort of thing. What you need it’s a new character… like Wonder Woman, but not Wonder Woman.

    • Valid point.