Wonder Woman Origin Series ‘Amazon’ Being Developed by CW

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wonder woman cw tv show Wonder Woman Origin Series Amazon Being Developed by CW

Poor Diana of Themyscira (better known as Wonder Woman) cannot catch a break when it comes to live-action film and television appearances. First, Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie - allowing the filmmaker to instead find massive successive in the superhero genre with The Avengers - then, last year, NBC’s rebooted Wonder Woman TV series failed to make it past the pilot stage (due to very negative pre-release responses).

Reports are in that Warner Bros. and its CW television network have begun their own effort to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen – with a live-action TV series focused on the character’s origins, bearing the working title Amazon.

The CW show will take place prior to Diana’s days as a lasso-wielding costumed defender of liberty and pop-culture feminist icon – similar to the network’s young Clark Kent/Superman series Smallville. As such, the Wonder Woman origin series might forgo having the character suiting up at all; or, to quote the Vulture report, “instead of a ‘no tights, no flights’ rule, ['Amazon'] might have a ‘no bracelets, no crown’ mandate.”

NBC discovered the hard way how difficult it can be to make a non-campy Wonder Woman costume, as the various models featured in its reboot pilot were given an indifferent reception at best, hostile at worst. It’s perhaps a wise move on the CW’s part, then, to forgo the patriotic outfit altogether with Amazon. Moreover, the series could stand apart from other superhero TV series by setting its action on Diana’s Amazonian island home, rather than the real-world backdrops for Smallville and CW’s upcoming Arrow television show.

It depends, partially, on what route CW plans to take story-wise with Amazon. One direction would lead to a show that resembles a serious version of Xena: Warrior Princess, following the adventures of a youthful Diana and her feisty Amazonian warriors-in-arms. Another approach would be to follow Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Diana learning to juggle her superheroine duties with the struggles that come with being an adolescent woman.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Origin Series Amazon Being Developed by CW

Amazon is only in the script stage of development at this point, without the guarantee of a pilot. The scribe assigned to the task is Allan Heinberg, a onetime writer and co-showrunner on such series as Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and Grey’s Anatomy. In other words: Heinberg’s a specialist when it comes to soapy drama and CW’s preferred brand of female-centric entertainment – but not who comes to mind as far as ideal candidates to deliver a serious, action-packed Wonder Woman show.

Heinberg does boast solid comic book cred, though, as he has worked on Marvel’s Young Avengers series, collaborated with Geoff Johns on a multi-installment Justice League story back in 2005, and even wrote Wonder Woman #1-4 for DC in between his television writing/producing efforts. That puts Heinberg in a good position to break the mold of his previous TV show work and deliver a quality Wonder Woman series that actually makes it to the air (marking the first live-action version of the character since the late 1970s).

Warner Bros. is reportedly working on a Wonder Woman movie as well, with writing duties assigned to Michael Goldenberg (co-writer on Green Lantern). Both the WW movie and Amazon could come to fruition around the same time – similar to how Superman Returns was made while Smallville was still airing – but that partly depends on WB/DC’s still-developing plans for Justice League.

More on Amazon as the story develops.


Source: Vulture

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  1. Ugh, nooooooooooo! SCREW target audience, you can’t f****** go around assuming girls are all the same! Just make it GOOD!

  2. I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman being developed into the series when it comes out on CW like Smallville.

  3. ‘No Bracelets No Crown’…ALL Amazons have bracelets. ALL have the ability to deflect projectiles, ie: bullets. Or else why have a “Bullets and Bracelets” competition…Second…She wears the tiara because she is ‘Princess’ Diana…

    Just do a straight up Wonder Woman series, already. I’d rather have a good series than one iffy movie that might destroy the movie franchise, GL I’m looking at you.

  4. I don’t see what is so hard about making a Wonder Woman movie. Yes she’s fantastical, but not much different from, say, Thor. The entire fact that the romance is reversed– it’s a man who brings a superheroine down to romantic Earth, not the other way around. Maybe they could adapt a similar approach to what is (or was, I’m not quite sure) going on with her comics: a darker, Greek mythology thriller with some blood. Combine a few ideas from that with Joss Whedon’s canned script and the Wonder Woman animated film, mix the elements together for a film that’s sometimes serious and sometimes lighthearted, sometimes fun and Marvel-esque and sometimes darker and dramatic. Audiences will believe her powers and the mystical, female-only Amazon if the film is somewhat grounded and entertaining.

    I think that it’s time we finally got a good superheroine film, seeing as how Supergirl, Catwoman, and Elektra were all crap. Wonder Woman is THE female superhero, so it’s time she got a movie.

    • who wants a show about Wonder Woman that can’t never become Wonder Woman, we already had ten years of smallville were the characters in that show took nine years to get out of High school. We want to see Wonder Woman on the a teen who never becomes her.

      • on the screen already, not a story of a teen that never becomes her.

  5. Guess the Smallville formula worked once for them, so why not try it again? What I don’t get is that for as long as Smallville was on why didn’t they try this idea out on that show, which already had an audience.

  6. so the show will have an entire female cast? No love interest for Diana? the only guys will be the bad gods or whatever?

    • thats sexist….

  7. Noooooooooooooooooooooo…..Tv bad, bad for good things that need big budgets.

    • Exactomondo!

  8. Honestly, I would much rather see DC Comics produce an animated series, spinning off from the fantastic animated movie they put out a year or two ago.
    Now THAT rocked!!

  9. I agree with many when it comes to feeling sorry for Wonder Woman, though i’m not the biggest DC fan (which i’ve mentioned in other posts) i always felt like Wonder Woman was a very good dominant female i liked aher and thought she was cool because she was never trying to show off or beat males just to prove that girls are better than girls, i always admired that about her character. It looks like ever since the hunger games they movie makers from all around have been trying to make better dominant females and i hope they do a good job with WW shes such a cool superhero i never understood why they could never make a movie. I’d like to see a tv show about Diana becoming WW because thats a side that i’ve never seen of her before it could be interested and i have a good feeling it could tie in with Arrow which i’m really looking forward to.

  10. As far as design, and especially from that costume from the picture, give Diana a costume that’s like dark red leather armour for the top, and whatever dark/faded blue leggings they used back in Greek culture (yes there weren’t many pants, and yes this is ‘Amazonian’, but we all think Greek style when we think of her), because I would definitely go with the pants over the…bikini bottom. (Or else check out 300 but I don’t think that would work out too well. haha). But yeah, don’t make it so obvious, but instead more like they did Captain America, but toned down even more so, because she’s not supposed to be so flashy and symbolic (yet).

    And for the show’s style, YES, make it EXACTLY like an updated Xena. It’s the best model you can hope for. And find a feminist writer. Not a male-hating butch, but just one of the many strong female-minded writers out there that we’ve gotten so many good shows from. They would keep it on track.

  11. 2 JL members made to TV shows.. Is this not a brilliant way to start the JL movie?

    • Agreed!

      • I dunno, I’ve seen a lot of crappy TV shows!

  12. This might work. It might just work.

  13. “a serious version of Xena: Warrior Princess”

    That sounds like a double negative. Now I’m not going to totally ignore the off the wall campy moments they had, but generally speaking, both the character and show Xena was much darker than Wonder Woman.

  14. Sigh …. Linda Carter was such a great Wonder Woman. I don’t trust most studios today to do a decent “remake” of anything.

  15. sweet maybe cw will do a better job then s***** nbc

  16. I don’t know how I feel about this


    Phoebe Tonkin from The Secret Circle for Diana anyone?

  17. Warner Bros. is absolutely clueless. Wonder Woman is meant to be seen on the big screen, not on a pseudo network that is the bastard son of UPN and The WB.

  18. “Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie”

    I bet you, more than a few WB Execs were lamenting not giving this the green light now……THANK YOU WB/DC for freeing up Whedon’s schedule. :)

    • haha, nice!

  19. Why not just do a modern day version of the Lynda Carter series from the 1970′s? It’s great to see Wonder Woman on Paradise Island for about an hour, but then you want to see her get the costume on, and come to America, and kick ass. That’s the Wonder Woman everybody knows and loves. Why do we have to have all of this contrived b*******?

  20. I’m hopeful but not that much. The recent attempt at a reboot left a lot to be annoyed at.

    I don’t think it will work if they set it in the Themyscira. I think the Josh Whedon Buffy the vampire slayer thing could work. Thankfully they wont go with really bad costume on the first day

  21. All I can think of is the disaster that Birds of Prey was.

    • Yeah that show was all over the place, maybe the Wonder Woman Years will be better?

  22. It’ll probably go nowhere… just like all the other Wonder Woman projects of recent years.

  23. When Wonder Woman comes out as a series ? I like to see the origins How Diana gain possess power before she became “The Amazing Amazon” dressed in the star spangled banner outfit.

  24. This is a bad idea, period. In view of developing a Justice League movie, WB has to start valuing their products and character more. I am surprised they aren’t taking a wait and see approach to how Arrow fares first at least.

    In my view, Marvel, in it’s current dominant stance, takes a risky path with the future Shield and Hulk TV productions, but I think the Marvel film brands have established themselves enough at this point to support any possible blow-back from potential future TV show failures (not talking about money, but inducing audience disdain for beloved characters, and subsequently there cinema draw-power).

    DC really need to sort out their priorities imo, or they could kill the whole idea of a DCMU before it even gets off the ground.

    I can see it now – ‘Hey remember that Justice League movie that kicked ass but tanked at the box office? Man I wish they had of made more of those. Oh well, let’s go see Avengers 13!’.

  25. Oh DC… when will you learn?

  26. The TV series should first focus on origins, like the animated film in 2009 movie; then building up to WW heading to American as the Ambassador of her Island, but an assassination attempt on the U.S. President, she saves his life with her bracelets. She is then honored but the terror get worst at the ceremony where she decides to stay defend the American people against terrorist plots and the U.S. main U.S. Marshal.

  27. “Diana learning to juggle her superheroine duties with the struggles that come with being an adolescent woman.”? That unfortunately sounds like something the CW would do. The CW just can’t stay out of the soap opera/ teen angst world, which I’m sure would attract a lot of young girls but if they go there it will be without me!

  28. I’d like to see Diana get an internship at a local TV news station and start putting that Lasso to good use!

  29. well at least they can’t make this as bad as the NBC Knight Rider remake or can it? :O