Wonder Woman Origin Series ‘Amazon’ Being Developed by CW

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wonder woman cw tv show Wonder Woman Origin Series Amazon Being Developed by CW

Poor Diana of Themyscira (better known as Wonder Woman) cannot catch a break when it comes to live-action film and television appearances. First, Warner Bros. pulled the plug on Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman movie - allowing the filmmaker to instead find massive successive in the superhero genre with The Avengers - then, last year, NBC’s rebooted Wonder Woman TV series failed to make it past the pilot stage (due to very negative pre-release responses).

Reports are in that Warner Bros. and its CW television network have begun their own effort to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen – with a live-action TV series focused on the character’s origins, bearing the working title Amazon.

The CW show will take place prior to Diana’s days as a lasso-wielding costumed defender of liberty and pop-culture feminist icon – similar to the network’s young Clark Kent/Superman series Smallville. As such, the Wonder Woman origin series might forgo having the character suiting up at all; or, to quote the Vulture report, “instead of a ‘no tights, no flights’ rule, ['Amazon'] might have a ‘no bracelets, no crown’ mandate.”

NBC discovered the hard way how difficult it can be to make a non-campy Wonder Woman costume, as the various models featured in its reboot pilot were given an indifferent reception at best, hostile at worst. It’s perhaps a wise move on the CW’s part, then, to forgo the patriotic outfit altogether with Amazon. Moreover, the series could stand apart from other superhero TV series by setting its action on Diana’s Amazonian island home, rather than the real-world backdrops for Smallville and CW’s upcoming Arrow television show.

It depends, partially, on what route CW plans to take story-wise with Amazon. One direction would lead to a show that resembles a serious version of Xena: Warrior Princess, following the adventures of a youthful Diana and her feisty Amazonian warriors-in-arms. Another approach would be to follow Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Diana learning to juggle her superheroine duties with the struggles that come with being an adolescent woman.

Christina Hendricks Talks Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Origin Series Amazon Being Developed by CW

Amazon is only in the script stage of development at this point, without the guarantee of a pilot. The scribe assigned to the task is Allan Heinberg, a onetime writer and co-showrunner on such series as Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and Grey’s Anatomy. In other words: Heinberg’s a specialist when it comes to soapy drama and CW’s preferred brand of female-centric entertainment – but not who comes to mind as far as ideal candidates to deliver a serious, action-packed Wonder Woman show.

Heinberg does boast solid comic book cred, though, as he has worked on Marvel’s Young Avengers series, collaborated with Geoff Johns on a multi-installment Justice League story back in 2005, and even wrote Wonder Woman #1-4 for DC in between his television writing/producing efforts. That puts Heinberg in a good position to break the mold of his previous TV show work and deliver a quality Wonder Woman series that actually makes it to the air (marking the first live-action version of the character since the late 1970s).

Warner Bros. is reportedly working on a Wonder Woman movie as well, with writing duties assigned to Michael Goldenberg (co-writer on Green Lantern). Both the WW movie and Amazon could come to fruition around the same time – similar to how Superman Returns was made while Smallville was still airing – but that partly depends on WB/DC’s still-developing plans for Justice League.

More on Amazon as the story develops.


Source: Vulture

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  1. I don’t know but the whole thing sounds so uninspiring. Sadly Wonder Woman, one of the most popular superheroines of all time, is stuck in a time warp. Her famous star-spangled swimsuit/outfit is now, as was aptly put in the article, campy. More like she’s straight from Sports Illustrated or something. The lasso idea is dated and the magic, mind-controlling part is lame to say the least (hopefully no longer part of the comics). Bullet-deflecting bracelets? Only bullets? The blend of old fashioned ornaments (tiara, bracelets) with a ‘swimsuit’ and knee-high boots just looks so…yeh, campy :)! In short, the character needs an overhaul to work in present times. However, such an overhaul would almost certainly lead to a loss of her iconic identity. So we have a dilemma: much like when Volvo had to lose its famous box-like, angular shape to conform to contemporary aerodynamic automobile profiles. Its identity vanished almost immediately. A necessary evil.

    What Warner Bros is doing with Amazon is trying to lose d campy features and make an acceptable Wonder Woman series. But the question is: Is it really WW? Smallville worked because Superman’s alter ego, supporting cast, villains and background story are almost as legendary as the uniform he didnt wear. WW has no such status. Very few heroes do. Few outside fandom even know her real name, even fewer (myself included- because I hardly read WW comics) know any of her supporting characters in her Amazon/post Amazon life. Series might end up looking more like a Xena show and far less a superhero series which Smallville achieved successfully and Arrow promises to deliver.

    Don’t want to sound negative but I don’t see this series going very far. I think DC has three options with WW: 1. Keep her away from movie or series altogether
    2. Reboot the character in the JL movie, accept that the iconic old is dead and buried and allow the new WW to grow in popularity (kinda like the black Nick Fury) and inject her into comic mainstream
    3. Reboot the character in comics like many others in DC (eg Blue Beetle, Capt. Marvel, Firestorm)

    We all have sentiments for WW and nostalgia will resist it, but we have to accept that the character as is is not working.

    • Her bracelets and lasso can do many then that. Her bracelets can deflect anything such as lasers. Look at New 52. She deflect an omega beam. her lasso can wipe minds. How is having someone obey your ever command dated? The lasso makes you tell the truth. It can work on anyone. It’s still part of the comics. To you out dated but its still important.

      The original, Pre-Crisis lasso was formed from Aphrodite’s girdle and forced whomever was bound within it to obey the commands of whomever held the other end. This effect could be used on larger groups of people, although this reduced its efficiency. In addition to being unbreakable, the lasso was also infinitely elastic. Eventually, Diana coated it in special Amazon chemicals that allowed it to transform her civilian clothes into Wonder Woman’s garb. Diana demonstrated a remarkable level of skill with the lasso, performing such feats as twirling it to create air currents (upon which she could float) and spinning it to emit certain frequencies that disrupted Felix Faust’s spells.

      Post-Crisis, the Lasso of Truth is the primary weapon employed by Wonder Woman. The Lasso was forged by the god, Hephaestus from the Golden Girdle of Gaea that was once worn by Antiope, sister of the future Queen Hippolyta. The lasso is completely unbreakable, immutable, and indestructible. The Lasso also appears to be able to alter in length, based on it’s wielder’s needs. It is able to restore people’s lost memories, hypnotize people, get rid of illusions, and people who are in its circumference will be protected from magical attacks. Empowered by the Fires of Hestia, the Lasso forces anyone held by it to tell and understand the absolute truth. Recently, the Lasso has been shown to actually transport Diana’s mind into that of whomever is tied within it. Its effects can be very dangerous, as not everyone is capable of facing the truth of their actions stripped bare of excuses. The Amazon Artemis, inexperienced with the use of the lasso, inadvertently drove a man to suicide after tying him in it, and the Lasso reduced both Captain Nazi and Ares, God of War, to tearful surrender by revealing to them the truth of their violent actions.

      With Wonder Woman’s strength and speed, the lasso can be used as an offensive and defensive weapon.

      When the villain Genocide gained control of it and had the lasso implanted into her body, she used the lasso’s powers to directly attack her victim’s souls, and was able to bring even powerful and strong willed opponents like Green Lantern John Stewart low with ease using it, demonstrating it’s frightening potential as a weapon in the wrong hands.

  2. Some advice for this writer.

    #1 Do not use Steve Trevor in the pilot or whole first season. This is such a must and is a note inspired by Smallville’s lack of Lois in the first few seasons.

    #2 Do not involve Nazis. Even Indiana Jones showed that prospect got tired, but Aliens? Lois and Clark (Dean Cain series) tried Nazis and lo it was major campy.

    #3 (Article Reference) Update or lose the outfit. Maybe a couple parts of it here and there. I actually agree with the bracelets, but not the swimsuit portion. Maybe the power belt works?

    #4 Go Greek. You could totally pull off a Supernatural twist on Wonder Woman using Greek Gods, treasure, and all the characters in-between.

    #5 No government. Have her in something that actually reaches all the places the CIA, DoD, and NSA go, but without the rules or cheesey hats… High-end Insurance (See White Collar’s Hilarie Burton (sp?) character for more ideas…). She can always change jobs later.

    #6 (Lastly) Men. Steve Trevor note above aside, you need men who are not CW-wimpy. Arrow is a good start for a model, but give guys something to come back to besides the “Charmed” addage – “What tight outfit or creature will they change into this week???”

    I want a WW series to work in time BEFORE a full DCSU comes about. It will give me hope for the film and Geoff Johns’ future film career.


  3. I like to see every episode series of WONDER WOMAN goes into action which is alot different than Smallville. The Origin of Wonder Woman is that she is a gladiator getting ready for the tourament games for the Martial Arts combat. Amazons are in dressed up as Gladiators.

  4. Maybe in this version they can explain were her sister came from. I’m talking about Donna not Druizla(that name UGH). One story is weme Diana was five she was lonely being the only child on an island of adult women. So one of the senior Amazons took A small piece of Dianas soul. Said an incantion threw it into Dianas reflection and bingo she had A twin sister. Later Dona was kidnapped put in suspended anamation for A thousand years. And later rescued by Diana and oh well you know the rest.

  5. The CW is better fit, for wonder woman than NBC was?

    • Yes, but only for history. Their audience latches onto these characters time and time again. Buffy, Angel, Smallville, and now Arrow. Other than Heroes (which Tim Kring fumbled bigtime) name one series over the last 15 years that NBC had that was based on a strong main hero, especially in the female, non-medical, category that lasted more than 1 season.

  6. well NBC didn’t get far with female leads shows, but ‘The Profiler’ ‘Medium’ & ‘Bonic Woman’ was the only thing they had going for them?

    • Exactly. And Medium went to CBS at one point and Bionic Woman lasted 1 season (maybe less). Knight Rider remake was a laugh as well.

      I can’t say CBS or ABC are doing much better, but maybe the tween/teen crowd is driving the superhero genre that fits right in with CW. Not that Vampire Diaries would be good for a 12 year-old…

  7. oh i forgot NBC also had ‘lipstick jungle’ to? but that doesn’t mean much now.

    Well CBS did have ‘The Flash’ tv show back in the 90′s. and ABC had the old Wonder Woman tv show and last year,ABC had Charlie’s Angels plus No Ordinary Family. they had super powers to.

  8. I really ho

  9. I really hope that the creators go with caution and although this direction worked for Smallville, it may or may not work for Wonder Woman. I truly hope this is carefully thought out and in keeping true to the origins, which brings me to point out the necessity of why the bracelets need to stay. They are an essential part of Amazon history and culture. As a writer of any Wonder Woman project preparing for research, this should be basic 101. I am very excited and hope this works. It has been a long time coming and it is time for the mantle of Wonder Woman to be passed on from living legend Lynda Carter.

  10. It is about time Wonder Woman and Justice League are working out. Finally!!

  11. I want to see the invisible jet, star spangled panties, firepower resistant bracelets, golden lasso, the whole enchilada! What I don’t want to see is a long, boring origin story, flat or fake chested supermodels, bad CGI or stupid arch enemies. I want to see Wonder Woman come out busting windpipes and kickin’ ass! She has the power of Hercules, the beauty of Aphrodite, the speed of Mercury and a score to settle with Aries, the god of war. So even ifI have my Greek and Roman gods mixed up, I will watch this kind of Wonder Woman religiously!

  12. I’d go with starting it off with Hippolyta’s daughter being kidnapped from Themyscira and taken down to Tarterus to be killed in a ritual to free Kronos and the Titans.
    Hippolyta was the wonder woman from the second world war and Steve Trevor was the father of Diana, at this point in time Trevor is close to dying from old age but is approached by one of the Greek Gods with the cjoice of either passing away peacefully or help save Diana.
    He chooses to save the daughter he’ll never knew and returns from Tarterus carrying the sleeping child getting his own son to swear to help raise Diana as his own child before dying.
    Diana is raised as part of Steve Trevor’s son’s family as the Amazons are now seeking admittance into the UN as a recognized country since thats part and parcel of their quest to find the missing princess.
    The pilot deal with Diana meeting Artemis as a potential athlete and candidate for sponsorship and introduces Cassie’s mother as one of Diana’s teachers at college.
    Artemis is kidnapped by felix Faust working with Veronica Cale and Diana dons an amazon’s body armour and weapons to rescue them leading to her public appearance when she takes a wounded Cassie’s mother to the hospital for treatment.
    The series then if picked up deals with the amazon’s trying to find out who this mysterious amazon is and the public are beginning to thinks of the Themyscirans as allies as Diana works to discover her lost past and building her future.

  13. I say: For the movie adaptation, go for something like this:


    In a time when Greece was battling to build an identity (seeing the many ethnicity groups with different languages and cultures living in the Greek islands), Themyscira stood against it as a land with its own politics, culture, language and society. A society ruled by women.

    Constant battles took place on the island. Themysciran blood was shed during ‘The Invasions’ by armies of Athenians, Turks… The land of Hippolyta, knowns overseas as the “Queen of the Amazons”, was perishing and her army was growing weaker.

    But a legend would surface through the hands of a warrior who would change the fate of Themyscira and its people forever. A warrior believed by her people to be a direct descendant of the Gods. Her name was Diana of Themyscira.


    From that, they could make the “today” Diana be a direct descendant from Diana of Themyscira and NEVER saying that they are Gods, but BELIEVED to be descendants of the Gods because she saved her island from the condition it was during “The Invasions”, always with that kind of “mysticism” and “legend says…”, but we all know that a legend is built from a fact that may be very different than what legend says.
    Diana should be just a great warrior that would later be the head of the royal army. Then she could have a daughter with a man and after her death, Themyscira could be conquered by the Athenians thus having all Amazons warriors be killed, except Diana’s daughter that would be led out of Themyscira and raised elsewhere as a warrior and so on, until it reaches the modern era. The today Diana should be elsewhere in the globe before going to the United States. Or even being raised in the United States and working as a soldier in the army or whatever else they may find it suits better.
    This way we would solve Wonder Woman’s past once and for all and don’t touch it again, just keep the tradition of “daughter of daughter of daughter…” in whatever place or decade we find ourselves.