Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Wonder Woman Olga Kurylenko Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

More information on the production of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman may be just days away, but a brand new rumor is already looking to set fan discussion ablaze like only word of a Wonder Woman casting could.

To this point all involved with the film have kept their lips sealed at just how far the sequel to Man of Steel would go in laying the groundwork for a Justice League team-up. The latest report claims that not only will Wonder Woman most definitely be appearing in the anticipated sequel, but that Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko is already screen-testing for the part.

The rumor comes courtesy of SchmoesKnow, so given the website’s recent streak of insider leaks, this one is bound to gather serious attention. According to the site, the word comes from a “very reliable source,” but it’s important to emphasize that even if Kurylenko is being tested by Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan, that can simply mean she is being strongly considered.

Kurylenko may be familiar to movie fans due to her appearances in some ill-received films – Max Payne, Hitman and Quantum of Solace among them – but has drawn more positive buzz in recent years thanks to the likes of Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion and Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder (in which she played love interest to Ben Affleck).

olga kurylenko in oblivion Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

Of course, whether or not Kurylenko is atop the studio’s shortlist, this rumor confirms that Wonder Woman will likely be appearing (in either large or small part) alongside the titular heroes of Batman vs. Superman. To this point WB executives have dodged questions about the Amazonian Princess altogether, beyond simply claiming they hoped to see her on either TV or the big screen soon. Sooner than they may have thought, it seems.

The timing of this report, and Kurylenko’s apparent lead in the casting process comes as particularly interesting given that it comes just days after Thor: The Dark World‘s Jaimie Alexander confirmed she was in talks with Warner Bros. concerning Batman vs. Superman. That admission led many to believe that she was discussing a future role as Wonder Woman, given that she has gone on record about her passion for the character, and is a frontrunner in many lists of actresses capable of pulling off the role (including ours).

If that is the case (as it seems to be), then this rumor can be taken as yet another sign that Warner Bros. is absolutely on the hunt for a Wonder Woman, with both Alexander and Kurylenko being given special attention. Going by previous performances, Alexander would seem to have the edge; then again, Kurylenko has exhibited some serious range over the course of her career. It will be interesting to see how fans react to her name being tossed into the discussion.

jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman 570x294 Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

However, we’ve also spoken at length about the many possibilities for other supporting female roles in Batman vs. Superman already – Sasha Bordeaux and Kara Zor-El, for instance. Keeping that in mind, it’s still possible that Kurylenko, or Alexander for that matter, are being considered by Warner Bros. for completely different roles. The previous reports of an open casting call for Wonder Woman were eventually dispelled, but Kurylenko is certainly an actress that would be sought after.

We’ll keep you updated when and if more news arrives, or even an official confirmation of whether Wonder Woman will be present in Batman vs. Superman at all. For now, what do you think about Kurylenko rising to the top of Snyder’s list? Have you seen enough of her work to be intrigued, or are you sticking with your current favorites? Sound off in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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Source: SchmoesKnow

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  1. Crap. Not this chick. She can’t act her way out of a paper sack and she’s stick thin. I couldn’t believe she could knock a guy out. Please let it be Jamie Alexander…

    • I’m in total agreement, she has no muscle tone whatsoever and I don’t believe she would be able to put any on.

  2. They cast Affleck as Batman, what do you expect? You think they are going to find the right actress for WW? Keep dreaming. If we are going to go with an actress with only passable skill, it might as well be Gina Carano. At least she embodies WW with her physical presence.

    • Good thing Affleck can (and I and many others believe WILL) be an excellent Batman…

      • Yea…when was the last time Affleck was excellent in anything? Oh that’s right…never.

        • Argo, Smokin’ Aces, Paycheck, The Sum of All Fears, Armageddon…

          • The Town

            • Hollywoodland

          • Yep…and he EVEN did well in “Daredevil”…other issues of the movie aside. JP IS entitled to his opinion…as we are to ours.

            • Well that is a bit of stretch ..but I agree with JP…because WB has a habit of creating controversy and even though I want Jamie Alexander to play Wonder Woman we could get left field casting choices like I daresay…Megan Fox.

          • I rest my case. Argo was well directed, I can absolutely give him credit for his directorial competence. But there was nothing about his performance that was even remotely “excellent.” Anyone could have done what he did in that film. The same with every single movie you listed, nothing about his performance in any of the was “excellent.” He could have been replaced by almost any other actor and nothing would have changed about the film. That is not excellence, that is mediocrity.

            • +100000

            • Well, just see other movies when this one comes out. No one will miss you. It’s that simple.


            • I agree. Affleck completely did a 180 in my opinion of him, thanks to his directing. Loved Argo and knew it was best picture when I saw it (so refreshing to have a movie UNDER two hours). But his acting was weak even in that. He just has zero screen presence IMO. It’s like he can get your attention because he’s tall and good looking, but then it’s like the sound of crickets.

            • Well I do agree that Ben Affleck performances werent oscar worthy its very hard for any actor to act and direct at the same time…Ben Affleck knew that he was star and if you go to a guy Chris Stuckman on Youtube you will find that he and I agree that Ben Alleck wasn’t trying to overshadow anybody as most people would think because he is directing nd performing he is just rying to blend in.
              Chris Stuckman review on Argo…

            • his best performance has been and always will be from Dogma IMO…plus the rage he showed there, if controlled, could actually work for batman… IT’S NOT RIGHT! IT’S NOT FAIR!

        • Argo, The town and changing lanes

      • keep smoking crack troll

    • Gina Carano ??? …really ? you can forget her she`s not as beautiful as Jaimie Alexander. LOL For that I cast Megan Fox even though she`s not the best actress but her looks is perfect. Affleck is gonna play an old busted Bruce Wayne I`m ok with him being cast besides he knows and understands the character really well (fan) . If Carano ever plays WW I`ll wait for it on NETFLIX …seriously !

      • Megan Fox is hot, but she doesn’t look like WW. Gina Carano actually looks like WW.

        • Lynn Collins by far my number one choice I wish she was at least on her 20`s. It seems like their looking for a young actress to portray WW
          this is the poster from JOHN CARTER when I saw this film I was looking at the next WW

          • Olga is in her thirties. I hate to say it, but at the rate these movies are made, they do have to consider age. Especially if they keep the costume design anything like the traditional one-piece swimsuit.

        • Gina Carano is pretty, Megan Fox is Beautiful my point is pretty and beautiful are two different things. Now Lynda Carter was beautiful and still is a beautiful women if you cast someone that’s not as beautiful as Lynda Carter, its like an insult to Mrs. Carter and the DC community cause it means maybe WW is not an important character she`s trashy.
          NO I don’t want Megan Fox, obviously she`s not the right choice. Carano doesn’t have the acting chops to play Princess Diana in a Shakespearean way. Don`t get me wrong Carano is hot yeah but the acting ability is not there

    • I was just about to suggest Gina Carano.

      • She’s a man.

  3. Although I’d be fine with Alexander as WW, I think if Kurylenko is chosen, she can pull off a great portrayal…she showed some aspects of the character in “Oblivion” quite well already, in fact. A number of the other possibilities also sound favorable…especially since no one has ANY certainty of who will actually be chosen, at the moment. Gina Carano, however, should NOT be considered a viable choice at present, since her acting skills leave something to be desired. Wonder Woman should be very obviously intelligent as well as confident and strong-willed and, depending on which incarnation the movie version resembles, possess a curious naivete’ upon entering the outside world.

    • When are these script speculation casting rumors ever right?

      • Preeeeecisely…but it’s fun to wonder. ;)

  4. I’ve always been a fan of the fight choreography in Snyder’s movies, so it would be amazing to see what he could do with Gina Carano actual fighting skills.

    Jamie Alexander, for me, would be a great second choice – I like Olga, but she just doesn’t have the right look or presence for this…

    • Faz…

      Considering the author of that piece dumbly brings up the point about WW’s ethnicity/nationality as a legitimate reason Kurylenko should not be chosen, I’d steer clear of giving him any props. If a Russian actress who can tone down her accent cannot be WW, then, any American/Canadian/British actresses would (by this buffoon’s definition) have to be thrown out too.

      No Alexander, Carano, Collins, etc. Sad, wouldn’t you say?

  5. One: people need to stop using my screen name.

    Two: I hope. really hope, they’re casting for a Wonder Woman cameo.

    Three: Olga is a good choice. I think she’d be better than Jamie. I still like Carano for her ass-kicking capabilities. Olga does fit the ‘exotic’ and ‘tough’ bill of Diana though. And people complaining about physical build… really? I’m not saying they should cast a twig or a surf board, but Diana is a demigodess. Her powers are of a mystic nature. The actress doesn’t have to be a veiny, mannish-looking woman to pull it off.

    • Exactly.

      Plus, there is always the probability of a workout regimen…

      • Some people don’t realize actors change their bodies for roles a lot. Cavill weighed about 160 pounds when cast as Superman.

        • But Kurylenko is a freakin’ waif with a model’s physique. She just doesn’t have the genetics to gain the needed muscle tone or correct body mass (other than falling off the food wagon and bloating)

    • naledge, get yourself a Gravatar to afford you
      some identity protection to your screen name.

      • Groundhog day Mr Palmer.

        • Déjà vu all over again.

          • Speaking of déjà vu, I’d gladly watch Paula Patton in a WW movie.

  6. I thought that wonder woman is a lesbian according to the comic book revealed that or something? I am not sure.

  7. I saw someone on a another forum mention that the role is for Big Barda who will appear in a post-credits scene as a lead up to the Justice league movie and that Darkseid will be involved. So it will be like the Thanos post credits?

  8. Are they seriously going to add WW to this?

    Why don’t they just throw in Mr. Freeze, Poisin Ivy, and Venom. Then stick a fork in it.

    • I know right? Why are we even on this page when we could be watching Iron Man 3?


      • That movie will be watched again, by me, rest assured.

        Anyway, Dr., I’m not just here waddling my Waldo. I’ve always said putting WW in this movie is a bad idea, and a bad sign. Hyperbole just allows brevity.

  9. Omg am i the only person who sees the problem with these 2 woman as wonder woman ? you need someone with the physique to pull off WW as in tall with a slim/muscular and a large chest something neither of these women have
    katy perry angelina jolie someone like that is what is needed

    also charlie hunnam/jax from sons of anarchy would make a great aquaman/arthur curry

    • Charlie Hunman is one of the worst actors I have ever had the misfortune to witness, this includes entries from last years pre school nativity plays (cant wait for those to come back round).

  10. FAKE: “is being tested by Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan”
    Biatch please Nolan is no longer involved in this movie because he dissaproved the MoS ending and having creative diferences whit Zuck Snyder. this rummor is done, next!

    • Nolan is not involved, but not for the reasons you listed. Legendary pictures is no longer contracted with WB, that is why Nolan is gone.

      • Nolan is still executive producing.

  11. I actually find this rumor interesting. I hope she does get the part (if this is actually true). She will be perfect for Wonder Woman, at least with who they casted as Batman and Superman.

  12. Olga is an exotic beauty. I wouldn’t mind see her in any roll that puts her in a costume :}

  13. Yes please!

    • I took your advice about the gravatar. And that first link; oh Lawd.

      • Av still not showing up? Huh.

      • Make sure you comment using the same
        email address associated with the Gravatar.
        You should be good to go if that is the issue.

      • Yeah, and that first link…Mercy!

    • Sorry but she doesn’t even remotely look like WW. Pretty, yes but not for WW.

      • Olga doesn’t need the title to be Wonder Woman.

    • A couple of links got frakked, I see,

  14. Gina carano is extra muscles…
    From the 3 (Olga, Gina and Jaimie),I´d go for Jaimie.

    And Im not even sure enough…

  15. WW has to be done in a way that satisfies both men and women. Everyone expects her to be this perfect balance of beauty and strength, to be sexy but also represent feminism.

    That is the problem with this idea. WB already has their plate full with a new Batman. If they include a WW that the audience doesn’t like, that could hurt this movie. So why are they rushing this? If it’s only for a cameo, it seems like too much of a gamble to cast someone before they’re actually going to use her as major character.

  16. You know who would have been perfect for WW? Angelina Jolie in her Lara Croft days! She would have been perfect.

  17. OLGA? OH HELL NO! I’ll take Carano, Alexander or Collins over her any day!

    • Thats what Im saying..
      That girl doesnt even have the kick ass look!
      She´s so innocent.

      This new rumor is just a really bad joke which reminds me Bieber holding an “original” script.

  18. Everyone is so stuck on Alexander and keeps missing the best choice……Bridget Regan. (well Jessica Biel is actually the best choice imho but she’s already said no)

    • I wouldn’t say she’s the best choice. She’d look good in the costume but she wouldn’t be able to sell the fierce warrior bit. She’d just be a hot chick in the outfit and that’s all.

      • You need to take a closer look at her credentials. She proved herself to be a good “warrior” in Legend of the Seeker. Maybe not the absolute best but she has a good base to work from. Nothing a couple months of martial arts training can’t fix.

  19. This suggestion comes out of left field, but please hear me out: I submit that Gal Gadot would be perfect casting for Wonder Woman.

    Google her, Bing her, search her photos– she is to Wonder Woman what Christopher Reeve was to Superman.

    She is a former Miss Israel, she’s got acting chops, she can look like a model, a diplomat and a warrior, everything that comic artists from Dick Giordano to George Perez to Terry Dodson have envisioned her.

    Gotta check her out!

    • Well, Variety is reporting that she is being considered, so maybe!

  20. Get Nadia Bjorlin to do it. Seriously she would be perfect, there’s no way I would see this movie if she wasn’t in it.

  21. A couple other sites are reporting that Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung have screen tested for this “female lead” in Batman/Superman. Aside from Alexander, I don’t think these women are screen testing for Wonder Woman. I think they may be testing for either Julie Madison, Sasha Bordeaux, or this universe’s version of Catwoman or Talia al-Ghul. Catwoman and Talia have been frequent love interests (Bruce even has a son by Talia) and Julie is a girl that Bruce dates in the earliest Batman comics. Gal is Israeli which means she’d fit the more traditional ethnic background of Talia and Elodie Yung is French just like Marion Cotillard from TDKR. This is supposed to be a love interest for Bruce Wayne so I really doubt that they are being considered for WW since there are so many other love interests to choose from. Just because they all have dark hair doesn’t mean they’re being screen tested to be WW. IF, and a big if at that, but IF WW is indeed going to appear in this movie, I think it might just be a cameo and these women have tested for a different role.

  22. People can call me sexist if they wish and not knowing me personally it would be wrong. However, there are two reasons, if you get my meaning, I doubt I’ll be satisfied with the majority of suggestions for Wonder Woman. The comics and video games have presented them with an impossible physical model to attain. If you really look at Hollywood, there aren’t many large chested and physical actresses that can carry a big time movie as opposed to star in the latest Syfy Channel mashup. Olga is very beautiful, but she in no way, shape or form is what I see as Wonder Woman.

    • No I very much agree with you. It’s not sexist to say that other iterations have presented an unrealistic idea of what she should look like. I still think Jaimie Alexander fits the bill the best. I’d actually prefer an actress that won’t end up being just a pair of breasts in a costume.

  23. They are being screen tested for the role of Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl).

  24. Hi Screenrant readers and writers, love the podcast can’t wait to hear your thoughts on my working theory about Man Of Steel 2 aka Superman Vs Batman. My working theory about the casting rumours about Batman’s story in this film and future films down the line. First for Bruce Wanye’s love interest, most people seem to think it would be Wonder Woman, since the casting details are calling out for Tall, Athletic and beautiful. Don’t get me wrong I believe we will see Wonder Woman in the narrative, but as Diana Price (Jamie Alexander for the role) and she would be working with the CIA. With the rumour that Olga Kurylenko has been testing for the role, yet I do think she did auditioned for the role, but I don’t think she would get the role of Wonder Woman. She is a great actress, I loved her in Oblivion. But could she carry her own franchise? Let alone carry the story as a supporting role? Who knows? But just basing on her look, her style, her beautiful accent and the fact she has been Ben’s love interest in To The Wonder. I think she could be cast as Talia al Ghul, which I think it will be perfect for this story as Wayne’s love interest. First just because the character was used in The Dark Knight Rises, doesn’t mean they could use it again. Talia al Ghul a major character in the DC franchise, where in the comics she is the mother of Batman’s son. There is so much potential stories to use for future films. And with the combination of other rumours such as Night-wing in this story (which I hope it is true and I can wait to see how they do it) I have a wired feeling that they may explore the Wayne/ Batman’s family in future stories (I know they will stay away from the Batman and Robin failure) since we have an older Batman this time around. Lets be real can we actually see Ben (if he stays fit and healthy) be Batman for six films (3 batman films and 3 justice league films if we are lucky) or more in the span of let say ten years? Because most of these films if they get the green light would be like three years a part filming, not like The Hobbit were all those films are shot all at once. I think of this because Ben is a great Director, and has many projects he would like to do in the future. So I could see them having Batman’s son taking over, or just recast Bruce Wayne/ Batman ( like in the Bond Franchise) where you can have a new actor similar age.

  25. Might be a long shot but what about Maggie Grace? She’s tough when she needs to be, has a strong build, and could be seen as having a reluctance to fight vs. using her head first. I could also picture her defending Steve Trevor from the other amazons, her personality seems to have the right fit.

  26. I’m sold. Send her to the gym and I’ll buy the ticket tomorrow. I’m kinda not sure if I wanna see Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman.

  27. The best candidate for the role of Wonder woman by far is Claudia Black from Farscape. She is athletic, strong with an a assertive look, and yet she is feminine and hot as hell! :)