Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Wonder Woman Olga Kurylenko Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

More information on the production of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman may be just days away, but a brand new rumor is already looking to set fan discussion ablaze like only word of a Wonder Woman casting could.

To this point all involved with the film have kept their lips sealed at just how far the sequel to Man of Steel would go in laying the groundwork for a Justice League team-up. The latest report claims that not only will Wonder Woman most definitely be appearing in the anticipated sequel, but that Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko is already screen-testing for the part.

The rumor comes courtesy of SchmoesKnow, so given the website’s recent streak of insider leaks, this one is bound to gather serious attention. According to the site, the word comes from a “very reliable source,” but it’s important to emphasize that even if Kurylenko is being tested by Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan, that can simply mean she is being strongly considered.

Kurylenko may be familiar to movie fans due to her appearances in some ill-received films – Max Payne, Hitman and Quantum of Solace among them – but has drawn more positive buzz in recent years thanks to the likes of Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion and Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder (in which she played love interest to Ben Affleck).

olga kurylenko in oblivion Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

Of course, whether or not Kurylenko is atop the studio’s shortlist, this rumor confirms that Wonder Woman will likely be appearing (in either large or small part) alongside the titular heroes of Batman vs. Superman. To this point WB executives have dodged questions about the Amazonian Princess altogether, beyond simply claiming they hoped to see her on either TV or the big screen soon. Sooner than they may have thought, it seems.

The timing of this report, and Kurylenko’s apparent lead in the casting process comes as particularly interesting given that it comes just days after Thor: The Dark World‘s Jaimie Alexander confirmed she was in talks with Warner Bros. concerning Batman vs. Superman. That admission led many to believe that she was discussing a future role as Wonder Woman, given that she has gone on record about her passion for the character, and is a frontrunner in many lists of actresses capable of pulling off the role (including ours).

If that is the case (as it seems to be), then this rumor can be taken as yet another sign that Warner Bros. is absolutely on the hunt for a Wonder Woman, with both Alexander and Kurylenko being given special attention. Going by previous performances, Alexander would seem to have the edge; then again, Kurylenko has exhibited some serious range over the course of her career. It will be interesting to see how fans react to her name being tossed into the discussion.

jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman 570x294 Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

However, we’ve also spoken at length about the many possibilities for other supporting female roles in Batman vs. Superman already – Sasha Bordeaux and Kara Zor-El, for instance. Keeping that in mind, it’s still possible that Kurylenko, or Alexander for that matter, are being considered by Warner Bros. for completely different roles. The previous reports of an open casting call for Wonder Woman were eventually dispelled, but Kurylenko is certainly an actress that would be sought after.

We’ll keep you updated when and if more news arrives, or even an official confirmation of whether Wonder Woman will be present in Batman vs. Superman at all. For now, what do you think about Kurylenko rising to the top of Snyder’s list? Have you seen enough of her work to be intrigued, or are you sticking with your current favorites? Sound off in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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Source: SchmoesKnow

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  1. I am taking the Wonder Woman casting with grain of salt until confirmed, but always fun to speculate.

    Wonder Woman in “Man of Steel: World’s Finest” (my pick for the title lol)
    should be a small part, maybe a lead in to a solo flick as to keep the context centered on that is still a Superman tale with Batman appearing for the first time.

    I do not have a real opinion on Olga to be honest, although I think she fits some qualities while not others. I won’t go into detail as I do not have strong enough opinion to really form any enlargement at this point.

    Jaime Alexander seem kick-ass so far and is fan favorite along with Gemma Arteton. I would not mind these particular choices and even support them.

    My number 1 choice, and probably the least realistic, is Taylor Cole.
    I find her beautiful but most importantly an actress that always seems to be improving. She always strikes a balance between strong female characters that embrace their feminine nature while being compatible if not better than their male counterparts.

    • Taylor Cole is a stunner. Sadly, she’s never hit it big.
      I’d like to have seen her portray The Huntress.

    • I don’t really have an opinion on Olga either, haven’t seen her in anything I don’t think, but judging by the images, she seems like she can be a Wonder Woman. As for the title, I’m rooting for either, Man of Steel: World’s Finest, Man of Steel: Public Enemies or Man of Steel: Knightfall (I took this one from another reader, I can’t remember the name).

      • I like Man of Steel: Last Son of Krypton, it was on one of the underground podcasts, I think it was Kofi who suggested it? cant remember but I like the idea.

  2. Olivia Thirlby!

    • That could work, she really stepped it up as Judge Anderson in Dredd, starting off naive and ending the movie tough as nails.

  3. I dont think she’s talented enough to pull of this role.

  4. She would have to put on some muscle for me.

    I saw Oblivion and I guess I didnt pay attention to her character too much and perhaps that’s a reason she shouldn’t be cast. IDK she would have to prove it to me but I would prefer to have Jamie play WW just because I know she can pull off the look at least.

    I saw someone mention Emily Blunt and I think that would be an AMAZING choice. Gemma Arteton….IDK I guess I’m the only person that isn’t clamoring for her to play even tho she wouldn’t be a horrible choice either.

    The original WW article brought up the woman that played the princess in John Carter. The movie wasnt great but not because of her IMO. I could see her as a good Diana.

    • nah, I’m not down with either Emily or Gemma. I’m holding out for Jaimie Alexander. I’m sure this story is only being broken because Jaimie said she was in talks and the studio wants to keep fans guessing. I bet they’re screen testing every young, dark haired actress out there for WW.

    • Lynn Collins, from John Carter as you mention, is my first choice, although her name isn’t getting much mention these days. Anyway, I think that she has the look, can act and is reasonably tall, in the wheelhouse Alexander.

  5. Maybe she’s Mercy Graves

  6. I’m starting to wonder if Batman versus Superman is actually Justice League in disguise.

    • Could be That would be crazy,but I think personally 1 or 2 more films are needed to really establish a connected universe so I hope its not that.WW just around Bruce or in post credits scene would be cool

    • Nah. Working title is misleading. You’ll see MoS 2 and at the end:
      *just finished sex*
      - You’re Wonderful.
      - The rumors didn’t lie Bruce, you are the creature of the night.

      • I guess we forgot about Gina Carano as WW

        • Thank goodness… I don’t think Kurylenko is a good choice either, but gina carano is an absolutely terrible actress. Her performances in Haywire and F&F6 are all you need.

          Sure she can be entertaining, but as far as acting ability, it is pretty much non-existent.

        • We all keep TRYING to forget her but people like you keep bringing her up. ><

          You "Carano"ites keep forgetting that 80+% of even action movies have no action in them. You need someone who can actually ACT and be believable through the 80+% of the movie. Physicality can be faked, acting cannot.

  7. She did fine in quatum of solace. She looks exotic, good actress. Why not.

    • Ill add since wonder woman IS suppose to be greek, shed fit the look alot more than jamie alexander.

  8. this would be awful if she gets the part. She is a terrible actress

  9. Wow! So she is the Wonder Woman test-ee, hmmmm? Well, speaking of which, in her case, I have some testes of my own….! Va-va-va-voom!

  10. How about Michelle Ryan, from “Bionic Women”. Or Stana Katic, from “Castle”. Each fit the role in looks, physicality and acting ability.

    • no to both of those. they do not fit the bill.

  11. they need a strong deep voiced lady with some chests to show… not chalk board

  12. Olga is attractive, no doubt but a bit too slender for this role.

    Kelly Brook or Taylor Cole are the most outstanding choices at the moment.

  13. shes a good actress but for wonder woman not so much

  14. That’s it WB, get some waif who doesn’t look like she could pick up a cup of coffee let alone a car, instead of casting Gina Carano.

    • That’s it Jeff, cast actors that can’t hold a franchise!

      • I had no problem with Carano in Haywire. And as long as they’re looking at actresses with questionable ability anyway, at least Carano looks the part, and can whoop your ass!

        • questionable? No, Carano’s acting ability is not in question, she’s terrible. period.

          If she can’t manage to believably deliver her lines for the 90% of the time they AREN’T in an action scene, she will be a complete joke on screen.

  15. for your consideration. if she could get some acting lessons. she might even be a natural.

  16. Seriously, WB needs to get a clue and stop hiring Goyer and Snyder along with their merry band posers to make these films. Olga is Russian with a thick Russian accent. Wonder Woman is not Russian.

    • What is she, then?

      • She is an Amazon. Daughter of Hipolita.

        • Oh, I know. I was being facetious.

          • Oohh. Right.

  17. From the picture you posted, she doesn’t seem to have the, um, chest to pull it off.

    I still much prefer Jamie Alexander. She’s a no-brainer for the part. Though I wouldn’t terribly mind Lynn Collins either.

    • And Jaime has a chest?

  18. an athletic woman has no chest : keira knightley …
    And i’m ok with it

    • Keira Knightly is not athletic. she’s thin/slim/slender or whatever. Athletic has to have real muscle and that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a chest. Look at half the female soccer players.

    • The heck are you talking about? Plenty of athletic women have very nice chests.

  19. Please, not her…
    Where are her muscles, sex appeal and american beauty?

    • Muscles can be developed. She doesn’t need much.
      Sex appeal is there. See Hitman.
      Diana isn’t American, duh.

      • Of course I know she isnt american duh!!…
        but she was made in America from american editors…

        That girl is half french half ukranian.. so her kind of beauty has nothing to do with the typical american beauty/or even european but from places like Poland or Czech…

        • Polish and Czech beauties ARE European beauties…by definition. Her beauty SHOULD be different from what a typical American would expect, because she is coming into our world and needs that “other” quality to show that she is new to the outside world.

  20. What’s the bet, that while WB are genuinely considering these women for a lead female role in Superman/Batman (I hate putting the ‘vs’), they’re releasing certain details that lead us to the conclusion they’re looking for Wonder Woman just to troll us?

  21. What if they’re looking for supergirl, who probably escaped from that open pod in mos?

    • Yes, you are correct.

  22. I’m not sure if I just cant imagine an actor that can bring WW to the big screen but going by this thread Milla Jovovich, Jessica Biel, Zoey Deschannel, Keira Knightly, Olivia Thirlby, Michelle Ryan, Emily Blunt, Kelly Brook, Gemma Arterton all seem like terrible candidates. Olga Kurylenko is easily a better fit then any of them.

  23. I prefer Gina Carano. She can kick ass. However I wouldn’t be mad at Jamie Alexander getting the part. I hope they don’t screw it up like they did with the Lois Lane in Man of Steel. I was rooting for Zod after a hour of her.

    • She’s too short dude.

      • She’s 5′ 8″ to Cavill’s 6’1 and Affleck’s 6’4. Slap some heels and lifts on her, she can easily reach the 6′ mark.
        Not sure she could carry a franchise though. She was better in Haywire than I expected.

    • Kick ass? maybe, but she can’t act to save her life.

      You need an ACTress, not an ACTIONress.

  24. SR has had many stories about who should play WW. So far this is the only choice that really makes since. Most comments I read state women that look nothing like Diana whether that be face or body or both. She is an Amazon people. And should resemble as such. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if this rumor were true. Not perfect but better than any other name I’ve seen mentioned.

  25. These actresses who keep getting associated with this sure do give off a “Talia” vibe before a “Diana” vibe. Just my opinion.

    I keep going back to Talia since the “love interest for established Batman” rumors.

    Anyone else reminded of the “will Batman appear in Man of Steel?” pages that appeared more than a year before its release?

    • It’s a valid point, they are casting females for the film and have mentioned the film may have a WW appearance but they have also stated Batman will have a love interest.

      Much more likely to be casting that role rather than WW.

    • If she appears, I imagine it would be a cameo, perhaps at the end of the film? Superman to B v. S to Trinity?


  27. Cool. She’d definitely have to beef up a bit

  28. Sofia Vergara has the body to be Wonder Woman but lack the acting chops to do it
    Can’t stand that horrible accent either !!!
    Bridget Regan is perfect for Wonder Woman, me thinks