Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For ‘Wonder Woman’ in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

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Wonder Woman Olga Kurylenko Batman vs Superman Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

More information on the production of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman may be just days away, but a brand new rumor is already looking to set fan discussion ablaze like only word of a Wonder Woman casting could.

To this point all involved with the film have kept their lips sealed at just how far the sequel to Man of Steel would go in laying the groundwork for a Justice League team-up. The latest report claims that not only will Wonder Woman most definitely be appearing in the anticipated sequel, but that Ukrainian-born actress Olga Kurylenko is already screen-testing for the part.

The rumor comes courtesy of SchmoesKnow, so given the website’s recent streak of insider leaks, this one is bound to gather serious attention. According to the site, the word comes from a “very reliable source,” but it’s important to emphasize that even if Kurylenko is being tested by Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan, that can simply mean she is being strongly considered.

Kurylenko may be familiar to movie fans due to her appearances in some ill-received films – Max Payne, Hitman and Quantum of Solace among them – but has drawn more positive buzz in recent years thanks to the likes of Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion and Terrence Malick’s To The Wonder (in which she played love interest to Ben Affleck).

olga kurylenko in oblivion Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

Of course, whether or not Kurylenko is atop the studio’s shortlist, this rumor confirms that Wonder Woman will likely be appearing (in either large or small part) alongside the titular heroes of Batman vs. Superman. To this point WB executives have dodged questions about the Amazonian Princess altogether, beyond simply claiming they hoped to see her on either TV or the big screen soon. Sooner than they may have thought, it seems.

The timing of this report, and Kurylenko’s apparent lead in the casting process comes as particularly interesting given that it comes just days after Thor: The Dark World‘s Jaimie Alexander confirmed she was in talks with Warner Bros. concerning Batman vs. Superman. That admission led many to believe that she was discussing a future role as Wonder Woman, given that she has gone on record about her passion for the character, and is a frontrunner in many lists of actresses capable of pulling off the role (including ours).

If that is the case (as it seems to be), then this rumor can be taken as yet another sign that Warner Bros. is absolutely on the hunt for a Wonder Woman, with both Alexander and Kurylenko being given special attention. Going by previous performances, Alexander would seem to have the edge; then again, Kurylenko has exhibited some serious range over the course of her career. It will be interesting to see how fans react to her name being tossed into the discussion.

jaimie alexander batman superman wonder woman 570x294 Rumor Patrol: Olga Kurylenko Testing For Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman

However, we’ve also spoken at length about the many possibilities for other supporting female roles in Batman vs. Superman already – Sasha Bordeaux and Kara Zor-El, for instance. Keeping that in mind, it’s still possible that Kurylenko, or Alexander for that matter, are being considered by Warner Bros. for completely different roles. The previous reports of an open casting call for Wonder Woman were eventually dispelled, but Kurylenko is certainly an actress that would be sought after.

We’ll keep you updated when and if more news arrives, or even an official confirmation of whether Wonder Woman will be present in Batman vs. Superman at all. For now, what do you think about Kurylenko rising to the top of Snyder’s list? Have you seen enough of her work to be intrigued, or are you sticking with your current favorites? Sound off in the comments.


Batman vs. Superman will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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Source: SchmoesKnow

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  1. I like Olga, but I dont see her as Wonder Woman. Happy to be proven wrong though.

  2. I don’t have any problem with Kurylenko even though WB will probably end up going with someone completely unexpected, like they did with Ben Affleck for example.

  3. WW has blue eyes. I don’t think it’s a stretch to find a gorgeous blue eyed brunette.

    • What would your short list be?

    • Or put contacts on.

      • Contacts on and clothes off….

        • I am with this guy

    • Wow.

  4. I’d be up okay with it I guess but I’d rather see Jaimie Alexander or Gemma Arterton as Wonder Woman. But if Wonder Woman is in this, especially if its a pretty decent role, then why is the movie called Batman vs Superman, it should be Trinity or something. But Batman vs Superman isn’t the official title so, we’ll see.

    • Gemma Arterton!

      GEMMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • maybe the screentest is actually for a wonder woman film that they’re planning to release 2016, and the actress who lands the role will have a short cameo in batman vs superman. maybe…

  5. I’m edging more towards Jaimie Alexander but Kurylenko can be a nice fit too.

    • 100 votes for Jaimie Alexander, she’s got the looks, the chops, and from what I understand she’s a comic nerd too!

  6. Jaimie looks like the blue eyed, raven haired Diana we all know but Olga has the exotic look, height and both the sex appeal and tough credentials to make it work.

    I remember she only took the Quantam Of Solace role because she found out she was playing a tough woman and didn’t want to be a damsel in distress.

    • Dazz, something tells me you’ll cheer above the roar of the crowd if Ms. Alexander lands the role. ;)

      • Haha, well, as long as someone is cast that exhibits toughness and femininity, beauty and the ugly nature of war, who looks like she could be a regular woman as well as a battle-hardened warrior, I’ll settle for either at this point, Alexander or Kurylenko.

        • Fine qualities, to be sure. All we can hope is that WB/DC doesn’t disappoint. It’s taken too many decades to get their most popular female character back before the camera.

    • she was good in magic city

  7. Olga Kurylenko as Wonder Woman? Oh, yes.
    Olga is already a feminine Wonder of the World.

    She is a statuesque exotic sensuous classic beauty
    whom by only her glance can make a man surrender.

    • So, to clarify your position, you think she’d be an acceptable choice? :)

      • :D Well, ah…yeah.

        • Look at it this way. If she fails to the land the role, she’ll have plenty of time for you to console her. ;)

          • We are such stuff as dreams are made on.

            • She does seem like a force of nature for you.

  8. i don’t think she’s a good actress…i thought she was really bad in Oblivion

    • Wow, this movie could not get any worse. Olga is beautiful but not that great of an actress. They need a Oscar worthy actress to pull of Wonder Woman. She is not it. Jaime Alexander seems like she can pull it off and this may be a big break for her but I’m sure she can’t just leave the Thor Franchise whenever she wants to. Also they are probably also worried that she is still a relative unknown. There’s gotta be another actress out there !!!

      • Yes cause jaime alexander is recieving an oscar for here role as lady sif…

        • Olga has been in multiple major movies and has been forgettable in all of them. Why would WW be any different? Jamie Alexander has been in one major movie (Thor) and we are all talking about her. That’s because she can act and she did a good job as Lady Sif. Jamie has potential.

          • We are all talking about here mainly because of rumours linking her to WW, not because of her acting.

          • Meryl Streep?

        • +1
          I don’t think you really need an Oscar worthy actress to portray Wonder Woman.

          • Nay. I think that WW does need to pull off some really great acting.

  9. I don’t get the whole Jaimie thing….she could not act her way out of a paper bag from what I have seen so far…she is “ok” in a minor role but I don’t see her as a star of her movie at some point.

    They need someone who can act the heck out of the part and make it believable if she is going to be in the costume.

  10. She would be ok in the role but i don’t see her as wonder woman.Jamie Alexander would be better because she is beautiful and seems strong but i doubt she would get the role.

    • You got to understand that they are actors. Just because they don’t act tuff in a couple movies doesn’t mean they can’t act tuff in others. They are just not tuff in real life . Look at the rock for that example

      • I Know that im just saying Jamie alexander seems more to me like wonder woman than Olga Kurylenko who has also been in some strong female roles.

  11. Kurylenko can play tough, but in spite of her height, I do not see her as a WW type in acting/personality/presence. Also, she usually has a thick accent, and I wonder if that might be an issue. Perhaps that might fit a Kryptonian Kara Zor-El.

    For WW, I like Lynn Collins, Gemma Arterton or Jaimie Alexander if they cannot find anyone who isn’t Sif for the role.

    In any case, exciting times. I do not think that these are false rumors.

    • Gemma Arterton!!!!

      GEMMA ARTERTON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow, this movie could not get any worse. Olga is beautiful but not that great of an actress. They need a Oscar worthy actress to pull of Wonder Woman. She is not it. Jaime Alexander seems like she can pull it off and this may be a big break for her but I’m sure she can’t just leave the Thor Franchise whenever she wants to. Also they are probably also worried that she is still a relative unknown. There’s gotta be another actress out there !!!

  13. They already cast Affleck! Why not cast Megan Fox and make this a complete cluster****. I actually think Megan Fox has been judged too harshly and would be beautiful in the role. I guess it comes down to the acting chops, Gemma, Jaimie or Olga definitely would be great!

    • Megan Fox?? But Wonder Woman don’t have toe thumbs.

    • @ wil_stryder


  14. As far as these WW rumors go, to quote Sean Connery from LXG, “I’m waiting to be impressed.”

    • If we’re going the French-born Bond Girl route, I’d prefer Bérénice Marlohe.

      • Not Eva Green?

        • I’d never rule Eva Green out, but Hollywood might deem her too old.

        • Bam!

        • Eva. There’s always Eva. Too hot to be sure.

          • My only check against Eva is that she’s so much better playing the villain. I’d gladly watch her duking it out with WW.

            • Good Point. However, Eva has the necessary equipment for WW.

              • Oh, without a doubt! She can still catch the eye without succumbing to the Tinseltown mold. I liken her to Rachel Weisz in that manner.

                • Yes, Eva has a her own unique appeal. Much like Rachel too.

                  • Rachel remains the woman I wish could have portrayed Catwoman in TDKR.

                    • Perfect.

      • Carole Bouquet could even play Hippolyta for those Moore 007 fans.

      • Bérénice is hot. True.

        • I’m certain she doesn’t have the name recognition for the role, but she has an exotic quality.

          • Most definitely exotic. Seems we have to
            import them these days to get that quality.

            • It does. Even those who begin with that ‘something special’ seem to devolve into the waifish blonde.

              • And Hollywood once ruled the world with the most beautiful women.

                • My first crush was Lynda Carter, so I’m especially biased on the topic of bringing a new WW to life.

                  • I am with you all the way, Jason.
                    Lynda Carter was my first crush too.

                    Lynda managed to keep Wonder Woman
                    feminine despite all the superhero qualities.
                    And her body was simply impossibly beautiful.

                    • Exactly. That’s the reason the new WW needs to be more of a warrior if she is going to thrive on her own & be something new and fresh. Emulating the iconic Lynda Carter will always fall flat, just as Brandon Routh’s Superman was skewered against the classic work of Christopher Reeve.

    • That’s a great line for Sean. I may just have to finally watch that movie.

      • It could/should have been so much more, but it’s still a fun movie. I was impressed with a few of the performances and cringed over just as many–if not more.

        • Your characterization fits my outsider impression.
          I’ll have to see it though aware of its shortcomings.
          And too if only because it is Sean Connery’s last film.

          • In that regard, it’s truly special.

  15. I’m sure they’re screen testing every young, dark haired, attractive actress. I’d still prefer to see Jaimie Alexander over Olga. I don’t think she fits the look at all and I’ve never seen her in anything I liked, including Oblivian.

  16. She’s not Wonder Woman

  17. Alexandra Daddario

    • She’d be a better fit for the CW prequel, in my opinion.

    • Daddario is beautiful but has no body, too skinny to play Wonder Woman.

      • No body? Yikes!

        • Fernando, give Texas Chainsaw 3D a watch, see if you still feel that way.

          • She is wonderful, but she’s skinny. The woman needs to have muscles to play Wonder Woman.

            • The actress must be around 26-30 years old with no teenager face.

          • Daddario is incredibly beautiful, but she looks more a teenager than a little older warrior and powerful woman. The woman needs to look to be not so young, have a powerful voice and imponent on the screen.

            Look how skinny Daddario is in this pic of Texas Chainsaw 3D:

            • For the movie, yes. We don’t want Wonder Girl.

              A.Daddario would work well for the CW prequel series, Amazon.
              She could hit the gym & get some muscle mass.

              • Exactly.

  18. Well, shes certainly got the cheekbones for it. I’m reserving judgement. Zack Snyder knows how important the casting of WW is. He is not going to cast an actress if he is not 100 percent positive she will fit the role.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you there. His choices for strong women have been done well, with the exception of Lois Lane. Never saw Sucker Punch either.

  19. There are only 5 fantastic possible choices to play Wonder Woman. They are: Olivia Wilde, Olga Kurylenko, Milla Jovovich, Jessica Biel or Zoey Deschannel………….Olivia and Olga are my favorites.

    • By chance are you the same “Fernando” who claimed Alexandra Daddario had “no body” and is “too skinny”? I ask only because you’ve mentioned Olivia Wilde, Milla Jovovich and Zoey Deschanel in a list of fantastic Wonder Woman choices.

      Merely curious.

      • @Jason dude He didn’t see her scene in TTCM 3D when Leatherface had her chained up! :p If not Aleaxandra (she’s 26 not to old or to young btw) I would pick Abagail Spencer such a great actress has the Diana looks.

        • I’ve not seen the movie either. Past roles, such as Bereavement & The Attic, have certainly proven her physical attributes are contrary to the claim though.

      • Yes Jason, I’m the same Fernando.

        About Daddario…

        Daddario is incredibly beautiful, but she looks more a teenager than a little older warrior and powerful woman. The woman needs to look to be not so young, have a powerful voice and imponent on the screen. We want a Wonder Woman, not Wonder Girl:

        Look how skinny Daddario is in this pic of Texas Chainsaw 3D:

    • @ Fernando

      And Gemma Arterton???

      GEMMA?? !!

      • I have this crazy theory that you…now bear with me here…really want Gemma Arterton to play Wonder Woman?

        • +1

        • Huntress….

          Are you psychic or something…?

          • Just good old fashioned women’s intuition ;)

            • This is why you women RULE !!!

      • no Gemma. she is not Wonder Woman. She can not pull off a real warrior.

        • You are wrong.

          Gemma IS Wonder Woman.

          The world NEEDS to know this.

          The world NEEDS GEMMA !

          • lol, I’m sorry sir but it is you who are wrong. She is too sweet looking. She can’t be fierce. She’s very pretty but she just doesn’t have it like Jaimie Alexander.

            • Gemma IS sweet.

              As sweet as a mouth watering, red, succulent, tasty, delicious and delectable , juicy cherry.

              • While Kryptonic is in his bunk, I’d say the scene that made me think Gemma would make a great WW came from Clash of the Titans. There’s just something otherworldly about her in that movie. Also, she was the best part of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

                • Gemma….

                  • yup. a perfect example of why I don’t want her to Wonder Woman.

                  • she has to be one of the hottest women on the planet, and I agree she needs to be WW.

                  • I like Gemma Arteton, but all I could think while watching that clip was “Russell Brand had a sex change?”

              • Well you may have your cherry then sir. I’ll have a woman who can fight.

      • She’d be my first choice, though I’d like to see her have a bit more brawn.

      • Gemma would be great too.

      • Gemma also would be a great choice!

  20. Looking at a list someone made this summer, I also saw Emily Blunt (acting!) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Maybe maybe.

  21. The Best Thing is leave Wonder Woman out of BATMAN vs SUPERMAN and discuss it for her own live action. Cause, she will spoil everything.

  22. Too thin.

    • Too thin???


      So if it was up to you, you’d cast Melissa McCarthy as Wonder Woman?

      • I think he’s talking about Olga. She is very thin; not exactly warrior physique.

  23. *starting a Erica Durance petition*

  24. Jaimie Alexxander and Olga Kurylenko are both so different, and yet , at the same time, have what it takes to be a “Wonder Woman.”


    Gemma…… GEMMA ARTERTON I TELL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. So long for this being a superman movie.

    • Nah, I think he’ll still be the central focus. I think the other two will only get involved because of him and, judging from the symbol, it’s not a Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman movie. I think she may only appear, perhaps in a diplomatic role or at the end as a new ally or threat. Supes will still be the man.

      • Supes IS the “man.”

        What a super man, man.

  26. no no no, much to skinny look at her pics on line.

  27. Too skinny. Not athletic enough.

  28. Never thought Olga Kurylenko as wonder woman… But Why Not. Shes better choice to Jamie Alexander.

  29. What if instead of being tested for wonder woman she is being tested for talia al ghul as Batmans love interest.i think talia would be a better role for her

    • Did she have credible chemistry with Ben Affleck in the last movie they made together? I ask only because I’ve not seen it. I’d like to believe Talia (whoever portrays her) could love BW/Batman as well as cut his heart out.

      • I have not seen To The Wonder either,
        although I will, and I’ve heard Olga is great
        in it and I wonder if Affleck has suggested her.

        • Could be. I think, more likely, Hollywood has a very limited imagination when it comes to casting. They recycle the same lists based on who’s been in certain kinds of films; a victim of their own typecasting.