‘The Wolverine’ International Trailer #2 Reveals Viper & Silver Samurai in Action

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WARNING: Trailer Contains Mild Plot Spoilers!

If you just can’t wait for the summer release of James Mangold’s new entry to the X-Men cinematic universe, The Wolverine, then you can pass the time by exploring how it was made with Rob Keyes’ set report, which includes his first-hand account of seeing the much-teased fight scene between the Wolverine and an entire army of yakuza ninjas.

Obviously The Wolverine has some stiff competition in the field of summer 2013 comic book movies, vying with Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel, but from what we’ve seen so far, it appears as though the two movies – aside from being released a healthy number of weeks apart – will be very different in terms of tone. Though The Wolverine is a superhero story and comes with its own mix of sci-fi elements and mutant powers, it also seems to be a fairly down-to-earth action film about one man’s entanglements with a powerful yakuza.

A new international trailer for The Wolverine has been published over at CBM, and features a mix of clips that have been shown before, and new scenes that flesh out both the central story and some of the characters – particularly the antagonists.

Hugh Jackman as Logan in The Wolverine The Wolverine International Trailer #2 Reveals Viper & Silver Samurai in Action

The trailer confirms a plot-point that we speculated upon when set photos of two different versions of Shingen Yashida – one middle-aged, one very old and on his deathbed – were posted on Twitter by director James Mangold. It appears that Yashida’s offer to repay his debt to Logan by relieving him of his immortality isn’t an entirely selfless one: he intends to transfer Logan’s powers to himself in order to escape his impending death, and it looks as though he succeeds.

Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) also gets a lot of screen time, and it seems as though she is instrumental in aiding the transfer of Logan’s powers to Yashida. This transfer seems to be done against Logan’s will, since he refuses Yashida at first, is later ambushed by Viper in bed, and after an attack that leaves him nursing a bullet wound he discovers that his healing abilities have left him and becomes angry.

For readers of the comics, the revelation that Yashida’s intentions are not as pure as they first appear probably won’t come as much as a surprise, nor will the scenes of Wolverine eventually going toe-to-toe with both Yashida and Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee). The latter, who was briefly glimpsed in the last trailer, seems to be a formidable foe, and his suit of armor is a lot larger than it is depicted in the comics.

Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper and Hugh Jackman as Logan in The Wolverine The Wolverine International Trailer #2 Reveals Viper & Silver Samurai in Action

A final note on Silver Samurai involves the size of his sword; it was suggested after the earlier image of Yashida battling Logan, sword locking with the adamantium claws, that Yashida must have been using the Silver Samurai sword, which is capable of cutting through any ordinary metal and withstanding a clash with adamantium. However, the sword that Silver Samurai uses in the battle clip is much larger than Yashida’s sword. Therefore, unless Yashida adapts his samurai sword with the same technology used to create the Silver Samurai’s katana, it remains a mystery as to why he is able to fight Logan with it.

Notice anything we missed? Share your thoughts on this new trailer in the comments.


The Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: CBM

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  1. Origins let me down so bad that it’s hard for me to get excited about this one.

    • Mangold and jackman seem to have brought something new and better to the table this time around, im hesitant as well but from what ive seen im willing to give this movie a chance. the giant ninja fight alone will probably be worth it.

  2. I like it. Could be good!

  3. now this looks like a proper wolverine movie. Cant wait!!

  4. I’m normally extremely optimistic about movies in general. I’m trying to like what I see… I like the tone and I’m pleased that Wolverine is being portrayed as bad ass as ever. However I’m on the fence over the idea of Logan losing his healing factor for any period of time. I’m sure it’s going to make the premise more dramatic and he’ll of course get it back… but it just doesn’t sit well with me right now. I’ll obviously wait to see how it impacts the overall story and his character arc in general… but I’m skeptical at this point. And if the SS is a giant robot I’m out.

    • Read the original Wolverine Vol. 1, Logan is drugged by Shingen’s men and that causes Logan to temporarily lose his healing factor. That part is straight out of the original arc.

      • Yeah, Wolverine has lost his healing factor more than once, too. It’s a staple of the character, really.

    • Since adamantium is poisonous, will he be fighting against time while dealing with all the enemies?

  5. Nice! They gave Mariko more screentime in the trailer!! Can’t wait to see this! The ninja in the snow scene is straight out of the vol 1 comic arc!

  6. Impressive, looks like how a Wolverine movie should look.

  7. That Samurai is one big mamajama. The only problem I have is the loss of the healing factor, because the adamantium should kill him without it, due to adamantium poisoning, right?

    • If adamantium is indestructible then it wouldn’t react with anything and thus be inert.

      Carbonadium on the other hand is extremely toxic (omega red).

      • When the High Evolutionary removed all mutations from the world (X-Men #99), Wolverine began to die from adamantium poisoning. The court is still out on whether or not it was the PROCESS of using it inside his body or the RAW ELEMENT is poisonous. When Apocalypse made Wolverine into Death, he used a more advanced process which proved to not be toxic.

        The quandry is that when Wolverine no longer had his original adamantium in his body, his mutations were no longer inhibited and he became feral, more powerful and physically changed (which would indicate the amount of toxicity being high if it sapped him that much).
        Fans of the character still wonder why, with non-toxic metal now, he doesn’t go back to mutating.

    • My issue would be that all of that adamantium in his body would make it impossible for Logan to move or survive for any length of time…Wasn’t the healing factor what made it possible for him to accept the metal and to carry it?

      • The adamantium actually keeps Wolvie healing factor in check, when he gets the adamantium removed by Magneto his healing factor goes into overdrive and he turns into a feral state.

        I think that the bullet that hit’s him is Carbonadium which can neutralise Wolvie’s healing factor for a time, which is why he heels more slowly then get the full factor back for the final confrontations.

  8. Samuraï Robot ? Really ? meh…

    Waiting for Bluray

    • His bones would not be able to let white blood cells out but the adamantium is hardened… So I don’t think that would be an issue.

  9. I think that the Silver Samuri is a robot… Would not surprise me at all.

    • He uploads his mind into it or some such

  10. Those weren’t two different versions of Shingen Yashida. One is Shingen (Hiroyuki Sanada), and the oolder man is his father. You can see even Shingen at Yashida’s funeral. Other elements of the trailers make it clear that they’re different people as well.

    • Actually, it seems as though Hal Yamanouchi and Hiroyuki Sanada are both playing Shingen Yashida. If you look on their left cheeks, you’ll see that the actors have identical scars from the battle shown at the beginning of this trailer.

  11. This movie looks pretty awesome, hopefully it’s the Wolverine movie for Hugh Jackman to show all the Wolverine he has in him.

  12. Is Viper gonna to don that Samurai Suit at 1:34???

  13. Looks like this could be the most entertaining X-movie in years, X2 was a decade ago. Fox should’ve developed their characters with more standalone movies. Sometimes I feel like Wolverine is the only character in that universe.

    I definitely don’t like the robot looking SS though.

  14. After watching Supes and Zod go epic on each other, I kinda feel sorry for this movie. It’s art style feels very 90s, which hurts it even more.

  15. I do not like The train scene or the RoboSamuria too many robots in movies these days and they all remind me of transformers. I do however love the Viper Villain.I hope to get a sequel after this one with more Tyler mane Sabretoothe who actually talks and ism nastier then Liv sriebers version, and i hope to see Wolverine go against Omega Red.

    • Honestly, I thought Liev’s version of the character was awesome. He didn’t look like Sabretooth but the original movie had him looking more like the Cowardly Lion gone bad.

      Liev had that sort of badass look and sarcastic yet menacing charm that I hope returns if the character comes back in future. That’s the only thing Origins did right IMO, making Sabretooth a three dimensional badass and a genuine threat.

  16. …Still on the fence, about this one…

  17. Greetings from the Philippines,

    I like the teasers so far, and Im seeing it on the big screen. But one thing that I really don’t like is the way they portrayed the Silver Samurai in the movie. Why is he a robot? He can be one of the characters in the Transformers. LOL I don’t like what they did. They should give justice to the character especially that SS is one of the greatest nemesis of Wolverine. But I hope they would explain that inconsistency in the movie! Looking forward for it!

  18. I don’t really like any of the X Men movies so far, though I do not reject their concept or hate on any of the material. It’s all very interesting, but executed poorly, I feel.

    The films just don’t do anything for me. They do just seem to be very basic black and white plots with Hugh Jackman pulling angry faces and curling his eyebrows…not to mention drawing his claws every five minutes and him acting like it’s a huge deal.

    Also, the whole franchise now does just seem messy. Mystique and Xavier being close in First Class, then not even mentioning each other in the later films. It has to be said I think, that there is far too much head scratching going on when watching these films.

    I think it’s time for a reboot, and to get this thing pre-planned and organised efficiently. As far as I am concerned, the X-Men films were pretty much Wolverine centred anyway, and no one really seems to have an interest in a Wolverine stand alone except the film makers. Limiting themselves already with having a film based around only Wolverine, and the other X Men actors aren’t getting any younger. They should take a leaf out of Marvel’s book, and shape this thing from day one, instead of making the feel of improvising whilst the gears are already in motion.

    • +1,000,000

  19. Although Wolverine does not do that much for me (WHERE’S CYCLOPS?!), I would say, yup, I’ll buy this DVD and add it to the collection.

    • Uhh, Cyclops is dead.

  20. Sorry, no orientals allowed in this film. It might offend someone. No? Well then, where is the REAL Mandarin?

    • Here about the next Green Hornet movie? The heroes are “The Green Hornet, and George. Er, Poindexter. I mean, Aloyisus. Uh, that is Ferd Burful and The Green Hornet! Cue the music, and roll the Black Booty!

      • Aw for Pete’s sake, my spelling and punctuation are atrocious tonight! Someone hand me a dictionary!

        • I’ll hand you a dictionary but it will be an evil Japanese dictionary that will give you death by a thousand (paper)cuts.

          • Now that’s a different “slant” on things! (Oooh, for a bad joke like that I deserve to be karate-chopped!).

            • HI-YA!!!

              Done :)

  21. I’ll probably see it, but I’m still feeling meh about it. Hopefully the movie will change my mind.

  22. Rental.

    Honestly, this doesn’t look good. So many lousy tropes. Ninjas, samurai, immortality, beautiful baddie. Meh.

    • As far as tropes go, those tropes aren’t very tropey.

  23. Man I really don’t know what to think about this one. The action looks really good but I really don’t understand why he would fight Megatron . I mean Fox has screwed up before(Deadpool)

    • I was thinking that SS looked more like a mix of the purple robot Noisy Boy and the beast robot Zeus from Real Steel. Perhaps Hugh Jackman liked making the RS robots fight a little too much and decided to fight them himself.

    • Logan probably cuts the guy to pieces when they fight the first time and they pull a cyborg rebuild on him. Kind of like the three guys from the Reavers and a bit of the actual comic book Deathstrike that they can’t use for this movie.

  24. On his first trip to the island nation of Genosha (uncanny xmen #235-238), Logan had his powers wiped and he seemed to get even more careless, as if having no healing factor gave him a suicidal drive to go down in flames and blood.

    Logan has always had a love/hate relationship with life, I like that they are touching on those themes. Logan has been around a long time and seen everyone he loves die… he often wants it to end, it’s only his sense of duty that gets him up in the morning.

    I’ve been waiting for this movie ever since the story first appeared in Wolverine limited series it’s based on.

  25. I have to say a few things. Why does Silver Samuarai look like a robot and why isn’t Viper showing any cleavage? These 2 elements are a bit dissapointing, but the movie is still one of most antcipated films this year.