Extended Teaser & Two New Motion Posters For ‘The Wolverine’

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It’s The Wolverine week if you haven’t heard, beginning late Sunday with a series of stills and a new poster, followed by another poster and a brief, yet exciting, six-second teaser yesterday.

To keep the momentum leading up tomorrow’s release of the full Wolverine trailer, Twentieth Century Fox and star Hugh Jackman have released another brief sizzle reel of The Wolverine footage and it offers another epic tease.

With just six seconds of action-packed footage, featuring shots of most of the key characters, a cameo appearance by Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) and sword-fighting, The Wolverine earned itself a lot of positive buzz yesterday, enough to make up for some of the criticisms generated by the oddly fan-made-looking poster the day prior.

Today, Hugh Jackman and MTV have a slightly extended teaser for The Wolverine and this one hits on the main them of the film: immortality. Beginning with the attack on Logan out in public while sporting his black suit, we then see Yukio and Logan in action, while a voiceover by Logan explains that his mutant abilities and the weapon X procedure that turned him into an Adamantium-laced weapon “can’t be undone.” That wouldn’t mean much on its own if it weren’t for the cliffhanger ending of another character telling Logan, “don’t be so sure.”

Have we just discovered the reason Logan heads to Japan? Will Wolverine finally be able to do something about his immortality by giving up his powers and/or his Adamantium skeleton? Or is it something else entirely?

During production on set in the fall, Jackman and director James Mangold participated in a live chat with Marvel.com where they hinted that the villains of The Wolverine will find a way to get through to Logan and make him vulnerable in ways we’ve not seen before. Could the labs we find Logan and this mysterious other character have something to do with that?

The first Wolverine trailer debuts tomorrow and will be attached to G.I. Joe: Retaliation in theaters.

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Source: MTV, SHH

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  1. I could have sworn the line is “Don’t be so sure BUB”… Sabretooth maybe?

    • Oriental Sabretooth?

    • Sabertooth never really said bub, so maybe this is where Logan got it from.

  2. I’m going to be seeing this… Regardless of it being made by Fox. Looks to be a huge improvement over Origins.

  3. I don’t believe Wolverines’s immortality is linked to his adamantium…
    Movie is starting to look pretty good though!!

    • It’s linked to his mutant powers which that *could* be referring to.

    • Well obviously.

  4. Silver samurais sword can

    • Sorry, typing from my phone. Silver samurai’s sword can penetrate wolverines adamantium bones. Therefore making him mortal.

      • Technically, wolverine could die fairly easily, yes he can regenerate and yes he’s got adamantium bones but his muscles, joints, spinals discs etc are just fleshy tissues (albeits, probably stronger than normal humans). That being said someone steong enough could just rip his head off, adamantium can’t do much for that.

        • It’s harder to rip his head off because his skull is Adamantium too. Plus if any of the non Adamantium parts of his body are damaged he could just grow them back. I think the only way to kill him is to cut of his head and keep it away from his body until his brain rots from lack of oxygen.

          • What? Just because his head is an indestructible metal does not mean that it cannot be ripped off. the space BETWEEN the back bones are not metal, he is not one big piece of metal (obviously, or else he would not be able to bend his back/neck)

            • SO he is Perfect Cell … interesting.

        • Or just drop him in the water, like an oceanic trench

  5. What about the Muramasa blade? Didn’t wolverine give it to cyclops for safe keeping, stating “this is the only weapon in the world that can put me down for good”.

    I’m still reserving judgement slightly on this, but from the two teasers, it’s looking very good (but then again, so did X-men Origins: Wolverine).

    By using elements from Claremont/Miller’s story and incorporating it into the existing movie world they’ve create, Fox may actually have gotten this movie right. But we shall see

    • Did Logan do that in the comics? I don’t remember that in the movies.

  6. Actually JNO4, If i’m not mistaken, Wolverine is immortal becuase of his Mutant healing power. So just becuase Silver Samurai’s got a sword that can cut through adamantium it really doesn’t affect Wolverines immortality. Becuase he has the healing power. Now if you chop off Wolverines head then yea he’d become a mortal and a dead one at that.

    • Even if they chop off his head, he can´t die, they just to put it back and it glue by itself, thanks to his healing powers….. so yeah he is immortal….

      • This makes sense. And his bones fuse back together or something?

    • Right, and his head can’t be cut off, having an adamantium skull and spine.

      • I’m assuming his healing power is in all his living cells. So just drop him in lava for awhile killing off all his cells and all you will be left with is his skeleton. He won’t be able to regenerate if he has no cells left.

        • The Advanced Sentinals in the future blasted all his flesh off leaving just a smoking adamantium skeleton. He is not immortal.

          • He was also blown up before by a villain named Nitro, which left only his skeleton. He recovered from that.

      • His spine is not one solid piece of metal (he can bend over). The place BETWEEN the bones can get severed and cause a BEHEADING!

    • I think he can drown. That’s how his son (Daken) tried to kill him recently.

  7. From the voice.. It must be some kind of Japanese people..

  8. The fight scene was cool. I was very hesitant about this film at first, but now I’m looking forward to it. Wolverine’s last two films have been pretty weak (more Origins than Last Stand) and Fox NEEDS this to be good.

  9. I’ll be there when it releases.

  10. can’t wait! ’nuff said!

  11. looks great at least from this footage. I guess their dropping the Mariko arc and sort of revamping Yukio, which I’m not so sure about I know why they’re doing it, so I’m ultimately cool with it. it does look miles ahead of origins.

    side bar: the comic geek in me would of loved to see them revamp Itsu (wolverines wife for those who might not know)and that way we could get a Daken movie down the line, that would be sort of cool a father vs son kind of deal.

  12. I’d imagine that if Logan Lost his healing factor he’d start dying anyway due to his adamantium skeleton

  13. Has Silver Samurai always been able to cut through adamantium, or is his mutant ability getting an upgrade for the movie? I was always under the impression that Silver Samurai’s tachyon-charged blade was unable to cut through Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton, but every article I read has someone posting somewhere that Wolverine better watch out. I know the Samurai has stabbed Wolverine before, but that’s not the same thing as actually slicing through adamantium. Any explanation or comic reference would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, as a sidenote, I really hope we move away from overpowering the mutant healing factor and calling Wolverine immortal really soon.

    • In the “Days of Future Past” story line drawn by John Byrne back in the ’80s Logan dies by being incinerated by a Sentinel. All that’s left is his adamantium skeleton. He’s not immortal, just hard to kill.

      • Yup. It’s also explained in an issue from the 80s (not sure which one) that he is vulnerable to a deep throat slash, that he would bleed out before his arteries could heal.

        I believe that it was also explained once that his adamantium skeleton actually slows his healing ability, and that when it was ripped from his body (by magneto?), hid healing factor actually goes into overdrive.

      • Yup. It’s also explained in an issue from the 80s (not sure which one) that he is vulnerable to a deep throat slash, that he would bleed out before his arteries could heal.
        I believe that it was also explained once that his adamantium skeleton actually slows his healing ability, and that when it was ripped from his body (by magneto?), hid healing factor actually goes into overdrive.

        • Comic book characters that make money are immortal because they can pretty much never write them off.

  14. awesome wolvy in this looks so much better then in origins


  16. If they are trying to make the movie seem as nondescript, generic and unappealing as possible with these teaser-snippets they’ve succeded. Stop playing coy, marketing people. Spill the good already. I’m losing interest by the minutes with all that stalling.

  17. In the “Days of Future Past” story line drawn by John Byrne back in the ’80s Logan dies by being incinerated by a Sentinel. All that’s left is his adamantium skeleton. He’s not immortal, just hard to kill.

  18. I think some people don’t understand the difference between mortal and immortal.

    Yes you can be immortal and still be killed. Immortality means that you do not die of age. You’re body has a sort of clock. That means as the cells regenerate they do not come out as well as the last cell. Ultimately it’s unsustainable process leading to dead.

    Wolverine is MORTAL, because although he ages MUCH slower than the average human being, he DOES age. He is older than professor X by a long shot, but he still especially in the comic books looks like he’s in his 40′s- mid 40′s when he’s actually probably 100 years old or so.

    Wolverine ultimately will die of age. Just will take a long long long long time.

    If Wolverine dies of wounds before he can heal then he’s dead as well. So, yes, it matters what he is wounded with or how he’s wounded. It takes him about 3 hours to fully heal from injuries. If any of those lethal injuries are capable of killing him within 10 minutes. Then he can die.

  19. Wow typos galore…

    I meant when you are mortal you can die of old age and will die ultimately because it’s an unsustainable process your body goes through. While Immortality it just can continue on forever and ever. You can be 100 years old and still look the same way you did when you hit full maturity. Your cells won’t degenerate.

    Wolverine can survive injuries that he can endure 3 hours to heal from. If they are lethal injuries that can kill him right then and there he can die. I think the comic someone spoke of was an Ultimates comic and that didn’t count. They changed Wolverine up a bit. It’s not the true lore.

    • FINALLY!!

      Someone gets it right! Wolverine Immortal? Absurd. Not even when he was being whored by Marvel after the first X-men movies was such a ridiculous claim made. He ages slowly due to his healing factor. Something that has fluctuated incredibly over the years. It all depends on who is writing him but he isn’t immortal.

  20. Who really cares if or how he can die, it’s a comic book movie, it’s not supposed to be believable, the rules of science or biology and physics need not apply here, just watch and enjoy what is being shown!

  21. I’ll probably check this out, especially if the reviews are solid. It’s not ranked high on my “must see” list like Star Trek Into Darkness or Man of Steel, but I’m looking forward to seeing the full trailer.

  22. I think we can all just pretend the black samurai photo shopped looking poster never happend, considering ALL the other posters are freaking awesome! The motion posters with him posing with a samurai sword are pretty cool :D

    • Good point, and the Japanese art sketch one was incredible too.

  23. This has to be the definitive Wolverine film that will forever bury Origins. I am hoping for it to be good. Cannot wait for the Trailer.

  24. I didn’t see Jean Gray. Watched it like 7 times. Am I missing it?

  25. In the comics wolverine regenerated from a single hair.


  26. Just ask the Maestro how he killed Wolverine. Whoops. Maybe not.

  27. In ultimate x-men, magneto killed wolverine by hitting him with a magnetic blast and then ‘forcing’ cyclops to blast away what was left of him. I think.

  28. Looks better than Origins so far, but that’s not saying much. Will this be Fox’s best comic book movie since X2? I guess we’ll find out.

  29. When will The Wolverine Release Date be?