New ‘Man of Steel’ & ‘The Wolverine’ Character Posters

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Wolverine Man of Steel Character Posters New Man of Steel & The Wolverine Character Posters

Iron Man 3 started the summer strong, and with it, 2013′s set of high profile superhero films. In just three weeks Marvel’s first post-Avengers film raked in a billion dollars at the box office and over the next two months, Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox hope to achieve similar success in their key tentpoles.

Where James Mangold’s The Wolverine aims to deliver the definitive standalone Wolverine experience longtime readers have waited to see adapted into live-action, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel promises a fresh and more grounded take on the iconic Superman origin story.

Both films had their marketing campaigns held to the relative last minute and while both come from franchises with baggage (see: Superman Returns and X-Men Origins: Wolverine reviews), trailers and glimpses of footage for each have successfully piqued our interest and bolstered our confidence in placing them as two of Screen Rant’s most anticipated films of the year. New one-sheets have been released for Man of Steel and The Wolverine, focusing solely on the key characters in each story.

Warner Bros. shared new international character vertical banners (read: character posters) for Henry Cavill’s Superman, Michael Shannon’s Zod and Russell Crowe’s Jor-El on one of their international Facebook pages and Fox sent out new posters with an announcement that a new trailer for The Wolverine releases tomorrow.

[Click for full-size poster]

The Man of Steel images are very reminiscent of the Star Trek Into Darkness posters, slightly out of focus and loaded with lens flares – appearing almost as stills from the film itself. The Wolverine art on the other hand – offering yet another look at the villainous Silver Samurai, along with the mysterious Viper and Yukio – continues to embrace the Japanese brush stroke style of the awesome first poster featuring Logan with his adamantium claws out.

Does Viper actually have a snake’s tongue?

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima. Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Laurence Fishburne.


Man of Steel releases June 14th, 2013 and The Wolverine releases July 26th, 2013.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes which one you’d put on your wall!

Sources: WB, Fox

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  1. Lens Flare GO!

  2. These Man of Steel posters have been so boring :(

    • boogoo your Mom is boring

      • How long did it take you to come up with that? It’s very clever!

        • I’ve actually loved all the Man of Steel posters, especially the ones with him flying up close, they look great.

  3. Oh no…not another franchise brought down to its knees but an overabundance of superfluous LENSE FLARES!

  4. Those Wolverine posters are great. The Man Of Steel ones… not so much.

    • I agree. The Wolverine ones are the most original posters I have seen in years. For SW: Episode VII I hope they have ones done in the same style as he OT ones :)


  6. I would put those wolverine posters on my wall… the man of steel ones… i dont think so.

  7. I don’t know about either of them touching 1 billion, but they should make back their budgets and more.

    Tastefully artistic posters from The Wolverine. Man of Steel, good, but nothing new.

    The two forms contrast easily. Man of Steel is going for actor recognition, while Wolverine is enticing with its characters alone, which I feel is right. I’ll watch Man of Steel not because of Cavill, but because of Superman.

    • Yes, but actually, people don’t go to watch movie FOR AN ACTOR, but surely FOR A CHARACTER… Indeed ?

    • And I’ll also watch The Wolverine :D

  8. also, it hurts my eyes to look at the MOS posters. seriously, why are the burring them like that? so stupid.

    • It doesnt look blurry in real life on my wall

      • sure… on your wall. the posters were just released.

        these posters are blurry on purpose.

        • I work at a theater, we recieved these posters yesterday at work. When we get more than 3 we can take some. And its not blurry at all

        • @COREY_1993: It’s not that blurry for me either… I just don’t like the distracting bright light/lens-flare-effect that the posters have (maybe that’s what’s causing the blurriness for you?)

          I loved the MoS posters where we see Supes flying… now those are worthy of going on a wall!

          • Definently that and i like the zod and superman banner where they look like they are going right at each other. Its awesome, im just really curious how the Special effects will look when it looks rather hectic which may work since they are super. I wanna feel like something super is happening

  9. Zod is trying Gangnam Style!

  10. I wonder if El was deliberately used and a shortened version of Elohim which means god.

    • “El” all by itself means God in Judaism. Considering Superman was originally created by two Jewish high school students, I’m guessing the use of it was deliberate.

      If you ask me, I think they created Superman as a fun way of mocking Christianity.

      Not that I care, and I’m not trying to start a jihad or anything… but that’s kinda EXACTLY what it looks like.

      You really can’t argue the parallels between Superman and Jesus.

      • They weren’t mocking anyone…They were simply adapting the popular idea of the “adventurer” to a more urban setting and combining that character type with the image of a strongman (hence, the red briefs over the blue bodysuit) to create a hero who might allow them to feel more empowered in a society rife with anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry.

        There was no desire to make fun of anyone; the boys simply wanted to feel like they could resist close-mindedness.

        • All I’m saying is it’s debatable, as there is plenty of evidence on both sides to suggest either/or.

          The origin closely resembles Moses, and everything he does following closely resembles Jesus.

          Given there religious heritage, putting ideas of this kind on paper, actually… now that I think about it… could have been a way of mocking both sides, not just one.

          Yeah, I take it back that it was deliberately mocking JUST Christianity, because with Superman, it would mean you are also deliberately mocking Judaism.

          Is that what they were doing? Maybe yes maybe no, all anyone can do is speculate and be very careful to not offend anyone in the process.

          • I wasn’t disagreeing that there is some religious significance to the creation and development of the character. I was simply pointing out that they weren’t MOCKING anyone. That was my specific point of contention.

            • My suggestion that they might have been, stems from the fact that it was 1933. Take a close look at what was happening to Jews during this time and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination that two Jewish high school kids create a character which echoes what was currently transpiring around them regarding religious beliefs.

              I’m not saying he is in fact Moses or Jesus, or should ever be viewed as such… I’m saying it COULD have been a mockery of the two, given the confusion that probably accompanied being a Jewish teenager in 1933.

          • Christianity is technically born from Judaism since Jesus was Jewish and we follow his teachings along with the rest of the Holy Bible and how we interpret it into our lives. We all go back to the same belief in God.

            Regardless, it’s whatever you feel Superman really is. Me? I just think he’s a character born from creative minds. Same as any other superhero

          • @ Dr M

            Why be careful not to offend anyone?

            An opinion is an opinion.

            As long as it’s based on evidence and not an arbatory inflamatory statement deliberately made to cause consternation then whether offence is taken or not is down to the individual reading the comment, not the individual making it.

            Admitedly it gets tricky when the comments pertain to religous matters but that still should not preqlude the comment from being expressed.

            Aint that the whole point of freedom of speech and open and frank reasoned debate and the rejection of censorship and dogma

            • ooops, me socio-political head took over for a second there.

              • It was just my acknowledgement that it is tricky to voice a religious opinion without it looking like you are showing favoritism for one side over another which is what leads to offending people.

                All things considered, it’s a safe bet to avoid it completely… it’s just with Superman the subject does seem to be unavoidable, and rightfully so.

        • Exactly.

          I’ve never looked at Superman as a comparison to Jesus Christ, nor will I ever.

          Nothing ever jumped out to me in offense saying “Superman is a made-up character, so is your so called religion.” If it did, I would probably never go near anything Superman again. But nothing of the sort has happened.

  11. Viper has been repurposed to be a Mystique-redux shapeshifter.

    • ahhh… your so right. Why does Bryan Singer do stuff like that? I feel like they picked Viper just so she couldn’t ever be used in Capt America. At some point they figured out oh.. this character is not really what we need her to be so lets make her into something else but keep the name.

      • Bryan Singer isn’t involved with The Wolverine – it’s James Mangold and Christopher McQuarrie working the story for this one.

  12. J.J. Abrams approves of the MOS posters.

  13. I agree that there is too much lens flare in the Man of Steel posters, but I think they’re still cool. But seriously, why do people get SO distracted and irritated with them in the Star Trek movies?

    • Cause they arent used tastefully they are overdone

      • Over done, yes, but I do think they give a cool look to the movies. The only times I’ve ever had a problem with them is when people are just sitting there talking and there are lens flares in the shot for no reason.

        As for these posters, I think they are cool, but the lens flares are a little heavy.

        • There are times when lens flares can really look good

  14. I don’t mind the lens flare per say, it gives Superman that feeling of one last hope when all is lost.

    What I hate is the fact that the lighting and blurs make it seem like Superman is an alien that belongs in “War of the Worlds”. Make it a a little brighter and get rid of that greenish hue for crying out loud. He’s Superman, not Klaatu.

  15. I think banner is the appropriate term for these images.
    The word poster still connotes actual posters seen at theaters
    and these images are strictly for internet distribution and something
    far different from the high quality posters one would encounter in theaters.

  16. I’ve go so little hope for either of these that if they’re even half decent I’ll be happy.

  17. These posters are incredible.

  18. Thoses Wolverine posters are awesome!

  19. hey guys check out this new man of steel trailer omg it looks frikin epic

  20. Zod looks like either he is hiding underarm perspiration stains or has a tummy ache in that pose, and his head looks like Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein monster at a very quick glance from a distance.

  21. okay, people who are trying to parallel Jesus and Superman…please stop. It’s offensive! Take it for what it is: A COMIC BOOK!!!!!!! rant over. thanks screen rant for letting me rant (pun intended). That being said, I love these posters and I CANNOT WAIT for MAN OF STEEL!!!!!!!!