New ‘Wolverine’ Set Photo: Story Details, Spoilers, & Adamantium Claws

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wolverine movie trailer hugh jackman New Wolverine Set Photo: Story Details, Spoilers, & Adamantium Claws

WARNING: The following post and official image contains MILD SPOILERS for The Wolverine

You can definitely say this for Wolverine: of all the various mutants who have been introduced to a mainstream audience through the X-Men movies, he’s the only one so far to get a standalone movie, and now he’s about to embark in his second solo outing in The Wolverine, a follow-up that’s all about the surly immortal’s encounters with the Yashida clan in modern day Japan.

The Wolverine will mark the fifth time that Hugh Jackman has played the character on the big screen. He made a brief cameo appearance – in which he uttered a brief but poignant three-word response to Magneto and Xavier’s attempt to recruit him – in X-Men: First Class, and is set to return once more for the time-travelling plot of X-Men: Days of Future Past, but The Wolverine is the next major X-Men movie on the horizon.

As the film enters the final stages of post-production – including recording the score and mixing the sound – director James Mangold has been tweeting set photos from filming, and the latest of these images shows a snapshot of the rehearsals for what looks like one of the film’s major fight scenes. Captioned, “Hiro Sanada and HJ rehearse clash of claws and blades. Hiro is a truly great actor, martial artist and friend,” the image shows Hiroyuki Sanada as Shingen Yashida locked in a deadly duel with Jackman’s Wolverine.


Hiroyuki Sanada and Hugh Jackman rehearse on the set of The Wolverine 280x170 New Wolverine Set Photo: Story Details, Spoilers, & Adamantium Claws

Whatever training Hugh Jackman did for this role clearly paid off – his musculature could have been directly lifted from a Rob Liefeld drawing, and certainly fits with Mangold’s early promise to explore Wolverine’s berserker rage in the film. Let’s hope that Shingen – and primary antagonist Silver Samurai, prove themselves to be worthy foes.

This fight scene has featured heavily in all of the teasers and trailers for The Wolverine, and presumably comes at a point where Wolverine either decides that he doesn’t like Shingen’s “gift” of mortality all that much after all, or else has found himself the target of the Yashida clan, as evidenced by the images of him battling off dozens of ninjas in the street.

A couple of things stand out about this image. First, Shingen Yashida’s blade would have to be made out of adamantium in order to stand a snowball’s chance in hell of effectively locking off against Wolverine’s claws, which means that he must have traded in traditional samurai steel for a weapon specifically designed to do battle with Wolverine (or, of course, it could just be a plot hole). Second, the “pin bed” behind them was seen in the trailer being used to prop up a much older and weaker version of Lord Shingen (played by Hal Yamanouchi – pictured below with Mangold) – does this mean that the crime boss somehow manages to steal some of Logan’s regenerative capabilities for himself?

James Mangold and Hal Yamanouchi on the set of The Wolverine 570x380 New Wolverine Set Photo: Story Details, Spoilers, & Adamantium Claws

Though there’s been a lot of positive spin peddled for The Wolverine, many fans of the character learned to temper their expectations after X-Men Origins: Wolverine turned out to be less than impressive. With that in mind, however, the interesting setting and visual style that has been showcased so far in the trailers and promotional stills definitely makes The Wolverine one of this summer’s films to watch out for.

One positive thing that has definitely come out of the Wolverine standalone film’s is the slow-but-steady chug of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s R-rated Deadpool script towards the stage of being greenlit by Fox, with Ryan Reynolds eager to reprise his role as the wise-cracking antihero in a film of his own. Are you excited for Deadpool and The Wolverine, or would you prefer to see another one of the X-Men get a chance at the spotlight?

The Wolverine opens in theaters on July 26th, 2013.

Source: James Mangold

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  1. Im guessing the old mans a fake and its a setup by the real shingen.

    • If that were true this could be called a Black comedy.

      • Ya mean another Tyler Perry production?

      • Why it gotta be black??!! See, that’s what’s wrong with this country…always comin’ down on da’ black man!! This imperialistic and antagonistic society that’s held all our black brotha’s and sistah’s in chains!! We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!!

        Oh Lord; who let him out?!


  2. God, I hope Deadpool happens.

    • God I hope not, everything Reynolds touches is worse with him in it

      • Not really.

        • Absolutely.

          Blame him, his agent, or lady luck, but Reynolds hasn’t made a good film in years. Buried was a modest attempt.
          Nothing spectacular.

          • Absolutely not.

            Here’s a novel idea: lay the blame where it belongs. His acting hasn’t been the problem.

      • Reynolds was an amazing Wade Wilson in Origins, what they did with “Deadpool” (if you can even call him that) in Origins, was the problem, not Reynolds.

        • “if you can even call him that”

          Yeah, that about sums it up right. I wouldn’t say that Reynolds portrayal of Wade was amazing but I would go an say that if was fairly accurate and that he would do a great job as the character if handled correctly.

          Still it wasn’t until the characters basterdization(In Origins) that they ruined everything which is why I’m not that optimistic about the Deadpool movie. Perhaps if a different studio were to do it.

          • I think Reynolds has even said that Deadpool wasnt portrayed correctly in Origins. I dont think he would play that character again if it was done poorly. And really, he didnt play Deadpool in Origins, just Wade.

            • Yeah, technically, Scott Adkins was “Deadpool” in Origins.

              • I didn’t even know he was in it and I like Adkins! I see what you mean though..

      • Quite the opposite. He’s often the best thing about the movies he’s in. Wolverine would’ve been 1000x more watchable if they gave his Wade Wilson more screen time and didn’t sew his mouth shut.

  3. oh man ..i just hope that they don’t screw up this awesome storyline..1

  4. Superhuman physique, very true, very true. Sooooooo…..

    Which female beats him up in this film?

    Hope he learns some martial arts from all those ninjas, so that the little girl down the street can’t kick his —-.

  5. Good going, Screen Rant. You just spoiled it for the 3 people who are gonna see this movie.

    I’m beginning to feel so sorry for the fate of this flick that I feel compelled to force myself to buy a ticket on opening weekend. I can still go into the theater and sneak in to see a different movie.

    • X-Men: 296.3 million

      X2: 407.7 million

      X3: 459.4 million

      Origins: 373.1 million

      First Class: 353.6 million

      Total Worldwide Box Office: 1,890.1 million

      Those 3 people sure love their X-Men movies to spend so much on them. I wonder how much each of those 3 people will end up spending when they see The Wolverine? Another 400-500 million? Good work Fox, making a movie franchise that has made close to 2 billion with only 3 viewers.

      • Okay. So, you’re one of those three people.


        • I saw Origins in theaters about a half dozen times. But I also didnt pay for tickets, either…

          • Why on Earth would you subject yourself to that?

            • Its wolvy on the big screen. Nuff said.

          • Haha, well more power to you!

            • HA!!

              Kryptonic you’re hilarious but I agree. Except on the buying the ticket part..

      • @acathla- Why do you always refer to box offices grosses and critic ratings when talking about these movies? If people have a differing opinion that is really not going to change their mind and it doesn’t really matter. The Smurfs made over 500 million worldwide, does that mean it was a great film?

    • What was even spoiled?? If you know anything about Silver Samurai you know about his sword….am I missing something?

  6. i’m guessing the blade is a plothole. that’s typical for these sort of arrangements. hopefully, if i’m wrong it’s not and that means they thought out this wolverine and gave it a sweet R rating so they could do a REAL wolverine and not these wholesome family pg-13 pics we’ve been bombarded with.

    It’s Wolverine for peets sake !! Where are the women? Where is the sex and the decapitations the blood and violence?

    Gimme R or gimme nothin

    • maybe theyll finally release a directors R-Rated cut on dvd/bluray

      • Well, the inevitable Porn WOLVERINE parody will be coming out. It’ll probably make more money, too.

        • The question is, what should a Wolverine porn parody be called?


            • Sexmen origins- wolverine.

              • Ex-Men, Logan’s New Body

          • XXX-Men Orifices: Wolverine goes berserk on that a$$!

        • Ugh, instead of claws it’d be a bunch of big dicks come out of his fists.

          • LOL. Pretty graphic, dude! Would make for a good graphic novel.

          • Brilliant!!! 😀

        • Just imagine. They could actually have butt hurt fan boys. Now on film not just in comment sections.

          • …says the X men defender who wears his buffy/vampire avatar with pride.

    • Silver Samauri has a magic sword that can cut through anything except adamantium, although it can stand up to it. Maybe they will go that route.

    • u get nothing then

  7. You guys know nothing about marketing or the film business as a whole if you think a rated R Wolverine would make as much as a PG-13 would.
    Plus you haven’t even seen the movie.
    How can you already judge the violence in the film?
    It’s not even out..

    • +1

    • I dont think theyre saying it will make more money if rated r, but that it would be better.

      • I’m all for The Wolverine if it had more violence and , especially, naked women, hookers and strippers.

        That’s the whole nature of Logan. He’s THE Anti Hero of Marvel comics par excellence.

        But Fox knows it won’t get its money back if they put out an R rated Wolverine.

        • @Kryptonic:yup you know what i’m talking about. his best comics were “seedy” and he was like the pure male chauvinist banging chicks left and right and smoking his stogie. the kind of guy youngins could look up to. by making him a role model for rogue he’s become tamed into a father figure. that sweet older brother who gives dating advice and always remembers a birthday…


          he’s no man anymore and he practically never gets any blood on himself. his blades are as useless as leonardo’s blades in the ninja turtles. he just uses them to chop trees onto his adversaries that sort of thing.

          i dare FOX to bring out an authentic WOLVERINE. if they have the guts that is.

          …And rated R pictures don’t all flop or underperform, Beverly Hills Cop 2 made 275 million back in 1987 and that was rated R. why can’t they make a rated R wolverine now???

      • I see where they’re coming but it’s smarter to piss off a few fan boys in favor of getting more families to come spend their money.

    • Well, it might be better as an R rated film, but that is never going to happen so…

      I am very excited about a possible R Deadpool movie though. I thought the first few minutes of X-Men: Woverine with Reynolds as a pre-Deadpool Deadpool was pretty good. What they did to him at the end was an abomination though.

      • Agreed. 100%

        Reynolds may have been the best part of Origins.

    • i don’t care how much it makes i want to see a quality wolverine. either do it right or don’t do it at all.

    • Not quite, but Jackman’s clearly making an effort towards it.

    • Nobody could look like a Liefeld drawing unless they were on steroids or a sideshow performer.

  8. A character who needs to be the main focus is Cyclops, and Archangel. I think the baddies of the film should be Sinister,Apocalypse, and the Human threat John Sublime who steals mutants powers to turn himself into a super mutant.I also think Omega Red should be featured in the sequel to the wolverine as his main baddy.I would love to see returning characters like Gambit,Nightcrawler,Sabretoothe,Blob,and Juggernaught, and new characters like Beak,Husk,Chamber, and Scarlett Witch. anyways looking forward to this but the train scene looks a bit silly, and over the top i like a action scene thats a bit more grounded like they did for X-1, and 2. But as a Fan of the ole Cartoons,Comics, and basically any genre of film i do not think they will use any of these and will go another direction like ironman 3 with the Mandarin LOL.

    • the scarlet witch is marvel property…. she’s appearing with quicksilver in the avengers 2

    • You know this post is about the Wolverine film, not X-Men….

  9. I’ll buy the DVD, cuz it is Marvel and X-Men, but the overuse of Wolverine really does not impress me that much.
    Bring on Cyclops; make alot of fanboys happy!

  10. When is Gambit going to get his chance to play already?

  11. Cyclops. C’mon Fox, just do Cyclops one time….. and don’t let him get killed by a girl.

  12. I believe the blade is some special metal that can kill even Wolverine. They have it in the comics but I can’t remember the name of it. I keep thinking Yashida sauce and getting hungry.

  13. ***SPOILER***

    Silver Samurai is a robot controlled by a greedy business man on super soldier steroids.

    • Yeah,

      I’m surprised nobody raged or anything after seeing a glimpse of SS in the trailers..

      • I did. He (it?) looks like a 12 foot CGI robot in that trailer. HIGHLY disappointed! People should forget about The Mandarin and start tearing apart these terrible Wolverine/X-Men movies instead.

  14. Who’s going to be the mutant cameo? Beyond the Jean Grey appearence and the regular cast I mean.

    I’m guessing… Jubilee. Maybe they ignore her previous psuedo-incarnation and Wolvie meets her in a Tokyo mall.

    Her actual first appearence in uncanny 244, storm, rogue, dazzler and psylocke were on a shopping spree in a hollywood mall, they saved Jubes from getting captured by a bumbling mutant task force. She followed them back through gateway’s port gate and the rest is history.

    That relationship, Jubes and wolvie… they had great moments over the years. Jubes helped save Wolvie from the reavers once, she’s a true partner to Logan. I’d love to see those two on screen together, it’d be like Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, oddly compatible.

  15. “The first Silver Samurai is a mutant with the ability to generate a tachyon field, with which he can surround anything. He commonly uses his power on his sword, enabling it to cut through nearly anything, except adamantium.” from wikipedia.