Wolverine Reshoots = More Trouble?

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wolverine in trouble Wolverine Reshoots = More Trouble?We all knew it – though we didn’t know the extent of it, but it looks like X-Men Origins: Wolverine is in trouble. Serious trouble. The film is currently under going “extensive” reshoots. Not only that but Richard Donner, director of Superman and Lethal Weapon is apparently on hand while this filming is taking place.

So how much trouble is Wolverine in?

20th Century Fox says that the reason for the reshoots is because they needed specific weather conditions for shooting.  And apparently they have even considered having journalists on set to see what is going down. A shot at damage control perhaps?

The trouble on the set of the Hugh Jackman starrer has been well documented with Donner on standby throughout the shoot (his wife Lauren Shuler Donner produces the film) and Fox head honcho Tom Rothman overriding many of director Gavin Hood’s choices – right down to the color of paint on set!

Now Hood hasn’t been fired – he is directing the reshoots, so there does appear to be some sort of unity going on here, but we know how careless Fox are with genre material. They’ve shown a lack of love to the X-Men franchise before when they rushed X-Men The Last Stand into production as a one fingered salute to Bryan Singer when he left the franchise to helm Superman Returns. And last year they dumped The X-Files in a bizarre summer date when the film would have been better suited to a winter premiere and the less said about Babylon A.D. and The Day the Earth Stood Still the better.

Now, it could be true that they need certain weather conditions for portions of the film, and pick-ups are a common occurrence on most big budget films, but you would have presumed that with all the negative buzz swarming about the film that somebody would have mentioned this before now. It‘s now becoming clear why Hugh Jackman had to pull out of Steven Soderbergh’s Cleo.

Could Fox be salvaging the movie or is it destined to be another critical and financial disaster for the studio? Well it’s not looking too good. Now, I’m a supporter of Hugh Jackman and his work but you have to wonder about his role in all of this. Jackman is not only the star but a producer of the film and if he doesn’t have Hood’s back then who does? He hasn’t said anything about the troubles and it looks like “the nicest man in Hollywood” is either too nice, a bad producer or behind a lot of these problems.  I just feel that maybe he’s letting somebody down here. Odd considering that Jackman needs Wolverine as his movie career is teetering on life support.

These reshoots could save Wolverine or they could just highlight how disastrous the shoot really was before the films release. If the movie does bomb then expect any Marvel property at Fox to die in the explosion.

Well keep you posted on any X-Men Origins: Wolverine news, but in the meantime keep your fingers crossed that our adamantium friend makes it through the storm. We all thought that Wolverine was invincible – lets see if he makes it through this tussle with Fox.

Source: Collider

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  1. They better not screw up my favorite characters movie. AND I HOPE TO GOD if Magneto gets made, Fox doesnt handle it.

  2. According to recent news, Cleo doesn’t even have financing yet but Soderbergh had said he wanted to start filming in April. The “scheduling conflict” Hugh mentioned was probably Wolverine publicity – he even said so in a radio interview I heard recently when he said they were “trying to work things out” and Soderbergh even said in an interview a few months ago that he wanted Hugh but he had Wolverine to promote and they were trying to work that out but I guess couldn’t. Cleo has nothing to do with this, it’s more likely Wolverine promotion if the April start date is a go.

  3. While it’s likely I’ll be watching this when it comes out, I don’t have high hopes for any part of it. While the idea of a Wolverine movie maybe feels like a decent concept, it just doesn’t really seem worth it. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it’s the whole spin-off thing (which is why I have similar sentiments to a Magneto movie), I don’t know, but really, this seemed like a bad idea from the get go so such news of problems on set doesn’t really surprise me.

  4. Maybe Hugh’s answer to all this bad rumors about the Wolverine movie is this new full-cast photo he just gave into publicity. It’s really badass. Plus, Jackman said that the reshoots were always planned. Check out the pic at the following url:


  5. Hey guys! Forgot to give you THIS url where you’ll find THE EXACT Hugh Jackman answer to Wolverine’s bad publicity:


  6. A Lauren Shuler-Donner interview from Oct. 8 – she said in that interview there was more filming in January:


    >>>CS/SHH!: And is the Stan Lee cameo obligatory at this point, even though he didn’t personally create Wolverine?

    Schuler Donner: Well, we shot in Australia, and so we don’t have a Stan.

    CS/SHH!: Oh no… Maybe he can get placed in the background digitally?

    Donner: Yeah, I know. Oh, you know what, we’re doing some additional shooting in January and that’s a good idea. I love Stan!

  7. thanks partyoffive for mentioning this! Let’s hope that things with Wolverine will turn out to be as we all wish. I think all these fears about the film exist just because Wolverine is such a highly-anticipated flick, much more than any other X-men movie ever was

  8. This thing will make money because of the character, the title, and Hugh.
    I don’t see it reaching the bar set this past year for quality by the other hero movies. FOX’s only hope will be Avatar.

  9. Were there any FACTS at all in that article? Didn’t think so.

    It’s ‘articles’ like this one that get everyone’s boxers bunched up and spreads the notion that because there are a few re-shoots there are naturally BIG problems right here in River City and you better keep a bullet for yourself cuz’ this movies gonna suck for sure.

    Gimme a break!..better yet, gimme some facts!!

  10. If they just stuck to Logans origin,
    instead of trying to turn this into X- men 4
    There wouldnt be a problem.

  11. oops!
    wrong thread .
    So many movie messes I get them mixed up!

  12. I know this movie sounds and looks like it’s heading for trouble, but im tired of people taking the reshoots as a heavy sighn for that. Don’t people know that almost all big scale movies have reshoots/pickups etc. Take the Lord Of the Rings for instance, 3 years after princable photagraphy was finished, they were still busy with reshoots and shooting new scens for Retutn Of the King. Not because the film was in trouble, just because they decided they needed some stuff different or stuff they didnt have. They usually come to this conclusion during editing, when the realize some things are just not working and that they need certain things for pacing reasons etc. Really, pickups is not a weird thing for films, and definitely not a sign of the movie sucking. That said, I do think Wolverine will not be up to scratch (no pun intended :-) ) I just think it’s gonna be a real disappointment, especialy due to the earlier reports of problems on set with Hood and studio etc. Ouw, I think my finger hurt now :-)

  13. That suppose to be fingerS! haha
    Oh,another reason for me believing movie will disapoint is the new pic up at Superherohype and AICN. as predicted, Deadpool has no mask, and looks pretty lame all round. While I love Ryan Reynolds and think his perfect for the Deadpool character, unfortunately his star appeal and looks are probably a good reason behind lack of mask. Further more, because of the no-costume rule in the X-men film universe, or at most crappy ones, he just has on cargo pants and a red tank top. LAME!

  14. I think the movies going to upset the same people the Xmen movies did.

    Others will like it just the same. ( that doesnt mean its good )

  15. @JessSayin

    The production has been plagued with problems including meddling by Fox head Tom Rothman, so it’s not much of a leap to say that reshoots are a bad sign.

    Although of course you may be right – we don’t have mutant powers of prophecy here at Screen Rant. :-P


  16. Whats the point of this post??? To get people worried for no reason??? I didnt see any facts here. Just you trying to get people to worry about the film.

  17. Here are some facts I see:

    Fact: Re-shooting for the film
    Fact: 2nd Director on stand by
    Fact: Studio interfering with Hood’s sets?
    Fact: Fox Studios is making this film
    Fact: Fox ruined X-men
    Fact: Hugh is a producer
    Fact: Hugh had to pull out of Cleo

  18. See prior posts where Shuler-Donner said as early as October 3 (the date of the message posting) there were going to be reshoots in January. And Cleo had nothing to do with this – that wasn’t supposed to start filming in April at the earliest (assuming it could get financing).

  19. Is it really such a far fetched idea of someone being there if his wife is there? I mean I know this is hollywood and all, but could there be a slight chance that they got married because they actually like being around each other?

  20. Serious question: How is Jackman’s career “teetering on life support”? I’m no huge fan of his and I haven’t seen any of his non-x related work, but the guy seems to be steadily employed, making the talk show rounds, and on the cover of a magazine or two. Yes, FOX has become an albatross to their own name, but that isn’t killing HJ’s career. Wolverine may very well tank but I bet he still gets work afterwards.

  21. Way I remember it, albatross was a ship’s good luck,’til some idiot killed it.

    But it’s true, granted, some people didn’t like Australia, but there’s no doubt his career is doing fine, he may not be A-List, but he’s a decent actor who never seems to be out of luck.

  22. @Zipper

    Yeah, I thought that was a bit over the top… probably should have snipped that line out before publishing the post.


  23. RE: “teetering on life support”

    Going by the three strike rule in Hollywood – The Fountain grossed $10 million, Deception grossed $4.5 and Australia eeked out $48 since it was released (from a $130 mil + budget)They’re all US grosses.

    I’d say that Jackman needs Wolverine if he wants to be seen as bankable. In fact, as much as I like him he has never really headlined a major hit on his own.Van Hesling is the closest and that limped tp $120 million and was pretty much sold on concept and not the star.

    I hope that clears up the “teetering on life support” comment.


  24. One could argue the same about Sam Jackson and there’s no doubt he’s a successful actor. Frankly, as long as studios keep paying Jackman money to appear in movies, he’s a success.

  25. @Niall

    Thanks for clearing that up. I find it interesting that Jackman (who I hear is a REALLY nice guy) is so popular yet the non-Wolverine movies he appears in don’t seem to reflect that.


  26. @ Joshi

    I’d say that Sam Jackson is an actor and not a leading man. He’s often the sidekick or the supporting actor – not the star. That’s not to say he’s never top billed though (or been the lead).

    @ Vic,

    I agree – contrary to what people now seem to believe following these Wolverine articles, I am a Jackman fan and I’ve pretty much seen all his stuff on the bigscreen. Even Someone like You!

    However, at some point people will stop paying him top dollar once his movies have some sort of low grossing pattern.


  27. You’re right, he isn’t a leading man, the only movie off the top of my head that I can remember him being a leading man in was Snakes on a Plane, everything else he usually shares billing with someone else or, as you say, plays the side kick, but I would say he’s a star in his own right, and I’d say Jackman, while not as big, is also a star in his own right.

  28. @Niall

    Perhaps it is not so much him as an actor but his decision making process in the lead roles he accepts. The movies you mentioned above held absolutely no interest for me when i saw the trailer and it had nothing to do with the lead actor.

    There are only a hand full of actors/actresses that based on them being in the movie alone, I go and see it.

  29. It’s true, I love Jackman, but his non X-films have all done poorly.

    I really liked Swordfish personally at the time though. Oh, and I loved The Prestige – but that was an ensemble cast.

    That’s probably a big reason why they did things like throw in Gambit into Wolverine.

    If Wolverine does well, there will be two sequels to it and even if the story is horrid (very likely with Fox), it will still bring in loads of $$$.