‘The Wolverine’ Post-Credits Scene Teases ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X Men Days of Future Past The Wolverine Post Credits Scene Teases X Men: Days of Future Past

Fox has finally confirmed what films they’re bringing to Comic-Con (sort of) and their panel presentation includes The Wolverine and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with a third unannounced film we’re sure is X-Men: Days of Future Past.

With recent reports and confirmations that Fox is now developing another X-Men film titled X-Force, it’s possible Fox uses this stage to not only showcase their next two Marvel movies, but to make announcements regarding the future of the franchise which Days of Future Past may very well help setup.

When we chatted with The Wolverine director James Mangold, he continually emphasized that while its story does honor and take place in the same universe, acknowledging the films that came before, it’s truly standalone. More interestingly, he pointed out that his story ends when the credits roll and he wants moviegoers to feel satisfied as such, making it clear that any added post-credits sequence is not his or part of his story, instead serving as a studio’s way to excite fans of the next franchise film.

James Mangold directing Hugh Jackman in Japan The Wolverine The Wolverine Post Credits Scene Teases X Men: Days of Future Past

James Mangold directing Hugh Jackman in Japan

Such a scene is a certainty with Fox banking heavily on X-Men: Days of Future Past turning the series on its head and launching the future in a new direction and we heard rumors two months ago of how the scene might play out. Speaking with The Buzz, Jackman essentially confirmed rumors that a post-credits scene at the end of The Wolverine will pave the way for next year’s ambitious franchise installment:

“There’s a lot of great actors in it, and if you stick around to the end of the credits of The Wolverine, you’re going to get a really nice little Easter Egg for what Days of Future Past has to offer… which we can’t reveal!”

So far, we know Days of Future Past features time travel, “new technologies” as director Brian Singer describes, and the combination of nearly every cast member from the First Class prequel and the original X-Men film trilogy.

What lays ahead can be considered possible spoilers on cameos for The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past.








Below is an excerpt from our previous article on X-Men cameos in The Wolverine and Days of Future Past from early May.

According to JoBlo, James Mangold and Hugh Jackman were conducting some reshoots in a Montreal airport and the scene in question was seemingly designed to serve as a button sequence to tease X-Men: Days of Future Past. It featured Wolverine arriving at an airport- probably returning from his adventures in Japan – and time freezing as Professor X (Patrick Stewart) walks in with him. Yes, the dead professor from X-Men: The Last Stand and yes, walking. If the report proves true, it’s likely the Days of Future Past version of Professor X from an alternate post-apocalyptic future (as seen in this behind-the-scenes photo) contacting Logan.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Lucas Till, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.


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Source: The Buzz (via DigitalSpy)

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  1. That would be an incredible post credits scene

  2. Nice, I can’t wait for this movie. So far, reviews are trickling in, they’re saying it’s average, however they’re comparing it The Avenegers and The Dark Knight. I wasn’t expecting anything groundbreaking, just a solid Wolverine flick that has a lot of characters development, and a solid enough story to warrant a lot of the action scenes.

  3. the way mangold puts it, it sounds like he has not confidence in the next
    xmen movie. here is what young professor x is going to say “WOLVERINE,
    have you heard of the XMEN INITIATIVE”?

    • It’ll be Bishop played by Sam Jackson to say that. Knowing Fox, it’ll happen.

      • good one.

    • Lmaooo touche

    • or Princess Daisy will run in with a flamethrower gun “Wolverine… Professor X… you guys gotta come with me. I need your help, you’re never going to believe what happened.” cue the song “i’ve got the power.”

  4. Could they finally be getting it right?

    • … you mean a Wolvie post credit tease that FOX actually follows through with?

      Let’s hope so.

  5. I would go to the theatre just to see that after credits scene, but….. I dont want to pay for another Wolverine movie, sadly

    • So basically what you’re saying is that you wouldn’t.

      • I would go to the theatre, but if someone let me enter without paying, lol.

  6. I am super stoked on this button scene,

    but i feel like i am going to have explain a few things to the people sitting next to me in the theaters haha

  7. Not surprised at the details of this button scene considering Screen Rant talked about it in detail months ago.

    It’s really the only reason I’m going to see The Wolverine next thursday when it releases because honestly, I could’ve waited for it to air on TV first.

    • but at the end, you will be supporting again Wolverine on the theatre, so to Fox that will only mean “he is God and we should keep use him as the lead character”

      Fox have been using x-men cameos on his movies as a way to get more x-men fans as possible on Wolverine movies, and those fans keep going. But then they complain.

      They are getting what they are part of. So no right to complain.

      • Why would I complain though?

        I’m willingly going to a Wolverine movie because I’ve liked the character as my fave X-Men team member for 20 years.

        My only reason for not wanting to see it in the cinema is money with The World’s End this friday and The Wolverine next thursday but you know what?

        The button scene has got me tempted and I’m more than likely only gonna complain if the plot turns out to be weak or there’s some other issue with it.

        • People can complain all they want, but the character (and to an extent Jackman) brings in more production funds. The studio also might feel Wolverine draws in more casual fans.

          • Exactly.

            There’s a massive reason that Wolverine is the most popular X-Men character of all time. Fox are capitalizing on that.

        • Dazz you get the worlds end this friday?!! Please let us know how it was on open discussion

    • Sure you could of

  8. sorry screen rant… BUT THATS A PRETTY BIG SPOILER!

    • The post credits scene?

      Cause Screen Rant posted that exact description months ago with no complaints.

      • And with a spoiler warning.

        Corey, this quote is from Hugh Jackman doing press for The Wolverine. There’s no info the headline fans didn’t know/expect and it doesn’t reveal any details about it. That comes after a spoiler warning.

        • the title says it… with no spoiler warning.

  9. …and that is when Cyclops comes heroically striding in, just in time to save the day and the future of the X-men franchise as well, and….waitaminnutt…..what?!…..WHERE’S CYCLOPS??!!

    • That character does not exist in Bryan Singer’s mind.

      • Ah-ha, has the problem been identified (ie: he does not have a mind?)!?

        • Singer has no mind? Wow, quite an accomplishment than what he has done for Fox with the X-Men film franchise. Seriously, check out the ratings of X-Men and X2 on those film review sites. You might be surprised to find your in the minority when it comes to liking his X films.

    • He co-star as Lois Lane’s made up boyfriend and then did a movie with the Easter Bunny. I am pretty sure Singer has his number, unless something else is at play.

    • Yep, where is Cyclops in this solo Wolverine adventure after he was killed in The Last Stand? Yes he was criminally under used in the first 3 movies, which sucked, but was anyone truly expecting him to pop up in a movie called The Wolverine?

  10. These post-credits scenes that are actually at the end of the credits are annoying. When it’s after the first set of credits with stylized graphic designs like the Thanos scene in Avengers was it’s cool. But when it’s after the second sets of credits set to a black screen, like the Banner scene in Iron Man 3, it’s not worth the wait. I could’ve saw if the after credits scene was some awesome unexpected development that sets up a sequel and lets the audience know something they wouldn’t have known it’s cool, but when it’s just a bonus stinger it’s not worth waiting through 10 minutes of boring names.

    • That’s why I walked away from IM3 disappointed with the post credits. It was pointless after ages of credits (saying that, I willingly sat through Cloverfield’s 9 minutes of credits for a 5 second clip of someone saying “It’s still alive” in reverse so can’t really say much there can I?)

      My brother worked out a good method of detection though which he told me about at Pacific Rim.

      If there’s a stylized credits thing, a button scene is going to be included so wait for it then leave.

      If not and you get traditional black screen credits, leave the cinema.

      • I know if there is a button scene by one fact. The theater won’t turn on the lights all the way if there is. They will keep it dim until the end of credits.

    • I’m not arguing with your reasoning, but the funny thing, I could never saw that additional scene with Banner in IM3 as merely a ‘bonus’ footage. Just observe it from a complete movie perspective.

      I believe it’s actually the true ending of the movie, considering that it wrapped the movie nicely as an answer to the opening speech. Stark’s monologue in the opening wasn’t just any random intro, but it was him telling the story to Banner. Therefore the whole scene felt like A PART of the movie, and not just random unnecessary stuff for me. Without that scene, I think the whole opening speech would become pointless and didn’t have a stronger value. Plus, it worked as explaining that this movie existed in the same universe, considering Stark and Banner took off TOGETHER after The Avengers. For me, that alone is already hinting that they will also be returning together in the next assemble movie (which mean hinting at a future movie, don’t you think?).

      I think they did the same thing on Disney’s Brave. The absence of the witch throughout the last half of the movie was explained by that one additional after credit scene. Her words of ‘going on a convention’ was not just a plot tool to delete her onwards, it was true because she did deliver the bought crafts XD

      • That’s the thing though.

        I sat there thinking “well that explains Stark’s voiceover throughout the movie” but was also disappointed that it didn’t lead into the next movie. Just seemed a waste of a button scene.

        • As a couple of the boys mentioned on the Iron Man 3 podcast, the film was a missed opportunity in many ways and performed more like an epilogue to Phase One than a proper start for Phase Two.

          • Exactly what I felt too. I remember sitting in my seat as the credits rolled and thinking “So, no more Iron Man movies then?”

            I still thought the movie was brilliant though and definitely satisfied me more than The Avengers did 12 months before.

  11. Another movie staring Wolverine? Wasn’t Xmen 1-3, XMO:W and The wolverine enough?

    I’m gonna bet $10 that wolverine will be the main character like in the ones I previously mentioned. Who wants to bet against me?

    • You must not have read the plot synopsis article that was posted last night. Suffice it to say, you won’t be surprised.

    • You are…new here, aren’t you?

  12. I love how the loser producers tried to kill of X-men in the Last Stand and yet here they are desperately trying to revive whatever they can get their hands on from the previous franchise.

  13. OK The X-films are sounding good and all but they had better fix continuity problems so we can watch all the films back to back without having unanswered question, and Silver Samuria had better have his samurai outfit and teleportation. And bring Cyclops back dang it and Archangel.

    • I think you are going to be disappointed on some points. And how are they going to introduce Archangel when Angel has barely been on screen and Apocalypse does not exist in the movies ?

  14. I would love to see the post-credit sequence but I’m not willing to sit through another Wolverine movie.

  15. I do have a seriouse question for everyone to think about. Ok why is it we do not get any Main Female villains, or other strong Female characters into the mix in films like Underworld no Lycan females,Predators no Female Predators (ETC) I for one would love to see this fixed, and I would love to see Unbreakable 2, and a remake to Creature from the black lagoon,Splice2 remake to Island of DR Moreau, but these things will never happen. anyways any thoughts on the female characters thing? She-Hulk,War Bird,Wasp, Enchantress,Spider Woman, Super Girl(etc)?

    • I agree 100%!

    • Strangely enough I would LOVE to see an Unbreakable 2 as well. It’s just…an extraordinary drama. That’s all I remember and I haven’t seen Unbreakable for years, and no more than once or twice. I think I like it because it has a slower pace that tells the story without trying to make a spectacle out of it. It’s on the other side of The Dark Knight as the Avengers.

      I wouldn’t want She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Supergirl or War Bird because they’re just female versions of the same characters we’ve already been seeing a lot of. I don’t know Enchantress, and Wasp might be coming in with Ant-man.

      I’m looking forward to a Wonder Woman movie. I’m all for strong female characters.

    • Umm… The Dark Knight Rises? Batman Returns? Batman and Robin? Catwoman? All have major female villains. Definately less than the amoun of men, but their out there.

  16. Pretty clever how they have people conditioned to go to a movie and wait for a commercial for another movie.

    • Lmao so true. I’m watching a movie because of the movie itself, couldn’t care less about the post-credits scene.

      • Well in my case, I wanna see DOFP and don’t want the worry of Sky Movies Premiere not airing The Wolverine before DOFP releases and thus missing out on the button scene linking the two.

        I do wanna see The Wolverine though (and I will), my main concern was with money thanks to seeing Pacific Rim twice last weekend and The World’s End this coming friday. Plus buying the Deadpool videogame (it’s brilliant and hilarious).

        I’m sort of on a spending overload and Elysium isn’t even out yet.

        • Right there with you, I’ve been spending a little bit too much money after watching Man of Steel another 2 times and watching This is the End twice as well as buying a few blu rays. I’m still watching The Wolverine when it comes out, I also have to catch up on World War Z and Pacific Rim before they stop the IMAX screenings. Too much packed into so little time but how can I complain?

          I also heard good things about the Deadpool game, though I am not much for video games, the character and stories sometimes suck me in.

          • Deadpool is just genius.

            Constantly breaks the 4th wall by having a neat easter egg where Deadpool (voiced by Nolan North in the game) calls up Nolan North asking if he wants to voice him in a videogame adaption then screams “F*** YOU, NOLAN!” at the end of the conversation.

            One of the voices in his head also comments on Deadpool’s upgrades in the game as unnecessary and the man himself explains that all games have them so they had to include it despite him already being awesome.

            There was another cool part where I kept slapping Wolverine in level 3 while he was unconscious and Deadpool saying things like “That’s for making me love you”, “That’s to see if the player will keep button mashing to see if anything happens”.

            All I gotta say is that if the movie script is as amazing as this videogame is, I have no idea what Fox must be smoking to not get the thing greenlit already since there’s clearly a market for that kind of thing.

            Funny though, haven’t seen WWZ yet (looks like something that’s only good for free TV viewing and not paying for it, might do the same for TITE in case it actually turns out to be funny despite the cast being people I really want off screen permanently).

            You’re also clearly braver than me for seeing MOS 3 times in total, I could only stand it once lol

            Pacific Rim in IMAX…..I’ve seen two movies in that format, MOS and PR and honestly, PR is so worth that extra price. It looks gorgeous in IMAX.

            • Sounds awesome, the next day I find myself in EB games, I’ll definitely check it out.

              Wow we have very different tastes in film lol, to each their own of course. If you don’t like the cast in This is the End, I say skip it until it comes on TV. I’m a huge fan of the cast though, so it was very funny for me. There maybe a couple of scenes you might enjoy since it is generally amusing but not enough to buy a movie ticket. I would normally skip zombie films as they are very rarely good. There hasn’t been a good one since Zombieland I think. I heard World War Z was a solid flick, not groundbreaking but enjoyable. I also enjoy most of Brad Pitt’s performances.

              Man of Steel is definitely split for the audience, what didn’t you like about it? The first time I saw it, I thought it was a good solid Superman movie, but the second and third time I fell in love with it.

              I don’t think I have ever seen a movie in IMAX so I guess Pacific Rim will be one hell of a treat.

              • What didn’t I like about MOS?


                The opening on Krypton as well as the final Superman/Zod fight seemed to drag on forever and made me feel restless. I don’t even own a watch but caught myself checking my wrist a few times during those sequences.

                I also wasn’t very impressed with the scenes on the Black Zero after Clark and Lois gave themselves up to Zod’s forces. I really don’t know why but it felt like that part was forced into the script just to give the Kryptonians an advantage for a brief time in their own environment.

                I guess there may not be any other way to improve on that but it still left me wanting and a little unsatisfied.

                Don’t get me wrong, I liked the movie overall and felt Cavill was great as the lead while Adams and Costner stole the show but it didn’t feel to me like it was anything above average. Hence my “Meh Of Steel” renaming because I equate it to Terminator Salvation in that it’s watchable and enjoyable but you just have to be in the right mood to do so, otherwise you can get easily distracted by other things away from the screen.

                That’s the test I have for all movies, will I be able to watch it again on TV down the line and be able to hold my attention for the entire duration without getting bored and either changing channels or zoning out.

                Not many movies pass that test. Those that do are:

                The Dark Knight Trilogy (all three of them)
                Evil Dead 2
                Army Of Darkness

                Once these summer releases premiere on TV, I’ll put them through that same test and see what happens.

                • I found the opening fantastic, and the Zod fight, while cool, wasn’t as good as the showdown in Smallville. It’s also hard to get excited for the fight after all the action that came before it. I did like when Zod tore off his suit, his heat vision and the end of the fight though.

                  The movie had A LOT more potential but it was still very enjoyable for me, one of my favorite Superhero films to be honest. Wish they gave Zod more screen time, especially with an actor like Michael Shannon, missed opportunity. I thought they could’ve done Pa Kent’s death a bit better, but I was satisfied with it nonetheless. The pacing could’ve been improved upon a lot as well. There’s a lot of these things that, in my opinion, prevent it from being up there with The Dark Knight. I’m hoping the sequel suits your tastes a bit more though!

                  I get what you mean about movies not keeping your attention. I am sometimes very impatient so it’s annoying when movies drag on for no reason. Cool to see Cloverfield on your list, awesome movie. Wasn’t very much into Thor but I would put it up there after Iron Man.

                  • Yeah, I think I commented on SR’s review that I hope the sequel is a massive improvement now that the exposition and back story is out of the way.

                    Cloverfield was great, probably my fave monster movie so far. Saw it 3 times at the cinema, a dozen on TV and twice on DVD since release.

                    Never fails to impress me, especially that one shot as they climb across the roof after getting Beth from her apartment and the monster is running down the street towards them terrified.

        • This button scene has been tacked on after they pulled an audible with this next X-Men movie, aside from the Barnum & Bailey theatrics I doubt anyone who does not want to see the Wolverine movie will be missing much. If you are going to watch the flick anyway then it is just a bonus.

  17. What happened to X-men First Class 2 by the way ?
    Is it canceled ?

    • Days of Future Past is the First Class sequel, it’s coming out next year.

    • X-Men First Class 2 is Days pf Future Past

      • X-Men: Days Of Future Class

    • They probably could not get enough production money so they had to pull out the “names”.

  18. Next movie up: The Hatfields and The McCoys, with the opposing sides played by the DC & Marvel Superhero pantheons!

    • Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting during that too, surely?

      Although that reminded me, the only thing I hated about Liev Schrieber’s Sabretooth was him running on all four limbs like an excited dog.

  19. I don’t know, man.

    I am certainly not going to watch this movie.

    I am really just holding out for DOFP.

    I’m sick of Jackman’s emo Wolverine being the only Wolverine people look at, and I’m really tired of that sorry excuse for what Wolverine is being the main character in everything X Men from Fox.

    I’m sick of seeing every other character being bastardized for him, too.

    I’ve voiced this opinion before, and I believe it holds true.

    “Wolverine is the Justin Bieber of Marvel”

    And I know that pisses people off, but it’s just that poppy nonsense really interferes with the genuine article.

    my main thing is this: I just want to see X Men done right.
    and the main barrier that really keeps that from happening is Wolverine worship. (X3, XMO)

    That’s really what I think tends to be the common denominator. Let’s make Wolverine look cool, and screw everyone else.

    I know people don’t want to hear it, but it’s the truth.

    F!@# Wolverine. He’s cool, but he’s not so cool, X Men needs to be shoved to the side to make him the main character.

    There you go.

    • cant agree more with you.

      sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired and frustrated with Wolverine being the “cool” character while the rest have small roles with no epic moments.

      ALL the X-Men should shine, not just this dude

    • I completely disagree on all accounts with anyone that believes wolverine is not the x-men’s central character. He embodies a struggle between being uncontrolled fury or a silent exacting killing machine both being separated by the small strands of humanity he has created with the x-men. With out the x-men he would be a mass murder with no remorse with no friends and living in the wild. that’s why stories like The Wolverine need to be told based on Frank Miller’s mini series. There are at least 50 Wolverine Crossover/stand alone stories that the studios COULD do but they can’t intermingle labels like Paramount/Fox. Hulk and Wolverine ran together for years and Wolverine and Cap both working with Howling Commandos in WW2. The Wolverine character has been screwed up by the directors because they don’t want to put a mask on him, same with a lot of new characters. Deadpool would have been a success if they would have stuck to his plot and not gave him laser eyes and stuck with a costume why why why why no costume. That’s what makes them who they are get your head’s out of your butts and put on the masks.

  20. *SPOILER*
    Charles Xavier isn’t walking, but still in his chair. Also the scene includes Magneto. :)

  21. I completely disagree on all accounts with anyone that believes wolverine is not the x-men’s central character. He embodies a struggle between being uncontrolled fury or a silent exacting killing machine both being separated by the small strands of humanity he has created with the x-men. With out the x-men he would be a mass murder with no remorse with no friends and living in the wild. that’s why stories like The Wolverine need to be told based on Frank Miller’s mini series. There are at least 50 Wolverine Crossover/stand alone stories that the studios COULD do but they can’t intermingle labels like Paramount/Fox. Hulk and Wolverine ran together for years and Wolverine and Cap both working with Howling Commandos in WW2. The Wolverine character has been screwed up by the directors because they don’t want to put a mask on him, same with a lot of new characters. Deadpool would have been a success if they would have stuck to his plot and not gave him laser eyes and stuck with a costume why why why why no costume. That’s what makes them who they are get your head’s out of your butts and put on the masks.

  22. I am looking forward to the release of both films.

  23. Wolverine is used so much because he is the most popular x men ! I would personally much rather see an R rated wolverine but NO studio would take that risk … And I’m afraid they won’t take the risk on a female super hero movie either

  24. The after credits scene was AMAZING like it was my FAVORITE part of the movie (btw I LOVED the movie)

  25. Am I the only person that thought it looked like Bishop walking through the metal detector to the right of Wolverine right in the beginning? I can’t find anyone else that noticed it, but to have a guy with dreads that looks to be Omar Sy seems to be a bit too coincidental. Anyone else catch that?

  26. What happened to wolverines “bodyguard ” who was also on the plane in the post credit shoot??

    • Remember the post credit screen takes place two years after The Wolverine. Anything could have happened during that time (perhaps a story line for another Wolverine movie?).

  27. Thanks in support of sharing such a nice idea, article is good, thats why i
    have read it completely

  28. How about printing a retraction and saying you were wrong about Xavier walking in the post credit scene from The Wolverine?