New ‘The Wolverine’ Set Photos: Hugh Jackman is Hobo Logan

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Production on director James Mangold’s The Wolverine has been underway for just about a week now, and already we’ve gotten our first look at the follow-up to 2009′s X-Men Origins: Wolverine by way of different set photos, the most recent of which showed off a prison, as well as Hugh Jackman’s hairstyle for the upcoming film.

A fresh batch of photos have been snapped which also put the spotlight on Jackman’s appearance, only in these ones, he looks drastically different. While the previous photos showed Wolverine sporting a shorter haircut that still flared up somewhat on the sides, these new stills show Jackman with a wild tangle of long hair draping down practically to his shoulders, along with a full, scruffy beard.

While it’s no secret The Wolverine will be set in Japan and will be based on Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s comic series from the early 1980s, it’s still difficult to pinpoint when exactly in the film Logan will be sporting this overgrown look. One might have thought the mess of hair would be associated with Wolverine’s time in the prison, but the prison set photos previously mentioned all show him with that shorter-hair look, so unless he arrives at the enclosure sporting the longer hair, it seems unlikely that’s how things will play out.

Check out the photos below (courtesy of Superhero Hype):


It is worth mentioning that both recent, and still upcoming, films have hinted that long, overgrown, hair could mean hard times ahead. Consider The Dark Knight Rises, in which a shut-in, physically weakened Bruce Wayne sports some significant scruff before he dons the Batsuit once again. Or, Man of Steel, as set photos from that film showed a clean-shaven Henry Cavill in the classic uniform, as well as a more down-on-his-luck Clark Kent in tattered clothing, sporting a pretty solid beard. Also, consider Skyfall, the upcoming James Bond film due out in November. The recently released trailer shows Bond getting back into action with some mild facial hair (which is still pretty extreme for Bond standards) while Ralph Fiennes’ character suggests he’s “lost a step.”

All of this is meant to point out that, regardless of where Jackman’s hair-strewn look crops up in the film, it will most likely go hand-in-hand with Logan facing an especially daunting adversity.

We’ll keep you posted as new set photos from The Wolverine arrive online.


The Wolverine is slated for a July 26, 2013 release date.

Source: Superhero Hype

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  1. Is this turning into an Alan Moore biopic?

    • +1

  2. What with the whole ‘his hair isn’t like in the comics’ discussion that’s been going on, I’d like to see a moment in the film when, having just kicked major ass (or getting ready to), screaming in a fit of rage-fueled wolvie action, he’s standing there with his blades out and his long, scruffy hair is plastered up (wind, rain, blood…whatever) to show an image of the ‘hair-wings’ just like in the comic. That would be an awesome homage’ image.

    (and if he happened to be shaved like in the comics at the same time, well that would just be icing on the cake!)

  3. Wasn’t there a period of time where Wolvie actually lived in the wild with a pack of wolves after the death of his friend? Perhaps this could be during this time. It would explain the lack of tidiness, I would think.

  4. For being as tight lipped as they are about story points, they don;t seem to mind releasing set photos every other day,

  5. Now his hair and beard are too long, this is a travesty, heresy, and some other stuff…….

  6. i usually wouldnt complain to much about a characters hair. i didnt even care much about the short hair pics from last week, but this doesnt look good. those little wings are a part of the character. but as long as this hair length isnt in the film to long i wont mind to much.

  7. Hugh Jackman has Hi-Jacked the character of Wolverine..

    Step aside so that we can get a fresh reboot please.

    • Are you kidding? Hugh Jackman IS Wolverine just as Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. Jackman has remained a highlight of every X-Men film, even the crappy ones. He’s brought humanity to the character while still being a bona-fied badass (X2 anyone?). I don’t see what your problem with him is.

      • I disagree that Hugh is Wolverine. To me the part can be re cast.

  8. It is so sad that they fail to please you who know exactly how it ought to be done but you hide inside your computers criticising every thing they do.. if it is so wrong, why don’t you just go away and let us Jackman fans have a good time in our ignorance??? I already love this movie.

  9. he will make a long,hard and epic journey during the ww2 and after the prisontime he will become a trainee to live the way of a ronin. i hope that they don´t show again the secret-surgery on wolverine to fill him the adamantium in his bones and claws, they have shown that scene in full version in the last movie,and some backflashes during the x-trilogy,that´s enough i.m.o.. now,they must give us the perfect -wolverine-. jackmann has began his debut with the character 12 or 13 yeaers ago,so if this movie fails and forgets the suit and mask,then they should reboot the whole franchise and storyarc and the actor. by the way:tyler mane was the better sabretooth. it would be cool if he would get a cameo.

  10. what about his claws? if its right after WWII then he hasn’t had the adamantium added to his skeleton as x-men origins wolverine was way after WWII. also in the origins movie it showed him fighting germans, not japanese