‘Wolverine’ Japanese Trailer Reveals More Story and Action

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This summer’s The Wolverine follows Logan (Hugh Jackman) on an adventure in Japan, so it’s perhaps appropriate that we now have a new international trailer – complete with Japanese subtitles and voiceover narration – for the X-Men movie; no less, one that includes previously-unreleased plot beats and glimpses at action scenes that pit Wolvie against an array of lethal opponents.

Wolverine is partially based on the well-renowned comic book mini-series written by Chris Claremont (X-Men: Days of Future Past) and illustrated by Frank Miller (300). The film adaptation from director James Mangold (3: 10 to Yuma), as well as screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) and Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard), deviates from the source material by tying into the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, as Wolvie heads off the grid to wrestle with his inner demons following the death of Jean Grey (Famke Janssen).

However, everything changes when Logan is taken to Japan to reunite with an old (and dying) acquaintance, who offers him the gift of mortality – which (surprise, surprise) comes with a heavy price.

wolverine movie trailer hugh jackman Wolverine Japanese Trailer Reveals More Story and Action

Hugh Jackman is back in black in ‘The Wolverine’

The Japanese Wolverine trailer, in my humble opinion, does a better job than the U.S. trailer of capturing the Japanese storytelling influences and neo-Noir atmosphere of Mangold’s film, while balancing that out with a healthy serving of Wolvie slashing his claws at whatever dangerous enemy comes his way – be it chain-wielding ninjas, sword-swinging samurai, or the common criminal who likes to fight atop bullet trains – and thus, making the whole thing seem as unique (if not more so) than the best previously-released X-Men film installments.

What do you think about the latest trailer? Let us know in the comments section!


The Wolverine releases in 2D and select 3D theaters on July 26th, 2013.

Source: Youtube [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Can Marvel get Wolverine back yet?

    • I wish.

      I’m boycotting Fox until Marvel gets X-Men and The Fantastic Four back.

      I know that’s not likely, but Fox will get no more of my money regardless.

    • Wolverine and the X-Men work better in their own universe separate from the Marvel Universe. The Fantastic Four on the other hand should go to back to Marvel.

      • Then give X-Men to Sony… they’ve done right by Spider-Man for the most part. Especially the new one.

        • That makes the most sense since one of Peter Parker’s goals was to be one of the FF

          • Except for the fact that he turns them down in Amazing Spider-man #1. haha.

  2. Hmm just feels like we have seen all this before, we have had 4 Wolverine movies now, we know his past, how he was made and all that jazz, everyone important to him has gone, just don’t really see the point, he’s an anti hero, he’s not fighting for anything just wandering, it’s all just a bit blah to me!

    And that train fight looks horrendous!

  3. Lol, the movie is called “Wolverine: Samurai” there?
    Why not.

  4. I’m on the fence regarding this movie. The first stand alone was TERRIBLE… And I know they wanted to improve on the second, BUT it has the same vibe. I’m just not sure if I can get up for another Wolverine flick…

    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine was awesome as a stand-alone film.

      • That’s the one that was terrible.

        • Just because the rest of your intternet buddies say so? I found the plot the be quite awesome, action scenes were amazing, Hugh Jackman was a total bad-ass, Liev unexpectedly pulled off a great Sabertooth, everything was great about it as a stand-alone film. If you count it as a prequel of the X-Men trilogy, then I see your viewpoint. But overall, the movie was great and deserves more credibility than it receives.

          • *to

          • Huh? *My internet buddies* ? What are you talking about exactly?

            Anyway, it’s bad because the plot is disjointed, the characterizations are weak, overall it was a poor showing. It had positive points, it had good aspects, but compared to a lot of other great films it was passable at best.

            Don’t be prideful. It’s okay to really love something and still have it be objectively bad. It’s okay to hate something that is objectively great. You need to learn to recognize they are two separate concepts.

      • Nope, it was horrible.

        You need to set your standards a little higher my “internet buddy”, lol.

  5. awesome!! love wolvy

  6. This looks great, I’m just confused about the the premise. If they make him mortal, what’s the problem? Is he betrayed? Is that what’s happening?

    • Didn’t they have a cure in x-men last stand? I know we all need to forget about that film but isn’t this a huge plot hole right off the bat? If he wanted a cure he would have simply waited in line and got it!!!

      • Adamantium bones…

        • I retract my point, well played sir.

  7. The majority of the scenes in this one were in the U.S. trailer.

  8. I see a lot of people aren’t too enthusiastic about this film…

    • I think The Man of Steel has sucked all the wind out of all Marvel movies. If the trailers for the movie remain consistent with the full product then I wouldn’t be surprised to see it do Avengers numbers.

      • More like “the previous Wolverine film was awful, so we’re waiting to see if this one is any good.”

      • Uh, no.

        Marvel is still picking up momentum and MOS will do nothing to stop that (although I do think it’ll be the best Superman movie to date).

  9. In the end, I am sure that almost anyone who has a bit of curiosity will want to watch the film. Mr. Jackman has always cared for the character so I believe he will do a great job.

    And about the F4, the films were done otherwise Fox would have lost the rights for the films. That is why they were so bad. (Except Ben Grimm)

  10. This movie makes no sense.

    It’s just so difficult to sell me on a “I want to die” movie concept.

    Yeah, I get it. His life is tough, horrible in fact! Excruciating!
    But it’s Wolverine! He’s a machine. He’s an animal!

    He’s the best there is at what he does!

    I think that has been lost along the way. A long long time ago.

    And the bullet train… can we talk about that…

  11. There were two trailers released at the same time and one was posted here and the other not. This is exactly the same as the one that didn’t get posted other than the Japanese text and talking bit. The footage is exactly the same.

  12. Looks good to me. Love Hugh as Wolvervine, so I hope this does well enough for there to be more Wolverine films.

  13. Looks much better than the first one. Clearly the storyline makes absolutely no sense, duuh, but it still looks so much cooler than Origins, which was horrible by the way.

  14. I’ve had pretty much the same response to every trailer for The Wolverine we’ve seen so far and it goes like this…
    “Oh, man. This looks amazing It seems like this is going to be pretty great… Hooray!!!”
    Then I see the train sequence…
    “What the f**k was that??? That looks awful and reminds me of the helicopter scene from Orgins. NOOOOOO!!!”
    Then I become sad so I go watch the Man of Steel trailers again.