Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

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deadpool1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?After Fox aired its three-part series of 60-second TV spots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this week, my excitement level got pushed even higher than it already was for this movie. These three trailers, titled “Outcasts,” “Brothers” and “Legends” showed us many scenes from Wolverine’s past as well as a pile of characters and action sequences.

I was so happy to see Gambit tossing around charged up cards and was really growing on the idea of Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. I had even completely moved on in the idea of separating Fox’s X-Men films from the continuity of the Marvel Comics and cartoons.

That excitement all came crashing down today as Screen Rant writer Carl Lee came upon the following images of the Deadpool action figures from the Hasbro toy line for the movie.

deadpool toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

deadpool mini toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

And Giant Killer Squid has a clearer image of the toy above.

What is with the blades coming out of his arms? Are those taped on or are they some Weapon X modification similar to Wolverine’s? How much did they really screw up this character or is there a chance his costume will still be in the film at some point? I can’t really see how going from awesome weapon-covered red and black suit is replaced by topless scarred dude wearing purple pants.

When I saw Deadpool looking like he was scarred in the trailer, I thought that’s probably just one scene in the movie where he wasn’t wearing his trademark costume… Perhaps it was before he even got the costume. In my mind, there was no possible way they could not have his amazing looking costume in this movie. I mean, it’s already there for them in the comics and in thousands of images online. It’s muted, with it’s red and black color scheme so it’s not some outfit that would look outlandish in a live action film.

All they have to do is buy the materials and have the costume designers put it together. Even I could do that with a fraction of the budget they probably get to produce the outfits.

Here’s a screen capture of Deadpool from the trailer and it’s this design they chose to feature as the toy of the character – This likely means that Ryan Reynolds will not be sporting the infamous Deadpool red and black outfit.

deadpool and wolverine1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

So, my question is why? Does this design look better? No. Maybe the toy will sell better than one that actually looks like the character? Nope, that can’t be it either.

This potential colossal failure on the part of those making this film has me very worried for how badly they may ruin my personal favorite, Gambit. We already know they ignored his unique eye color but from the trailers they did add the glowing effect to items that he charges (notably his staff and cards). But, what they’ve not shown us is a single scene of Taylor Kitsch actually talking as Gambit.

My worries are that they may have completely dropped the trademark Cajun accent which to me is absolutely essential for doing this character justice. In The X-Movies, they completely ruined the Colossus character by not making him Russian and they also screwed up Pyro the same way.

Why are they bothering to include these characters if they are intentionally distancing them from what made them so popular in the first place? The reasons fans wanted them in this movie are being shattered and now it’s really starting to bother me.

What do you think of the new Deadpool and do these changes bother you?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
opens May 1, 2009.

Source: Dead Pool Bugle via Film School Rejects

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  1. I have no idea why they would mess up Deadpool like this.
    They ruined everything that made Deadpool, Deadpool.

  2. I wouldn’t mind the look of him, duct taping swords to his arm and running around half naked IS something he might do…. I waaaay more worried about the apparent laser beams the characters seems to be shooting out of his eyes. I REALLY REALLY hope that’s not suppposed to be Wade. Please be wrong action figure…

  3. As much as I would love to see the Deadpool costume, I’ll accept it not showing up. Hell, if they just had him wearing some costume that was red and black, I’d be OK with it.

    What I am not fine with is the fact that they give him claws, purple pants, optic blasts, and some weird red tattoos. That is what I am not fine about. And if they can ruin a character that badly, what do you think they could have done with everyone else that is suppose to be in that movie? I think the fact that Cyclops and Gambit shows up are just a couple more bad omens. I, for one, cannot in good conscience, pay to see this movie.

  4. Fox has a tendency to ruin a lot of things Marvel. They had a great run with X-Men: The animated Series and ended it over a spat about Spider man. The X-Men movies get exponentially worse as they progress through the series and for some reason Marvel keeps letting them. Universal got it right with Ironman and the new Hulk film. But this seems like it’ll be an over-hyped film that will disappoint in the end. I will still give them my $10 to see it, but I probably won’t be happy about it.

  5. you have to remember deadpool was severly scared due to his illness before they added him to the experement.. thus him now always wearing the suit..i guess in a way this is the origin of deadpool too since he is a member of wolverines old team “weapon x” but i am sure ya’ll knew that already right :) ..

  6. i dont know,i dont think thats deadpool,i mean alot of sites say its weapon x1,plus he doesnt even have a mouth and deadpool is the merc with a mouth,i dont think thats him,i mean even toy brands get the names wrong on toys sometime,also A said brings up a good point

  7. I personally would like to know how a guy called the “Merc with a mouth” in the comics has his mouth sewn shut in the movie adaptation?

    Also … is that him later in the trailer using cyclops power? If so… WTF!?

  8. IT IS NOT DEADPOOL!! HASBRO Screwed up BIG TIME! it’s Weapon XI who is played by Scott Adkins… Weapon XI has Wolverine’s regenerative capabilities and many other stolen powers, including Scott Summer’s optic blasts (which he can be seen using in the trailer) Just because Hasbro goes and f***s things up doesn’t mean that us Deapool fans can jump to conclusions, We all know how Hollwood is… They’ll screw with us just so we get all riled up and they’ll get more publicity. The Very same stuff’s going on with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So just keep cool and wait for the movie.

  9. He looks very sober, same as Gambit.

  10. just watched part of the leaked version. its dead pool. count me out

  11. actually he will have the costume there is even a toy with him in it

  12. People! People! The movie’s about the EARLY days of these characters. Not how they end up and how we know them already. Not only is DEADPOOL in his EARLY stages, but he’s just outta the Weapon X days. He will get the trademark red and dark blue (or is it black?) LATER! Pick up “Total Film” Magazine at any bookstore. You’ll see he’s getting his own movie in a couple years. You’ll get the traditional suit then. I have faith in this movie and if we all go into it angry at all the little stuff before we get to experience it first hand, you’re doomed to dislike it regardless.

  13. The answer to all of your comments about why they would change deadpool from how he is in the comics is…..
    People like me and a lot of other people who make up a larger percentage than you have not read the comic and only seen deadpool in a few fighting games think he is a bit of a lame character. I watched the new movie (origins-wolverene) and imo dead pool is badass! It made me say “whow” outloud. But as with all good characters he got the darth maul treatment when it comes to his fate. I hope they can sew his head back on.


    In the film, Deadpool is chosen to become a “super mutant”, a.k.a. Weapon XI. Weapon XI has his mouth sewn shut, can shoot fire out of his eyes, and those blades pop out of his hands. Same material as Wolverine’s. He has the powers of all of the mutants. FOX then kills the character further by, well, killing him. Wolverine chops off his head… and he stays dead.


    I am thoughroughly pissed off at FOX because of this.

  15. @Jon, you do know that the version of the film you illegally watched wasn’t complete right? You do know that they filmed more scenes with Deadpool right?

  16. JON,
    Better be careful Jon
    You never Know.
    Fox could be monitoring websites Looking for people claiming to have downloaded their Print of Wolverine
    just keep talikng Jon.
    and one day you might be getting a visit from the FBI.

  17. Who said I watched it? I didn’t, and won’t. I read about it.
    Yes, but, I highly doubt that the 10 minutes of Deadpool was a complete change in the ending.
    I could be wrong, and I REALLY hope I do, but, I highly doubt it.

  18. No, reynolds is the thing with the sewn/melted matrix keanu reeves mouth with the blades in his arms.

    stryker if thats how you spell it picks up and kills a higher ranking army officer with one of the blades off the side of a operating table earlier on in the film meaning they installed the blades in his arms manually. Wonder how they fitted the mechanism that makes them slide out? You would think his arms would be really fat lol.

  19. Wraith, just because you assumed Deadpool was a lame character doesn’t mean he was lame! All that shows is that people like you (yes, the larger percentage) get to enjoy the movie with this whole new “WOW” factor character while the real fans who have loved Wade Wilson, bought every comic he has been in for the last x amount of years, who knows his history and can recall his epic battles with other marvel characters, GET NOTHING!! That may mean squat to you and the larger percentage, but just think how you’d feel if FOX (and that’s whose fault it is) took and raped something you loved and looked forward to?

  20. Well, I’ve never read the comics and even I was disappointed by Deadpool (or any other character) being tacked on.

    Oh and nine out of ten Marvel action figures end up looking like crap.
    The Super Hero Squad figure looks better and, there are a few I’d like to get. Then again, I like little super-deformed figures.

  21. Mr. Goody, you are completely incorrect on so many things, DP is not a mutant, he Is a man who got cancer and he entered Weapon X to cure his cancer, which they did by giving him a healing factor stronger than wolvies, the only downfalls are that it sent him insane, and his body is in constant flux of breaking down and regenerating so that’s why he has ‘scars’ not because he gets wounded and keeps the scars.