Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

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deadpool1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?After Fox aired its three-part series of 60-second TV spots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this week, my excitement level got pushed even higher than it already was for this movie. These three trailers, titled “Outcasts,” “Brothers” and “Legends” showed us many scenes from Wolverine’s past as well as a pile of characters and action sequences.

I was so happy to see Gambit tossing around charged up cards and was really growing on the idea of Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. I had even completely moved on in the idea of separating Fox’s X-Men films from the continuity of the Marvel Comics and cartoons.

That excitement all came crashing down today as Screen Rant writer Carl Lee came upon the following images of the Deadpool action figures from the Hasbro toy line for the movie.

deadpool toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

deadpool mini toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

And Giant Killer Squid has a clearer image of the toy above.

What is with the blades coming out of his arms? Are those taped on or are they some Weapon X modification similar to Wolverine’s? How much did they really screw up this character or is there a chance his costume will still be in the film at some point? I can’t really see how going from awesome weapon-covered red and black suit is replaced by topless scarred dude wearing purple pants.

When I saw Deadpool looking like he was scarred in the trailer, I thought that’s probably just one scene in the movie where he wasn’t wearing his trademark costume… Perhaps it was before he even got the costume. In my mind, there was no possible way they could not have his amazing looking costume in this movie. I mean, it’s already there for them in the comics and in thousands of images online. It’s muted, with it’s red and black color scheme so it’s not some outfit that would look outlandish in a live action film.

All they have to do is buy the materials and have the costume designers put it together. Even I could do that with a fraction of the budget they probably get to produce the outfits.

Here’s a screen capture of Deadpool from the trailer and it’s this design they chose to feature as the toy of the character – This likely means that Ryan Reynolds will not be sporting the infamous Deadpool red and black outfit.

deadpool and wolverine1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

So, my question is why? Does this design look better? No. Maybe the toy will sell better than one that actually looks like the character? Nope, that can’t be it either.

This potential colossal failure on the part of those making this film has me very worried for how badly they may ruin my personal favorite, Gambit. We already know they ignored his unique eye color but from the trailers they did add the glowing effect to items that he charges (notably his staff and cards). But, what they’ve not shown us is a single scene of Taylor Kitsch actually talking as Gambit.

My worries are that they may have completely dropped the trademark Cajun accent which to me is absolutely essential for doing this character justice. In The X-Movies, they completely ruined the Colossus character by not making him Russian and they also screwed up Pyro the same way.

Why are they bothering to include these characters if they are intentionally distancing them from what made them so popular in the first place? The reasons fans wanted them in this movie are being shattered and now it’s really starting to bother me.

What do you think of the new Deadpool and do these changes bother you?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
opens May 1, 2009.

Source: Dead Pool Bugle via Film School Rejects

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  1. that being said mabey this is the result of all those reshoots up in canadia, the kik’ed the old concept andd decided he needed to be FOX’s Deadpool.
    insted of The Real DeadPool.

  2. @ Rorschach,

    man-boob adamantium, lol

    Speaking of Blob, in that most recent 60-second clip, it showed him punching a tank, sticking his arm in the cannon but he didn’t look that big at all in that scene compared to the one where he’s in the ring in the full trailer. Was that the Blob?

  3. I once again skipped all the fan rantings, so sorry if someone has already said anything about this fact.

    Here’s my rebuttal to blaming marvel. So remember that hugely awesome Avengers project… how do you think marvel studios gets the money for that… um. yup you got it! Selling rights to other projects. I would rather see x-men fail (which lets face it… wolverine:origins is obviously already awesome so give it up) than see the Avengers project fail because a studio spread itself too thin because they were worried about their fan base that go crazy over silly things.

    as for the whole screwing up the time line thing… have you ever picked up a comic book … rather than just watch the uncanny cartoon cuuuuuz pretty sure that’s where people get hung up on the whole Remy Rogue thing… There’s… Marvel Universe, X-Force, Uncanny, Ultimate, novels…. all with different story lines and a lot of the time with different time lines… like the books for example. bobby drake and storm hook up. so really. get over it….

    oh and please get over the whole fan-BOY thing, us chicks need some geek cred too!

  4. oh forgot to say, about the mask issue… SK47 has got it right. Acting most DEFIANTLY is not about just the face. a good qualified (sorry dreamy eyed Toby) actor can do it without ever even seeing his eyes. Let us not forget the amazing performance of V by Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta. Seriously, masks don’t make a difference… Don’t even make me start talking about Greek Theater Masks…..

  5. @ D-E-D-P-O-O-L, good comments! I agree about the masks – That’s a weak excuse to change a character’s outfit. Acting is so much more than that.

    As for financing, Marvel sold the rights to X-Men many years ago when they were going to go bankrupt. That didn’t have anything to do with them being a self-sufficient studio like they are now with the ability to finance two features a year.

    Iceman and Storm hookup?

    As for Rogue and Gambit, that was a huge thing in the comics and it still kinda is with how Messiah Complex ended.

    What do you mean about the comics and time lines. I didn’t get that point. Ultimate is separate from the rest of the comics – Uncanny, Legacy, Astonishing, X-Force are all in the same continuity.

    Lastly, I didn’t put the word ‘fanboy’ in, that was the editor’s choice :)

  6. LOL, yeah that was me. I don’t think “Fanboy” is a derogatory term – it’s a descriptive one.

    We know who we are. :-P


  7. Fanboy was a very good choice to put in. Because the only people who would throw a big fit about not having the mask are crazed fan boys.

  8. or fan girls… how bout fan people?

    Yes Iceman and Storm hooked up in the books, who knows why.

    what i meant by the continuity thing is that there is an obvious change between universe/ultimate/ and novels… plus a few short lived titles that were short lived for a reason.

    and yes I agree that the whole Rogue/Remy thing is HUGE deal. But we saw what hollywood thought of that with the whole changing Rogue into Kitty or Jubilee’s role as Wolverines lil sidekick girl and bobby and rogue and all that jazz (more out of ultimate than universe…) I for one am just glad they finally listened to fan(PEOPLE) a little bit by at least putting him in a movie.

    true about the bankruptcy thing… i try to forget that ever happened. But I still think that’s why Marvel shouldn’t necessarily be blamed for “letting” fox rip their stuff to shreds. The same things happen when authors get their novels turned into movies, they are only offered so much creative control… just look at Harry Potter… but if they didn’t sell the rights how would the movies get made? and now that Marvel Studios does exist (its only existed long enough to put out some of the best movies of the year aka Ironman and The Hulk) and they’re making up for their “mistakes” so give’em a break!

  9. @ D-E-D-P-O-O-L,

    True stuff,

    I don’t give a Marvel a hard time about any of this, I don’t think Marvel has anything to do with this particular film.

  10. Fan atics?

  11. haha, I saw you post that on the Oscars thread

  12. My goodness…

    I just watched the Comic-Con trailer, the Official trailer and all three T.V. spots and literally got the chills.

    More than anything, I amped up to see Woilverine versus Sabretooth on screen. Second, to finally see Gambit and third to see what they do with Deadpool.

    I cannot wait for this movie!

  13. @ High Kalibur,

    The trailers are pretty amazing, I got that feeling watching the first full one with Gambit’s two scenes

  14. We can smell our own, right, Vic? ;-)

  15. @KEL

    Yes we can, bro. :-P


  16. This is brutal! Why would the powers that be screw us this way? I was looking forward to going to see Wolverine large and in-charge at the Theatre. But, that’s out now.
    I’ll have to borrow somebody’s DVD later. I’m CERTAINLY not paying for this sort of crap. What a disappointment! Sabretooth ruined, Deadpool ruined…. now maybe Gambit too?
    Didn’t anybody learn anything from that X3 debacle? I was humiliated for Marvel after that.
    Oh well, at least we still have comic books and animated cartoons. That “Wolverine and the X-Men” rocks!

  17. To me, losing the costume is a missed opportunity. True, many marvel costumes would look ridiculous when translated to live action… but Deadpool is the one character that can look completely ridiculous and still be the baddest dude in the room. What makes Deadpool so endearing is his mix of confidence and showmanship… he knows he’s going to heal, so why not have some fun while he’s at it? The costume IS very much part of his personality… and requiring facial expression to convey emotion is a convinient excuse for poor direction, acting, and faith in audience intelligence. I know I’m not the only one who’s had an emotional reaction to Darth Vader.. not to mention R2-D2, C-3PO or Boba Fett. Hell, Jaws got the suspense flowing with just a musical score… and with Deadpool, there’s just so much to work with!

    Concerning Gambit: Without his accent, Gambit isn’t Gambit. It’s part of his charm, he has a spellbinding vernacular that influences his social interations. I have a strong (very Irish based) Canadian accent, and have been acting for only 2 years… if I can do the accent, the dude being paid to be in a major motion picture sure as hell’d better be able to. My only fear is that due to the odd timeline and location, they may play Gambit off as french Canadian. Also dropping the red eyes isn’t cool. Not only are they just awesome, but they play an integral role in defining Gambit as an outcast, because he cannot hide that he’s a mutant.

    Man…I really wanted to like this one. We’ll see I guess.

    Also, for you Gambit lovers: if I have another son, we’re naming him Remy.

  18. I don’t know if anybody else has seen the other deadpool figure that is coming out, but the figure is of him in his black and red suit. Hasbro has 2 figures coming out of sabretooth and they look totally different from each other. i’m guessing maybe the pics above are a varient figure as well as one of the sabretooth figs…just a guess.

  19. The difference between the two different Deadpools and Sabretooths is one says comic version on it refering to its how that character looks from the comics, and the other is how they look in the movie.

  20. Just wondering, if someone would want to say that there are more than 2 Sabretooths, wouldn’t it be SabreTEETHS.

  21. I like referring to more than one Sabretooth as “Sabreteeth”! :D

  22. I think that until the movie is made I wouldn’t get too worked up! I mean Dicectors sway people off with rumors alllll the time a prime example would be the recent news of Megatron? Bay announced that he would not be in the new film but look what just suddenly happened? Megatron IS in the new film I mean im not Necessarily saying that fox are doing this i mean i doubt they have even considered this BUt its a possibility that things have got a little bit blown out of proportion and things have been altered.
    The picture of deadpool with the facepaint on instead of the suit could be 5-10 minutes into the film you don’t know. This said i think the best thing to do is not go too far into it and get yourself all upset because your favourite Marvel hero isn’t “necessarily” going to have all the things you loved him for. Personally I’m a great fan of deadpool he is one of my personal favourites and after reading what you’ve all heard I have felt a little dissapointed but again it could all just be a way of surprising us fans that are getting all worried and frantic! cheeky I know but it will make us like the film more if you watch and think “oh awesome they didn’t make a prat out of that character.”

  23. DathMalnu,

    Well said.

    And to the others, it’s true that there’s a possibility of some similar costume appearing at some point during the film.

    As for the other Hasbro toy, they are re-releasing some comic version of the characters for Wolverine, Captain America and Deadpool – I saw pics of them from the recent toy shows (if that’s the same figure you’re referring to with the bright red and black classic costume)

  24. “it could all just be a way of surprising us fans that are getting all worried and frantic!”

    I really hope so man, cause if not…..*snikt*

  25. @Darth

    Yes it COULD be, but lets not put it past fox that they won’t have thought about throwing the fans off so they can surprise us with a few tweeks when the movie comes out. None the less it has some potential.

  26. would it surprise anyone that they maintain classic deadpool for the first part pre-cancer treatment assassin?) with wisecracks and red shirt, then FOX-ify him for the sake of “plot”?
    i know there is the time descrepancy about the treatment turning him into deadpool, but i could deal with that.

    the pastypool screenshots show the scars to be similar to the lines on logan right before the adimantuim bath, so it would seem that FOX-Stryker went and turned up the dial to 11… “i cure’d yur cancer with healing factor, and while i was in there, i figured, whut th’ heck, so i gave you adamantium blades, lazer eyes, and sewed yur purty mouth shut… ”

    oy, my head…..

  27. Actually having seen the trailer that was released with the watchmen at the midnight showing, they did add Gambit’s eyes. Though they did fail to make it black on red the surrounding iris is red with black pupils. Gambit is my favorite character and with the things that I keep seeing popping up I think they have done an excellent job on Remy Lebeau (Gambit). From what I can tell, Deadpool wears the top and pants of the suit (or at least a modified version of it) but I am not entirely sure about the mask.

    I have high hopes for it and I think people will actually be surprised that this isn’t the first x-men movie to be a fail.