Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

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deadpool1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?After Fox aired its three-part series of 60-second TV spots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine earlier this week, my excitement level got pushed even higher than it already was for this movie. These three trailers, titled “Outcasts,” “Brothers” and “Legends” showed us many scenes from Wolverine’s past as well as a pile of characters and action sequences.

I was so happy to see Gambit tossing around charged up cards and was really growing on the idea of Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth. I had even completely moved on in the idea of separating Fox’s X-Men films from the continuity of the Marvel Comics and cartoons.

That excitement all came crashing down today as Screen Rant writer Carl Lee came upon the following images of the Deadpool action figures from the Hasbro toy line for the movie.

deadpool toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

deadpool mini toy1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

And Giant Killer Squid has a clearer image of the toy above.

What is with the blades coming out of his arms? Are those taped on or are they some Weapon X modification similar to Wolverine’s? How much did they really screw up this character or is there a chance his costume will still be in the film at some point? I can’t really see how going from awesome weapon-covered red and black suit is replaced by topless scarred dude wearing purple pants.

When I saw Deadpool looking like he was scarred in the trailer, I thought that’s probably just one scene in the movie where he wasn’t wearing his trademark costume… Perhaps it was before he even got the costume. In my mind, there was no possible way they could not have his amazing looking costume in this movie. I mean, it’s already there for them in the comics and in thousands of images online. It’s muted, with it’s red and black color scheme so it’s not some outfit that would look outlandish in a live action film.

All they have to do is buy the materials and have the costume designers put it together. Even I could do that with a fraction of the budget they probably get to produce the outfits.

Here’s a screen capture of Deadpool from the trailer and it’s this design they chose to feature as the toy of the character – This likely means that Ryan Reynolds will not be sporting the infamous Deadpool red and black outfit.

deadpool and wolverine1 Fanboy Rant: Has Fox Ruined Deadpool? Is Gambit Next?

So, my question is why? Does this design look better? No. Maybe the toy will sell better than one that actually looks like the character? Nope, that can’t be it either.

This potential colossal failure on the part of those making this film has me very worried for how badly they may ruin my personal favorite, Gambit. We already know they ignored his unique eye color but from the trailers they did add the glowing effect to items that he charges (notably his staff and cards). But, what they’ve not shown us is a single scene of Taylor Kitsch actually talking as Gambit.

My worries are that they may have completely dropped the trademark Cajun accent which to me is absolutely essential for doing this character justice. In The X-Movies, they completely ruined the Colossus character by not making him Russian and they also screwed up Pyro the same way.

Why are they bothering to include these characters if they are intentionally distancing them from what made them so popular in the first place? The reasons fans wanted them in this movie are being shattered and now it’s really starting to bother me.

What do you think of the new Deadpool and do these changes bother you?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
opens May 1, 2009.

Source: Dead Pool Bugle via Film School Rejects

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  1. Ok Deadpool being my favorite character from the comics, and having collected the fist couple years worth of the Deadpool series of comics I was really pissed about what they did to Deadpool, I mean Laser eyes!? wtf. But After some more research it seems that fox isn’t going to far off from the correct background for Deadpool. The character you see in the trailer and as the action figure is Weapon XI not DeadPool, Deadpool technically isn’t in the movie even, only Wade Wilson and Weapon XI. Wilson was going through the weapon x program when the process failed (because of wolverine attacking the compound according to the movie, which this accounts for deadpools hatred of wolverine in the comics). So the character you see if Wilson after having a partialy complete process (the lines on his body is where the animantium(SP?) skeleton was to be inserted) According to Sources he will develop his trade mark scaring by the end of the movie and after these sense however he wont have his custom i doubt, again if you follow his history from the comics, after washing out from the weapon x program deadpool spend some time as a lab rat before finally escaping and adopting the name Deadpool and starting to wear his custom.

  2. this whole “new” deadpool look seems like a unsuitable move even for FOX. they have done a decent acceptable job with adapting the other characters correctly (their powers, looks, and most likely characteristics) it would honestly seem un wise and brashly bad on their part to change the second most popular character in the film under wolverine completely.
    After looking at the cast of the film I noticed that the character WEAPON XI is in the film played by English martial arts actor Scott Akins, it is said that Weapon XI has powers “pooled” from many other mutants killed and/or kidnapped in the film, including Wolverine’s healing factor and Cyclops’ optic blasts (AS SEEN IN THE TRAILER). He’s the final antagonist of the film, having been genetically altered to be the ultimate mutant killer.
    Just recently in the comics they made Daken wolverine’s son into weapon XI who also has three claws in his for arms. Also Daken has a identical like the supposed “new” deadpool (shirtless with markings on chest, long pants, markings on his face, and of course the claws…duh). The toy line is a toy line their even releasing the comic look of some characters so it could have been just a marketing hoax to thro off us fanboyz…the exact move Michael bay does with his transformers film news, NEXT TIME DO THE RESEARCH!


  4. DO THE RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jodie Rush, I have SEEN Wolverine Origins, AND IT IS DP, It’s not what DP SHOULD be but it’s “Deadpool” so next time you tell us to do the research do some yourself.. And I am as Unpleased with FOX’s choice as everyone else here

  6. RE: Jodie Rush


    “Looks like they finally found a way to shut you up.”
    Wolverine to Weapon XI.

  7. Well after thought I think deadpool was quite accurately portrayed. I mean sure no costume but that’s cuz they’re thinking of expanding the deadpool franchise. So origins deadpoolis like early deadpool. Also the thing about cyclops powers on deadpool are probably temporary if you think about it. Deadpool can regenerate his head, so I’m guessing he takes another, with a mouth to talk, but no laser eyes. Curveball from fox!

  8. I believe that the Deadpool seen at the end of the film could be a second person, with the real Deadpool going through the cancer ridden origin of his own someplace else and this “weapon XI” would be a Frankenstein like collaboration with the powers and skill from the DNA of the others.

    Wolvie assumes that it is Wade, and Striker only refered to him as Weapon XI, the deadpool assassin of the mutants.

    I also think that even if it is him, that the healing will grow him a new head, but the other powers would be nullified as the healing factor will have to continually kick in to keep him alive. This would also have him with the trademark rotten look for the future movie.

    Folks, he ain’t ruined.

  9. ok that is not deadpool that person is weapon XI with all the markings on his body deadpool is the guy in the movie with the swords played by ryan reynolds where he cuts the bullet in half their group consisted of deadpool, wolverine, wraith, bolt, agent zero, and sabretooth and their leader stryker

  10. haha *acutal* I can spell I swear..

  11. i cant believe they turned him into the monster that they did, and then had him die!!!

  12. also, he was awesome at the start before he was a monster

  13. i didnt really know who deadpool was before i went on imdb and saw who ryan reynolds was playing in the movie. after i wikipedia’d deadpool he quickly became my favorite comic book character, but after seeing the movie, i literally vomited in disgust in my popcorn. gross. all the movie was was a plotless sequence of action scenes that totally messed up my favorite character and actor.

  14. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson was absolutely spot on.
    Not including deadpool’s costume was irksome but acceptable.
    Sewing his mouth up? THAT’S WHERE THEY CROSS THE LINE!!!!

  15. For all those saying “wait till the movie comes out…”

    Wrong again.

    This movie had the worst reviews of all four X-Men movies so far. This is why we look at preview material and see what the movies are about before they came out. We saw a bunch of dumb things happening with X3, and that movie turned out to suck for the fans.

    Now for this, we saw stupid things happening with Gambit and Deadpool… and look, they were mishandled in the movie when they should of been the sure-fire better parts of it. What a surprise!

    I hope next time we see Gambit, he won’t have 3 different non-cajun accents in his three different scenes. And it would be cool Deadpool didn’t fire lasers from his eyes and have swords in his arms…

  16. the merc with the mouth has basicly no mouth wonderful i’m realy upset “deadpool” would have been ausome as the final bad guy if it wasnt deadpool but a new evil guy made for the film and killed wade 10 miniutes in and find him alive in a ending easter egg for the deadpool movie. ah well i am off to cry into my deadpool comics as I think how a lot of pepole will only know the best merconery ever as that abomination “sob”

  17. **SPOILER**

    Most of you got it right with the Deadpool thing BUT at the very end of the movie after all the credits have rolled, there is an extra scene. It only showed in some theaters. It showed the body of “deadpool/weapon XI” (whatever you want to call him) crawling towards his severed head. The severed head then looks to the audience and says, “Shhhh”. How he can do that with a sewn mouth… i don’t know. So there you have it… they have left it open for him to come back. Hopefully they don’t ruin it this time. I’m hoping as some of you said that it’s Weapon XI and NOT Deadpool.

  18. It IS Weapon XI.
    There is going to be a Origins: Deadpool spinoff. (as well as Magneto)

  19. apparently, no one here has seen the movie to the full end…

    Near the end of the movie, you see deadpool as a mutant without a mouth and with swords in his arms.
    Now, at the very end, when he was basically torn apart from the impact and falling rock, you hear him make a “shhh” noise. You can’t do that with your nose. The merc with a mouth lost his mouth, and got his mouth back at the end of the movie. His eyes have the black diamonds around them, making his costume. I see in the near future that his body will turn a full red, making him the deadpool we know. Who knows, maybe the regenerative process will turn on his blades, or he may tear them out completely.

  20. These details are very important. I’m not happy about them.I wonder how they will justify the purple pants. Seriously? Purple? Maybe they added the concept of Deadpool being a homo.

  21. deadpool é um personegem muito importante e eu acho que esse filme completamente destruiu a historia dele tipo assim literalmente que eu saiba ele contraiu um cancer e concordou em participar do programa arma x e nao se tornou um monstro de boca fechada